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Michel Therrien complains about Bruins' media games by complaining to the media 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

Poor Michel.

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-- thought we are endeavoring to get the sound because maybe it'll sound different when I hear it then when I read it. -- -- -- -- Basically took -- Julian to task and I did it when he had his media availability in Montreal today after their practice. After the game on Saturday. Quote was very blunt and said you know we put up a lot of crap. To get the win here tonight in like he he wasn't thrilled about the officiating got a bench minor for unsportsmanlike conduct -- was barking at the officials and we thought that the Canadians where ambulance and -- in and said sell without saying the Canadian specifically. And Michelle Terry and apparently had decided to. Respond back today and and had his own comments about load. So this whole thing could heat up beautifully right in doing great just in time but to love that Apollo that a lot of sports. What are really feels like what we -- have a series that you really don't want to and particularly get to a game seven like our game -- great but -- What you -- got to keep going for a a few more games because there's so many things that the play is at a high level there's so many things knew so many. Side stories going on that's what you want that's what Canadians Bruins it's supposed to be. Going into the series you expect so much hate yes thanks so much vitriol. There as much as I watered it may be this is gonna change Arnold I'll tell you -- to one of the things I think -- was talking about. The first Montreal power player of the afternoon. It was a hooking minor I think it was Kevin -- I forget who was down on the corner. And when you sought -- -- it was so obviously a dive on the part of I think Alexi Amylin. And you look at ego are you kidding me. And it's the sort of thing where the officials watch these videos as well by the way. They watched in between periods -- post game they watch them as well on their looking at it and I promise you when they -- data they were gonna say. You made us look like act. -- let let's go we've we've got the sound from our our boy Michelle this is what he had this afternoon. -- you -- on in French -- just speak to some of the comments coming out of Boston you know Carey Price they figured him I would tech coach -- about the officiating. And that being sort of partnership at a G. Where do you all remember last year. Suffice to kind of wait and do remember Russia more than anybody else. That you -- teammates from the same common when they won -- Stanley Cup Playoffs the final timing. And then the Chicago Blackhawks and talking about Carl Crawford. -- and that's part of a third of the way that they're thinking you know they tried to. I put pressure on anything regarding the -- the same thing would couldn T try to do you know he's not happy resolved -- that crap. Dubbed the little we know a lot of things have as far as -- concerned but do try to work and join us. Referees that's just custom we are going on that's not gonna change -- that's the way. And like to do their things. Through us you know we're not paying attention to -- -- -- -- and we don't know but we all know what to try to do have to doesn't affect. -- And going no the -- and well I'll -- I don't exact. Exact quote what I went on it and it ends -- that well I like it all that's great view Michelle thank Q. Let's keep it going. Let's play and not. This is what they do is probably. Saved that last year. I Corey Crawford went up and it got -- to call vote and they went with a lot of stuff to abide. Mean like. Like physically challenging your players and I like having them back away like babies is that what he's not a matter -- her and care who's right. Yeah I don't either I just want I don't I want more hate in this year's I want to and -- I put pressure on anything regarding the media's the same thing with low and try to do you know he's not happy -- all of that that crap. The hot tub together we -- a lot of things. -- was French call. -- -- that -- He was sort of doing a gesture like do you rate is now. The name. Of it was apart Belichick. You know snort. The shielded. I guess it is only gas that the folks in Montreal -- that the broke or to -- -- -- and I know what Bruins fans. -- thing that the unions are a bunch of divers in and publishers -- got this whole this whole. Group mentality here. I know for a -- The first power play Montreal on Saturday was -- latent. All people die there's no way -- look at say anything different there's no way he could try to justify we have soundly. And I promise you that the officials when they looked at the video after the games. I texas'. -- that -- between cigarettes that's you know he's not happy little -- that. -- a little bit at a rat pack says it was that Darth Vader. All -- here was breathing a. I -- and I got a perfect. -- good -- good