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The Bradfo Show: WEEI.com Bruins writer DJ Bean answers Twitter questions 140 seconds (or less) at a time

May 6, 2014|

WEEI.com Bruins writer DJ Bean joins Rob Bradford from Montreal prior to the Bruins' Game 3 showdown with Montreal. Bean takes questions from folks on Twitter with the caveat that he has to answer each in 140 seconds or less. The topics range from the state of the Bruins, complaints by the Canadiens, music, and Bean's wild popularity.

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It is nice and. Not -- things that interest in some of which might just. Just sit it's okay. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another edition of the -- -- show's sponsor has always -- -- distinctive. And -- -- insurance to my best for. I hurt deeply deeply to investigate their services immediately. Another person who worried are going to investigate his serve recess. DOD JPY. From Montreal they solve. Game three Bruins Canadians DJ was going on. First off. -- trip. The trip was excellent. Driving do Vermont never gets old is fantastic. There's a rest stop where we rested. It was and so much fun. QB QB highlight of the trip. How the trip out -- should we should clarify that you you your preferred. Mode of transportation for the trip -- to Montreal this time around was a car. Yet okay are you a generally you ride shotgun with -- some kind of a sought after riding companion and I never really drive up. But I always -- shotgun. I'd been that it to the 60s90s. And today and I provide a lot of witty. Commentary. On what's going on the world and that's what I do. While clearly it paid off because he got there everyone got there in one piece and you do have to resort to. Doing license plate game you -- after resort to what is that cloud look like. So right congratulations you made it so we're gonna get right to do this this is an innovative Brad Brad -- show Saturday. Probably the most innovative -- for -- show we've had to date. Date to. Although yesterday was pretty -- Kirk Kirk and had always brings it we understand a -- it's so hard yesterday. That you couldn't make him out well enough even though if Mike wasn't on so it was it was magical. And this one it's going to be a step up and what we're gonna do with DJ live from Montreal. Getting ready for the Bruins Montreal game tonight. It's -- he DJ is Tony answer questions that DJ underscored be yet been -- get rid of that underscored despite his. Wild popularity of -- Someday someday maybe you'll be verified and get ready underscore I would I would rather be verified narrative the scores. Next well dad you know that that shows me that your -- goes out of control. There has to be in that do that boat don't epidemic hurt and can't abstract. Yeah yeah now know is he here in the verified guy you know you can say what you want about does he go by. But I think that that's ruling that could let litmus test either you'd choose to get review underscore. War. Or get them the verification I guess so I'll start off you know pat Brad -- is asking why would you get rid of the underscore know why would you be verified before you get review underscore. Because there is already it DJ -- it's just DJ being you know. No underscore -- -- -- operate now because I'm pretty sure. At last check. News only tweet. Was a -- operate now yes it is one tweet. It David Kay Daniels who's he has an egg and his tweet is global sport day. -- all those 42 people have -- followers but. One of the people he follows. Is their Burrell -- so I think you're not to two different speeds are contacting -- try to maybe once or twice a year and he does congress on. It's usually very it's usually like hey idiot. Tried the dish does underscore can you like you don't tweet you haven't seen in years can you please give me to handle. But I don't think -- Billick I don't waiting to happen this guy like I don't want to have. Take Garrity underscore because something's happens of the -- Susan guys. So -- so basically like taking a bullet for someone you're taking -- underscore for doing exactly right I think it needs a good guy revelations are so what we're gonna do here. The -- -- show if you put it on bumper stickers that tag line would read things that I care about meet you might cares about as well. And I think that people do care about the Bruins today and I do think people care about -- some inexplicable reason. And we took to Twitter to actually find that out so what we're gonna do it to an overwhelming no we're gonna we're gonna do a little bit of the -- of a little bit of the bean bag here. That little bit of the Twitter bean bag but we're gonna do it away because reflective keep things creative. 