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Bruins lose game 3 in Montreal

May 7, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Bruins loss last night in Montreal.

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I would suggest to you respectfully but on Wednesday may seventh. A bunch of people need to rethink. And reconsider. A couple of different things out -- in this studio you listing at home and certainly and more importantly. The Bruins need to rethink and reconsider the following -- number one. Boston is a better team -- the Montreal Canadiens know they were during the regular season. And I know that won the President's Cup and I know that coming in this series we thought five on five power play pop penalty kill they were the better team. They are not playing as the better team right now so get that through your heads. People and more importantly the Boston Bruins -- true that we need to rethink and reconsider. Boston is so superior. In the third period that they can always fashion a comeback. Late in the game you need to rethink that as well that was brutal. Last -- I don't know whether the noise I don't know whether the same time -- I don't think the crowd wasn't affected. Factor at all and I mean I know if we could talk about game. Port that's -- -- came up there are nice I just wanna before we get into -- for the next two days tournament game 441 -- for. No mutt Maloney and dale Molina knows it's in what can I just say everything everyone says is about to craft -- it on to -- pre game. We talked with the -- right. Big the big deal -- that were taken penalties if they don't take any penalties you know it was funny OK I'm 15 -- -- mean the crowd was no factor penalties and effective the officials the -- that got himself Boston. Were no factors could. None of it mattered in which spent went through three days yeah. The -- showing up or not showing up was the factor right and I. Start a game with your thumb up your. Nose like that. Shaughnessy writes you're right you know about who better team -- -- the -- better team Davies won the regular season series Shaughnessy writes today. Canadians have led for a 107 minutes the Bruins for eleven while so I think -- -- that I would I assumptions that we. I mean I don't think there's always of the credit team put. Doesn't matter and it right you get better last night I think that were yes I'll and -- -- really were purely -- sixty minutes. And you know who was forcing the action -- -- forcing the action but that doesn't matter because when you get a lead to play different. I mean the Bruins the -- at four shots that the appeared in the parachute you have different force the action. I'm just talking about talent in those that would tell him about that that's what does matter I tell you what players a team matter disagree -- this fact makes worse right underachieving you know absolutely and you see why the Bruins were favored you know could just like all it is sure to point to make you -- see why their favorite -- they're expected to win. Why they won the presidency in the best player this year they do not take him down an update about the Clinton does not have the best player in the series they do not have the best defenseman and they do not have the best goaltender in -- on this series for him not -- -- -- about -- -- they don't have the best -- lying in this series. I would -- get -- little cranky and -- should have done. One empty net goal and three assists in the series and by the way again. At if somebody shot US I don't know if I know the all right I looked at how many shots to get what happened I know -- -- I looked like shooting percentage -- -- -- stroke it's a good point you know you. More than Roy Hibbert true give you credit for that I've got us had zero shots last night we weren't. There's gonna Simmons first period -- After that to the secretary -- quit playing catchup and we found a way to. To get ourselves back in it but you know the first period they're better than us not -- It was. The biggest difference in the game I thought after. And we got some some decent chances and started getting better as the second one on. You know wasn't enough we know that. On the road that they were gonna they gonna first came back -- whom they were gonna come out really strong and we didn't match that and and weren't sure does them out early. -- and legacy that was. The biggest difference in the game. We got a recount yesterday's one for one -- Last night -- went and I know are rendering yet no shots last night maybe I'm wrong and maybe the person. Article I read -- the three to. Although -- again that's -- de Villa that was only good news is only shot regimen that doesn't rate change that point he is and his. Almost as invisible as last year and eastern final com. And I don't and I think that hit that amazing great beautiful no hockey hit. -- on him -- and whatever name -- made a mode uses a few days out and it was legal and what is. He statement and if the Bruins ended that game with that hit. You'd say that's how to do. Right now that's that's the goal I mean you lose to gloat -- make a statement you get ready for game four. Did you say and Malone was just looking Angela. Take that can't take a tough -- talk talk that -- -- I -- you're watching the Pittsburgh Penguins again a year partly in just as I was thinking -- -- expert and what you you're on the first line then the second one in the first -- the first line here on the when we hear -- heavy play in the Boston Bruins I think that's the first talk. Lucic and a and Iginla and encourage you talk of those guys had beaten -- arrogantly pound as the post that's all that shot because that shot also it was a good ship but I don't care and look at potential outs. And -- -- -- that was not a fact. I would mark preaching and again cassette is eight and creatures about a player frankly better all all around player he's been invisible. It's yours and your argument you thought preachy at all -- just got squeezed -- -- aboard right I -- BC be -- we seem at all Detroit series whose brief look at the series he's -- a great post season player and nothingness. He would -- show also. And he didn't score he's a minus one. And what it would launch. Ethical -- Is a good pass in the mountainous urged their government as we look at him is his -- leads the snipers. I think he likes he preferred setup. Tune in -- creature that's. But four shots -- that that -- problem and get medical -- that post I mean that's it was great at -- excellent kill him as much as creature survive I decide Britain's got out the -- -- -- -- is -- he doesn't force the action -- -- When you analyze the series when everybody in this in the pound them Wear them down is not his job yes that -- going in the corner -- smaller guys. Finesse guys write him at the end of the game. He's supposed to be knocked and that I was bad in that when the topic area that the guy -- anything different -- lied -- -- that that stop that. It was a great -- and he stuck around it to -- gloat over the like Ali over list and yeah. Impound initiative has just been frightened and listen I've purposes all the people point -- is more tonight. But you can't tell me if you watch these games it's jars -- better case he certainly not a -- -- you can't make the case for a and I know so well -- -- that wanna give into them you know that that really doing it right in front you know thanks so now. But I wish all on the dirt at the Jimmy I don't wish ill at. Find out with a third minutes of asking hall and just the haven't nights majored intelligent debate intellectuals. -- If it it says no month wife and Mia Hamm yes. I don't get it I don't get a note chart is great defensive defenseman and big and strong tonight. He's awesome he is without a doubt the third best defenseman in Boston Bruins history -- Dick as the third in excellent maybe she picked the personal challenge on this and -- probably right we have there'll probably. Make a great case. What are your eyes to. I think sharply while last night and you always agree play didn't play well a couple of turnover of there was cost -- a gold the end of the game he looked slow again last than you did at times. In Detroit series and -- is the only story so far should we assume. Then at some point after game one or after game two but whatever the timeline is prior to game three last night quote or any member of his coaching staff. Actually said the following. To his team. So bond is playing his ass off. He's pretty good. You think we might wanna. Keep an eye on this guy you'd let one -- the -- some attention towards who -- you think. -- might wanna tap his stick when it comes out of the penalty box you think sue but it's somebody that we should try to isolate. And deal with here as it -- should -- guy like that is ever been mentioned. Guy waving notes that the penalty boxes waiting -- defensemen have dug the over the -- a lead and yet mr. -- an -- here when you're done. I picked it did I don't know if you're remember the power play. He won't -- our power play. It's all out of whack a result they have their there tilted toward that -- because. He's on the right point right Bruins. Forward whoever it was just shadowed them so the head of the whole power play it was a fine in our plan and remember me shots. Canadians were left side of the rink as Superman was on the right to get puck on wants to gonna stick on the puck but they didn't. It wasn't a balanced power play him because of -- man. And he had one shot. The breakaway that's it right. Can you believe how he controls a game and I'm pretty -- the game was sixty minutes I mean I don't I don't know current term -- control. Sixty may affect us 2750. So less than half that's a lot I believe that's the most more than that you are more than -- played the most. He had one shot one penalty. A stupid penalty in my opinion men than X because he thought that was an elbow. Was flying -- one -- question it was a rough. Right if you want a question that the term roughing and I think it the old -- today. Those video Turco Scioscia right I think he did that but wasn't that almost textbook -- And -- -- Riley Smith looks so bad they almost had to solve a lot easier -- -- when I was one of those with a raise that hand and then they decide what was right when you say yes but the elbow came up to -- right hip -- he didn't have to bring the -- but that goes -- anyway one penalties team's only penalty. One shot. Five giveaways. By