for Michelle. The the Bruins were in transit when he made his comments. They were transcribed before they hit the runway in Montreal on just like just like me -- -- also paying attention -- that crop we don't know -- thing about it. It says here in Texas I literally have no white deal with the native code just sent a I heard enough of it I had heard about it -- was first time I got to actually hear it. That the -- Thank you Michelle thanks for adding a little spice to this whole thing. Now when they face off enough now that wouldn't -- we shall try to buy a call tomorrow night when it. New at all Matt woody doesn't about implode or Julian justice that's not what they do low. So that would that would be that would not be Michelle hoping to buy call tomorrow while Michelle -- senate they don't do sort of crap that get caught up that while that's as the brilliant part about it. Hey you don't do that panic. If there's. It's a character you know makes you are sympathetic and Switzerland and in in a good light with the officials. I give an example one of the things don't go it would just expected one of the things that I know upset the Bruins. Lars Eller snows Tuukka Rask. You know took his cup puck covered up -- -- So that of course brings a response by one of the Bruins and I forget who was promoting Campbell whoever won as they. -- -- -- -- Barry Petersen was just beside himself as he watched it he says okay beginning of group two minutes I understand that. But this whole thing was brought about because -- -- the goalie you give him four and you give group -- there's no way they can come out of this thing even. Based on one guy starting this whole thing one guy precipitating the whole thing and then getting the response that they knew they were gonna. -- but doesn't this come back on the on the flip side doesn't have come back to. The I thought tired narrative before the series but it kind of factors and now. To not retaliating not getting caught up. In some of their madness so this is what they do you know they're gonna do something to irritate you and they come in a number they come in a variety of ways. Sometimes is just is it could be flopping or it could be snowing the goalie. Whatever it is is it up to the Bruins not to respond to nonsense because. It's gonna hurt them more than -- -- Texas' dale wise snowing a goalie that. He's covering the puck he's down on hands in the -- covering the -- it's not like he can protect himself for defend himself. And and they're there sometimes when you're just trying to stop OK and I give it out that's not what Lars -- He -- the goal in you know intentionally. Bruce no in -- space area and it's it's it's you're just trying to get him off his game. You just try to desert rose -- -- rates it's an annoyance and all that stuff 6177797937. Jesse's in Concord hey Jesse. They got extra pick in the call after the first two games like that they omitted a week on the third period when we really struggled in the first two credible and I think a lot of that do not only you know Montreal. Little trips are flopping but as well as they've been really tough and our -- you know defensively we've got to really art I'm getting from the Blue Line to the -- Most first appeared on the -- you know what you got they were doing to do that lead -- -- with data you know kind of eliminate try and do better job of making sure preacher the first two periods are real doubters. Yeah I I mean if it in if it was as easy as just figuring out how to make them the first period like the third period believe me they'd do it. And I -- I don't have a simple answer for you if they had a simple answer they'd fix it. They actually came out fine in the first period. In game one. I don't game to -- I get the first goal you know they get the lead and then the second period the kind of fell apart a little bit and you know third period had a huge comeback it's just. I wish there was it a simple answer. I think that they at times let the Canadians get them off their game a little bit at times. Is it. They say I mean and and now Michelle Terry and gonna make it even easier and more fun. So tomorrow night when these two teams play in Montreal it's going to be even better. Will respond yes you -- you'd think so -- the play of the game Purdue. I don't respond that you have to think carpet though you -- a lot of guys know nobody will. Because they're both -- on the same thing. They're both -- -- deal with -- after he got -- knock it on the shelter for doing. He's trying to get calls routinely try to protect the team so they can play that they're trying to. Get their style recognize there's dollar player -- So he's famous. So the officials eagle at fifteen. Impose their will clothing if you want to do with the same thing you almost have to almost proper spot kick out. That's part of third do we that you're thinking you know they tried to. I put pressure on anything regarding the media's the same thing with low and tried you know he's not happy with all that that crap. Currently