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Handicapping the Pats Draft with PFW's Andy Hart

May 6, 2014|

We talk draft with the versatile Andy Hart from Patriots Football Weekly.

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Our number two dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Michael -- happy to be joined. Miami -- patriots football weekly due to Wear the shirts of it. In case your lost they can return you but he never Hillary is capable weekly later in it now it looks a webcam thing exposure though. IB MW I 1844 pats. I didn't know -- chemical about two weeks ago. Are you that I did not know it early on notes -- Clinton. In my you know or that amount of that threat IC one of those older your bottle Bill Campbell at NASA. Find that it and bring it I'm bringing that -- I promise. And our ticket to see -- meet with -- I am no Tommy coroner's I was accused of walking in the hall pretty close well if you if you because -- for interviews and stuff it is then came up. Then that that probably means that something. Probably not enough time for Tom Coughlin. For the real world month. No one knew -- was in here for hours sitting -- -- watching the match until he does for selling in the other I can I just say this about the National Football League gesture commissioner Roger Goodell. I think they get most things right. I mean their really good at what they do. The numbers prove that the attendance numbers the TV numbers everything everything proves they are numero uno and and everybody else despite per second. They have completely screwed up this draft thing. Completely totally screwed it up and he's about to screwed up even worse because now he's talking about adding a fourth day. To the draft having round 11 night round -- another night round three another night and all the other rounds that the the following day -- want to. This they -- this has been so screwed up half the fans in the NFL don't even know the draft has come on there's. Yeah it's but it's funny from a league perspective I don't know if you guys -- Jay Glazer had a column. Where he asked about a general managers there spots on the extra couple weeks thanks. Net narrow it ranged from everything I hate it that no there was epic failure -- there was it was nice we had a little extra time for the undrafted rookies it was. It's okay make the saints sent their entire staff to Vegas for the weekend 'cause they didn't need the time it was in the barn is bill would say. So I mean there are varying opinions on I think from fans. It's been pretty consistent they don't like -- that it just fueled wasted you know these stupid mock draft so everybody can tell you that the patriots. Are gonna take Rasheed big men and ending are no chance in hell gonna take Rasheed Aikman and so I I don't think from a fan's perspective has worked at all but I think the day for would be an even bigger that's -- -- even bigger -- -- but they're tiptoeing and I think they did that this year if you look at the guys that were invited to New York. It's a larger group. And there are certainly some players that are going to be second round picks and I think that's in anticipation of well we'll have a first round green room in the next year if we do to separate days they'll -- second round green room there but he gets excited about the first second pick of the second round they're just. It feels a little bit to me like they used to do all those game shows Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? brought popular on on Tuesdays so -- were on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and network's reporter on Thursday to and then. Half a year later was sicker Regis Philbin he's out. Well if if the NFL is so concerned about the presentation of the product and we know that they are they have TV partners all over the world. All over the country and soon to be all over the world. And they're partners are asking for special thing right now NFL network it's. The special treatment for obvious reasons but you're paying millions and millions and millions of dollars for and it -- You can ask for more and more I'm telling you we're not too far from the day. Where the draft is morbid TV show that it is right now. The NFL beat you felt like I can tell you how you think that mock drafts now articulate their doctor about two hours late. The mock drafts will come from the -- but it -- a mock draft will go to each -- -- Houston Texans your number one pick in the draft. -- -- -- We're gonna invite him to New York. So go to number two to architects and that it'd take Connie the rams we're gonna take invite him in New York you have everybody their position. So you know you're not gonna have those green -- situation everybody's little everybody's got them now. What a what happens when Houston says I change tournament I'm gonna trade the pick up a traded him you don't pull out and -- got -- they're gonna do it is up and finding -- it's gonna be more of a TV show. You watch while far from that we've actually been discussing this and and my bosses OpenId he wants a lottery for the NFL draft. Some form of lottery so that either it's a straight lottery and if you or the you know patriot a Seahawks end up with the first overall pick in the I don't like you and I think that's a terrible idea I accused him of using Republican theories without getting into politics and rich stay rich and keep getting -- -- -- why you're available to -- to happen but then we delved -- will lead to a -- with within the ten groupings you know one to ten is the -- -- you