far the most one takeaways and controlled the game. So ban got pissed and and he got even after -- but -- him out of the box. Coming out of the blogs and Larry made a good place. Commie country than it was on and I just went on to -- me. Triage the I was pretty surprised and a little bit nervous I mean these are really good goalie and just try to bury my head -- -- About what informant. He didn't look nervous -- he looks like a villain in when he walks not adults -- -- but in an eight cocky. Walking into the stadium locks in the stadium like. Who Josie Wales and -- Like an idiot like an NBA you area. NFL. Cocky NFL yeah. Well Steve Smith -- again I walk in the door and just the swagger mean defines the terms -- plays with a swagger plays cocky. -- it's. But after the game he and so now now now Ali plays that right he's been the best player in each game -- yours. -- always a sign of a chemical that's on a crisis had his moment on goal he's been the best -- each game this and and it's just rare. The seat hockey players stand now we talk about this -- Bergeron. And he's great a good game last night will it and we'll agrees great schools great results. When agrees though he would winner MVP candidate by the -- by the way that the disease from cori knocked Carey Price. The -- struggle that was -- -- around no it's not just skinless Alberto shot was four feet wide and -- and all again what is it you wouldn't redirected it you can practice that practice that every day that happened. Ten more times we score again probably not probably got caught he put -- on -- by a lot of thought aside I think it's something I think just the opposite of the with the practice. And we don't I think it was unintentional I just said it was lucky to be able to do that at -- speed and turn your stick at such an angle to redirect the putt was four feet wide of the net into the net because awesome -- -- yeah. She's still face -- point somebody in whatever middle America who doesn't care what hockey club on a -- and that -- -- That's true same with the Superman in Rome that everything's commandos. Into picture someone -- not really in the hockey tuning in from you know neutral a market. But they care who wins on man. At number 76. You know special and up there my poorer Bergeron and there's into the some a lot of star superstars hole famous -- What do they stand out. You know -- don't you know this is so rare and obviously the best examples is a war -- stands out but you know Crosby stands out. A vets can of course stands though. You don't have to him and you can be Bergeron can be preachy can be. Good really really really good you can be great. And rarely stand -- the crowd and band -- a special. I don't know how you make the case the -- is better now know -- last night minus one and one shot on net. Three giveaways zero takeaways 24 minutes and thirty threes and hurt his hand -- And I think it on bill's argument and you'll you'll probably hear an afternoon news. -- the plus minus sees much higher last month this season but it -- drawing -- to swap meet the swap the teams experts who've been on the Bruins with which are on the Canadian ticket plus minuses are different if you do that. Boy checks is better right so yes the answer that which have been through and no chart plays in the -- the correct over the course of the season it's a plus I got on the Bruins in -- three other. Increased that it probably are the and I know I know it's going to be the little things we hear them in the dirty work that chart those and he does. But -- and does some of that too. He hits the of course we see him hit he's in birdies and it took big hits us and cleared the puck got his own zone when he has to. And he's young he's gonna get better that than an hour and I don't know he's going to be in Montreal school like what we're going to be watching that was so last night. I would like to know for Montreal fans from one draw media members from people will watch the Canadians play all season long. If indeed he happened to be benched several times this year which is the case corrected. -- what they -- inconsistent play lack of effort whatever the case baby I think he takes chances. As one of the problems that I read their own hands with him like he jokes in the play area to give back. Put the team member position Arabia team player in the in the team jumped on the -- all -- a breakaway and and it's all. He makes mental mistakes and he's cocky. And you know he's arrogant and that's another argument for -- whose -- Doesn't do that and Superman does but I wonder if if longtime veteran consistent. Viewers of the Montreal Canadians are watching this. And are amazed at what they're -- or do they expect this out of him. We have seen that for three games where he had been clearly the most impressive guy not wearing -- -- and equipment. On the ice yet our people of -- -- Canadian fans are wasting -- look at this and say and while he's got his ass in gear for the playoffs and the Bruins. I don't try to you know stuff like game against different teams try to play. Every game no matter who want. Like I said I've just I've gotten opportunities in the you know my teammates -- These guys get in. Tough making good placing. You know it's