140 characters this Twitter. The -- you know that right. So your answers to these Twitter questions along that that the is that your answers are gonna have to be opponents forty seconds or last. Do you do that. Yes hold on cartoon idiot Canadian. Okay well don't you know multitasking. You're focusing solely on this of cat and RTA yes so a 140 seconds or less which I think. Should be you'll rules bomb with every single radio and the I hope you're not in the immediate -- just to wage should be anyway I think writers do this idea I think reporters have so much information. They get right to -- and they feel like I have to give more information. And that's the new year you hear yourself totally I hear myself in and you realize man you know I should not have kept talking. You like like -- dislike the question was the boat what the bruins' third -- -- -- plate to end like now talking vote. Like to start a stranger a legitimate complaints yes. -- is so we're we're gonna we're trying to solve that problem. So all the world's problems in this little. Putter back and forth that you hundred your fans. So let's get right to. OK okay so I did yell at Bruins girl 33. Says TJ beam thing Chris Kelly ruler will return at all during the playoffs go. I think so because boot Kabila from parliament building they're gonna go to the cup finals let them -- past Montreal. They'll beat the Rangers or Pittsburgh relatively easy so you're talking about another month. You'd think. Another month possible after the season so. My guess would be yes. Although it's rather concerning that this whole thing started with. He -- -- -- back spasms he's finally did today it is today and now what a month later like are close to it it's. Okay he's doing great solo on the but he's doing great so my guess would be yes but it just again at this point. Art. I'm gonna review that question. UH I was in 39 seconds he does that so well under the under the guidelines. And I fake beard but he. Extra 101 yeah yeah I think you can and in absolutely but I think what you did was you were feel the heat right away so you were rushing through I want to be natural a veritable quote yeah you got you you've gotta you gotta feel for what we're dealing with 39 seconds that's funny so. -- document 440. Seconds. You're talking about a minute or two minutes and twenty seconds is plenty right you do right -- -- barely went over half a minute take your time. Slowdown -- and collaborate. No you little witty what every that DJ being does that's why people -- art art art next one. From someone you might now Scott McLaughlin. I -- at past 1 o'clock and nine. Needham wish you sort of do. DJ BUJ. Underscore be. Which complained the series has been the best. And who will be the leader and complaints when the season is over ago. The shelter and complete is that the best. I party of change it to but I got under four seconds quote Julian complaint. Saying explaining his bench minor by day he told the -- but he didn't like the way -- terrific game. And I was really funny so that's been the best one. The most mind boggling one has been Michelle Perry and saying that the the Bruins are telling people now that they are shooting high and Carey Price in at least coroner. As usual this was started by the Canadian media that they asked to recruiting bogey -- that about it. I he would be -- in saintly tell that reporter I am went back to all the gold approaches -- Kerry praised this this series. Yeah a lot of them have gone in -- but they've been tipster they've been deflected and they've skipped up the -- only three Eagles have come from shooting the puck -- The rest have been from low slap shots -- the -- skipping off the face or having the biggest thing is getting trapped in front of him and having you move away and shooting where he just was so. That's other beating Carey Price and yeah military incitement but I love the way that he says. That would popped out there play that today that popped -- so good that you wrapped. If they don't -- that he's got to the drop victories which I'm sure. You -- it would be. Who has the the Cleveland Cavaliers coach who. But once shepherded -- -- short -- something that the governor was yes did you that are in the press conference. And really commit their captors would help. That's another one that's another sound bite we use the drop our right ordered forty one minute 44 cents. Now living with a little back for the word we're getting ready to regenerate them here but so playing off that segue -- halfway act. Show on C Hathaway. What was the best quality of complaints. That's what he's interest. You -- though little bit by who is the best call who complains the vast. Who complain the best. I look at it in the show Terry and complain about because he knows his audience better I think that would quote has something to us. You got some of us to buy and some of -- -- go on what that -- because it's about the media and generally there are some people who. Will buy everything the coach says there's some were skeptical there's some who wanna be the contrarian. In Montreal. The shelter incessantly -- -- can -- so we view our right and then ignore that and now like it's like a national story that. That Claude Julien has make it all the stuff up and the Bruins are lying about how to beat Carey Price and that it's all the narrative -- all -- So I think it's helped Marion is the best because