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Bruins-Habs talk with ESPN's John Buccigross

May 6, 2014|

We go inside the Bruins-Habs series with ESPN's awesome hockey analyst John Buccigross.

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Shawn Thornton doesn't handle all the tweeting from is important foundation but the Thornton foundation tweeted out a few minutes ago is at 7 o'clock yet. Bruins and Canadiens tonight at the Bell Centre. Now one of the best hockey guys out there but certainly the best hockey guide ESPN. Is our buddy Jon butcher grunts hey John it's dale and Michael and Andy how are. -- -- -- -- Hey -- we were just that we were just having our our our heated discussion about PK Sudan and Zdeno Chara. I'm not talking about age now because I know one is dramatically younger than another. Was the better defenseman in the NHL. Well -- they have different for different roles. -- just -- their careers so terrible at it. Ubiquitous. Ostensibly. All flamboyant and I mean treason and while we walk and bike. He wanted to do it a shot. It off the charts. Agriculture that -- about -- And you know in terms of -- want. Leadership. All mean Apple's hold for the rule -- which are currently anybody in HL. And forget -- -- all you've become the -- culture. Construction. Probably should be -- to our terms it will all all -- play. She didn't company -- John where is who -- in his development and where do you think he can go offensively because that was sort of the root of our debate years who's the better offensive player and dale. Who continues to point out that's who -- had four power play goals all year in -- two games doesn't believe that's who -- is as good as maybe his reputation offensively where do you think he can go on his development. I think probably I mean I'm sure he's in the now -- type that you you know hockey players most -- a crime at a young age you know they're 212223%. From. And Bob -- choir group here when -- -- two goals. I'll be 20/20. 12212. Year old hat you know that -- that are used to speed. The game that in herbal -- actually -- that's when what their cost are computers. Usually viewed in the early twenties. Arctic right now in terms of his cage probably opposed to -- -- turned and shot is not a great offense. For the most part and so he's not a peep about it our all and he turned and shot. It's in. And corruption in the past experience just unbelievable on the -- that sooners so. It's just about right here -- So all right John we know that they're called Julian has a great record in game threes. On the playoffs fourteen wanna believe it is a game three tonight at the Bell Centre. All you like in this game and in and we got to ask you what do you like in this series. Also remember the children the better team how much in control especially it being warm. All of sort Indian nation -- -- Are all so they're that would be the better treat them current director of art auction terms of you know overall debt. And could endanger. And then there goes to -- best what appealed to -- you all don't get scared. But certainly -- -- it's better to have to Gretzky. And down so I look crossover -- with you about Blakey elevated your game this year indeed and so what steps or -- -- really out of nowhere twenty years old he should perform well we scored didn't play ops only a couple of strips so. He's the current guy you'd go ordered if you can start to get quite. -- obviously the -- should have over. The other night you know he -- attitude. He managed -- about our friends in just Obama opposed to a beautiful. And so they need help maybe you don't think he's darker roles offered compliant and and I expect it wouldn't do that. John why is -- that you think that that there's only one team. And one arena. That we ever call into question the officiating in the national hockey Italy. It's only about the Canadians it's only at the Bell -- We never ask it of the Maple Leafs at Air Canada sent her the Bruins at TD garden wide dammit why there. Good look consistently the most intimidating Arenas -- hockey it's like English premiere league soccer. And to me it's like. I watcher -- and a -- contribute if you could recruit you know a lot already Robert -- will be able to score bowl I'll believable -- as -- Not much intimidation and Rodham was horrible cry out there and their child. Tickets are so about dollars and it's it's it's more like Montreal you mentioned. There's something about our place in terms of intimidation factor and good group of blood verbally like conduct. -- and in it obviously affects. Human Burton started in -- and called strike three all all the label -- All I considered the Premier League -- halt all that. It's the batteries in their officials are swayed by -- technical grounds. John one of the pull quotes from the last couple days around here was that the Bruins head quote