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Shawn Thornton on the game 3 loss 5-7-14

May 7, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the Bruins loss in Montreal last night.

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I told before he's a stand up guy he's a wake up guy our conversation or -- -- has brought you by the city Boston credit union. By -- power equipment and Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram he joins us on the AT&T line from Montreal good morning to shorten how are you. -- remote area just OK hey I know you don't draw any Bruin under the bus except perhaps yourself from time to times electronic dance around this million dollar question with it this way why. The slow start was that noise was it nerves why the defensive and awareness they've got two and -- two -- three nothing hole. I think. Decided characteristic. I don't want political power play great maybe -- a should be aware that caught a lot patrolled. Yell it from the bench. But he can't he can't he actually -- What other you know policy -- -- Augusta. That this couple of plays there. If you'll -- characteristic about some of thought in the back for Patrick at it and kept their credit they capitalized of those chances you -- brought up build it back to not. Don cherry -- about an hour ago that standard operating procedure for the goaltender to smack his stick on the ice to let the defenseman know. But the guys coming out of the -- box is that part of the Bruins scheme and system. -- Historically -- that's what we'll execute our hospital about a -- and it was -- -- there whether I don't know. You would have been clear to us. Obviously. Show on the set hasn't started the way you wanted to do it. Do you feel like this company can do is that this solution there and funny you when you meet today when you practice today. You say thank -- as what we gonna do 12 with three or is it more like vague -- -- -- the unknown. Good -- just. Not getting. Just play -- -- -- we're kind of getting outside of and not the whole game it's it's absolutely just it pressure -- up. We are very strong defensively that we don't normally give up -- -- happens horror. Richard Drake litigator. That that just doesn't Apple's most. With this game we knew when we watch Superman on the ice obviously appears to be the best player out the best skater out there. Com do you do something differently because we had a caller said the got to put a man on like. Basketball and and just put a guy on -- you do that right I mean you make there are some special measures in place. Wentz who bands of that to make sure you -- ago. A good look at the nets -- Well -- we talked about it lanes not let them get a shot through. But it. Say they have. Are dispersed or think he's he's hit it through like four guys that I used on the land so it's a good player. The days of what. There on the court to block out all color but he can't put a guy a -- shout it anymore as a war destruction result. The gators changed but. We -- systems in place. Shouldn't matter who's out their plan properly put putt there is read about actual pop them. That that we should have more success -- apple didn't do and conduct ourselves what part of -- that picture where patrol. -- this is kind of a two part question has somebody told you before the game would you believe that the Canadians were going to out hit the Bruins in game number three the second part is. Was the intensity of taking the body reduced. Even subconsciously. By Montreal's success on the power play in the previous games when you did step oval line. All that's possibly. Percent I think. Last night particularly times we. We did stop pucks in the areas they -- areas we can finish checks and that's about it blocked parts here. Here's prices are very underrated. Our camp where it thank. A lot of times we just you know. It can often -- get -- problem seems to -- was getting apparently didn't well it would pick it up a plot yet. You know we've had textures and tweeters and people call in the trying to make the case that the refs have played some sort of factored these first three games to the previous agree. They did pretty good so far would you agree with that has been a pretty well officiated series to this point. Yes -- -- a -- gave it a couple of Los the fear of a troubled school in the way six yeah. -- On the call please stop 1000. Just let the teams got -- and decide the outcome of the game. And I thought last that was that was the -- Did you think go moments. Check at the -- -- McGinley it was a over the line and that it that it. Seemed to rattle from you know on television -- to rattle again. It is these scientific. I disagree -- the -- the hell. Where he -- from the bench. About the timing of it was an epic. Our -- just governor talked -- mistaken but I doubt I'll be higher. It was. Awkward angle or -- -- but it. Irked by original follows. Is a part in that. That happens where else. It was borderline late but and -- -- out well what. Do you does the crowd. It was the crowd of fact rather than the maybe the -- in the stick if that wouldn't you know he didn't have to stick in the eyes but if you did may -- wouldn't hurt because of the crowd wasn't a factor in any other way -- Not that I mean they feed off the energy is there sure start it's unique atmosphere there I'm sure -- that are that are. -- -- A lot of I'm going to -- Israel you don't have to hope you'll other options I. Unfortunately out here guys that played the playoffs here maybe more. And realize what it was going to be all about be your first time. Speaker first I'm seeing it it's probably a little bit. I don't think it's. A follow up questions re -- to go would probably say he should have stopped I don't know one or two of those -- break -- they're probably admit he's not playing as well as he would like what -- be like today on the -- is getting ready for game four tomorrow. -- because he's got a good job. It's all prayers are related. Professional not just banking things going to happen -- the conflict explored I think his mindset. I thought beyond it at another school Leo a lot of times. -- -- like you're going to different cities. Popular stories just public interest -- that in Gaza as a goal or pick at. He'll he'll be great that are so folks up more on that it's 21 up but he set up -- -- but. A lot series. And so what's the scheduled today and and what Paul will that take will it be a cerebral and and dispassionate discussion of what happened -- -- will there be some fire and brimstone from the coaches. Yet to be the united suppose. A practice -- a big goal blocked off -- -- also. Appealed for -- There are not sure which we're gonna go out at a battery regular. All right shot shot by the time good luck yet not a game four tomorrow night. I shot -- -- -- in -- on the AT&T hotline is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union by Norfolk power equipment and by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.

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