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Andy Brickley, NESN, sits in studio with Mut and Lou, 5-7-2014

May 7, 2014|

Brick's in studio to breakdown the Bruins' game loss which featured Habs fastbreak goals, poor officiated, lack of energy and a questionable play by PK Subban at the end of the game

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Our -- must elude ID 37 WEEI breaking down a tough brewers' loss last night for two in Montreal in doing so. When Randy Brinkley of NASA and he's in studio -- he's brought you by an awful power equipment HSA insurance and Joseph Italy's golf performance center. Where a brick a real. Usually they respond by saying stellar but not really this morning after what I want us. I asked and it does say Andy do you agree that you kind of shaking your -- senior what. What about watching the -- are these guys well I. You know I try to come out with that seven game series approach because that's what I thought it was gonna go right from the start and and it's important to keep in perspective that that fine line between winning and losing especially when you get to -- to the National Hockey League especially when you have Bruins Canadians. Especially when you talk about these two particular teams and the matchups in the challenges. That are presented. The fact that you down two games to one if you keep everything in perspective be like okay it's no big deal. And then you start to peel the onion a little bit and try to figure out why you're down two games to one in what needs to change and I think if you trying to keep that perspective. Instead of getting almost like the players are trying to fight that. Don't get caught up in the frustration don't let Montreal given your skin and SPN's. Are certainly as an analyst I try to keep that approach. But I almost feel like I have more emotion more soul than what I'm watching at times in the Bruins response to what's happening on the ice and and I understand that's a fine line to -- is well. But there is definitely a margin for the Bruins to improve little nasty in their game in this series not to the point where they put themselves at a disadvantage. But to get up in a little bit and I heard a little bit on the ride and you guys started about a Montreal giving the bigger of the -- certainly in game three. Now there red number really big hits against the Bruins but did you did you. -- left his feet. -- -- -- Was it boarding was close I was a borderline -- and I thought it was called mostly because they felt the officials that is that this was a good time to call a penalty to make sure they had control hockey game because. That threshold of what they were -- allow was pretty clear it was pretty consistent which is what you're looking for that they all don't let them play I mean there were about to stick infractions early in the game both directions -- -- more -- by Montreal with a -- You gonna have to fight through that tonight boys and I think the players appreciated that. And I think that hit it was borderline it was close to being a really really committed by student. But because he did get that I don't know it was an elbow or straight now however you want to describe it. It was enough to say you know what let's call penalty here because that could lead to win this game shouldn't go. What do you agree that -- that or not but it near opinion I think that was mostly the reason they made that comment about the -- great hit. -- -- I expect Bruins to make it's like that right you know even -- regular truly didn't have the -- It was around the puck in trying to play. After did not guarantee I'll get a fight to -- -- its first of all and now that talks right in his neighborhood that's a green -- -- you'd take that in -- did it was a great body contact -- had a big hit on now on now Bergeron and -- on the power -- just prior to -- -- be angle. There are -- big hits by Montreal they with a more are due -- more aggressor but they were certainly not worried about that line that you don't wanna cross and I think that was pretty evident. It's funny bring that up because obviously -- -- to the game -- was espousing this he'll make the first hit. And they get away don't get called for the Missouri is dropping -- little extra -- stuff was with -- themselves to an -- and and I I agree with that and that watching UN -- -- post game be brought the same point about we could tell early they're gonna let some stuff go. At that point brick is that up to the Bruins who acknowledged that say boy there -- some things go we can be. That physical presence we ought to back off as much I felt like they went into the game mentally thinking we gotta be careful. And never got off -- the upper sixty minutes never recognize where I think the Montreal Canadians did that we get -- official Dallas played here tonight we can take advantage of that. Well it appeared that even though they had an epic third period in game two to come back into the series you know with that great you know formal performance. It almost seemed that the message or the or the emphasis was we got ourselves in trouble the second period coach included. You know with with the minor penalties and we can't do that going in Montreal 'cause it's only getting gets amplified. If we play that's style hockey that was almost to the point where they were too benign you know I think you -- polite that I get out of the idea I mean as a reporter trial but -- -- that's kind of a feeling that watching the game two and and I look different gong show on outlook for mid seventies kind of reaction. But I'm looking for a little bit more they need to push that a little bit more in terms of -- initiating. Now but staying within the rules and in being a little bit more physical that being said I give Montreal credit because when they play their best. You're an elusive bunch they're very good skaters they know how to spin off its. Even when they go to dump the puck in and gain the red like you -- mangled -- got him into the boys and now that we've put