could end up anywhere one to ten. And you tell the team at the draft you actually hold the pick I'll -- -- with the number one pick -- Houston you're on the clock or the number one pick Cleveland you're on the clock. You have ten minutes to make this election this is the National Football League I'd like it or WW. Well you're -- you just said everything's about presentation and entertainment so yes they -- separate presentation sports entertainment -- WW yeah the presentation of of the known you can't bring about a team at the draft by the way -- -- been planning. Altered all your meetings have been based on pick number seventeen actually looking for what's the difference let me go study -- 300 prospects you need to know the top to bottom nick is told me last week. That they need to know everything about everybody because you can't say -- players available. Well I don't know I didn't study. So there's no different you have all these scout you spend multi million dollars a ticket team set out is that all teams don't do that doesn't matter you gotta be ready to pick when we tell -- on the clock the beat the Cincinnati Bengals -- the entire draft I guarantee you they don't. That's because they don't doubting -- don't they don't -- I don't. Yes but that's a problem do other things but don't we talk but we talk about it now and if you're football fan look at I love love the -- -- of team building the whole thing go very notable. It is best to reach that that's the reason that the -- a labor of love. So if you're a football fan on Tuesday you'd say I'm and they this thing's screwed up a wind that you say that screwed up on Thursday. You're pretty fired up about the -- you will be Dale Arnold -- Dale Arnold you will be fired up about the draft on there. It'll be on on the several Oscar candidate on the second senator in -- -- and I but let. They're -- terribly long over in the draft we're just getting warmed up give me hatred to just be getting ready betrayed by the time you're done we worked give me a reason why. This draft is now not three weeks ago. Because the NFL is trying to spread out their calendar so that they have major events I think in the old -- same way that the NFL decided eight Thursday night football is such a great. Idea let's spread it out and I'm telling -- I'll use Michael Stern about what's coming down the road. It's and it's going to be Friday night football hey sorry icicles were on Friday still well you know what Saturdays look pretty good it was too. There is such a thing is killing the golden groups and -- and I Mark Cuban NFL. Is is starting to approach that in -- -- airing our value and saying that they're there overexposed and that there. They're gonna die what what was the for he kept saying hogs get fat and it's not it. Yeah but you when you appeared here the NBA talent and I have so what it needs to do that just doesn't -- -- I don't play well many NFL as the king and -- you can save that you can starts and it right now that is going to be they're gonna be overexposed and they're gonna. I league baseball used to be decaying and it is an anymore what year boxing you don't -- what was the last night my ball and as Michael. At the -- doesn't have have grandfathered status as the king from now into -- okay what was the last night -- early winter ball and I'm just saying that things change a guess general up -- there's Greeks used to rule the world might change like 25 years from now I don't think. In the in the next five to ten years we will see the demise of the NFL. On terms of marketing -- 35 to ten. 1520 what what was Mark Cuban referring to. Well he he actually said -- I won't I won't beat -- great ideas that regardless but I don't think the the concept of overexposure. In. I am of the belief the NFL as the best because it's appointment television. They have the benefit of a scheduled once a week you can schedule it while used to be once a week now -- Richard tuna you're getting at is why people love the sport it. You know I am not sure and everybody always talked about. Tagliabue in the commissioner's in this unbelievable growth. Don't know if they created the growth worth the natural evolution of the game people just loved it. Right because it's a there's that the violence in the story and everything about it has appealed to America. I think part of it I think part of it grew when a zone. -- any other part is that you know you meet you use the keywords story. I Pete Rose though. The reason people are going to be a great commissioner was great commissioner because he's a football right now exists salesmen. Mean you know he he knew he was a PR guy he know. How this thing was gonna work how how would be perceived that the way to -- football same thing with -- Mandela Monday Night Football. He -- old advertising guy so that's part of it true. Yeah I think there's evolution of a football on the violence of the game but the NFL has done a a better job than anybody tells of selling the product. You guys are huge NFL fans among the biggest football fans trying to. If the patriots are playing Thursday as an appointment viewing for you gotta be the right team. It's not quite right the only from it is not appointment some gains will be. Occasionally you'll -- OK while the jets are planned Thursday. But you know it's what it was a rarity it was more of a big deal if you -- it was appointment viewing for me no matter who was planned but even Monday -- is appointment viewing for me no matter who's -- and our state has never developed into that for me and I think it loses