he knows his audience and he knows that whatever you want to get out there. He can successfully. Get out there input into the media spin machine we go another. Minute and a half left in this in this questions on and ask a follow up. Does he have a history of also. Going down this road before. Not the top my head that I know but there in the history what he's pulling -- now is that -- the history of it happening. Which -- in 2011. There was the thing where. I think quote first suggested. That the that keep in shape. A former Canadian assistant was lobbying. To get calls and keep in shape product box score for his next press conference and there's a lot of back and forth there will. I think that. That's right -- and do in the hole like guys that is nothing new this is just the way that they operate. And that's -- we don't pay attention to it but here's exactly what they're doing. Oh yeah that was the dot dot dot aria you know one of learning here the two that two minutes and twenty seconds one. Yeah there really is you're you're getting what you -- Republican merit -- -- if I had a nickel. So. This goes -- at W the guy sausage. After that yes asks why are you such a hockey hipster I've no idea what that means but he was adamant getting their questions. Ago. So. I've been called it did general -- mr. which I don't think I really am I'm pretty much. Like and out of shape. Guy who registers -- like -- skinny jeans and like bright colors in this so I'm not really that hockey hipster. Unlike the opt for hockey person a person that's around hockey I guess some hip because parties in the very hip thing so I'm relatively -- but. Not just wouldn't collect the hockey tipster but I preferred the -- -- people who call me. You know it's funny I was watching. You were born on the exact same days -- Correct you have an idea what Michael Serra or two sheets. -- And I it and they were derby beyond that the last night I was watching that. And could hurt you they have this incessant. This incessant commercial on oh it's fine. Dentistry sort of thing OK -- can't remember what it was but. -- Lucci she was very good in his. Presentation and delivery you're the exact same -- Do you think that you could do commercials wells he could -- it pretty good job look in the camera yet citing lines. Smiling. If you do that that you're ready for commercials. I mean there's a way to find out access to get that he spoke. There or. No but I mean to your point Lucic is incredible. Leap in the incredibly well spoken. And another thing people don't really know -- I don't know gets photographed memory or something. But he is you know everything everything that he's ever seen everything that he's ever looked up everything that you have read your members in he can just like. Stop stop is that you're allowed to question the vote. Some player in a thousand years ago and you know go all. You're considered the score at 640 goal season and that two were called back -- -- -- -- he just knows everything. I have followed by -- in -- -- it loud so. The compact but in slightly and he didn't rule the -- show that always that's totally. Even your contemporary businesses that it's in the constitution laid out years and years ago when someone says someday there will be a brat so this is a -- it. You. OK we're gonna get into. Who. I guess little off the beaten track. -- beavers neck at frank pat not Frank Beamer says question for. Is it a dream come true to work alongside your hero and warmer I -- contributor Michael that's all go. I completely honest yes it is I didn't think I would ever get to do some like that but I kept. I got to do stuff with -- because you. You'd bring me in could be like kind of your third minute and you do we can separate bill that would come in for like an hour and I'm currently. That you wouldn't even be that would be stuck with pale but I would it would just be Meehan bill and I would think at that time like while I -- like deal follows a spiritual grownup dislike. It was everyone's favorite joke and it should be your answer of -- through the sixth and IE. Yeah I mean I loved still -- I love their rapport and I'd like them both individually a lot so be able to do that was really cool but. You got that patented every now and then to help with those guys is so cool because Michael. Yeah I had met Michael at high school you that the judge for talent show. At Belmont he elements -- we we talk about he still remembers it because he did a controversial move. He did not vote for the rap group. Who would expect to in that count so that was basically my -- -- -- -- -- up on stage and yeah I call old boys up -- like so -- everyone with a mixed you could hear them. They were like eating the microphones so Michael said like I'm sorry kit you guys you lose and since then like I have total respect for Michael and the fact that I get to do this is really really cool and that is no lie. Match directs. The you get there -- prospects or do. You as well. By the way I wouldn't make sense during that answer because I was thinking of how -- in the