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Behind Enemy Lines, Montreal: Canadiens take game 3 and a 2-1 series lead, 5-7-2014

May 7, 2014|

Mut and Merloni check in with TSN Sports Radio in Montreal and talk to Tony Marinaro about Game 3 between the Bruins and Canadiens. Marinaro claims the Bruins are through and Carey Price is a supreme goaltender over Tuukka Rask.

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This is a comedy is piano or is this a sports station they Robert it's a comedies that station. And the jokes on you -- We're one of Boston next and the jokes on them to -- Odd jokes are Bruins fans -- and I want in this series not -- ID 37 WEEI I predicted a singing Tony -- are today just predicted that on Twitter. We go to TS and 690 our friends north of the border Tony -- and our joining us I'm guessing -- very good mood today Tony -- Lou -- -- Jordan battle commenced. We've been better I'm -- LSU we have we have been better and trying to figure -- com. Why the Bruins never got through customs white -- never even showed up their last night general though they were quite frankly -- We give the Montreal Canadians a little bit of credit this morning -- instead of saying the Bruins didn't play that good maybe the Canadians are reason why the Bruins are playing good hockey may be. The Montreal Canadians are pretty good hockey team and after watching all four goals they scored last night and every goal they scored in this series. None of them went in on -- -- if they were all show Hutchison. That -- and well I -- what cool is it and you say that because a good -- wanting to Canadians can do that that was the Bruins in that book and it's romantic it would have missed the net. Breakaway we would've finished you there's opportunities you'd taken the cracked the door open he walked thrown you guys can finish period end of story -- -- a different cool. You know why we finish on break aways and you don't document. Because we're shooting and took -- asking your shooting and Kerry price. Now you remember a conversation. I don't -- -- -- So would you if offered up penetrate and let you off for the trade to comfort care Carey Price Tony would you take it would Canadian fans make that trade today the rest of the series never. All Kamal c'mon now users. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm game I would be very you bring this up again -- you really talk too much about -- and -- at all I'll I promise you I will bring of the goaltenders for the rest of the series and I promise they'll bring up the goaltenders for the rest of their careers. I will do that that's my promised the I'm not gonna pick my spots I'm happy that you're happy with your goalie. Because I'm very happy with my goal which is -- which the stop today the -- woke up and said boy took a really should've made that play which of the three goals but to break aways. And a beautiful pass to set up Oceanic and probably settle Carey Price would have made that. Well the third goal by the Canadians Stephen stand Kos didn't beat to -- Deal -- -- Right I mean that's that's that's just. The Boston Bruins bench even though the Bruins came back it's like they were like -- can give us a stop here. And the one thing is this and once again guys make no mistake inning took a Rask is a really -- -- I mean I'd be immediately otherwise but here's the deal. Early -- learning games. He -- inches an end not that he gives a bad goals. But the Canadians get to him early they get him early all the time and he has to be able to shut the door in the first period and he never. -- but again I ask you which of the first two goals then that it early in the game. He should've stopped I didn't say they were bad goals what -- what I'm saying is he -- and make a stop and if they were good goals. He has to be there now the first play is a great play. The second play though I mean look it's a great play by -- and comes in alone on a breakaway it sounds something like this just in case you guys report. It's okay it's. You have wolf it's. Beautiful -- again to very young defenseman out of position switches two guys that we. Down on played very well with industrious podium and give Milledge is well again I think basically be to get stuck sleep well at the. You if you watch -- slow -- when he makes the move when he goes down Rask -- for the puck. And you know what can we called the Boston's -- you sure you heard about it yeah they told us brown bears their divers man. Big dives -- temper issues that can be outsmarted me in the hit from behind announced this is the Boston zoo that confirmed. -- acid jokes we we I didn't I heard bits of the apple was that Micah. Delicate admitted bit like go diving public we actually try to play that had to leave -- -- -- for the punchline to to get to a quicker. -- that was a tough listened. Well looked. It's not a sprint it's a marathon when I do things I take my time I'm guilty of that I have to -- And you know so I've yet to kind of took my time yes but it was actually. This one lasted eight minutes. Wow the last ad in the last ten minutes lasted eight minutes which is what you guys have played in the series about eight to nine minutes and number. But that's it's a lead