him down. They're able to spin off hits and and now some people say well that lacks courage this is the way they play this is their style they avoid big hits because they're elusive and -- fresh -- frustrate you was well but. When I started my opening comments and I was saying you know. What has that change you have to understand it is had been flow this there's gonna be periods and stretches of sequences -- the Bruins in a show that they are a better hockey team in Montreal. Montreal's gonna get the better of the play you know in different stretches of the game. It doesn't matter who's been the better team in the majority of these three games the fact that you're down 21 in the series tells you what. Montreal -- were opportunistic. Level number one day I'm more opportunistic number two. The -- best players or at least a couple of them. And I think we know -- and David Price and have been better than the Bruins. Best players so fired three game don't series now they're getting the better of the special teams the pros have made some adjustments on the penalty killing that seems to be getting some good results. But the special teams have gone in favor of Montreal and maybe the biggest difference is -- role playing by the guys that aren't the star players from Montreal. Actually better than Boston which is hard for even for me even to utter those words because that's really that. Depth and balance that we talk about all the time with the Boston Bruins. It allows him to be the better team and a talk about shot blocking whether it's Weaver -- take your pick. A guy like -- we see police overtime winning goal and a -- the series that he not. He draws the penalty on our coast scheme which lead to the game winning goal he scores a breakaway goal in game three -- you did getting. Results in production in big plays from role players. In the brewers need more -- that too because they're not winning that battle like they normally do. Lot of the Bruins visit take a look in -- represent the reprises -- especially in game three but. We talked to its appeal to opinions on appeal won more controversial for -- and more the young defense with a look -- a minute I don't think you not been in the movies. Is that we're gonna do want to say that's a bit county shot. First -- it didn't actually can you call that 82 I made sure Lou that I watched that played maybe it doesn't it and try to put myself in the positions and and it seemed to meet that you know he knew he had a real good idea where he was relative the net. But I I honestly believe that he knew we was gonna make contact but I don't think that was his intention. To knock it off because I thought he was gonna get to that -- clearly first. He knows that there's less than fifteen seconds the role whatever was on the clock if any knows he has a chance to hit that putt it can fire it. Up around that class it's going to be a tough putt to keep an operative on so it's hard for me to say in and you never know -- intention is -- bully and but that wasn't blatant to me I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. You know as much as I'd like to see the Bruins and a changed the impact that he had a series so far but I don't think he did harper had been. If if let's see intended to with I think -- would back the ten seconds on the clock. He really call only shot within seconds we do that it's enough it's the right call or would you want to let that -- And what rule of high and -- -- -- which should should call something apparently shot like that if you feel that he didn't believe -- I sing it's so hot to legislate intentions especially in a situation like that when I think he clearly was gonna get to the -- first why would you want and not in an -- They didn't appear to be in scramble mode at that point it was like the Bruins were gonna get that puck and make played in front of the net. Certainly not in the in the reviews that I look at and maybe I could be wrong but that it that was my that was my take on that play where. Andy Berkeley's here receipt guys lined up a -- we get to your phone calls of the -- -- the young defenseman you know two different -- you talk about. Obviously on that first goal. I that was a great set up by soup -- and cigar thing and it slap pass in front to finish it. On a second goal I'm more curious about is that just clearly. Doug Hamilton -- -- have a better recognition of time left on the power play wary -- bond and I got to make sure that is no matter what. That can't happen allowing a breakaway to that player out of penalty box can happen -- that -- Well a number of comments on on on everything you talk a moment first the -- it was a good play by shipment it a seed. As he -- him to make that play I've seen Johnny boy -- make that play -- -- Kevin Miller make that play you know I mean it's a pretty standard play if you have support rotating back argue with the possession play because there's only one player on the opposing team in the neighborhood in this case it was -- teach. And I you gonna buy it make it a little blunt passed back into possession plate and how great he's got to go. Attack the -- and told good play by Sudan. A phenomenal play off panic you know sells the shot not only -- -- you know square up to try to block it. Rask is expecting the shot the two defensemen in front of the net we'll get to them a second they're expecting the shot to come in that direction. -- initially when he came to is the front of -- end -- be on the goal line he was thinking up mostly -- on the wall that's why it's good play by treatment -- he's thinking I gotta move in that direction. And now as your partner that's why Miller's coming over he's got to read enough crew. Totally forget about the candidates on Buffy thought again I was gonna take him back to the net but again -- -- and I got to slide out -- that left point now his -- and slide up -- across. And he was Georgia's that was at the left point. And so night got a couple an offense to kind of stay in and around thinking I wanna slide in the