do an IMAX thing. Yeah outlaw these. -- saw you leave the audience right you know good movie. Is only punctuated totally -- movie with a good ending right so I think you -- you execute that answer earth. Editor at what it crashes in both served up pretty cool and then. What even happened. OK this impact. Act -- -- guy says. Your careers he said the momentum runaway freight train wineries up. Ago. I don't like this electorate -- -- -- adult or you -- look at him now going to tolerate. I'd like to be honest like it might -- popular. -- -- popular in my life but I'd like to think that it's because. One of charming added that meant a good idea very likable does that translate with a ladies. It can't. Pretend it reluctantly go ahead. -- -- yes I mean I. I don't try to be -- birdies. Yeah I don't try to be an apple steps that don't think I try to not be an apple. Tell anybody I can definitely lies out but I don't try to be meter anything. And I think it in the media know a lot of people can be mean and a lot of people wanna come -- is no little stuff. I think it's a pretty easy formula just don't do that and you'll come off the -- maybe they do come up tick but yeah I don't know. That you can be -- once while -- we renew you in pretty quick yeah that's what's good about it. Is that you we do we really you win pretty quick. Yeah yeah yeah yeah that you know when your world and then and then you know we really UN and -- you know maybe I. By a point to make I would like to and I go over the one story idea I apologize. OK so. Like that this -- -- like a Twitter persona and it's like it's super like narcissistic. Like really really you've seen the he had to whom it just is not self aware at all and that's not actually. What I -- in the -- and I did that. Was to mock a lot of people. -- tiger he's probably the biggest one there because he -- it does like I want -- want people into lockdown streak that agrees returner ever. It just appeal what it did the does that I'm not real about calling -- -- specifically but. A lot of people just like that idea that. Because they're sportswriters they're important enough so preposterous to me so. I mocked that and -- people make fun of me on Twitter -- retreat at night they like on the investor I'd say I don't pros pro on the true pro. That's all really sarcastic and -- is the longer you're on Twitter and the more people. That like will re tweet the like the more. Stop your stock. Stock. You reached few minutes and points. Out nobody -- Unity it's like is like skipping -- obstacle in the battle superstars. Battle network stars back in the day. You're deducted time for the extra the next statement. And I was I thought I was gonna -- right to that Milan Lucic thing. Played the that you could put the music when I was given like an emotional heartfelt acceptance speech too bad these Ellis Dave Grohl like railing against computers you know what. That here's a lesson you can learn from that it was a very emotional and it was very heart -- but -- could it tighten it up. And it's still been a minute to minute they'd still been under out of forty that's true that's true so lesson learned that aren't you we have three three straight weeks here there are music related and I know that this is one of Europe. Things that goes to the jail underscore Bryant being brand. So -- to throw. Pat Richard -- BL AB we. Our update the -- I think it abate from mud dirt out of Montreal. Colorado a mental article article Richard labs. OK mom Richard L as it is it really rests on my day. Definitely Reshard I don't know how do you divert to put out last name OK -- -- yeah there's a little thing accident -- at the end the so there ego. DJ at the -- score being master of puppets or ride the lightning. We. A go master of puppets I don't like I know that on paper. Red lightning like the instrumental in right lightning called two is better than disposable heroes. I'm sorry is better than. Orion but. -- -- master of puppets starts battery master puppet but it should not be welcome home disposable heroes is just like I don't. Fight fire with fire to the opening track of of red lightning. But that obviously that -- multi pack the punch I love creeping doubt feet to black is one of the best play. Dark heavy ballot there. But you out for me like a master puppets side that was like -- -- -- -- up learned played guitar and stopped. It is very important to me that I learned how to play every song and master of itself. And I can't really play any of them because there's it's so good so fast but yeah that's right I love master of puppets. Today we're gonna bank some time -- the next one act dirty water because. At DJ being he did score being Nirvana are approaching him -- That's. The support from me because I maintain that Nevada is an incredibly overrated group because. They're consider like that they're they're they're street studio albums are amazing like pound for pound they should actually be considered one of the two great groups of all time. But I think they're considered one of the greatest groups of all time