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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Woman trapped in her car 5-6-14

May 6, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a woman locked in her car.

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-- headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network and by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do and worker -- and does precision. Fitness equipment. This is one of my worst night honestly. Is the kind of stuff I'm driving and road terrifies me the story tonight. He tells -- I love -- about nightmare story telling I wanna here about I don't know thirty seconds. It's -- realistic ones where you dream you're sleeping. And you're hearing noises. Oscar historians. In the other room area opposite -- woke up if you like that it can -- shock at the idea that you can access. I didn't enjoy it even if he was having them. -- And that -- Colorado woman is recovering after being stranded in her car for five days after crashing offered a rural highway southwest of Denver. Percent Hopkins wrote pleas for help -- -- red and white umbrella that she managed to push through broken window on the car and opened mark. Hoping to attract the attention drivers and the scenic highway above still five these agreements -- the -- car. Eighty feet down an embankment on US highway 285 and a Colorado Aspen growth no cellphone I don't think she could not allow access to. It went it went. -- -- -- regional threat she trapped yet -- issues trapped in the car flipped. On the upside down for five upside down five so I had rather die after five days she probably do you lose a few pounds anyway in -- -- okay in this picture of the ice. -- -- Well authorities that are car was spotted by drivers and I was Sunday they -- downward or zip up his body inside the car rescuers later found opted to live. Coherent -- critically injured extremely -- dehydrated -- taken the helicopter. Are famous pitchers and surgery and would lose both feet below I didn't a Thatcher's OK now. What should not dead -- from frostbite or feet from broken -- -- your broken. Not so -- five days a terrific paper yeah this is thank doctor would do -- she says she did Tuesday Craig whose texting expenses of the flip and maybe she like -- fishers are talking and she isn't it I always have a full bottle of water your car. Right we can't get to it -- here. If you put that little. Console -- -- that final -- if your. Car flips three times and stick. Up it was a probably texting which she drove off the road that's -- -- about -- asked do you feel bad for if that's the case I do not five days. You don't feel like you know it's just before no -- -- her -- she was texting it's against the law I understand I'm with you one but she lost her feet and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- stuck for five days day and night upside now who pays if she texts while driving next which probably will a solid again yesterday. You see it all the time and he's he's coming in tenth up you look left. You look right one of the two people are -- I'm lose it and I'm honking at people and the point land them in front is they're texting each company's current and we don't have a correction. You -- its bottom a mile away literally to the lookup -- and we've been pupil open and land endorsed the worst in traffic. Some people think when your traffic like -- highway and also -- up yeah -- -- I'm gonna be late I got a text of people. And you start looking around as you inching forward traffic. Is texting and what were the cops on this one at the Boston against him and very quiet yourself for super. Delegate laughter. A man who knows somebody famous tested guy doing mr. -- -- -- -- question -- to sort of not have to get a wrist that must be consequences. Is gonna be away electronically to do this repeat do it in the cart you get electrocuted. Get Bieber for this. It makes it's nice public service announcement they delivered a public service announcement he's never texted excellent drag racing. Marv Albert you Jessica's story yeah idea. You know how much it's for yes and forget about -- on every distort this can be predict -- -- listing is Lincoln square penthouse. For sixteen and a half million dollars that's unbelievable Martha I younger and younger guy who does. -- little. -- -- -- -- Jobs at a lots of talk of where he's been doing it for a hundred years tells. -- beauty body in when you lose oh yeah 4030 hours ago a lot of thing India via up. Would it cost to power -- -- this is Marv ought to think about that there is some serious DNA that I want no part. Marv Albert the longtime sportscaster -- voice of the -- with his -- square duplex penthouse for sixteen half million. 3500 square foot pad that at Columbus and west 67. Posting 15100 square for terrorist along with automatic lighting music in -- departments interior but the issue its year. There's also -- television in the in the in the bathroom mere. Access. And day yet and there's America the bathroom -- not once but as a television in the bath and a Dresser full of women's lingerie. It's a bizarre to think tomorrow comes with the and on women's lingerie. Is he and his -- is automatic -- hands on his Dresser with different wigs. Could -- he's running around that place the G string. Running around and lose our woman. On the same day that New York Post is Leonardo DiCaprio buying your place in Greenwich Village via ten million. So. DiCaprio DiCaprio couldn't afford to buy marvell political football civilized but no matter -- build up via the singer for. Was the Eagles is that -- be Schmidt yeah a bottom place where two million. 