shooting lane. That's a shot -- Eagleton -- because there's no Canadian between manic and Rask that's a shot you give up you gotta you gotta know where everybody is as a defenseman and find the open man. And make sure your boxing out or picking up and that's that's with a mistake was. But take the tape back for public handoff between raskin Miller initially heard you talk about lack of awareness. Our defense of coverage that led to the first goal when it actually started before that to not recognize where the pressure was coming into have a turnover. And even though becomes a board battle after that the brewers are in good shape to get the five guys back the box and one. And the puck goes wide around to the far side was true but is in denial of the mistakes happen. But it and has the style between Rask in -- so that the lack of awareness was just in defense of coverage but there's a puck management turnovers and you can't make those mistakes against. You know teams that know how to score goals at critical times and that's that's why they've been opportunistic. Took admitted on the power play unit and slap stick. You know the end of a power play advocates of the hockey thing that everybody does. But Doug Hamilton -- my it was a senate recognition news -- -- was at a 52 shift 562 ship. Mean got to know right that the penalties coming up and it's who -- jumping off he just he commits. Obviously the best players in the experienced guys and guys and play a lot of power play you have to have that internal clock in and always be aware. Before you face not be taken a -- in seeing how much time and and and you kind of have to be a process process that while you play. And that comes with experience and it comes with hockey savvy and and you look at it's a growing pains from the at some young defenseman it's that simple -- He sees large yellow at the -- in -- wants to say hey I can force this guy before he can get to the Red Line because that's Bergeron on the opposite side is gonna defensive player he has. You know it's not a defenseman shall I can challenge him before the Red Line foursome just got a chip down along now we got possession. I believe that that's what he had to be thinking. But because he doesn't have an internal clock and as a realized by its coming out of the box at that point now that whites out of the ice is wide open so it's a bad mistake -- -- again it's lack of awareness that's what cost them an upper school costs -- the second goal. At at and and and when you make mistakes like that. The DP you get the playoffs you're gonna get expo are your calls them he Berkeley when he's in studio with a 617779. 7937. A phone number four to your final last night to one. Heading into game four tomorrow Jimmy is in Connecticut talking about the Bruins at Mott and Lou and brick Jimmy -- -- -- -- -- For a loop and where are you -- professional athletes. What back elaborate professional content area -- Either or part of all planned out compliments. Luke when you were here on the street you go out and bought a beach ball. The opening match you know when you play hockey. I don't. I think that the Bruins -- planned -- so petrified of going to the penalty box. That it has not they're not they're not they're not playing their game they're just they're so scared -- what the Montreal up published in the Pentagon. -- -- I do I do and that's why we said you know just a few moments ago that there's room to grow in that area they they they have to have less fearful of being shorthanded. And it and a great initiation to the game in and less thinking about it. If you saw that third period in game two were they are down and I your your less concerned about -- apparently bucks because it's all about porch. We got to push this we got to go Adam we think the body we established four check we -- tried to make plays off the rush we can activate our deep and not you're not worried about -- juror or in my staying within the rules are for. Where. I'm fired here in the whole extracurricular. I'm tired hearing that word because you know what I think I'm out of hand in the play ought to speculate. The extracurricular it was forgotten ruins of a Google now with intimidation. And eking out. And you know I don't see I don't see you know I'd like that you -- -- -- -- and -- like this week and why. So what I and -- and I expect to see more written game FOIA and again I'll I'll I'll I'll try to emphasize that I say that almost with a qualifier that. You know it's not going to be this Donnybrook that you know that that's gonna change the series. But they need to do more of no question about it they would too but nine in game theory specially your. No one asked you book that that the third goal in the weeks of the breakaway because they're a stick and a bundle up -- get numbers Eros a sickened. If you watch an NBA game and a guy shoots the three and top of the for Bill -- and a guy comes flying by and try to block in just keeps running. And he misses the three and April outlet pass. That's how I feel like people blamed -- -- the guy took the shot we came flying Adam. It just threw it to the net and we just kept going -- was famous parents got to get back. At the taken that shot he went flying by and not know boy checked both slide all over just the unfortunate but he blocked it right to re air bolt. You know all out two weeks but what a ball responsibility that did you look at Missouri and say after you shoot you gotta get back. It's tired when year when -- -- by a pair of goals if you're of the weeks I defenseman if you're Johnny boy chuckle over there your expectation is that is ours is gonna make the right play. He has -- bearing down on him -- he doesn't have a lane to shoot it through him -- he's got to get it by him. What you hope that he has recognition that. We've seen it now through 21 half games how they stack it up between that point man in the net not just a full would go on at the defensemen. But the other defenseman on the pox side will also front that shot that's exactly