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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Previews Bruins-Montreal Game 3

May 6, 2014|

Pierre McGuire joins the show to discuss the upcoming game 3 match up between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens. He also recaps the Bruins game 2 win.

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Our -- Butler and ID 37 WEEI Christian Fauria. Is in the house the details the Will Smith contract. Have become public we'll tell you about that after we talked to our buddy Pierre McGuire NBC sports get ready for all things. Bruins and Canadians game three in Montreal the -- senator -- joins us on the AT&T hotline Pierre -- Lou and Christians that area. Mark nice bit of Libya Lugar dramatically and Christian keep your head up over the middle. -- half half. You said after game one that I scale of one to -- the intensity. Was that a seven watching at home it felt like game two was at a ten -- was a different animal you saw on the ice in the Canadians on Saturday afternoon. That was leaking into the trading the option to exactly what Boston had to do some kind of take a little while to warm up to a series. And it took the Bruins a little while warmup for the Detroit -- and they clearly did better in game two and never watch another game ministers. -- -- Boston really warmed up to this you're that you lose and but I can double overtime in game one -- Our knowledge pixel wilder into -- they're fully -- now and I'll have to be because settled here raucous crowd Montreal among ninety -- I won't get any easier. -- appear which we talked an awful lot about the the Bruins you know keeping their cool and then staying composed and it seems that even with all the talk. It still is different what's your route their -- -- -- period completely lost their composure area. I look at this team and to see you wanna ultimately physical -- the guy and interest to just walk away the extracurricular stuff gotta get him in trouble. They'll know it's hard to do it's easier to say it's harder to do you know that as a professional athlete and Christian -- and it's really difficult to Barca bought and it keeps getting hit over there are you keep getting it over the at all trying to let it. And I think there was some frustration because they were getting chances they got kind of chances in -- -- Carey Price was great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here it's all difficult stuff but I think -- and the way the one thing I know about this game. When their home it's one thing because -- -- please their fans so badly either shall probably represent the city of Boston political boss wrote but the other is very. An eagle on the road and -- I find them would be much more discipline on the road America home. I so much hurled five and five on penalty -- when they scored four times on a man advantage so my question user. If they dole if the Montreal Canadians do not dominate special teams. Can they win this series. Christian no chance and they note there was a group. Because they can't contain the cycle the boroughs of our partners saw that one little hiccup by the assistant coach -- Daniel. Coming out. Frank -- -- on Mike Weaver on the edge against. Marsh land. Riley should get into the trees burger all leaks that knuckle puck goal because it couldn't contain this cycle. It's great you can't Montreal -- any -- five on five and they need to capitalize. On the power play America you'll sort of perfect on the currently till they're gonna win and they know that. That's not a knock on -- team they have so much character that they Christian you would -- to -- rademan need to -- really care -- on another fantastic group for guys. But they know they're not big enough they're not as deep and they know they're not as robust as -- and so they have to find other ways to win. You mentioned -- the Bruins and get on the road near Montreal at home tonight we're talking about the officiating we talked about Rudy and peel and somebody's number's the Republican -- When they get home in this building. And you talk about the the rest of the league watt what. What is it about that building that makes everyone so scared to Montreal's gonna get the power play appear 'cause that's what everyone -- Boston thing that's at the league thinks when they play home games there -- much real. I understand that listen there's no conspiracy against any team when they go to Montreal but the building is an intimidating building. It always has been because he walked in that building and are -- year's Stanley Cup banners hanging from the roof there at the same kind of thing. When you walked into you know Foxborough with a football team of the patriot you walk in that. In the throughout Fenway Park and walking into Yankee Stadium and Regis she greatness and legacy it's intimidating it really is whether you like it or not that's it's a fact of life. Every team aspires to build -- kind of legacy that kind of intimidating. Whole element to their game whether it's with the official who the opponent and