3.2 on -- -- -- -- -- -- I saw I saw that -- from this 32 million now no apple thinks ultimately -- to characters sixteen million dollars I think he finally bullet. The British forces were more parties in its fiscal -- Brady and Gisele bottom placed in a nicer spot. It's much nicer like seventeen. Omar is the lower fees embryos that were this true and maybe it's the -- of being in the same content to oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- high -- walking across the art is more gritty and -- ahead and elect selling their their LA pad for fifteen million have a weeks ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you think he'll end up selling reporter ask a look at what they want. Get the delegate. Hopes to sell for fifteen LA. Fifty bet it's pretty small you'll find help solace like. How people can buy a house fifty in the world and this right. I mean it was Saudi Saudi princes and you -- you would be shocked how much money either is out there for real estate. There -- up fifteen million. It's an example just quick aside here just gonna browsing Turks and caicos real estate over yeah I like to find out what like the high end here a guy -- There's a place and have these oceanfront Villa is it's just -- outlook and it. Starting at nine million right yes you know by of course not that 900000 it would buy right but I'm just tell you that and they're sold. Well sure. I believe that but fifty million dollars on -- gets it. You don't get it now knowing sell 46 sportsmanship 423. Soccer program -- -- market that Smart march 19 so no no news -- and so. If -- finished decent offer an incredibly Madrid real threat from India gets all the plans that are now in. Limbo it -- back at four to 42 forged. BC the story Missouri Mike Anderson spent thirteen years. Free from prison because of the clerical. This story now. And then nearly a year behind bars from the mistake was caught on Monday he walked out. The associate circuit judge Terry -- need to just ten minute hearing before ruling was giving Anderson credit for time served. For all 4794. Days between his conviction and was arrested last year they screwed up he never got served to go to jail exposed to ago. You've been sentenced to thirteen years in prison for -- -- fast food restaurants assistant manager so convicted but that never even got. They strip the paperwork should just never gone for thirteen years he started business got married yet children he claims he he's now -- All -- church in Missouri. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody. Doctor drew a lot Brady's house. Like. We wouldn't we would heard of that is that check out the -- web -- Dr. -- I just know mount TOX. Machine while search right now -- -- -- doing that's an. Access Hollywood twelve hours ago Dr. -- wife. By Tom Brady and -- home for. 40000040. Forty minutes out of -- I was closest. The music mobile -- wife Nicole -- of purchased homage is hills California home for forty million. Source close the situation told Access Hollywood previous reports of the sale advocate in the poster girl for fifteen million. There was some house back in -- home news. Reporting 181700. Square feet five -- I'm bathrooms six car garage. The lagoon -- wine cellar and a remote. According axis -- source Dr. -- will make this you hold a primary residence. Like he -- through. Never got diagrams to John drew I have to get to stay there I gotta ago too deep behind the buying something else in LA no they're doing here they're gonna rent. I think it's early in the when those places whose remarkable legacy that they didn't like projects that don't smell it and don't smell all the talk to -- broke recchi is Logan Airport frank what's up. They tell -- I regret. Heading from what you say Montreal Montreal like it's -- UN TR Yale Montreal Montreal I am gonna hit it support the peace get tickets so. Yeah it -- you to be brave words jerseys what I mean the Bruins Jersey. Absolutely I get -- -- the captain from Korea it's just the support of their Bourque. No not the airport and they'll think that vehicle on the road and they say to get a big -- -- -- -- -- wing man. I know that's -- thing is a quiet there but you know not that I wanted to go with them but no one wanted it to go to the game and so what's so it's a party yet. No monitor our -- quite a few. You're going solo. Yeah why not a -- record demand means is a strip club either before rapidly in your future reference. Well they. Are all right have a good time -- -- -- -- the -- -- have a good times at Logan Airport on the line items themselves. Since it on I would do by yourself it's fun. This is that your at the -- aren't too but he. Help from Pebble Beach -- rocky -- home for the next two games here. If there -- Posed this coming week via via a big myself. These games by a conference. He's got lots of lodged -- your clients very. Clients but the goal with the but it's a goal of the Bruins from Baghdad it's kind of guts to show all by yourself in a Bruins sweater at that I'm there at the plate yeah it's fun to sit by itself. You always do will they win if they win that you get -- elect this true of the spent on about it and there are there aren't. Cigarette burns area cigarette bill will be swear every into the Montreal forum I never -- -- appearing it and -- while the concourse. It was like London fallen right everybody's everybody like that percent. -- people there arrogant. They've surrounded me in the press box and guess who's gonna throw me out and if you go thrown out yeah and like on the ice right. His big hairy I called them Jeanne Claude and he didn't get access book club differently -- -- -- and and he just wanted to -- what you -- kill you I've made available only in in a column do you guys deal that. I woke up the next day in the radio and it's set. In line and there was a station they were talking about me on the -- was hurt you want to talk about them. Woke up this holy -- -- and I went to airport and its media reports around I mean that's him they would like -- it is. -- didn't wanna like the front is all talk about that may -- was. It's awful. Place we have details on Jim as Winston's police report when we come back at a Shepperd talk a little draft as well back to the Bruins Canadians. Montreal.

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