where Weaver was. Now if you shoot that puck with no intention of thinking is gonna get knocked down in now you have no chance you have no chance to cover up -- is gone. And and and I can't put on boy -- to say hey I gotta be a safety belt here at the minute was arrows -- -- personally think they may be my throat over -- me and -- he might shoot it in in my missed the net I keep it on the writes I keep the pressure on. You know and I don't expected to get blocked by Weaver well you know I mean. That's that decision making an awareness again it's. It's not as blatant as the two goals in the reason the two goals were scored prior to that he gets bought that but again it's. You've got to make some changes on the -- shot she can't allow Montreal to continue to block shots as part of his strategy is part of the counterattacked and that was a classic example -- -- -- perfectly doesn't always work that way but at least to a pot change Japan's every time to -- Should -- a ton ton of blocked shots on this forum is Eros -- the game to me deliberately missed that net. And brought back around is it from the point to block and -- you know that that wasn't delivered the applicant replied yeah he thought when I -- out. Arafat went and I you know he must escort from where it was -- -- a good shot the puck got to put the arm and went wide short -- and it worked to -- benefit. But what you saw was that play up the face off the Bergeron goal Bergeron -- shoot it off net because that was the place. You can still shoot the puck off net as long as it's within reach of when he plays to get a redirect or it's gonna come off the backboard tests in the direction we you have a chance to get a -- is nothing wrong with that -- the goaltender pulled. You know Miller the right point BC's David creature kind of -- out to the upside and he. It was a pocket his direction and even though don't get a one timer that it possession Eagles behind the net by Dellucci each. You know thighs was -- at the point again was in front they need to do more of that with the pocket to get a feed the points it has to be more purposeful when they moved the puck. Active in the you know -- -- the -- -- talked to nick who's in Weymouth on the bruins' offense in the series so far. -- -- -- They don't. That they think what it is Gamertag let -- might wanna try issued about. But he was like seven minutes into the period period rate Bruins have like 75 shot. More Montreal Hilton gimme a break. Not my wanna try it. I don't know whether it was became open as seeing that's they played an active as far as I'm concerned how well it didn't Serbian. Made it known fighter OK you might wanna hit it like once twice and I like really I mean you need a break. The biggest thing that I'd get sick and it is. When they try to open as when they try to think about what you're going to do. That -- just you know Donna take -- -- -- take away whatever that given much is enough time to react. And that's how we get in the blocked shots thank you. -- -- -- Alec you -- you have a question you told us this Circuit -- one of the things we try to show in in pre and post last night you know round talent that's on the network was -- You know may be some tweaks that you can make in the -- to zone in order in -- To loose and all that traffic tickets between -- in the pocket the point. And -- Montreal -- and I am a firm believer on adding a wrinkle adding a little something to what you do in the offensive zone. We wanted to pull it comes out really hide not a straight line with defensemen the Blue Line. But kind of like a flat -- weird when you're beyond the top of the circles but -- all the -- to the Blue Line in that forces me in on me and coverage by Montreal and -- only have maybe three or four bodies. Closer than that not five or six and I think you can actually. Isolate that one on one coverage read a little giving go to 11. Especially which group especially it's Campbell that unit that got almost a huge Bergeron pop in high slot for possession in order to create two on ones. Five on five -- how they react to that may be that loosens up that that density that you see in the middle of the ice in the in the defense of don't trio. You wanna think that shoot the puck I think a couple times this the series but that's really about it that the crew. Very game woman he held a little bit too -- -- -- should step up -- I think dating game to. And at the condition they had. They had fifty shot they had 98 shots attempted in game one -- him it's not just the simple issue in the pockets as much as you feel that way -- times. It's it's shooting the pot with a purpose and and and and score and finishing it is more finishing the -- shooting the puck. You know it. But there are times when you need to shoot a puck in order to gets up and out of you expect the save what you look for a rebound in -- you don't wanna shoot the puck off -- for you look for redirect or possession play up the backboard. I don't you agree then a question of why I got I would lot of questions from reckons that mark -- 61777979837. The phone number of the guys who of equipment -- -- the puck right now. Is that bruins' first line knowing it's the question about. How it's been opened the show with where the Bruins -- aware -- the Boston Bruins use all your eggs and -- UBS. About crate she will teach and drama game of their production he and his here's -- -- to brick about that'll take all your phone calls until noon here on Sports Radio WE. Break it out game three Bruins and Canadians and Andy -- of NASA reasons studio until noon taking your calls he brought do you buy an awful power equipment HSA insurance. And -- -- golf performance and are 617779. 