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24 returns 5-6-14

May 6, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the return of Jack Bauer and 24.

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If you pay any amount of attention this program over the years you know that DNC. Take the stance. That we rarely benefit. From sports schedules on this morning escapade that we do. Where generally bitching about late night playoff we we keep us up to old you know 11121230. -- at 3:30 in the morning the ever -- all are part of you -- Leo. Yes we do and we also complained about Red Sox day games always benefits the midday and afternoon drive and never Dennis and Callahan. It also this 0:8 this morning. I am -- Major League Baseball. -- the National Hockey -- Or not scheduling any ruins or Red Sox games last nights a week at all watched 24 on in erupted and by Mike out. Jack killed or -- seventy people in -- hours. Seventeen. I meant kill that many companies the -- -- three yet wasn't enough now out and now being -- but to beat. I I liked wouldn't likely he strangled the -- with the handcuffs. It younger guy actually FBI guy CIA guy and you think and what doesn't kill somebody you know then next -- guys back yet they can't kill everybody I don't know. The Iran -- actors is like the follow up right I say it. You run on actors. But I think commitment and I hate to him credit here he summed it up nicely -- that open. You know it was just 24 when I was trying to I -- so from eight years ago whatever I can I make no apologies for enjoying it. Don't -- would be to analyze it though I just sit there and watch it it's just like. You know like. Watching whatever wrestling yet to sit and entertaining. What was what was your wrestling moments in that two hours yesterday at the moment where. This analogy that where the chandelier fall from the sky where where the wrestling guy takes the the chair and smashed the other guy in the base was it not. The bathroom scene with the the -- -- Knife in the area how hard I mean that journalism and involve -- wasn't involved at all I Trenton new ear wax removal sort of you know -- or something out. I just see it coming to yeah yeah so common miles away but I. And watch it every week to the show was over to the series is over them and enjoy -- -- you can just feel that I watch that watch the explosions battled with the September check in close relationship in history and much. How's this episode that note I think no words should be just action and other -- get explosions torture murder exactly you've got to drag. That was okay all right it was good it was like a he's he's -- different. Ideas. That he liked -- jasmine in Britain filming etc. you recommend a movie -- somebody and it would admit that it's a great idea what you think about this movie okay you know I saw last brick mentions he's he's he's Siebert mentions it's the most mindless violent action -- Packed movie I would never com. One no carrier development that went from new merchandise everything you can't wait like guys but it's going to be like this every week are followers can McDonnell in the draws. My wife watches for watchers have no idea what time ago so what. It's just. Got drones in Afghanistan guys and on the the president get the black pilots setup and drove -- out of -- hat Elvis yeah it's announced families and count calories so we get past that now think he's gonna get away for the weekend on the left. 1111. Well I kind of bounced to were it's -- -- I'm not too much comes to step -- good I would say they want to many the only time it drones on -- at the was win that dish rag a country. And her husband the chief of staff I -- gives up the good yet it seems a little while little smile mean I don't think he's a good discussion when he actually said to her. You shouldn't go to the reception because. All eyes will be and you would not the politicians. Treatment that she's out of 500 -- closely you know not he had she's a solid four year. After a six pack wolf I a couple of hours or -- over and -- popped up. That's -- -- -- that's not. The one stretch for me was when the -- -- the modest brandishing ten and the man ought to look at that -- in the -- you know liberal bomb into the roof and act like that and and whips a letter that this -- it today. A lucky break -- -- yes yes GPS and his wrist and open repression of that and they still -- as we -- as a result of our. So you knew exactly -- -- we'd be landscape that stretch. Oh Chloe was in there in credible -- Jack -- but we find out that I missed it on they say. Was in all the papers all that. In the the London time the award twenty -- gonna try to keep you from what immediately four point -- which is exactly correct right of the fact that -- like ronco Thelma you know what you do well you do better than anyone and he's yet to do. -- 102 autobiography. Are. Or historical look at the 1919 police strike you know being himself and saga that is Jane likes the red -- -- her -- and at times he loses me. In the but does that the 24 as -- -- however his name is. Sticks to the score right and I -- -- right when they do well they know what they do well and they don't try to deviate now this the perfect -- Watch on DVR emotional I watch on DVR this -- to stop until Wednesday at the time come that's true that's true I started at eight RX 820 and it was perfect Gupta got a lie. Right at 10 o'clock. As we go every one of those commercials see the clock again stopped. Just