because. They're considered to have broken some ground and -- some uncharted territory in my mind that territory was all reached years earlier. By the taxis so. I think in Nevada is like I generally hold the grudge against Nevada and people who consider them to be great like the -- he showed that you could be like. Dirty and mean he -- like play major chords were there should be minor chords and still be really melodic and cool to take these steps for Nevada. And I personally prefer pearls and -- the long answer to that question. It wasn't that long is still under a minute but organs you of these music or instances one more. I work cutting the time and tapped -- week. After a verbal week which isn't going to be 120 seconds because. This because. Better artist this is from guard Jacque Reid would. Better artists -- smash. Mouth toward the light yeah. National -- late. -- so. The reasons at least stroke is because only one song comes to mind we think of delight. I know the they had to actually get a lot of like number one's. On whichever. Jobless chart they were record I would the but they're -- leaders of some -- -- thing. But national public to -- success like really successful albums like stroll out so the one without effect on the on the net. All star but morning comes -- probably smashed both -- on it and you don't even think of that song we talk with national those smoke. -- deep enough catalog. Did like great songs kind of went unnoticed. All right good answer. And so we're gonna move once the music question I I feel like that you have been let out of jail retirement asked about music. That this is what you truly this is your call that accurate. No ID no idea that are this is just makes you everyone needs a hobby everyone needs a passionate. This thing Vick did you do because it's it's your life and then there's the thing that like when you wanna kick back to think about -- -- you think Milan Lucic to that is big that he went to concerts and then came home played hockey. I bet you if that you -- more -- to each tried to play any instrument you view virtuoso within. Two hours by Milan Lucic each question which have been try to force him since you were born on the exact same days him. Do you ever look at him and say how can you are how have you accomplished so much and looks so called in and and looks a worldly -- and been so many places and done so many things and you were born on the exact same day as myself and yet. I'm sitting here in my pinstripe suit driving up to Canada. And I use the first part of thirty seconds to cried. Blessed with a -- and what I mean quite as an illicit businesses here -- here's the reality look at everybody else and they are bad there's someone out and here's his -- reality. And when I was -- I kind of felt this way is that. Is that I remember Emmett Smith and I can. MVP I'm thinking this I won the Super Bowl MVP. And he's the states a war when ideally I'm. I'm covering the Allstate cross country meet out Gardner is SoHo it's. -- It got -- death is not meant to be -- or negative or anything else like that. -- in this isn't the reality because you've carved out a pretty good life for yourself -- a pretty good. Asked your profession. But it it just took me is always enter your mind when you find someone so -- the same age nevermind the exact same date. Yeah I -- I actually do you think about every year it's so there are two people report within days -- on the teach and Michael Serra. Both those guys are dropped in Canada and I'd like personally blame at the fact that I injuries and as an American. That for for my lack of of success relative to you know -- and Michael. Yeah I think everyone knows the candidates much more accepting of greatness so -- -- Yet the greatest American here. OK we have two more in the first one come from. -- KE LX. Eight -- At -- yet to -- and being -- a question -- at DJ -- -- is a little -- your response. -- -- that -- -- even a question there is no question there. You know. Thank you. -- let me follow that up. So you're in the studio and some but it was taxing US UN mandate something like that I can address so anonymously to OK art of the boom there you go -- -- So personally I don't like the idea and have lot I have lots of friends who have met people on Twitter and their social media and stuff. I he personally am not interested. I I would not be somebody who found me on Twitter. He told me years as someone who wasn't me on the radio and tech laden and but I don't like the idea of meeting someone. Marty has an idea of view it that makes any sense. Yeah I guy I Chrysler -- with that's the price of fame. Yeah except everybody on FaceBook. No no no I barely honestly that barely -- -- view I don't accept anybody do. I don't friend anybody on FaceBook like you buy it right meet some expect me to grow them -- -- some people from the month FaceBook. And I believe in like organically getting to know somebody -- having conversations with things like that you're not that you visit -- -- No definitely like honestly definitely not. I believe in meeting