7937. We both questions for brick on the break you wanna go first. I stepped on its -- commercial break I don't know it's it's good I'm ready to go week. Every single playoff run -- the Stanley Cup playoff run you know phones light up people at their opinions. We -- -- are very patient individual. We know we sticks with you know we don't stick with guys is some sports usually rewarded stick with -- they'll get through my question and personally I don't think that -- maybe there and gave -- slowdown personalized destiny we all -- secular -- no doubt about it but do -- week. Do you do you tweak lines you think -- will tweak line may -- it game four -- two periods in things aren't going well what could be. Yet at that would probably the only time -- -- if it's not going well in your eight year period a half for whatever you know indie game Floyd -- expected prior to except maybe change in the back and maybe aren't koskie -- back in the from the RO. In fact I would expect that. But that being said I don't think they'll do anything with their four lines. You know this team in and we give them credit I certainly do about there -- how mature they are this time around and and howl howl. How whenever they faced difficult times not that there were a ton during the regular season they able to battle through it and just maturity the way to carry themselves the believability they have. And an anti sorry after losing game one at home against the Detroit Red Wings in that one nothing game how they. Dominated and played more of their brand of hockey in game two. I saw some of that. In game two of this series. And now as I look forward to game four it's not about tweaking any forward lines it's about the will to win the -- and this is thinking that it I have to see. And of course not getting it and he's not getting the results he's looking for. And it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be 41 Boston. It could be 11 -- about tiger better after two periods for -- anything nice don't expect that everyone talks about it and I'm guilty of it's open it's actually until we -- the right word is accurate the Bruins win their opponent down. And and maybe that has something to do in the course of the game in the end result in game two but the -- themselves down if they have to fight from behind. The division the emotional energy that you use up. And it has a lasting effect the DP you get a series of Bobby advantage we have of wearing a team down with your depth and balance. Disappears because you're expending more energy than the need to get -- at these games when you're down by two or three goals every night. Adult plywood and change lines include I would keep all I went to after the game last that was we need that first line in this first line right now. -- their struggle and overall me David crate she led your team in points the last two Stanley Cup one's one result that any win. The other one and and game six in -- 23 points and 26 points respectively. Eight games in the post season so far David creature has no goals three assists. He's a minus three -- all on him no doubt an eight -- Lucic and drove again like our whole line deserves blame but I just I view him as. Like the catalyst on that line and when outlines not going well. I feel like it's it's it's great you can start to get things going left like there's going to be some pressure on creature an entire first line the played that it will receive your -- first three game. No doubt about it and and and before he even continue to that critique of that line. And get a little tip of the cap mostly -- candidates he's got a pretty good job against David trait she's gonna get under skin and frustrate him a little bit equipment replica and it's a good skater. I get to -- ice real good he's got a little nasty you know he's a good stick man can get really and you're skinny makes good plays by using his stick. -- -- -- stick to knock the puck off the lady is stick even if it's just a foot a -- Hathaway and now it changes exactly what you were trying to do is bright -- puck knocked the -- because he does a lot of that little stuff he chirps a lot for guy you know it and he -- that that really probably doesn't have a reputation of the huge trash talker. But he gets your attention great cross the -- battle lie and you know everybody on the bench notebook and it's is out there. And his style game that he plays in the when he buries one last night just frustration even more so. He's done a nice job so wanna give him a little bit of credit. But yeah you're right it's it's a ball that -- showing up complain their style hockey and and you don't need for goals from him in game four but you need a great effort needed dominant performance he needed time ozone time. And you do need some production from that group they they had some opportunities earlier in the series didn't Barry really. -- what you're used to seeing. You could point out all the number post the Bruins have -- in this series but that means nothing. That's just the way the game goes you have to be more opportunistic but that line has to play more of their identity if they don't. It's gonna be a tough task to get this series we need to get. Yeah I don't photos piece today in the gold talk Campbell post two particular you know up. Get the perfect generic preaching and I get two tough guys you really have. There was physical defenseman they should be able to have a little bit more room zero shots the first twenty minutes from big gala in the which they get great you fall for fourteen I think -- face offs. Just uncharacteristic right and that second I thought. It's a really good shifts early on in their game you know Bergeron has been outstanding of course but that first -- he he got a -- count yet no problems with. But you look at the more that sixty minute effort that -- game from him he was one of the guys it was too polite. Most of game three. He could do more that line can be a little bit more dynamic I'd like to -- also never gonna he's got a lot of credit for for being a good player here in this post season but in this series. I am actually on the ice. We too frequently you know losing his balance or losing a one on one battle for big strong guy. He's lost some quickness balance and it's a good place and the third line has had their moments at times. But does he could be more of a factor