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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Mile high club 5-7-14

May 7, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a new member of the mile high club.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans and by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do. Precision fitness equipment we start with the story like this. That's from your post a -- -- flying Virgin Atlantic to Vegas with her parents. Join the mile high club with a man beside her the pair got so loud the bathroom flight attendants busted through the door. Hold -- and her mom and dad an unborn -- -- do you. Work I can barely get myself in like comfortably that weighs in a Mac and scented. You mean you can't be like them Coptic woman Null and and -- -- probably not and have sex name from having to do it. -- -- How do you do it did he get fined about myself and I can't do it to people are so inclined so consented to -- so involved in in -- bowl behavior. They find a way to close -- -- Happens all the time though which I was think it's like -- half filled plan and Rihanna where most people sleep button. -- just wanting to say you've done it. Why did you. Just not a sexy really comfortable I've never abandon them who's in the planet either but I -- I never shut down I -- -- I -- my body I -- down my pants it's impossible target white and everything's normal. That is it's residency so out of the united in my a couple of clubs analysts. I'm not -- fit in the bathroom and can't have sex with a itself and about playing tickle my ally -- on my worst nightmare is I -- that typo in the arms taken a call my second worst nightmares. Being in either dwindling island sound comes the site's losses as -- managed take a look at the numbers but not number I -- that's right there how little I think this me and you. That is viewers like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Simpson's house that you might get lucky the airline might have enforcement by sexy now it's it's -- it's right that big goal -- that was like thirty swears that third filet of fish you know -- your system and no reading material -- -- -- -- look at him that you don't matter to -- and Greg if you if you wait yourself. I haven't -- -- don't don't don't don't I can tell he's gotten a walk and sneakers yeah does our house sketch pictures Chemtura hooked us up which Iran with yesterday they -- It passed in two hours and ten minutes it could have yet a village and has -- you have formatting and I believe those things are great. But he looks you could see the difference. I'm quite bids are cast Russians eat out over the air cleaners nozzle Warman. A -- in her twenties. Then spew profanity is after the flight attendants came in at the fuming crewmembers would -- for -- receipt for the rest of the flight -- travel with her mom and dad and she started getting heated with a guy sitting next you're a passenger told. But -- a newspaper what's it about and he didn't hear loud noises the cabin crew forced the door open but she really kicked off screaming drug abuse she was shackled. Two -- seat the tryst occurred in the nearly eleven hour London to Vegas flight last week. Wonder how early into the flight the cheapest that early on hours and cup to the seat of the middle before a middle like so five and a half hours recently your folks right Soledad. I guess we're weird anyways GoDaddy your parents they were pushing. In her mid twenty says they have identified the guy. It's -- conference's two on sauce here is that that that would obviously because of it yeah he's to just get. Policies. Policies the greatest and -- never met him. Between itself and get ready for some madness on this Twitter account and -- that show he's gonna weed out the donkey show last time -- was on the air here they -- by himself and 5 o'clock to make sure to keep that Howell and an undersea because this osment -- Akron there are. It it feel fault. Stock now because he's had -- What you have to say John -- That's the sports -- -- he gives us 07 feet tall. Six elevenths quote yeah yeah he's such -- they -- five. 611 cross he's going to be roaming around he'll want to talk cross wondering he says cross he says -- -- wondering at least as. Good news for you guys able to Vanity Fair subscriptions Monica Lewinsky rights have been out there. Coming up Thursday about her affair with President Clinton. It's time to burn the beret and buried the blue dress she writes I myself. Deeply regret what happened between -- president Clinton's let me say it again I myself. Deeply regret what. Keep read the next line yeah. One would be expected as the Bruins go back to the blog -- -- Your body actually keeps Q do you know party that's real -- Dan roach I don't know. -- I would she's been she writes in fact it summon buses some buzz and circles have. The clintons must have paid me off why else of their refrain from speaking out -- treated nothing could be further from the truth. That's surprising relic from my past she didn't in the leg eat the ball -- Amaechi was Madson. And I think she did talk about that right about that pretty good. I know that beneath her picture out ways to make