something if you add another day. And if you add another day if you're trying to go Friday as you -- or Saturday. Well I'm sorry but I can't devote five straight nights of my life to you. I used to be able to pick and choose my one or two nights a week where I put sort of life on hold an -- down watching this game. I can't do that 456 nights a week and I think you use the -- sold they sold the game to the public. But at some point your over selling right you've overvalued your product over saturating the market and people just depressed. -- will when we -- what will that be determine what Libya's. A drop in ratings. Will would be somebody saying I don't wanna play for his high profile stars thing I don't wanna play for -- apply. You can talk about over selling and over exposure. Wind they have to pay the bill for that. Could it could come about this year in terms of injuries. Because I think Thursday night football is stupid for NFL players I mean it you can't ask players to do when it's when it's Thanksgiving. Or the occasional you know -- personally different -- the first game of the year where there's no game to recover -- -- on Sunday anyway. It may be at the NFL start looking at this. Last -- more guys this week and the other side. Long term when you look back on it there may be other issues at play you know we spent the last two years talking about concussions and CTE new football numbers being down in a school. You know that may play a role if and when the NFL starts to struggle. Other factors annual -- to say well it was just that they they over saturated the market and -- the games on two minutes a week you may be that. Help issues that have been such scare for the last couple years could factor it. Our house the very serious topic we're just going to be like oh they take it one now well but I doubt you are -- trading down I don't wanna I don't exactly who did I do what gets out. I think the position particularly I think the position they draft -- fun. That area is defensive line I think they take a defensive line whether -- interior defensive lineman or or or and and I think that's the first round pick what you. It in a general sense yes they don't get as you don't know who's gone you don't know who slept. You know I've fallen madly in love with the Anthony bar at a UCL outside linebacker pass rusher. And nick Shay and kite -- a mock draft on live TV the other day that all went really and then people tweeted about it. I mean didn't -- -- -- -- the apocalypse but live tweeting a mock draft as -- that's one -- -- signs of the apocalypse but. They passed on Anthony Barr I can't see that happening but most of these mocs play out where you're taking. They took guy Aikman the big defend -- -- Seymour like -- Minnesota from Minnesota who I don't think they're gonna take. Not just because everybody says they're gonna take them I just don't think I think he's a boom or bust not all that consistent -- -- -- -- first round picks too often and he seems like he's a very easy swing. But I think football fans deserve this one may be with this draft. That is inmate the first the first may draft after all these years trying to guess. The patriots first round pick. With the extra time. I hope they do take a hope that everybody is right out halts. After all the years of saying hey they're gonna take Bobby Carpenter. Hey they're gonna take Clay Matthews probably shouldn't say they got a day that I wanted to. You know hey they're gonna take Yahoo! was a guy from Georgia defensive tackle Jonathan Jonathan Sullivan who wound up come in and younger and -- not panning out. All those mock draft pick this guy Tim Tebow. Finally. I hope the fans football fans football America gets it right with the patriots will more likely they're Katrina first so they want. You don't think that I don't I don't think don't trade -- the first round I just want first round pick. Trade out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 45 Pleasant Hill says I wanna go up to 29 to your quarterback is still on the board I'll give you whatever they have 3536. And all of a sudden you picked up a little extra something nice pick him twice in the second round. Everybody says this is a deep draft is the deepest in years amusing your quotes -- idea the guys in the Internet maybe you'll see another web cam caught that. It only makes sense right if it's our deepest draft in years in the guy who always likes having multiple second round picks should want more second round picks in the draft than any other. Well except. A couple of things one. If you got if you got a guy that you really like. He's a slider yet to deep draft but you've got a guy you like you -- between -- here's the other thing that's that's probably -- here's one the formula for. The patriots. When they have 21 round -- figures hold onto the lead -- And eight trade grade -- your second second pick is gone or if they're an early twenties. Built straight down like them according address. And so they have got to pick. -- Dallas once Dez Bryant. And trade down a little bit more Denver wants. He bowed to Mary Thomas one of the trade down a bit more I can probably try to get up I'm gonna stay right here -- pick my guy. I don't think with the 11 round pick at 29. If -- simulator but to be a stick and pick. And he -- picnic compared. On that. Product up on teacher teachers they can pick bill stick and picnic Larry Johnson can help you out with 6177797937. -- telephone number we have not forgotten. The Stanley Cup Playoffs and we'll talk about that as the afternoon goes on