the players and media represented -- put. I still think you go back to history in the history of the kings have been so great personal walk. I think no matter what you usually good for a one bad call against your -- game and sometimes it's a little bit more -- but it's not a conspiracy it's just human nature. Here are you surprised at the Bruins have to have allowed. They've they've tried they tried so hard -- -- can tell -- in game -- I made -- point during the -- you could see how they were shading towards them. They were playing body yardstick rather than body a body when you put a body -- stick. You've taken where the shooting avenues that. This -- lightning quick it's hard to explain it true that people have not played at the highest level. It all the pictures milliseconds Christian -- speak of from the football based. Or you could speak to -- during the guided Scandinavian lecture antitrust ball. It can caught called for work but where do you Christian gave -- -- -- might be able close the gap a little bit quicker in and Milosevic -- discuss politics is just that little sliver of time. And you can find a way. So it is one of the most important job to groomed for Cabot -- -- If shading toward speak if you band they've tried everything but picking up the community do wanted to think you have to do milk you've -- to would face up to start every car port. For the opposition if you win every phase opulent short and it being. You're the better operative killed off the powerful. Yeah I'm not sure why -- discussing you know lives even relevant game anymore because the word out of the bruins' locker room is that Doug Helton has figured out a way to beat Kerry price. All I gotta do is aim high. Isn't that simple. Both Christians and all of this takes me back you're got a guy and I love the way he presented it. It -- back to eleven when everybody was talking trash about the -- longer remember that. And now the Bruins after being down 02 they've found a way to defeat this sad and they did a great job they got chased. In Boston -- -- as she went on to win it's seven games buck. I think that's the one thing is the Bruins have figured out because of course been together for so long. A lot like -- patriots teams guys are together for so long they're culpable in their own skin they're not afraid to be brash they're quietly competent. But the biggest thing is they know I'll be gamesmanship work. And for Doug Hamilton I think you just speak in. And a neophyte but he told the truth you look at these shots. All playoff long -- -- whether it's against Jimmy Howard or against Carey Price he's found a way to beat goalie to apply the. Yet it is is Kerry price that mentally weak that he can allow himself to be. Manipulated by somebody like data -- he's been around long enough to know better right. One of the strongest guys have ever met mentally -- no Kerry should use sixteen year old player played in the western hockey league. In tri cities -- watch and why in the world under eighteen I watched them do what most amazing performances ever election actually didn't. The issue got came in the semifinal against. The United States -- mean I'd seen him perform -- miraculously do -- MVP of the American Hockey League playoffs. A few years ago you down the line he's unflappable he won't be intimidated at all other. When you consider his upbringing and all the had to do to play hockey it's an amazing story of -- kind of double boredom but there's little trying to get to a depth. Users present. Well -- -- talk about you know a mental strength and and and Claude Julien made a point after his game his team doesn't get rattled in and made a plan after game two. Did he rattled on the bench when you right there he took a bench minor two minute -- -- -- the personal thing. He said were being told to the official what we know what Dave Jackson reacted Q what did coach say in that spot it. Started early on in the game. And I can tell you he was really upset with Scott cherry on and off side that he thought was an -- -- and he lit into the wind and shut Gerri big time. Then it carried over to the second period intellectual called going to get his team. But it would not being out of this world that was not been crazy trust me thank you hear at all it would mean anything not. On the Internet I don't know what happened because I did not hear him say anything derogatory. I thought it was something that happened on the ice. But I don't know how I don't know I gotta tell you guys I don't know how these jacks that are rarely where he was standing. From the Bruins bench because it was definitely loud at that point in the game when you're on the major double. I'm not -- really scrutinizing the result possibly. You have got to pick any kind of covered up for maybe eight player because that's dramas on the opposite the license in the every rhetoric they're trying to break that up I don't know how. Anybody could -- -- the on asked about the playwright in front of you is a lot of talk. -- -- -- -- And like I didn't like a -- and at all and he's a friend of mine