like what you you know a -- I -- -- operational Wendy's and that -- broad it's always eaten chicken sandwiches but I -- they're considered by -- she's my -- she's very happy annoyance -- my new annoyance that that -- to equip the -- watching Q and you don't know. -- -- Did you visit your old -- Margaret -- lunches. And -- the people of those people got that -- should be happy. You're broad options are. You know she's got an answer and -- and losers. Right loses who don't know what to eat lunch seats to looks down our nose at them do hater that's all you do the same -- do you -- -- what they're going to be a good spokesman for Wendy's is such that any dates there. She really it's that she's she does not. Crippled -- went. -- -- -- he's in -- I know that you can't see it -- is that her no no privacy Wendy has been meeting where it's a way I guess that's and that's more realistic. In the red head yeah I've never seen -- there. Is that derogatory to one of the two resident assistant should be did not practice at stereotyped -- it's that's not fair now. Jack Thomas says that thing tech -- -- next thing you know the plan we run through town on sports it's. -- -- my happy I'm here ammunition store -- still hang in there should I don't know what is that the the time as you reflected Charlie Brown walk on the shelf life for hanging our heads in shame he checked with Gary wash where we got to him and as soon. Because there remorse tweets -- tonight you know that. That would be more racist tweets the next time -- -- -- some of the Canadians beat the Bruins and were last. There will be yours will be of course he does something -- I don't copy that are yet they know now I got a buzz you get a -- -- you saw the hole. Eco profile history of that that not in Texas yeah he doesn't care he's command and -- -- does nothing to hide. People we anatomy tweet him back he's he's used the -- words war you know. He notes that bush blew up the marathon hasn't deleted accounts in right here -- -- that they're more punks who say well and and they do it out of rage against the team lost -- You know it just mad about the world they do they know the man in charge of the -- and all the gonna get a reaction from the object from the inject drugs. Of the world right I think just the opt to pay attention. And I understand they got a little bugs the got a little push out of this thing. But the fact of the matter is -- scorn and ridicule for the most part. Half of them deleted their accounts. Copycat thing will plight tonight. Well it depends how many think that the first we -- know the answer right bought 171000. Gerri 171000. Wonder -- up all -- wonder. OK and be a little less than 171000. Will be more than seventy. As that of 645. Million people on Twitter will be more than seventy or good or bad it is a good game -- something. -- and Bruins players -- scrub cheap cheap shot a third officer was that one thing we know is Superman will be in the middle of -- good pattern different -- involved they'll be called for something somewhat difficult to accept him. Score and let up a goal he'll be in bowl. The easiest thing we ever do it and it would not be predict what Bill Belichick is going to do in the draft was what we did in the 567 days leading up to the Bruins and Canadians getting going that is. There will be drama. And we know the two people who will be involved and it only one of those two martian Cuba. Has been involved but -- -- that the easiest bunny lay up of all time yet sewer bond will be. At the center of this drama show yes yes then in it'll probably a -- ball good and yet. And and he's been -- cedars right I mean I think he's not a right Google that's actually include in the goalies I would say this and share price for shaking and I admired bill and bills or hockey expert he thinks. And times -- -- I don't -- He served as I thought player meant he political power unfortunately there was a no wind defensively he has much better than soup and it is he's a plus five jarrah Sundiata -- -- -- -- -- Bobby -- And effectively and himself defensively and so that's taller I'm just saying a player as a player. Who do you think that are super super super let me interject here -- I think that's crap I don't believe that -- I can't I can't make an intelligent assessment on having seems to -- play in very many games if we're to take as truth anything. Who was that we talked to from the Montreal gazette. Dave Stubbs they've stops. That he is loved and -- up there. Racial just professionally performance wise it's been able disappear for long periods of times not present -- its -- there's -- it. But they're good but there is is 88 a large degree of inconsistencies. In his game. That is never seen. Julien bench Chara but Terry. Benched -- bought on a number of occasions this year right so what does that tell you is up and down result. Do you think it's just I guess we're seeing him at his best right now in his best apparently feel like he's better. A chart targets of these by offense in May -- -- and maybe should pay more attention defense but I look at them I think would -- rather have first season of the super. Yeah I would too but that's probably. Heresy. You know. Why do you think the defending -- champion. We -- -- finals is not a finalist is probably like crap this year but so -- better than -- the year before that by -- I guess so so yes on the -- it's pretty close right you know but. At a chart his team is is not you watch too risky and it's