it look good. But the posts and just go away. Scroll way she did for ten years as you really take advantage of -- and I did the Jenny Craig thing right about that nothing and that's ten years to host city dating reality series last five episodes and fox your biography. In HBO documentary features on Barbara Walters that's I mean she I don't feel like she's -- -- Overstayed her welcome me -- got a president impeached yes it's kind of a central figure in modern history my -- took advantage of me she writes which I think we'd all agree I agree. There'll always remained firm on this point it was a consensual relationship. Hopes. The -- some of she did. He speak Portuguese threw me down and have gotten way gun deer head in the last ten years. I've -- Hillary Clinton has sex. None. One. Now yeah this Chelsea out until -- was -- -- -- something -- thank I don't think they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She does look collector McCall from guys that have been Yasser look you're sort of round and yes. You'd think yes and again to grandparent yes congratulations congratulations. Cakes candles to them in Indonesia president of Asian women woman it's a nice -- -- story for this one. In Indonesian woman who was gang raped by men who accused her of having extramarital sex. -- became publicly for violating Islamic law officials said well that's definitely against -- list to -- gang raped you 25 year old widow said she was raped by eight men allegedly founder having sex with a married man in her house. The man reportedly be the man -- the to a sewage and turn them turn them over to Islamic police. In the conservative province what what what is probably reference where where's this Indonesia. Bond that Indonesian pop some is that you could be punished written nine strokes became for violating religious law pending investigation. -- story and you tweeted. I also disturbing and girls should such a different world where they go in this village that -- all the girls out of school yes let's say. You are our wives now or are sex slaves. Com and -- marry them off and they just -- you what they're selling them for. And wives they take them to other place Chad -- some other country -- and through those. Exit ways they sell them off as as as wives two men who pay. Twelve dollars that's all they -- -- -- bad -- on the take from Turks and caicos all the but -- anticipates well by Dalton elect fourteen years -- others there's not fifteen to eighteen is twelve bucks by the way they're methods were were just really. Relief devious they can get on one knee and proposed I don't think it's phenomenal tonight. These terrorists came in in the middle of the night -- you're right. Instead the bad guys are common the terrorist but they referred. We are here to help you. Get to body we gotta get two out of here before the terrorist command and and abduct you and kidnapping until they went willingly. It's all these guys gonna help us play all got up they each pack a bag and -- the truck and took away and -- where the terrorists. And you are our wives and he's going to be -- somebody's -- somebody ball marks. Against the law they think that you know I don't know. It seems wrong. Yes I do think it's wrong headed tournament -- Aggies -- -- no I want. We've not heard from Hagerty and he's pretty active using Twitter there's been no. Updates from haggard he's sleeping in. The final one here recording has get meaner as the morning goes is that the first and -- we thought I saw her simply -- we keep thinking back to. I was egged on by a texture if I'm a friend of -- who said you know this guy jumped all over you did you professionals -- you know what screw him he really sees a better writer than go against you want to be known as the greatest -- -- that -- that's sort of violent somebody's -- all public aspire -- I think he's getting close. Probably said you know -- -- a blogger couple years ago from my mom's -- should speak on magicians begun which is that's fine. We gonna do that -- get any better than them might yard Indian -- in the final paragraph Bruins game nine. I don't know I'm sorry girls out when he wakes up this morning Ottawa -- when -- ate -- drank a sleeping at what he's turned his phone. And there's going to be. Message after message after message I vowed to use this morning yes brilliant fantastic trawler and boast. Is that who no one letter to letters. -- sport -- are -- and boast the best he -- here's the -- looking at the roast on the menu and allies and by 24. -- live another day eight point one million viewers Monday for its two hour season premiere that is seen as solid ratings now down just 9%. Producers finale 2010 which is pretty good today's television yeah point one million. There have with that though they are concerned people at fox say their concern people stick around the series. How it's going good start ratings wise I would say the woman staying home on me yeah we'll bring you back -- was -- always group that introducing new evil doers yeah. That's headlines brought to you by -- -- 677779837. Don cherry will join us in the o'clock -- -- for -- nine your phone calls next.

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