and shot toward -- real good friend mark. And I like it at all -- thought he could have spun out of that or taken taken minutes and it would have been hard hit but he couldn't take it because if you look at it. Later on in the game -- gala aggregate absolutely bush but Milan -- -- into the bruins' bench and it's almost virtually the same kind of play Gallagher didn't -- lot of that he knew was coming. -- I know one thing and Arnold shot assured this. Publicly or not but I know that he received an apology from education better on the Irish turned the game not at all that's been made public. It actually said he yesterday's heard -- opera became back and he lined -- important. I don't know I didn't know that I apologize but are just going to I didn't go to -- have been in country shark. And I know that -- appalled -- shot I'm I'm present both guys. But I like you know I didn't like we'll speak it did there. Up Pierre Montreal there are some reports that they -- makes a lineup changes here tonight you expect to see a different look Montreal team on the ice but I am very. Part of it's because the potential injury which I don't know enough about because they noted that school is -- drank. But part of that -- mr. -- Rene Bourque extremely ill he had the flu. On the and I know we haven't practiced last couple days and there's a lot of talk for about a Montreal camp. Just because he's so weak from the flu all the polluted -- blocked it got a good chance he won't play. And I don't know what that does for their line up and turn it may be -- more goes back and maybe Ryan White goes back and but I think they're probably looking for a little bit of an general might -- try to maybe a little bit more critical Montreal. Speaking a week of little concern your voice OK I know it's been what forty games in 339. I did I did -- in what he loves it was sworn in Florida. -- I actually have a night off tonight because I've got to go to the Emmy award. All of its -- They'll be afraid to stay home one night -- little room service bill into soda or relax. While the New York. More night for the ranger game and then I'll be in Montreal Thursday in Pittsburgh Friday -- and then watching Saturday -- of the week -- what's the Emmy nominations the year which -- on the export personalities -- -- You know of the last year and -- -- -- -- -- be nominated unless you're one shortcut it's kind of enemy before. Well don't look of -- feel better but we're gonna have bought at the Emmys tonight -- will talk Tia. Probably later on this week at some point appreciate the time my travel safe. Fantastic that it -- Christian really good at talking to them too much security guys. Aren't there is our life here McGwire NBC sports he is I'm a little under the weather. Connecticut turnout the year -- joins us as tea and honey he and Heidi. Not a gateway up fly it fly sort of message to delegate wake up -- just flying -- just isn't up to get too sick frequent flier miles are good when Pierre joins has brought to you by U mass on line by Clark. Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and buy nor -- power equipment so -- would have you believe he heard nothing. See somebody said that because from the coach Rebecca watched it again that. -- give beautiful ice picture of it but that's wrong with the benchmark came out of was on the opposite end opposite side of the ice from the benches. -- dealing Gallagher going to -- every so just yap ended up as again I think every ref was there. You know to break up what was going on the ice and in you seem to get that there was even anybody near cloture early to get that pinch runner and they maybe just. -- -- -- players are doing the right thing is you should be a player lost his mind a little bit and and to get that way. -- I guess to get it done now I just thought it was surprising -- the bench minor they say it's on the coach. I guess it take -- for player doesn't. -- from that angle. I get it not being him like to know what could be -- -- -- relating to player player and that's spot. As for the game tonight be even even here admits it. That would you play in Montreal. That's going to be one or two calls the go get you -- is you you have to -- I don't that I gas management data -- say that -- everything I did at the end of his answer here at the end of visits -- Canada's answer -- you you don't expect. One call to go against you on the road sometimes to just on of all every game I thought that it exit at Montreal. Boy that they didn't at all but it worked that way mean on the road Montreal got the calls in the first two games right amid -- -- went with the order on -- war on all the hurt is brighter note here. It whenever they're larger and higher than that there's no conspiracy Montreal. And that every single team expects at some point in every game. They're gonna get bad call call against -- water -- and I was referring to months George saying it is a road team in general which makes sense I mean to if you believe that fans. -- Influence I happens in the NB all the time. I -- -- scared to make certain call because