excite his final round of the stuff he's -- middle of everything charged ruthless and it's just slow and methodical tough to. I think if you give a check mark defensively to Chara and you give a check mark opens -- lead to -- bought I think you should break the tie by having them fight at the pace off the good up and all of let's turn out right would that be fun sure. It's a solid album would not what the people he -- is wrong he's strong -- Armstrong yeah. But he wouldn't fight now. But I wanna see sharp -- it's. All your I do is gonna murder some neutral city what's it feel like -- but he's. Bought it could be -- Jack -- Now I do in the future access -- -- -- -- when he FBI guys are so again as last kill -- -- seven point five year old CIA guys former navy -- actually got them now he skipper Larry -- -- now he's getting tool Jack Kate Snow yet we know how crazy he he's in real life through the stores and shops -- at 10 AM it's -- it to -- -- that picture is one of the great pictures -- -- and -- bar. In a -- -- this handsome as an -- to -- laugh and -- out of the life and how it no I was back in a -- California I recognize that was in California was in a -- Delphi and everybody shops and whiskey at 10 AM -- no reason -- now is that early starter Horry -- he -- extra -- 10 AMV positive and publisher and you know them. And the progress Kirk. Ten names are rough our -- to a lot of these people in the big parties cities don't get out until 2 to 3 o'clock. If it's probably true the more -- yeah yes there may be a chemical and just be the end. What is pants are down not just starting I'm not sure it was the same night that. We have that story. Which story. I'm doomed by in the -- all oh yeah the amendment and different about what is it is not the only time if you drink and shop channel SA -- -- pants down around his ankles. My guess is that the end of the -- I possibly can and then it was shooting because we've been on -- we've been in movies that your -- something issued only. Oh yeah and like when we were -- be with room. There's truckers record with the national what do you know finish shooting like 2 in the morning. And eat it -- Brad that frank and in the next thing you know 6 am and and who had a big that one when it in the in the landmark who had a who Moody's them. Trailer trailer yet and in about differently -- on Micah. We did do some the last person this treatment at all a smoke in America and Darius this -- With Woody Harrelson from big event that's right all of like -- Talk about enjoying -- all right so what 777 let's have a 937. This is going to be a hard transition actually needs to take this. Hate that you are going to hate. Flags. Does a nice job today. On the Bruins he talks about third period with bags -- it's his personal little few -- he's probably gonna have problems you. No not at all. Laughter show one day slipped -- -- sponsored plan that would bother me. Laughs what -- as the -- -- -- he'd be slept all the holes I wasn't here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway talks about the fact the Bruins are almost unbeatable they are the best third period team in the National Hockey League. By -- 41 margin in the third period they outscored obviously the Canadians they've led the national hockey. -- -- plus 48. Third period goal differential now -- each. Of the boxes teach. As a great point I'll -- the third period and why should we not be able to do it in the other periods as well which takes us to Bell Centre tonight. And the fact that if they find themselves out like they were. To 31 Saturday building that building because it's of that building energy that building going to allow them back. He had pop the building especially when -- -- -- up all the right yeah. The crowd -- Well first woman. It hit it that would help him. It is there's so the bottom up building you know we're gonna play the old sixty in the crowd called -- -- -- there the greater does sound I'm. -- -- they thought I don't I don't think they drop that. Literally out for years and if it really makes a difference over how much difference it makes it -- to stick helpers. But the energy in the building I think you know we obviously cut off a lot you are building notebook are trying to do sameness. I don't know why I think this did see the picture right twittered out. Of the -- senator the day before yesterday and the caption was this place looks -- didn't look loud yes. Mean lights flashing people stand and waving towels going nuts and it's what 22000. Right yet blah what a good about a thousand -- and -- built on purpose like the Seattle. Football stadium the -- issue with. Noise and I do think it doesn't affect the play. It affects the -- does not I don't think the Bruins and maybe some rookie year it is some younger maybe it's intimidated out there and and somehow affects his play or maybe affects young -- -- bad goalie. Does think the real factor is a nervous official out there that -- Many calls are arbitrary many calls -- just know that that's in appearance in front of the net or not outlive us all -- -- and a friend that he and you feel like you get swept up in the emotion and they they're. Important I don't think important was calling out the officials when he says he's heard the crowd mic calls it happens you know it's just reality that. They react to the crowd one of two calls. And let's face it that's the only way Montreal can win. Right. And I think the third period thing that Hagerty writes on you've