too is well I didn't misstep on that shot a frontal hit him in the skate goes up the rise San Diego just put that evident that and that's one of the examples of talk about him when he got the -- and Dahlia yeah. I don't keep a balance there it is it's you know. If I'm nitpicking because I don't -- I'm I'm just as frustrated as everybody else does I thought the -- to be up to one by this point this series and and disappointed the way things went last night but those some of the areas that I'm talking about that they could be better in. And and and and to what I said and -- my opening comments with the Bruins need to be better and with a -- gone Montreal's way the role players. The best players they everybody has to get better in what it is they mean to their respective team meaning the Boston brought. I know we are we a -- as we get to the calls but you missed -- earlier talking about zero to Murkowski now. Mark I'll ask you obviously an awful game game one. I thought he's gonna roll back up there for game two he doesn't he goes and -- -- you win the game -- you don't make any changes. Was there something that you saw was it just the loss of this up and even seen the last couple of games to restart but that third goal maybe it really. A lot to ask him to give back something in his game the reason why you say that our cuts he should be back in there well. When I watch it was -- play an -- and and you know it's difficult to do consistent -- -- studio he is watching in my teenage you know sentencing in the -- licensee and how he reacts where reads the play where he's going when he doesn't have the pot. Does he understand system does he know what's gonna happen before it happens in -- be in the right spots. Well one thing that jumps out matches if he doesn't have that first pass available. He's just unload it. You know it's going off the glass trickled off the -- -- -- given possession the other team and that's not the style hockey that you really want play Italy. Have the confidence to hang on of the park ski to open space create a little two on one create a second passing glance at night and that's Archos. Exactly and you know it as far as by color -- in game one it. I I believe the Bruins felt that he used had a nervous start. He got better in the middle of the game like the Bruins did as a team and then he made some critical mistakes at the end which took about a lineup but. I got to believe he can give you more than ms. Charles when you start thinking about what tweaks to wanna make with the lineup. They get about Thursday night I -- as in war we're talking about this series of -- and Lou nanny Britain today go head job. I've got it right or looking great show. I -- -- a couple of litigation. One -- It is is that beard and he didn't look I -- it's a tough building to play and a lot of emotion especially to Canadians. Are all brand out. The -- as you seem startled sole small. Is that the Packard our current by the Bruins. Every cat by the Canadian continue to check and I created strict. The Bruins now Carol -- all in. And you know it could be somebody attacking and in only on the net you know -- you know can get out to somebody and and -- can get back to normal. And I -- report back -- it looks like. They're a little -- and a little sluggish one more thing. I think somebody should. Step up and take out so bad. And in what -- I've worked our hockey and that's molecular -- -- -- you comment on -- thank you. YE goes back to execution may -- talk about the great stats in the first couple games and it's one thing at the Bruins dominating game wobble they got to execute at a finish and have opportunities and so far. I think -- three games guys we've seen a big time lack of execution -- offensively. In some mental mistakes and offensively. Chances right in front of the goal mouth and just now put those. Mental mistakes not that's the phrase mental mistakes what's the biggest mental mistake you can make. Is to be not mentally ready to put front and that's what they were last night you know. Roger Ellis a tough building to play in but this core group has had success there they know what it takes to play in Montreal win hockey games in the post season. They've lived did it and I know the names change a little bit the teams are all unique in their different but this -- core groups and together we give a lot of credit for being a mature group. I need to see in game four is the Bruins fan base the organization the players themselves they need to see it game Florida has the there's been the biggest concern it has to be better they've had decent first periods in the playoffs they've had decent first periods in this series. But what they got last night opening twenty cannot be in play. There's you know you when you talk different fan base it different opinions -- -- game to people Montreal cynically great fifteen minutes that engaged in play -- Canadian the last ten. In Boston we sit at Atlanta brought her fifteenth and they finally woke up there so I look at game three. And a group Sony's challenge just announced it right you say the Bruins have a better team I do populate the -- and doing things on characteristic that we haven't seen. But where do you give the Canadian straight out of -- opportunistic are they creating the Bruins to look like yes well one thing that they did goal that I. -- that you're noticing game three was they took a little bit more conservative approach and senator -- you know they didn't pinch their defensemen in the offensive on the always had a third guy hide it just got -- drifted back in December rights. And we had a highlight package Jack after game two when they had a number of odd man rushes they've made good plays off the rush. Even Hamilton goal even though it's not off the Russian team coming laid off after a good rush week in the offensive zone. To Montreal makes an adjustment where you know gonna be a little bit more conservative. I think they believe the Boston to better team that -- if they would never admit that. But they see this