as well but any heart from patriots football weekly. I know that his assists -- shirt design here in studio with us get right back of the calls -- you coming up next dale and -- and Randy -- Sports Radio WEEI. It's a case by case basis ultimately are trying to define players that fit your team. Not all players figures teams don't fit the others so you hopefully. You did the best it can't try to identify those players and fit them into your system. You know we let's say it's really systems specific to our team -- realizing that there's a number of these players that are going to be -- -- -- -- we understand that. Orders but that -- You know in the end we just have to figure out the players that fit the specific profile -- -- roll and try to project that man. In Indiana still projection element you know a year it's. There's there's a little bit there that mess there so my -- home. You know bench Harrington sounds a lot like Theo Epstein. I mean I hear them both cuts on the radio on I have trouble remembering which one as which. Why hysteria sounds a lot like Bill Belichick -- a lot like he's about a year to away from the full transformation it hit me the other day in that press conference I was sitting there and I had my head down. It has become bill and it's it's the way he sound it's the reasoning in everything. That little back of the through. It's amazing for a long enough for the man YouTube telling you know work and equipment well -- look like each other that's a that's an expert to look more and that's a picture about -- all kind of I decided propped up by urban dictionary stuff and talk about it. Just in case that comes up in the conversation I did just wanna -- I would agree that poems. July Korda. Now comes upon a number honestly yes I'm also listener God's country and you guys may be left fell out when you say it. I don't know was -- Jason whitlock. We're not all the -- I look at -- Michael will bought it was one of Lotta Lotta problems I don't know laughed out loud. What it. If you're. A generic we doing these -- because he was trying to skew the vote to keep that skill tests -- 010. Not that well that I. Capitalism at 4 o'clock by the way. I was huffing and pop in the same old formula for the victory it's it off and don't usually check out personal. Last year they trade out of the first round to the second routed native picked up by Collins for from the same pick gently from 29 yet. I have in recent history would tell you what -- country down a bit. You just brought to you is sticking in pick in now the -- this year -- a boxing -- -- it. Texture says to read a book about the patriot -- solution that off active all the books about the -- tradeoffs. But it definitely a -- yeah. If you with adequate for back to call if you do have a day fifty dollars up fifty million dollar mansion with a round. In in Brentwood California the -- it's it's a selected group of people selected. And numbering in the -- it and take it. Had -- -- -- the sale for 4050. Million original anybody we know Dr. -- played its yeah. Doctor ray bought the meeting the -- So if you had four -- classic case -- beats and I. But the negotiate and talk to each other -- beam at all if they had their people and my husband cannot drop the price in the White House. Now that's. Built for 25 million so that's -- -- Off line supposedly it was initially on the market for fifty of them have agreements for doctorate. But I'll definitely her personally for companies happily -- comes. Out stray. Drape it on -- through I don't know I don't know I mean it's most famous albums called for -- -- -- -- them maker is -- money just smoke and yet if you can spent 48 on the house probably four to build yourself green announced somewhere on the property final -- over here somewhere -- we built over -- -- with a -- It didn't have the green house on the force so we -- we look for something else and it leveled this article -- -- breaker. One of those deals 61777979837. Walters on the self on Walter right. Why are you guys doing today doing great thank you. I just want to comment done bill well checked and their reputation the trading down in the draft been an on going out in the last six years. If you look at where. They actually trapped it virtually when they would have trapped BP didn't make me trade in the first round you actually -- time up Rick I'm bound. You should be -- you look at that are really well. Girl the first three pick each year over the last year at eighteen cracks they actually had earlier. Fourteen out of the eighteen time they would if they didn't make any trends. Now that that got -- now know how console that went down. Okay. -- -- -- again three times noted the first three rounds -- -- get that or are you Michael I was when I originally wanted -- -- -- -- I -- but I was the -- okay so sit out again stated differently. First protector right OK bill so last year they would have picked. -- should be when he I'm. 59 and 91. Or retract OK they actually -- its 5259. And eighty. Got it back again that because they pick up the extra earlier picks crisis trade down yes -- should have won earlier won the same and one later right. Yeah. Cheer and I need paper that the first on a little later a second on the same. Are are your -- your point is that if even if he trades down. He winds up getting more quality picks that he would have if he had -- correct. Oh well what what does -- trade. They'll trade down like you pointed out earlier Michael he'll trade electric a first round traded or second round this year and are strong next year. Well