figured out. Carey Price did they do better was that just a little bad puck luck Ken a short little slump they are in the third period. Yeah and so quick and fast but you know what I'm really -- to people. Think about what kind of shot your machine here. It's just a lot of reaction. And calmly called the Bruins were doing what I was like I was watching their screeching on the bench. For some reason they just really weren't into -- it's like why are acting to get into it on the street -- -- just -- what to compare. All of this here and now completely under way in the right in the middle of -- I don't expect any problems there. It's as good amount at some great moments in my -- for all those tickets directly victories and he told me. -- -- to -- into -- -- -- -- a lot and think that they feel they whooped it up to wipe be out here. In cure it and it's something like you're gonna play well and I expect a -- and woke him on the -- the secretary person. Like -- that car also Herbert gold and all. My book get a get well or write that down it was the the best team you've seen this in the in these playoffs. And -- -- -- Boston give me somebody else that that has stood out to you. Right now and it did you know it was sort of the girls in the black auction I didn't try to bring because the myriad tablet you know -- They're burnout in that discussion -- -- -- topic quick in two graft and her goal leader. Just -- most of my first it will go 12 or grass court. And just because look at should be weighed averaged -- now they have to be lying applicants scored and -- He endorsed OP -- superstar defense. All but obviously -- in chief would do it which are written to the Bruins Blackhawk. That everybody falls in line after that. And so boat goes preteen ballot and one of those three are gonna win and a couple of months -- unconscionable and -- very similar all our people because of the great defenseman. There are multiple score points and that's that's -- that's our Arab leaders and people look reverse. Right now. When I look at the Bruins and ICA Norris trophy nominee on defense a vezina trophy nominee in goal. And a -- If I believe. Championships are built on defense that makes them kind of the favorite for me. Absolutely punch and -- contains content keeps. And the record proper -- -- -- again and -- Global but he played good enough. And -- -- a crack -- it again Norstrom -- defense door to rate order in page. And and got a course on board that could not -- -- so you're not a formidable in a quick -- Could -- guitar players -- the -- two way player could -- as well without a merger record player. Yeah that's the secret that's -- the billboard that featured great several possible streaky -- -- very little. And that's what people mostly want to help. I became convinced I was never gonna win a booty overtime challenge T shirt it's like just so I just ordered one just bought one. -- are important I appreciated that too I mean I would never gonna win one. So I bought one and then and I was happy doing the ball went on how much they go for. 29 dollars one well well well well we're giving discount. Still I might mean how many times said he is the only good hockey guy ESPN man every time we -- ten bucks upper half and -- OG -- talk -- which -- you do I'll be allowed okay Eric open of -- Buckeyes to insert their tune now we have now Atlanta now nobody wants wanna vote. Hot it's always fun to talk hockey with you we appreciate it. All of our local and take care that is such jump which address from ESPN. I -- exactly awake because that's actually an issue with the words -- got a clock face the worst about audience. Intergrations. Hey hey hey hey hey yes second to predictive -- some guy comes in and you just like I'm just gonna. How it's for a couple minutes -- -- how what is it if somebody says that in my face a wooden stick around I would just come out walk out -- bounce and I'm I'm not here. If you get a chance tonight full sixty minute pregame. -- and plus -- -- -- me Jamie -- Jack Edwards and then a full sixty minute postgame we've got all the interviews all the highlights all the coaches everything and -- -- -- you had -- him I. I include maturity factor on this show just going through the roof went on he's talking about Jamie heard all in -- all the analysis or professional approach -- hockey professionalism. Which is second to none and I think you need to get to mind out of pat -- -- are not without talking hockey as a matter of fact I think she's -- I think she's going to be themselves. We talk about that you can now about that and Libya has to drink studio will instantly yes. You know I Carter's volunteering to commandments -- you close your browsers of push you ox I'll see you tomorrow I'll see you never after the comedy I don't worry these guys are going anywhere.

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