approach team that we can't match them in certain theories are best opportunity to beat them is a counterpunch and so we need to be better senate rights. Let's let's not give them easy entries it's not allow limited to establish their fore check. If we slow them down a little bit senator rice and not not -- slow because -- just you know fly in out there. But not allow the brutal -- pucks in areas where they can use -- foot speed to get that pressure to establish that ozone type. By tying it up forcing the -- to make some other decisions with the looked sluggish and now that one quick pass on the wrong -- are number stretch passes. I'll spend less time in your own and I think that adjustment that they made by taking a less conserve or more more conservative approach. In San rice and on their attack in the Procter and over the operatives on the go deep three guys deep. Build data around LB bag the puck to the net the shoot from anywhere they'll make plays and then they try to get that third guy out right away -- to be conservative. -- attack counterpunch I think that was one of the tweaks that worked for them. And I wanna go back to the calls on the point about you know you -- takes a bite out -- I thought it and watch him with a pocket step in his court. If he knows he can't get -- first with a not separation where he can scooped the pocket maybe swingman Ned a do a quick turn up he's not gonna go get it right away. He's gonna -- in there he's gonna go and -- would you shoulder to shoulder he's not gonna get hit square he's gonna spin off they hit he's gonna use that explosive first second stride. If he does get to the pop first. He's gonna hold you off he's got good balance good -- you know he knows that he's a target. It he's very good at avoiding it it's still. It out. A lot of times make the right play but he will turn the couple we have the puck -- much as he does. You know it you have a high risk mentality. You're gonna turn apocalypse so it's not so much run in this guy out of town are targeting him. It's forced him into mistakes that he'll make the. Quick break we'll come back brick is in studio taking your calls at 61777979837. The phone recapping Bruins. And Canadians game three Sports Radio WEEI. You know Andy Brinkley of NASA and don't forget. NASA has a one hour pregame and post game every single game during this playoff run. In some thoughts on mess and plus because the Red Sox but. Three imposed for delegate breakdown from. Rick Jack -- JB part of the mix they are doing every single game. I get on NASA or NASA and plus check your local listings eyes we get set for game four tomorrow and not and it -- very many to grow grass calls today but -- truck. Wants talk about -- bill Oreo. They guy -- pleasure being here and he got now. You are you sure do but -- Wrapped -- into the early in the game it Eric EU all. Are behind the net. Actors are believed to break it down a better be remembered one of the -- for rejecting all. Try to act on that and it broke it down any and a score a goal on within like 22 and -- I'll remember that he did try to pat it around the back up to a guy -- a car and he did just got Dolan and -- don't -- -- gold. And the on the court or -- an underdog is it doesn't like era that they are third Donny and you'd be urinary -- Oh. One area of duke is game that has really improved as is his ability get out of -- -- him all the pot make a Smart play would upon whether use the net as his ally is indirect behind their Regis stop super defenseman. Quick up on the short sides of the defense doesn't have anybody breathing down his neck. But that's right the first goal -- -- candidates was it was a miscommunication. Handoff between he and -- And that is glaring example of the lack of awareness both in Miller. And they got selected -- but they need to be better communication it and know that there's a guy right on Miller's back and you don't have the time. To do what you wanna do so that was a first example of too many examples of mental mistakes by Boston. About a put that went on to -- but -- opportunities to be better we talked about the bruins' best players need to be better. He needs to be better I'm hoping we don't get in this is a conversation Iowa Jack last night post game. I'm hoping that he doesn't have to steal. Game four I won game four to be a dominant from moments by the entire Boston Bruins team now. Because a lot of people felt that Carey Price dole won in game one. The -- can needs to match that at some point or maybe it's game six in Montreal I'll take that. But I wanna see game for B but the Bruins are all about. Was what was -- face offs I have faceoff sub yeah for fourteen for -- -- last night yet Montreal sixty and you look at is -- amenities seat -- candidates. You -- de Aaron a you know. You don't think that is part of their repertoire you know because -- not big guys but the crafty they got quick stick. At large sellers the same way in and I don't Q what the numbers tack. If you watched that final two minutes. You know when the Bruins got -- from 31 to 32 they are number faceoff of the Bruins winning the majority of those drives. And even the last face off. They're actually winning that draw but it goes to show that that it's not the sentiment -- say that's going to be that 70% wing guy. He's got to get help and -- able to sidestep crate G have a strong stick against -- to knock that putt on the weak side of on the back inside -- So I mean that's technically a faceoff win four vote. Is that a Boston winners at a Montreal only because it's an empty net goal. So yeah they've got a pretty good job and I gotta give Montreal credit you know. That coach show you watches -- -- you say c'mon this is it what are we what are we watching here you know some of the things that you're here and in some of the comments but. You know they're pretty cohesive group and they get contributions from a lot of guys that aren't big in stature but they believe they can beat Boston Mike in New Hampshire talking lineup changes for game