hat has several techsters set by the way ice chips in the eyes don't feel over a cup of when your snowing the goalie and you get in the face and ended up and feel very good. From Texas desert with both the either -- whiny beavis and divers. Well I'll say this they may both be whiners. But if it takes straight physical one on one match up the -- be very happy. They'd be thrilled if if you want to come play -- I'm putting my quotation fingers here like men. C'mon play like men will play like that. Canadians don't stand a chance if they try to play like. Like in the series dale like animal are you there are more and more and more every five games -- mr. Arnold -- -- probably not a fiber six -- -- The seventh -- -- I'm. What are your first gut instinct I don't know I probably won't be I'm not cheat I can't change. I mean I picked five I'll be right -- Iran. I did in the first series lost game one and and picked five and and prove to be right. This would probably gonna -- tough -- tougher although Michelle helping out professor at 177797937. AT&T -- minus 37937. Dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WE yeah. Spiky just speak to some of the comments coming out of Boston you know Carey Price they figured in my hotel -- -- about the officiating. And that that being sort of part of a shot -- G. Where do you remember last year. Suffice to kind of wait and do remember Russia more than anybody else. That. And then the Chicago Blackhawks and talking about Carl Crawford. X and that's part of third do we that you're thinking you know they tried to. I put pressure on anything regarding the media's the same thing with low -- -- you know he's not happy would all of that that crap. I thought they go to we -- a lot of things as far as we concerned but did try to influence. -- -- -- The the big question from the media member of the young lady in the media. Was -- about you know how they've salt Carey Price Doug Hamilton. When describing his goal sent. He's a butterfly goaltender. And so they go down and so you're better off if you can hit the upper half of the net. -- -- that's what is that we've sold care he said. It it it sounded like he was alluding to about what was saying wise and it's this way for little or why not do well all butterfly goaltenders they go down. On the ice and and they leave the top half of the net pre which is why the Bruins are always shooting. Up high. He's got the bottom half minute covered. He wasn't saying -- salt Carey Price cease talking about butterfly goaltenders in what's your best option shooting against them. It just I I well I love everything about this. -- -- he had been there. Which Doug Hamilton things we've heard about you know. I am not out no good. What you. Just nodded and just not enough with you can't get tourists waiting and shooting what all relate to hit every ball love it I want all of the you know I want everybody to be accused of things something that they didn't say. -- everybody sniped. At each other tires here. I I will say this and I know cloak was pretty upset about it. I can't remember the last time I side bench minor for unsportsmanlike conduct called against the coach and I'm in a Stanley Cup playoff game. I mean short of you know trucking sticks on the eyes aren't water bottles. What load did what yelled at me yelled bad words to what would lessen it must -- in Morton. -- close joked about it he said you know I I told him the refereed that I did not appreciate some of his calls in the game I mean. And how bad. But it really don't you think about all the coaches in the league. All the opinion data coaches in this league and all of them are are talking to a fair into the ref -- constantly. Talk to a constantly. So what could it have been in a playoff situation and shortly that a lot of things. Yet there's virtually nothing. I mean short of of you know bringing up the -- market and -- disputed. Patent dispute the penalty that -- -- -- -- and -- -- just they did you know let's be honest it's it's going to be pretty egregious. Call it bench minor. In a Stanley Cup playoff game because they -- bad -- to you mean. I'm. Tired about occupied referenda and Joey Crawford -- I wanna I wanna -- I think we can probably. Come up with -- a rough approximation. 6177797937. Kevin's in Medford take haven't. They -- I don't -- I'm good thing. Yeah it's want to actually go what you think about -- You have to growing and gaining you know command out those stupid penalties. You'd think -- first two games with a one a lot better. Thanks. Well I mean look it's it's easy to say they've got four of their goals -- on the power play to win each game. When the two teams are skating five on five it's not even close series. There was another situation there was in game one and I think it was the end of second period whenever wise it was game. After the final buzzer of the period. The Montreal player shot the pocket Tuukka Rask. And so Brad marsh and what -- game cross checked across the arms and they both got two minutes