that that first round match here and that being an earlier -- And they would have had to make sure there were no not really a trade down to trade up while adding a -- Eventually yes you do it or at most of the time the trade down for this year -- is what you're talking about his this year it's about its trade down and you're not guaranteed anything the following year they've had good ones. Where the 49ers I think -- good picking Carolina game a good pick when they're Carolina and they've had other ones that raiders pick was suppose we'll ask a top five pick for Seymour and it was seventeen it was middle of them are. I'll tell you what they have done an and that the only team does this and I just think it's crazy business is standard now on the NFL. They started it. Thank you and who. Brewery. Where they traded at third to Miami. -- trading current third for a future second. -- -- Patrick you just kind of lose don't make that the other franchise don't do that there's just dump. They did it again with Carolina. That was the great now they've they've screwed up the picked Carolina. -- -- have a number three pick 89. -- 89. They traded to Carolina for a future second the second becomes 33. Which became Ras I Dowling. -- -- -- tobacco market bad pit that was good -- the actress -- the trade was finally it was phenomenal but if the player you get with the trade is bad in the trade and had a. Right yes the idea the concept was period but the execution was was very poor I gotta tell you -- bill Bill Belichick will be like in the home one day. Still talk about the draft this man will never leave it Bill Belichick ever retires he won't be. During draft season got another -- to -- loves Detroit needs. A millionaire would like but like. Wilbur and in and Sally they'll be like 97 years old. And Ernie will be by that I got a -- there's no commission on noted that interpret your July. They look at -- why I'm still. It's -- -- I could address native. Friday nights in July. I will say that. Probably some of the -- of the draft for Bill Belichick dimmed after the passing of Al Davis. There's -- it seemed like every year. He had -- where nobody other. Always somebody they were gonna do some than there are gonna make a deal live mean they were gonna figure out something between them he still has Andy -- though. Is he -- trade at any rate there was that one year they did a trade just to do. They swapped out in the seventh round it was just bizarre just to keep their little game streak whatever growing. I remember asking embodies that I want to do it and you want to do it so we did. -- -- -- Think it was 33 years ago and it was literally swapping they had consecutive picks late in the seventh I think and they just flip meaningless no. No meaning to one team technically took a one spot just flat it. Gave away a spot in the draft. It was bill. Mr. It is 826 miles from Foxborough was it all was right when I was upstairs meant to. What do you think they need most. Safety linebacker. Tight end linebacker -- back. Linebacker or linebacker and I would prefer to -- didn't get. Eight a linebacker and get the quarterback by the because they've now solved the defensive line problem with Will Smith Michael. Were paying attention to at least out of project in the idolize Arquette -- -- to -- -- -- I. Dale I was very close attention which require that they're gonna draft a threat that -- and a first round. But I didn't. A tight and fears that in the first round the first round. Like somebody's -- you know. Adam just to make -- -- on the other highlights -- the personal Aybar on the monuments and he'll be gone long gone by 29. Theoretically you never know what happens -- quarterbacks. Those straps gonna go you got Teddy Bridgewater was going to be the number one pick in the draft and it was August 2 round pick. You get Johnny men's Ohio Cleveland he's not getting by us or maybe he's on all the way to 25. Quarterbacks Padilla for the -- who asked the question this is the one thing I can tell you won't happen. They won't trade up to get Sammy Watkins. Yes rate up to get a wide receiver and I don't think certainly that trade up to or lie or by -- wide receiver. I wouldn't have a wouldn't have a problem with them trading up to get this particular wide receiver won't but I -- -- you. I did you enjoy it you'll never promised them turning a PX every rock and you'll watch. He lacks the one thing that they need what sides yes and I and the one thing that in my opinion makes -- truly. Dominant. NFL Calvin Johnson -- -- you have the speed of claiming catching all that other stuff but you need the size to really reach that top level. Chris price wouldn't on WEEI dot com wrote a piece today where he talked about a late round quarterback picked. That the patriots could could possibly -- -- a late round. While I'm guessing you mean like 56 -- Okay well that's. A they would do that hold it longer of real real question is would they take one in the third. Senator -- they did that and it was once again they're great concept or execution. Kevin O'Connell. Just. Just -- nothing pick unity it was it was a wasted pick. On a year later I could not play and the -- they have now Ryan -- third round pick. They've done it he's coming to the end that they're gonna draft quarterback because right now in all likelihood is going to be gone next spring as freeagent. So the very least forget that the Brady heir apparent you need to back -- quarterback to develop right for next year so yeah I I think they're gonna take a quarterback. You know met burger