it's it's easy to say you know break only blocks and it took us I mean you know -- they can order it in my -- For school and that so. Mean I don't microphones FaceBook group that does mean. So I guess my question is is this level of play by -- -- the exception the rule. An aberration or what people expect it'll only get from time to time I don't know the enjoy one Norris trophy year ago you understand emphasis is obviously a top guy might -- down year I think probably surprise is point the slope because nobody plays at this level. In the post season the defenseman does. He's done the last three games and never. As tokinio report -- defenseman Bruno scoring. Right but this guy's not the normal defenseman and my I think the best play. He made was the -- -- first goal when it was just that he just slid it back to -- -- -- about a lot of Georgia the the militant one grateful as the shot was a -- kind of -- progress group -- -- and it was just the nicest subtle play -- it's -- play you have to make when you're -- you know. You know again he opened space that can jump on you can't stand there and play with Clinton and look for shot he found his guy. Make that play happened and he does little things he is he's a he's fun to watch and I don't hate him that -- pretty -- for him. I know him at all I -- blast to watch me he sees guy you know -- they get past the -- you wanna watch and played the the Rangers are the -- with a -- his goaltender Carey Price thinks he's a blast to watch. Does this mean right now in the playoffs you see is that we've seen him play and he's going to -- him. You know if things. He's controlling his emotions very well he's been very composed. And he's. He's a big part of our hockey team he's going wrong. You think prices saves one of those two -- Not to -- -- on the other one on the the other dale we we Suisse this yeah he probably saves and we sold game it's a pretty debt -- and for too -- and I know. Task is taken some heat. -- Asks its Rouse has been taken taskmaster stake in the past that's that's that the -- comb -- I would say on that play. He -- -- on the at least cool and went five all right yeah ripped them. That didn't look like a a couple of -- star goalie for a dozen trophies had a bad -- favorite -- to tomato he's had. The media -- on it and by this collapse that reject absolutely he's been a lightly and I'll play but the other goal like that at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yesterday we -- -- -- -- there's no way to Canadians you're forced to Peter's team is reconsidering that everything is true what it would be -- -- -- however boards and I'm I'm making their collective week as we did not know you'll be horrible. Horrible. And nearly -- guilty as -- -- and other hosts who just -- comes in play now. In the game counts in penalties the refs no crowd. -- -- -- emotional defense of awareness by the Bruins since the Bruins -- -- in any -- swayed by cropped out fine but the whole game has its moments but he took the crowd out Thompson and you know. And lead. And just what he was three of the second period yeah but I didn't think it was that intimate. And for speakers. Ceremonies cool Arctic brilliantly Leo orderly she's about she's. It wasn't bad guy's on fire a school and a highlights on the ice that's a bit of a better national. Any English words on its own for a -- That the bill -- in the offenses. Dazed PB the court poll if they don't -- -- -- hunt ice. Don't -- it's again it's should know why it was mostly. In Montreal party lines and Miley. I think it blows it's 617. 97983. Of our favorite top ten guests of all time on the radio program that month off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- go on the spring's I don't I don't. Com. Re all. Well oil. On -- yeah -- boys noble one Alicea a -- sort of oil Danish. I. You listen for most of that elderly to the third I was most of listen Imus. Boy you know when. You know is only rising rising rising to stay on the card you know when you're when I say because she was pulled up from high school yes right and it was really let you lock on primary area restaurant. -- and -- with the front. How you're going to -- always good showing I was like. He's he's ours that we I -- like -- -- -- you know rising -- and he's always been good Steve Smith and yes even as it is good and and -- like where some group. Still trying to play out Alex weekly saw soldiers -- literally I ruined it. And of course somebody that we're gonna talk to at 830 that would be of course the interminable. -- correctly Don cherry will join us -- Orton. Will join us at 930. Man fault lines are lit up. As the Bruins were lit up we'll talk to you would be great auction item -- -- by the way. We're going to have when we come back. -- pork chop. Reading long now that's a little bit about Leo and -- and once the at this point now now and unfortunately I I have some sympathy for Jones out of stock bubble I don't public. Soft for Arnold I'm now going soft I have lots of simply because if you -- like typos -- -- -- piled out pile on with an explanation as all right blame the candidates when I was a pork chop reading and it remarkable auction -- the Jimmy Fund.

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