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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - The Choice is Yours Edition - 5-6-14

May 6, 2014|

We tackle four topics all stemming from Mariano Riviera's comments that he'd take Dustin Pedroia over Robinson Cano as a 2nd baseman on his team.

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More noticed. Hallmark card commercial today. Very heavy so it especially after they prefer. -- -- back to -- the only -- People who did. -- Hip -- Both sellouts so that's pretty. That's your argument against -- all or just commercials well. Do your commercial do you think hard streets of the Southside of Chicago you think that Jack why not graduate rates. Expand -- range and statistics an excuse to play fourth -- brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network so that thing is that sort this through that right younger and. Absolutely this or that in Marion -- Mayer's book he explained why he refers Dustin Pedroia over Robinson can know as a second baseman. Rivera said nobody plays harder gives more wants to win more becomes you hard for 27 outs it's a special thing to see. -- five to win one game. I'd have a hard time taking anybody over dostum Victoria as my second baseman. So I want -- since he took his rivals like this and I want you to make the case for -- rivals second baseman Robinson can know over Dustin Pedroia. If you look at a local restaurant drugged up to put your -- not Mariano Rivera. I'm just gonna play the other side of this thing. This is the case I'm gonna make for Robinson -- Robinson Cano has the stats. Over death often hours that he's got this got it and defensively. He's really got gold gloves and -- have to. So. Robinson could no. When he was over the problem -- -- is not that his that he doesn't have the passion. To win the problem but Robinson can now would -- have played with great. -- teammates like Mariano Rivera. And to an end Derek Jeter that's a problem. At the problem is he's he has been overshadowed his well to win that overshadowed because all of the attention. Goes to Mariano Rivera. It goes to Derek Jeter and for a while Joseph Torre was his manager he was getting the attention. Robinson had no. Mariano Rivera is actually under race. And he has such a will to win it for the money you feel me -- to reject the premise under race. Underrated under race under -- Robinson plays for the Yankees signs for. 250 million dollars or whatever and played for the Yankees from the -- his time with the Yankees. You can't be under rated if you play for the -- It's impossible to be under -- I actually think the problem with -- that he faces as he makes it look too easy. Is it better pure hitter with a much prettier swing. And Dustin Pedroia is the the dirt dog with the ugly swing. In the laser show was that you know he puts on any runs in his arms crossed -- -- jerseys -- everything about that and he makes that funny -- we squint to clear his eyes when the pitches coming. I noticed it's up there is almost at that will Clark just pretty soaring and yet -- and hit 330 graceful. I'm just good make a case can I know I like Mariano as promised that that's why -- reject what the argument. And I'm glad again got to play the game with four for -- to get him on board and I said I said I give you want me it's better we got a lot of birdies are gonna have been recently number two we're gonna have to play this game don't. You need to win big in a -- off. Yes we are for the sake of this question dale all Tom Brady and Peyton Manning or both reagents and both of them wanna sign with your team. Make the case for signing Manning over Tom Brady. Am I doing their -- Helen and I. Have to do apparently still has to get it not come until the case I would make is that. You are lost. I'm trying to lack. It tentative front of the jury and the jury sees your weakness that you're creating a story you're concocting I know I can't come very simple and I -- holiday and I'm getting into trouble or maybe a lot like. Peyton Manning makes everybody around him better. Everybody he makes this year are -- and who's the little -- and Tammy Jacob -- to prepare now turns these guys to Brady -- Watson and it's Tom Brady -- Joey Galloway out he ran the wrong route route three. Yeah yeah Peyton Manning never done that all right Peyton Manning develops. Under skilled receivers and makes them eighty catch players Tom Brady succeeds at the most when he has leaked out like gronkowski moss and Welker. He's close you know what I believe that -- -- I just got to sell records earlier I believe it. A front while this can come -- I. -- -- pop up out of my keys still worked -- I go back -- great. And then -- that this. Look at the laundry list. Of laundry list of awards. That Peyton Manning is one I mean are we gonna saying we -- MVP of the league. 