four Michael had. -- For the I think you're seeing enough from Jordan Courant and the past three years to no good news you know any pilot light. To -- if you're gonna play at between one that you put Ryan Spooner and airmen at some beat Christie puts Boehner on the dirt line let's go to -- -- And apply it back but the Marleau line had a I don't I don't see it. Iran doing much as anything. Helpful and you don't -- in the either turnover he'll try to -- out. On the board to intercept it and it just. It is frustrating that that sometime before actually can do like Detroit scored that goal. But. Just think against the smaller faster team need to match and deepest. You know I'm not in panic mode I truly believe this is a seven game series. As frustrated as you get after watching game three and not get the results -- looking for it's certainly not the level play the looking for an consistent basis. But I'm not in panic mode but now I think you make a valid point you know I've been a -- guy all along and I understand that he has a lot of things to learn about competing. In the NHL on the board battles and and and be on the right side of the pocket not taking short cuts that he -- an offensive chance. But I do love his speed in maybe just maybe this is a real good matchup for him. And this is -- -- beat up Jordan -- session but you know crimes in Forex out you put -- -- and he he's in Iran is saying I keep high -- where he is so I -- -- open to that concept -- -- -- -- open to it for game four. But certainly it's within the realm of possible. Go to a third line right and I definitely yes yeah beetle will be you mention the speed. It would be a little bit of burst and after last night I come away with like you you start by saying where was the emotion was the object like. He might make a mistake or two but he's got a couple offensive plays this Boehner then what are gonna give a little bit -- jumped to his team and it could use that even forget probably not a pro. Not a fair analogy but it it it it's reminiscent of you know -- Sagan got his first kick the can in the post CNN about an easier yeah Adam major immediate impact you know I mean. Obviously things tailed off on its plate once teams that it is say okay this kid can do this are we getting you know we got to take out in what he does best but. They might get that immediate impact they might they may not. May not even even come to play but. It is and it is worthy of discussion. You know it's funny you you mentioned that we're talking about -- Spooner Warrick Chiron and come bark out dual -- zero's and before the series started we -- a -- It is a measuring stick you go back to trade deadline was Steve van -- shows up with CEO. The Bruins actually play and I feel. The kind of compete now Chris Kelly injury came locate dummies come -- he doesn't. Now Jennifer got that extra forward. We talked and we -- now -- a lot about -- we won a single get a defense somebody yelled about an extra guy writes and now with trying to figure the lesser of two evils that are koskie. -- -- -- Two areas that we wanted to trade deadline it seems like there's this might commit a little bit right now that. The ideal wish list that they go get a seven. But he got it had some playoff experience that would put a little pressure and competition on the young defense to continue to elevate their game. And then just have that security liking going to the post season that you have seven guys back -- -- mean ideally you have eight maybe even nine if that was the case. You aren't sure of one -- was coming back maybe he was part of the mix only the Bruins knew that. And maybe they knew more than we did which is why they went and got a second defenseman. And potter to go along with ms. Farrell -- yup that was the ideal wishlists because you start looking at the depth chat. Depth and balance was a phrase used all the time grows they roll four lines okay well if you expect injuries. Or poor play from someone that you know he's new to this playoff thing. Well who's gonna step in and we're second impression beef from underneath and where's that security if you could've gotten a veteran forward. Another versatile veteran forward that you could plug in in different situations or plug him into a situation where it belongs. And rotating guy they can play the top six our bottom six. Not you have -- ideal wishlists that you talk about the deadline but again. Not privy to the dolls and sense not privy to the deals that were on the table. That was a wish list that didn't happen and I think you've seen some of the challenges now. -- tremendous breakdown brick we could've gotten two million more phone calls to Willis Brcko leaves us we tell you the Burkle a pre post. Tomorrow from the studios right down the start on the street Watertown and Friday Saturday night 7 o'clock game back in the building. On Saturday DIA that's I. Thanks for the plug for -- for NASA and -- some plus another home game she'll have you know even Billy Jeff fear or Barry Petersen as the studio analyst Jack and I will be back together the home games are. A little bit more enjoyable from where option because you're the building -- you're you're part of the atmosphere. But I certainly understand the team aspect to what would do an innocent but yeah after the away games and that'll be tomorrow night Beckett studio dale. X number of daily you know she'd be in studio with a -- A couple of all over 2 o'clock I'll be sure that long. At -- Rick thanks edit I gotta get. At any Berkeley joining us here in studio I I'd mentioned this -- that we hadn't gotten many to -- Rask. Calls and immediately after it said that the text are coming and we just had to and still two calls on the board. About the goalie situation -- surprise -- got more these two and the Bruins lose they come out of the woodwork on Tuukka -- wanna talk about two and continue with your phones at 61777979837. -- phone number -- Bruins game three with -- -- but in -- ninety --

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