when somebody does not knowing who you are and then you get -- there and then -- To set honestly like it's actually an option by event that. Bet that the hockey groupies are waiting outside the press box for -- my vote in and no well no like it didn't. Do you ever see that ever see -- the Man on Wire the Oscar winning documentary about the got up and walked across the World Trade Center. Well what my favorite line -- that as well after he does it blocks across the World Trade Center and on line. He gets arrested he goes the police station. He says these French guys are doing that French accent. But he comes out of the police station he says though you know and there was a woman there and she says I want to be the first two. Two make love to the the person who walks across the buildings. Six so we went to back to the apartment and we had an explosion took the oath. Well I would go to court that it -- is let go -- Actually explosion oval and he listed this last. It is because the one thing I want -- emphasize that show was quick to the point not too long although on your drive back. From Montreal couple days we can you can relishes it that's great thing about podcast right went right into -- can turn around here. Yeah I'm -- into America of today at. Beef board 3.3 it has not me. DJ Adams or -- why do I followed you steal it so bad and I can't look away. Ago. I think his ultimate wish they were at the statistics on Twitter remembered on -- anniversary Wendy's -- -- feature where you could find what you're first tweet was yes. Next next Twitter anniversary whenever about whichever one they want to celebrate. They need to show how many times you've been followed. Because. I'd really be interest it to be how many times each of us have been followed -- that on followed and I don't blame anyone who -- follows me because. Like people like -- don't really understand Twitter they're like well you pavlik has many followers that's so cool like. You're famous or make people look like you would like no they called me because it is. Just -- people you rub it all you look at their Red Sox fans evolving because the Bruins spent the poll Chris credit to the patriots fan it's as simple that. And they're expecting patriots stopped expecting Red Sox have they're expecting Bruins stopped so. When they fault someone who's really bad at Twitter like me it's natural for them to unfold so I don't blame these dispersants for a following. My question is why the people when they're thinking about following like. Askew about it it's like it's like somebody in the saying like all men like I can I think I should break up -- -- but. -- things to do it okay what you are due later you know like just about. Follow me you don't killers -- feel guilty I the idea I had a let's slap in the face realization that -- yesterday where. Kirk after redid our podcast yesterday. Said you know I wanna do one where -- -- the demise of sports movies. As a great you know I -- bring someone else and in the view logical person bring in that conversation is -- -- Right okay so of the Karate Kid that the bad kid in the Karate Kid at all. Known as the the and he -- part of the wedding party and on the term other. I don't know but he's also a diver in. Back to school Rodney Dangerfield. -- -- he will get on this project so I guarantee you but you also used to follow if we get a back and forth. At that point and that went away. So I don't blame -- your point at all I just you wanna read about Red Sox lineups I mean. Enough is enough right yeah but I try to you still try to eat eat -- around it you try to limit it to try to be. As witty and funny in and give people I guess who fall you've written the reasons that you don't. Necessarily. Think. You know or rather than Red -- other than Bruins get a little something and everyone's while. Right so keep their appetite on you know -- And that thing is when they first start following you and -- the -- similar order. We -- both trying to be like funny and colorful and try to pick -- different ways to engage people. And at that thing is when you get like some. You can told the person just started following new. But it hopes we -- domain and the like at DJ being got me role in this guy's hilarious so glad that all of them. Did you like you are like four hours away from hitting the fact that you followed me like it's gonna get old so. If that guy on Man on Wire a -- back in 1972. UBS tweeting. A -- going across back and forth with a -- acuity used to love explosions outlaws gonna say but you really you know at the -- today. It's not for him is not about who cares army Twitter followers he would add. He still at that moment where he went back to the apartment at the -- emotional. Right so. That note you can be going over the Bruins yeah it costs the company about a million dollars this phone call that were -- bit as well anyway good job and and make sure that you make everyone aware of the of the seem to be award winning -- show. Oh well that are -- -- To grow up.

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