45. Times. People aren't paying attention. That'd -- that there that the award as the race. -- not at the top of his craft. But that's not the best quarterback the National Football League look what this man did this man took a year off from football. Transplant it ended higher offensive system. To Denver. No personnel. And he made it work. What are the best years of his career. In the -- that. I was able to take an injured banged up Broncos team -- it wouldn't drag that team. To the Super Bowl setting a National Football League record for points scored along the way. And until they met as superior opponent Peyton Manning clearly. If you got enough. And it and -- night and besides. Peyton Manning would be caught dead in red pants and I'm sure a ball -- The factory. Let's take a moment plus after a commercial. Gonna jump into our Delorean and we're going back to 1985. Tell -- you -- a time machine. -- -- its failure could sell -- a hundred dollar bill. Are -- are needed to that you passed on the Peyton Manning argument you know credit dried. Right -- at the bottom we took over Robinson can go Peyton Manning -- that's we're going to be younger than it needs to do this -- it's 1985. Okay you have to put Magic Johnson on the Celtics and take Larry Bird off. Make the case for why that would work jail because Magic Johnson is one of the great all around players in the history the NBA -- -- every single position. Could play one through five SP had to you -- all the things Larry Bird yet maybe that's not quite as well but can shoot and rebound. Yeah you wouldn't drop off but all of you put for yours if you put magic cures that number. Better yet that is better much better than I can make that argument. At a -- what I -- I don't regulate and make stuff up like this is what they. What team you're supposed to win the argument a -- a lot you've -- in the backs to fit your argument but I gave you Peyton Manning over Britain could make an argument for patent rare. He did you why hall of Famer always Super Bowl ring analyst records and it was MVP -- that you and the thought their most of America -- make the case broke the most of America believes that actually I spent my entire pro football light knocking Peyton Manning around. He does he do that but -- it has -- here for for that -- -- the guy. You said the guy can play every position. And you what what you'll lose from your perimeter shooting what you lose at the line. You gain in your team versatility. You can put Magic Johnson anywhere. And he's got to make your entire franchise not a problem. That's actually easy one of. That's my idea why I -- that I am not -- time now for the AT&T question of the day in the fictional world -- forward for the Bruins have just treated Zdeno -- for the -- tuba. Make the case for why the trade would benefit the Bruins. And you have to do this before tonight's game having that we make the trade before tonight's game is -- the idea. I mean I -- I can play along if you want he younger. He is my argument I know it's never a young guy and I and I told you it's the. Only -- tough -- and his birthday of the week. -- -- -- The problem here is. He's not better offense and an -- that -- I know are reporting about it. We're not that I actually I'm terrible at this day and -- aired -- argument you -- -- our second argument -- political. -- I want to remind me did remind me not to have -- have my goodness yeah. Stutter. I think you could you not better it's gotten rid of medical holes harder and the black with other abolish all this -- for what we want more money. Thank you please but in all seriousness if you take Keith Olbermann seriously right. -- -- A world badly blackmailing Letterman would help the Berlin with their racing Obama and directly and and I don't Keith Olbermann serious -- start the game he just set a fictional world -- -- we're -- people Olbermann would not playing this game -- -- -- there was hope they're at and that's. Foolish what you said acquiring a player or having a great deal and a great black player for their rich from. -- but I didn't realize the Boston Bruins petty race problem the Boston Bruins organization. Who will play the first black player in the National Hockey -- before the Red Sox beat fellow employee the guy we're talking about brother on paper route to an album. Those racist they used a first round pick on him. The public -- problem with our theoretical argument here is that -- -- because I don't know we already have this argument yesterday. And as I pointed out to him yesterday the only case I can make -- bond is is age. I don't think he's better than -- in any other category except to say that's instigation value. That -- no stirring things up stirring the pot is that a good I don't know is it depends how you I don't think it's I think the audience think it's a good that's right. This not make the case -- features about you gotta say look. Zdeno Chara has been a great defense meant a great captain for the Boston yet. A defensive defenseman. Top of the game. But it is time for the Bruins. They changed the model as Chara. Head -- closer to forty that he has to thirty. 25 years old. He's a better skater. Then Zdeno -- -- faster than Chara he has more offensive minded myopic short he's not better offensively than -- he's got better offensively than. -- he's not. The last four years Chara scored more goals than eleven hours the last four -- sorry -- we're just playing but it can't go. It was always gonna get. Becker is that get you up to -- four years ago jarrah. -- jar is getting worse PK two batters getting fatter. I plus he's getting a lot better plus he'll be able to play with his brother. A bit and mouth marketing -- aren't getting. It has a much easier for the still -- come see their kids I hope somebody just clicked on penalty -- -- arguing what I wrote -- play catch up with it but under our. -- hope they opened to remember -- -- Magic Johnson you know regret ever. The line gets fired right at the thing is separate. -- Max. Who are. -- all he had dark -- dark under the burden of Dirk -- some Dirk yep. -- won -- gold area -- 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. So dale I guess I don't wanna get too personal -- what to do when you leave here but. -- role players. I thought I. Why can't I think it's time for that French made the bombardier out via the amount.

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