heard all about the Bruins say well why can we do in the first second period I think part of the reason they do -- author appears to beat teams now -- Right to -- it's it's really not that simply shop they're just do it there's a reason why it works in the third period. More in the first two. Let's talk to add up to their fitness level literally -- -- board talked about a couple weeks or write whatever was a week ago with us well. We guessed the butcher. Everyone raves about China or conditioning season. Incredible cycle list and he says this very fit guy. And he says he's not the only as a bunch of guys and when -- came here and surprised the level. It has to stand right. Teammates had and you see big strong guys who were in good shape. That matters at this time a year. -- -- seventh seventh and look where Roy Hibbert big strong guy not just you know gonna ask you can play well last night for you want from a point -- rebound. So that would do the same thing we did last night -- and didn't get. And then there's NBA all watched poised for a good movie if I -- -- I think I start to think that there's them that the clippers can sprinkle the necessary is this it could be America's team did struggle finally get that lowering. He's one of the Caribbean nice moment. At his sterling they can't keep you from the parade they'll show up. It goes right through one of this one -- yes I'm -- -- turbulence. Course he does the owner is the owner by the MB if you're suspended you get a ring guess I don't know Kirk checked as it was in. It it was not in evidence in sober statement about what he can do right can't be a practice facilities can't beat team functions. So this out addicts entering probably regret can't go rings -- all right guys formed a set off them I'll tell you know she'll be fashionably in the lead float out -- -- sing popular rock. Cut until he's going to be hard on whether it's the wrong with a former not. You're not. Now but I hate talk but the thunder -- -- too much form. You know one to watch -- them but I may have seen him enough and yeah I know they're knocking that one they lost my thunder lost by seventeen that wasn't even close right now won't -- when he was at the papers over the spurs they -- opposite yes someone else like disbursed. I'm telling the wizards again they're gonna beat Indiana like -- predicted in there and give Miami Elvis series wins the other awesome with the wizards go in the finals against the trailblazers Danny why not us had a painful worse why not us -- finally -- be Hester is back to it is correct after last night's game. Games. 52 playoff games have been played so far this year in the NBA first round in the last night as well. -- -- six road teams of one really it's that sounds about like this is what is out of 52 -- there's foreign oil on the road win was. That's incredible toughness that's mentally tough. -- -- Number it is impossible to do Hibbert did last it is that is hard to do yet third game in the post season has gone scoreless in peace and and rebound -- last night. Standing around the balls they have to fall right now I seven to go in nineteen minutes 1890 minutes and didn't in his hands and Reba. And we talked about -- talk about it. It's happening more aggressive. Mean has purchased one and I wrote is true I know -- -- just he's cries of an easy switch to flip. Trial -- make it 45 foul out I'll get some rebounds if -- played eighteen minutes last night and battery. A question oh yeah I mean Joseph -- six -- I would have if the is that yes 720. Reba is also hard to do meet -- You're not a -- -- half court and now you've got to get a basket generally was OK Peter underneath about it and the ball up you know he's not a he's Napoleon beer. All the thirty mr. basketball my observation is this a separate from -- just vehement dog. Is that this is no longer a center based leak hasn't been awhile. So when everybody says Ole miss if the -- is get an opportunity they should draft in MB and -- yeah I don't show when I. -- they don't affect the game -- cabin if you're good though he -- so I mean the thing about it was everything -- dominating center in the NBA right now that is leading their team that I promise land otherwise -- I think solar is not -- there as well but -- doesn't mean if Dwight Howard shows up on your doorstep you know take our show up on your doorstep -- Tommy's been to a final he's been all NBA player -- -- right -- mean if everything's equal. It doesn't matter senators don't affect outcomes like they used to it all acceptable picture yet there's no question I mean they're -- twenty years ago there are separate out 6667. Guys swing guy right schedule and try and shoot no Lester -- to rant and build the -- judo to Angus which should you know he's aware. Well now I think jewel and beat slips because he's hurt and he's a senator. And raw so I think those top 369. Went up real but you'll welcome to. Likes you on among among them with a top five. He sent free to sit there and I'll I'll get three spot top three. -- it will Wall Street five bucks a -- will be he will drop a lot he's got really good post game you'll see that for young Bellevue LaMont in the top top three I'll take up our chairman art. It's 177. 7937 -- waiting for Hillary usually -- to talk about -- am. And we come back -- pay off what I said in the trending now. -- to -- year. What Mary on a ribeiro. Set about Dustin Pedroia this is -- pissed off.

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