time the Bruins have had 33 games. Eight minutes nine minutes and got us they would just you know doing a Toledo. We we were talking about before -- lot -- what we've got a lot of things addicts too hot IP Casey wian has been the best player in this series but I I'm curious did you think that was a a veteran move late cannot be net profits more and intentionally intentionally. Tony. Life life I thought it was an accident watching the replay -- intentionally. A 100% should have been a pony show. And publisher should have been eligible you know you can outsmart a bear that's exactly what he did -- zebra apparently took. And -- and a draft and a baby giraffe but anyway which song would you want to. I'll tell you guys listen marketing side yeah I would imagine -- the same thing in Boston the Bruins are winning everyone's on the side -- happy. I would I would have loved for you guys to have been in Montreal island. This week because many cities just absolutely electric and and look you guys -- for the Stanley Cup. Three years ago as you know this at least at one analogue times of people are pretty excited actually. I got a call you got to listen to this is a gentleman by the name of bull who owns a store in downtown Montreal he sells. Montreal Canadians apparel yeah okay he is so excited. Let me do the honors here on the analysts this. Tim -- eight minutes of hell and all in all thirty seconds -- -- -- -- you can't do it. Now go like ball all of Boston is listening to you ball. My friends are -- it's something. Do again. Listen to this. About -- he. Of that day thirty. David Souter is perfect. But. -- the company. Has been. Constantly bothered me. The look at this guy credit is better than an -- now. Okay. Thank you -- little anger bloom here. That got they would -- that's brutal nihilistic. I think it was a nice inspirational story girl -- ranked yet you know zero insurance and obviously she got the crowd going to pre game was pretty nice to admit that. Thank you what did you guys real summing up the street as the girl mystery thing that he's got a -- which components in the American national at the issue was brutal. The one saying the American National Anthem was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The guys you have is like fist -- dollars weight throw and then. For every fist -- against the Canadian sport. Yes she is awful to the home -- -- rancor this and it's -- I'm in total might have had his. Better days seal the -- he thought he might yeah by the way I think Jeanette has as well but. It's nice people at the crowd's going to do their jobs and I'm happy that she was -- honestly physically and everything of judges -- issues but. Had a girl missing American it was brutal. Awful yet let's stop deflecting attention to the -- for a second let's talk about what happened on the ice water except it would. Still upset. Because Boston got one penalty in the game and what what's the excuse today in Boston exactly and others are wondering. When we don't read on the ice conveniently still buy Cologne. Pass that message even though close to Italian he would not touching message because god for big coach -- never do that was -- supposed to score two goals in those two point eight seconds to tie it up. -- listen we we we don't we don't make excuses nearly four lines he believes this whole team make excuses or snow. I thought I heard was yes Google for large -- don't we don't we don't make excuses. The Bruins hopefully will wake up they'll play a lot more physical style apparently that he defined. You know you either lose your mind or don't -- -- all that's kind of where they're at right now there's got to be a fine line and we expect a little more desperation more urgency in game four. I just don't let that woman's internationally at the for the US that thing was awful -- a lot. I won't make cursing at them but also in this for. Plus -- What's he medics. Much better than him. And Whitney Houston you played earlier yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's brought to you by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in that they would exit 47. Off of 93 great people great experience. Always a great deal I I thought at least in the series if they will the Bruins lost. Some games here that because the diving in Montreal. Could go to that nothing. They outplayed the Bruins brought rebel stakes are people texting at all Tony the what do you say today excuses -- -- is -- Bruins fan my question is where the Bruins. Where are the Bruins a Porsche gave to the Syria a more suited. And our team. That that's the thing that bothers me. Now I'll update what the again accident the -- on it -- wasn't illegal up it was daylight left let escape left the ice right jump into -- I'd just as great -- A great hockey yet. In the mode -- and given. Great hockey -- head was down the -- it now speaking scuba enemy I think he deliberately. Leo will the net beat you -- an asset write the good -- play lately you'll -- -- now that they seconds ago. Got from Boston -- get a call that at the end of that game probably not. Awful owns the -- to get to your calls next 61777979837. Where are the Bruins keep it here.

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