two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct. Two minutes for marsh and for cross check or whatever wise. But that's one of those it's like -- the goalie things that's one of those little into -- you don't shoot the puck. At the goalie after the final -- And it was -- one of those where you were in the middle of your wind up as the horn sounded things was a good second or two late. And it's just it's just that the Canadians like to play those little BS Ed games that's what a terror and other -- like to play those radicals of national shelter and Garcia. Yeah but -- -- get answers question I don't think the story of game line. Was lack of discipline by the pro -- the story of game one. Was not cashing -- in our price tons and tons of -- in Montreal cashing in all power that's -- -- -- truck accident but but but but the -- what was it fifty -- of the 51 shots yes well that was it actually got thrown out -- you want to -- that 51 shot. On goal. By the by the Bruins. And they weren't able to get all the things that were available to him I think that was it -- you you still think the Carey Price was amazing game one I don't wise and I had -- didn't think that. I thought you know even -- it was good it was very good. Well I think Morton -- with the brought that opportunities against -- and it didn't. It'd knock him down now because he was. He was Marty Brodeur in his -- Here's what Michelle Terry -- he knows that five on five is team doesn't stand which. They have no chance of winning this series five on five. He desperately needs more power play opportunities. He needs that to continue. So he thought cloak was work in the officials after the game Saturday so he's got to respond to that he's working the officials now he's trying to buy more calls. And especially. Us specially at home. And JY get out of el Sadr and -- thousand screaming. Rabid fans it's going to be crazy in the air. Now what -- what I'd love to see happen in all I'd love to see the first penalty call of the game be a diving penalty against the Canadians. They have to fight their way out of a building at that point the -- officials which is why I think the building sometimes does. Intimidate. Officials in some regards. Not that they -- -- every intimidated. It's it's if it's not allowed -- building in the NHL it's in the top two or three and and their rabid that you feel like they're right on top of via. You know they're not exactly shy about letting their feelings be known name they're they're tough up there. -- was -- it was a crazy question I don't know the answer to this in any sport. Officials get psychological test. It's not that that's actually -- really good question -- can do you do that war of an NFL we have a draft coming up this week finally. But -- -- -- back in June and kept moving this thing around but. In NFL draft we know anything pick wonderland they take these these lengthy psychological exam to see. Which are pro war you know what your what your tendencies are in and if you appear made for the culture of NFL. It seems backwards to me that. An umpire. And official. Referee. Whatever you want to call them that person. Is intimidated. By loud crowd of must put to death which you do Michael the human beings I mean yeah it's it's like someone who. Backer and like someone who talks in front of Michael Michael being intimidated by a microphone and happens. Lawyer you're talking in front of acute and vowed to long ball over you're talking improbably huge -- sometimes you get into David. Lou referees are human that happens happens that's what you're trying to do an epic its its interesting to bad that more often enough. I think most officials would say most of the good officials we'll look forward to. These are games that matter I also bet everybody look at me I'm used to really think about. All -- the the bad jokes. In the bad insults. That and experienced official has heard over the years. You're hurt you can pretty much hurt at all. -- made some glass apparent terrible that call. You'll -- Why don't you do this you're here at. Day after day. On good day they can't figure it needed to go to Montreal already that's what. Necessarily in I don't it's that it's just the natural. Human reaction it's like so many times I thought I went to -- -- tipped it to back up your point. So -- Montreal player goes down. And the crowd immediately starts agreement may be the official didn't really see it but he sort of slot and the arm goes up in the air. What's -- name I call all the time -- that same thing in the NBA Michael you've seen this where. Bought a home team drives the lane goes up to the basket. -- Gets hit maybe gets hit maybe gets hit a little bit. Crowd erupts all all within a half a second then all of a sudden you hear this. This late whistle well -- well -- -- minute but like just ended half a second or not we blow the whistle that's the intimidation. Are you get a -- you compare the National Hockey League you. -- you which has the worst officials and all sports I've been getting that