the crowd is so close to you to keep hearing over and over again Dave Stubbs of Montreal gazette was on with the NC. Child -- talked about this building to grass talked about this building -- the fans. Basically on top of -- If you believe here that the home team is gonna get one call per game maybe two. It would make sense in a place like Montreal because it is allowed. Back and be part of the fat. It did a home ice advantage -- -- I don't care how many batters you have a look at what's DDB -- The home ice advantage home field advantage it only lasts. As long as you're allowed to. Did the hardest thing for the -- in it for them to do is to make sure or they can match the energy on the ice that is coming. Not only from the current Canadians on the ice but from the fans. -- you can't if you can eternally match that intensity. Today and you will allow that to affect you if you can you can counter and bring RO NG keeper temple up then it's not going to be a problem. CA without thought why about it -- to be an issue but if you're -- hockey player what's the big deal -- flat out. There's no snap count he's not playing golf and not asking for to be super quiet so who cares how yeah how how loud yeah it was a big deal. I don't like because I mean I can't hear you can't hear it's not offense. In a line men and -- as -- -- just need to pin his ears back. That's the advantages of you know playing on the road and football game unit -- any moment of the opposing team. I think actually and that and that's my issue as long as they can just internally amongst themselves decide -- always need to do guys -- better than them. Match the energy and the intensity -- they do anyways. So I mean I I see in March are coming out -- geek up. You know lots of tempo a lot of energy. But -- get -- easily be squashed. You let them go ahead and allow that have to be part of their game -- get a penalty medical up one nothing two nothing and and value in the same business days maybe start they'll start for yourself you know -- -- did you give them then you get the crowd more for more possibly -- -- -- return over. There there's a younger as a scream now you're calling your name and out affecting. Do you believe that report the first ten minutes tonight weather the storm of the protests is that it's -- -- the -- -- home ice. Yeah and -- talked about this week I think you see it as it's not all of -- consulate in stone but. If you're trailing 321 you kind of just play like crap this is the Bruins game to. And you get that one goal third to a place erupts in knowing you can just feel it's our turn now you see the energy that's different in the players in the crowd is going nuts. And it kind of it helps you mean you got to give. Always felt like of this job Fenway it was quietly got to give them something you know what I mean if you. You got to give them some of the cheer -- got to give that some -- -- so it's down 321 ever would sit on your hands. Also involved Doug Hamilton scored three to -- now the place -- now now you're talking about a different arena. Yeah and you know you can't count on that that is data's not there exists for the next two games. So not to exist doesn't matter. That's why you always hear that -- fear. That first goal Montreal's important you know you fall back a couple of goals in Montreal makes -- much more difficult 6177797937. Is our phone number the eighteenth -- -- -- 379837. On Twitter. It will we're Loney at -- WEEI. At Christian. Or if you saw as a similar tweeted that a well. Well what was that was know was that your real to I think I'll take credit for I get a -- something here that I'll take credit for. I thought at one point you may have are sent out some spam Christian now program. Is it just a Christian for actor Christian Fauria Saturdays. I 84 total tweets -- look at this great Big Ten indoor track championship Heather. -- -- -- -- 600 might meter race it's never over till it's over and the use and -- Yes the -- to dress looking lol wrap I'm done. I. You can equate what this what was on April 5 hash tag got away hashed out my American Mya my daughter got my phone past that. I actually sat -- I would not click on that link and then on the one after that. Three days before while aware that we were you cement -- to send out a link about the adults are now -- -- hash tag at symbol. -- up just hash tag. -- pockets we -- right now. Upstairs what guys came ladies dancing yet I baby step B I am scared of Twitter it's tears in you pocket -- but it. -- -- -- -- -- Duque got hash tag there's an aspect of does that hash tag does there's read on on a June 11 -- -- is. It's a secret that it's just that. Today we did actual elicited there's some confusion appears actually commit we play your question in his answer. And we see if he thinks he believes. If he said what you hurt or we said -- -- we're. Me do that we will do that and I wanna get into some NFL draft stuff including story of the day is sports stupidity of this hour. Which of balls the NFL draft keep it here.

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