out of LSU the guy who recently -- at a at a diluted I am bullet that Colin -- -- a lot of air quotes if he wants a greenhouse out of town like oh he was cramping he drank a lot of water. It happens or is coming back from an ACLU wants to really fast and stay true. But I think met burger is an intriguing guy but it's more likely. You know McCarron in the fourth fifth round nine model along McCarron is exactly the kind of guy and so to see if they'd like to he. Tries to compare himself to Brady I don't try to middle and Alabama. New England comparison I'd be perfect in talent and everything. I don't like I. All we know what went -- to a proper care what Armstrong yes I think he's that. 800 gain manager on the air quote and an area and red light on the camera that's right -- -- enemy just pretend right right that. I'll tell you quarterbacks you get -- with a good look in the eyes of -- beautiful. Wow these AJ who will come when the Americans are very dumpster in Alabama. Start get the football out. I mean it was right herb street work to stop commercially -- I'm not -- or not based out of it was and it was an eleven on the -- meter yes but. Can't say the man was wrong and approach the game right here on draft out -- not -- Atlanta got a girlfriend. But the other thing is if you wanna go girlfriend and Blake portals. If you guys have who that. Like portals girlfriend she get the anti both their computers -- tried to order to bring some point aren't. It's a lonely offseason you -- -- patriots went over the net it -- And -- they gave us an extra two weeks at -- you think linebacker because I I just when I look at the depth that the linebacker position I think defense is a lot -- -- Whether it's defensive line linebacker safety -- said. We all think defense is a lock snapped a thirty tight end is the one may be. I could just maybe if they love somebody you know it's a fairy in Jenkins is another guy who's out there. Second round maybe leak first because I do think there we saw last year when -- not on the field. They -- will not have a tight they re signed up and Allen a lead but he did nothing last year what happened with the Dustin Keller. Maybe he's not help the -- looking for a little more coin certainly feels like it's the place to come to come and company CO. Yeah Zion -- and plus he's just okay and and add to your point of well being having you know a lock on defense effort tropic I don't think there's any rock that bodily they even make first I -- -- -- I stick to pick and guaranteed. -- it except for last year. -- and the only trade down their 21 round except unless the Euro 2013 that they didn't last year. But who wasn't I think was Greg Dickerson that the other day that. I wouldn't be surprised if if it took a guard. More protection of Tom Brady and you didn't make ends when you think about that at that position to usually -- -- -- take a guard. Unless he's just absolutely phenomenal in the top ten or top fifteen but. We just take one point nine. Willing Logan Mankins who it right you'd take one but he was tackle in the attack when he. Gardens of our time there's a lot of those in this -- by the late tackles were going to be NFL guards. But you might get the best guard -- the second best guard as opposed to. You know the fifth best receiver of the fifth best corner of the sixth best this so you could get and you look at it Dan Conley overpaid last year contract Ryan -- Could be upgraded in Logan Mankins coming up on questionable contract years soap what do you look guard. Not only that I got -- guarantees that can -- I'm gonna go here. I'm not I'm not comfortable saying. Yeah it's a lock on defense. I am comfortable saying. There's a lock on line. On sexiness. While at least place Arnold's girlfriend -- all right so there's a lock on that so they're portals here they're -- and your your. The that you watch the Bruins game -- fired up about the patriots. They're gonna trade this thing known and unknown and penetrated. You can kick in they're gonna take. Senator. A defensive tackle. A guard. One of those positions were you say. I don't like he's -- in the first round against you must be good the pair quite a while not going to be that. Hard hitting safety flying all over the place is not going to be a great receiver great back. -- -- -- -- That's not gonna get people revved up point nine pick late Thursday night eight years who have the guard CO. Beast that sells tickets right there still watch that he's he's market bump. 6177797937. -- telephone at 430 John butch across from ESP and we'll talk some NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs with a dale and Holley and any arts Sports Radio W media. -- talked me into it. The patriots have traded up. With the fifth pick in the NFL draft the New England Patriots select quarterback Blake bore holes. And welcome his significant other Lindsay do. Now we have. Stock of quarterback -- is that what -- come out -- That's -- let's they're that I'm different that's this some different now shouldn't have Leo's. There's. That was a bit of debate there in the break I'd say half there was no app is true. They're spectacular it's not a part that's gonna say one was Republicans -- I would -- I -- and I thought you meant something historic. And you know the bottom line is -- should -- forms so they're real now we have such a cynic. So that's -- our -- -- at the beautiful natural moment. Created by god. Andrews air to convince me 61777. Ninths and and and I and I accused. I accused spread of -- eleven on the creek meter at listening to get up. I