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Don Cherry on the Bruins loss 5-7-14

May 7, 2014|

The one and only Don Cherry joined the show to discuss the Bruins game 3 loss.

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Eyes at 6 o'clock -- we came on the year. Over the 151617. Years Jerry and I've been to this program we have probably three or four all star in fact hall of fame -- -- we enjoyed talking to more than all the rest and certainly at the top of that list in the conversation. Is our pal from Hockey Night in Canada Don cherry joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning grapes are you today. I there are guys who allowed this good after that game last night I was. One of their better games I don't understand -- a spot in the people stream up the lead and think they're gonna come back to their third period. That's the dumb way to play. How that situation Don you in the belts and all that always all that hoopla all that build up knowing the importance of that game there are two defensive awareness plays like that is -- lack of focus is it no waste is that a brain -- what do you think. And you know it's funny it is -- here and did it you can -- dissected that you have to be behind the bed to realize that Montreal is going to come local -- They have their favorite singer you have to be ready for public and you know -- -- -- say it died and there are many times before. There's so many mistakes made even been down through the one -- roughed up and banging his stick on the prick -- It taught junior and data that you bit when he uses apparently got near the end. The bank is that the war and the guys I mean here's the guys. That is not ready they just don't seem to be ready. They think that they can come back all the time which is in the third period they think we're relying on that third period dollar I would. They don't play desperate right now and I've got -- they better start because that that they're sky high the Montreal -- I mean I Wear their conflicts that are and they didn't. I've for the -- that got make no mistake about it what. You've got to play like march on and many believe it or got you with -- to last night. He is the guy that they've got the walk through that he plays like that all the time and that's the way they got a place they were they were thought the -- the first period. I don't what do you think Cobo. The Zdeno Chara. What about the couple hundred dollar you figure that theory that the I -- -- that I want to watch him play minor midget hockey. And the only trouble I had that I know personally troubled by Adam when he broke it. He acted like a hot dog any had a lot of people out that you have the team goal right now. But right now the way he's playing there's nobody in the league. -- -- -- Nobody interleague play in is competitive right now and he's this -- is that -- I didn't break away you get -- he gets -- slap shot from the point and eight is is that these. -- he felt that. I know everybody -- and never -- there without the -- but the only people who are good occupier. But they're -- -- he did the best guys in the playoffs right now. Who's the best goaltender in this series right now. Well I specialists throughout does not play in the way -- complaint you'll I don't know if you -- that are not but prices. Is that playing in them that's for sure and rough is not playing like he did you -- -- good for some reason Montreal got I don't know what they got a number what but he did not -- that I don't. But here that -- that bothers me is the brutal drought hit last flight. To the Bruins. He -- it by those little midget with Montreal. Yeah it does. They're just not ready and they're not ready to go to this short period. I don't the only three games Don but do we still think the Bruins are the better hockey team. I senator. No doubt about that immunity to play up the potential of both teams play up to the protection that those there's no -- no question but Montreal it play their predict yet play any better than -- And then bought another can't play any -- the airplane and I you know I'm not. -- -- -- to the bathroom got to tell the truth I've been. They are playing -- -- it's -- author Richard that they weren't they think they're -- -- he -- like Montreal street luckily with the goalie like right away. Hey what consume band do as far as you know Don what do -- due to earn the benching -- and and on the dog house from carry on and what what do you not like about his game. Well what happens this CPP upset sometimes -- that's the other players tonight not do that god you don't. And I really gave it to him after. A lot after he scored goal in the joke around here slipped in here and have a word -- if you go to Boston. After the first goal when he scored that goal. He didn't do any -- jumper just give a little Paul. Even -- scored the overtime goal. He just -- put his -- Doherty didn't jumper round -- that I have been about three or four months ago. He declined of the glass that's put up a lot this team and these are used to but -- just the -- they didn't think that in junior didn't think that you might have visited just. He just. Did he get -- carried away sometimes doctor goal that -- like that he did not settle. Players -- it first in the league and he stated before there's no doubt. Welcome Huckabee didn't play for team Canada. Well -- they had the if you look at their defense that -- -- -- -- they were unbelievable and that's that mean they've moved and what they're afraid of with seagate does as you know if you saw last night. He does try to hit guys sort of positioning of the electorate that big guy. If he starts that stopped running around. But he had they had posted that the mean there was companies that the kid he took a pretty good. But that's repeatedly stated that he does -- -- -- they didn't want to take any chances over there. It's unsure if you're behind the bruins' bench and in charge what the three or four following things what worries you the most put them in order force the play of -- which is to this point. Uninspired that lack of focus you talked about what they think they can turn it on and turn it off in the third period for the disappearance of the and again the Lucic Krejci line. Died in Iraq would bother me the vote that that's the thing that. He's got a bill vote that they're not -- a 100%. And electorate that route would be easy they're guys that bothers me the most ticket back play in the way he can play. Like you've done believable when he -- -- -- was that he was as good as strike any day during the season but he's not played it no -- would bother me the most. I don't teams come back from through on all the time in it would stun anybody did you expect the Bruins to win this series if they fall down throughout they lose Thursday you think the series is over. Yeah I do they've got away from what they've got to win one game up there in the way -- -- await the go above and beyond their team. They don't let they've the they've got a pretty good team but it did give it -- try and all that. But -- the guy like he has the guy that that's going to hold a visionary and he seemed to be on a mission they would you want me. Olympics and you can even heard over there and he doesn't look like -- that tiger and it looked like just wait for truck and it -- in the he'll stop that and that's the only thing I'd do the -- Should do better other than give a -- -- shot is that they've got it screened at Geithner did he get -- -- You know stop that and if you thought the goals that are -- and then he cannot let them think earth political -- that he felt that god is it. If Skype on a mission right now. They've got to get the right somehow implicated in the third period not a bother him about -- crash couldn't urinate but bother about that the big thing -- -- Muppet game. They try and discretion in thing in didn't help but if you're -- -- if you're Julian do you. I would point the shake -- -- lines at what point do you do what -- -- with -- in game one -- out column out. Is it. -- the good life have been going pretty good for the Bruins could be any doubt you know you're down -- thing -- start he could take up a little bit here and there but I wouldn't. I would panic when -- changed all the light up that sort of thing about what -- what I did on hockey night kind of -- by probably didn't trouble is that. The Bruins had had seven straight death penalty call against them they just scored on one and -- -- the bench minor -- clap the hand that the united that was. Our department very upset over the the guy -- the -- quote despite the little bulky device on the bench but. The broke the got to about the first period like like -- -- and it certainly think that the infrared hot. They talk about is that they get out through one -- picked up about the price. On by a question from redoubling back -- that that that statement that you made about what bothers you with the Bruins were out hit last night was a coach tell a player in terms of of straddling that fine line and staying on the right side of it. A being aggressive and physical and taking the body and playing heavy without putting the Canadians on the power play. Well you have that you will be a dumb dumb retaliatory penalties -- the finger at me like they did. The one game a lot there were you played stupid they're gravity of the thrown about stuff like that. -- the body hit the body but don't be a dumb -- if they're being more physical that's all been like -- on he's the guy doesn't take all of a Little -- I'll let. These supper every game like -- -- plot so they'll play like bark on they'll win the game next game. Don -- always a pleasure talking hoc committee thanks for taking a few minutes this morning. Our crew on -- but that doesn't cut and on the AT&T hotline.

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