think I just -- well but I'm telling you all got just what many times wondering are you let's just say she could be my daughter or worked. Johns and I -- hey John I you don't. They got a loan payoff might supplements out on the patriots pretty much like you guys are just saying -- -- -- below. Yakking come in right away and play right guard. -- genocide will cap and even -- And Logan Mankins get out there in years he takes him in the first round -- older to a field. And the anchors the offensive line -- -- become. When -- -- former and then in effect and they're dragging out your secret it's actually -- -- I it and but I think if he's available at W at night. We can't let what part wrote in it came in game McKeon that happen again. -- we certainly -- -- interior defensive tackles give them problems dating weight back but also just last year with Geno Atkins and pot roast and some of these guys in these. In these games and financially you could benefit from it and you know there's other guys is a -- kid at USC plays guard and center in -- you brought it up as you know the opposite of sexy the boring pick. I don't think. And the other issue is and I am I a make a tremendous Dante Scarnecchia suck up. I think he is a phenomenon -- on phenomenal Anwar. And and I think that's going to be a huge factor -- and that's part of it over the years you counted on -- they'll find somebody. They'll be some guy Oregon -- will be able to take it caught me -- journeyman right -- that well may be lost a little bit of that and I don't know anything about the new offensive line coach really maybe he's been a proof read that he can do that too. But maybe you feel like you need to invest a little bit more just can't count on well Dan Conley a waiver wire pick up UBS starting guard on alert though those. Those picks when you when you picked those guys in the caller mentioned pot roast. Both of the signings and picks that you don't appreciate until. January and February for team as lucky enough now. Wide receivers. Backs. Tight ends. Are already serves safeties. Those are those of the -- that have you winning getting eighties and indeed pluses. From McSherry and carper that the day after the draft who won the draft who lost it. But having the patriots and we've seen this enough from the patriots one of those teams now one of the few teams in sports that the gap with all the successful teams. They're not even judged on your regular seasons anymore because people expect you to be in the post season you've become me. What have they done in the post season one of those teams that Oprah was ahead in that direction too. So. I don't think fans will go crazy. And indeed disappointed deeply disappointed if they do pick up. A sooner or defensive tackle. Although the they'll royal feigned disappointment cabaret now when you're a little disappointing. You know there's people that go to Foxboro in the sit in the club that draft party and they -- wait and and they're gonna see. Five or six trades come before them that are sexy and some you know maybe -- drop goes up and gets me in their thinking we it's exciting. And then -- want -- we get a guard and they're gonna say it will as the arms race in Denver John Elway said it. He got to leave we get Revis is an arms race could undertaken we took -- guard we'd better 'cause we got to guard. We beat Denver in the -- title and distributed guard probably. Probably will help they you know you can speak -- -- sting of these strapped parties that teams have. Usher in the top ten maybe top fifteen. I really what would be looking accomplice. You can't really I know what they're trying to you know what the teams try to do. They're trying to another event for -- you know the season ticket holders -- down get the fans excited. But the bottom line is if you're not if -- not a team picking in the top fifteen. You've got to be waiting around along time. For your draft party and it's probably going to be somebody you're not that familiar with. And at 6:45 PM the -- PFW becoming a dispute with you. While you're part of ruining our -- OC onstage yet in new seats early at 645. So we chicken fingers download and listen are you cannot so calm down for exactly there's -- witness emotion you're speaking at 645 in the pick will be at what time -- All right something yo if you're Smart he's written well pumped up. I don't I don't like Canada and and I'll miss that hearts beat us that's what the open cut her pants come they opened for the big act heard -- a radio. Pretty good but that's I don't need got to -- -- that it -- -- how they are they'll also be TVs on in the club all so you can watch the Bruins listen to me. Eat some chicken wings or whatever they get who you'll be ready. Other people coming up by now that Robert Kraft will be speaking you know some of important people to the -- via W you put yourself on the on did not get ahead of the owner of the team that's the order which -- -- -- other guys are gonna. Robert Kraft will be off but -- -- -- -- I've got to get. Into that first -- and what happened club. Six months now and then another bench urged on top. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line 37937. Coming up for a four top the hour as we do every day at 4 o'clock bottom of the hour John -- across we'll talk Stanley Cup Playoffs with -- us. John one of the only people who the Caspian who cares about the National Hockey -- so we're happy to talk to on. Dale and Holley and -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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