and and that's that's the conversation for different day. -- over you've done well. Could it doesn't get it okay with year. Donald Sterling situation. Enough for your next project you fix this and -- pick -- not announces you know out by the way family NBA family friends. I've fired half of the -- Very. Yeah. That's -- on the -- I don't think there'd be any complaint from coaches or players. I mean the safer -- all the officials must have a union to answer yes oh baby -- open arms but listen I'm with you I. I think generally speaking the National Hockey League officials are really good I really do. I think that in this entire playoff run this year but that's really bad. I mean not just this series I just Bruins in -- and they've had some really bad. They are more than usual -- much more than I don't think this time last year we were talking about three or four different games different theories. Where the officials were the story in the wrong way and we done that this year already well we're -- in round two. It generally speaking it's that classic line if you don't know who they are they've done a great job you don't see them you don't hear them and you just ended their their part of the of the rink. Ball boy in in these playoffs and it really happened Saturday. Where I thought you know he went from not a whole lot of penalties being called in game one. Everything. Under the sun being called game to some of which probably should have been called how much of it is. They're afraid that. If they let stuff go something's gonna happen in a -- got -- and that again in the NBA. Being sucked in a little physical and they lose control the game they worried they're gonna lose control of this type series. Dexter says they'll stop being such a hypocritical homer. Saying the Canadians like to play head games which they do -- says that army and by implication saying the Bruins don't is a joke. It's the same crap as Bruins fans saying perhaps dive. They do says the Dexter but the Bruins don't they do stop being so one way open your rise. -- and I. -- several long parceled out as well written any -- who was well pretty good so all along yes the Bruins try to buy calls to. But the -- Play a more honest game and the Montreal Canadians -- I don't know they. I guarantee you they play a more honest what what what -- what that tell me what that means they don't go fly in to the ice the minute somebody comes near them they dive they don't -- as much. Nowhere near as much Michael. Not even close to was much. And that's not just Boston fans say Matt. That's fans all across the National Hockey League saying they die but not as often in all that the Canadians have made an art form. And credit they have where they've worked on their -- -- serious about that they're like that's about it when you cited talk about the B artist formerly known as -- I'm not given a lot of credit for that kind of -- time. Now I I I think most. NHL fans think that the Canadians. Deserve their reputation. And do the to the Bruins embellished course that every player every player does at some point or another. I think the Bruins play more honest game and the Canadians to the Bruins at least attempt to play. Even up you know shoulder to shoulder man to man type of thing having settled -- I did not think it's a -- did anything wrong. Avoiding getting truck by Shawn Thornton the other night. I didn't think that was an issue. Yeah you can talk about a more and more hottest game from the Bruins -- just to be could be completely fair about it. You hear that continued and you think back to round one. And I know it's hockey play in the old timers say it's no big deal but. Any time you're intensely do the what we call -- what we call that up Jack if you have a -- -- but got a couch. Or. The bag balls or whatever ball bag for -- For a new -- -- made a lot of stuff going on there that honest. Definitely absolutely. Nobody said I just and it has happened a few times of -- What would -- say two or three times I guess in his career some like that. But it's funny joke as you talked to guys who played in the league they laugh about now. -- basic might have happened all the time they must be made of brass. They're not all I ever matter to go like gold member nothing funny about it at all -- that says Dexter says Rangers fan. Canadians -- the biggest divers sense louganis. I mean fans around the league say this about the Canadians not just Bruins fans not just ruins media -- waited to hear the other thing that happened Saturday. A member of the Canadians media. Claimed that people stood and cheered in the press box when Riley Smith scored the go ahead goal. And members of the Bruins media immediately said we are all right here didn't happen didn't happen. Now what to do in -- around Jack. Jack was Jack Jack Jack was down on the third floor at that time he was not out on the ninth floor. Well policy from experiences suitable word and -- torched. Numbers eight. And the entire staff WFAN. Repressed and -- The game. As the throws them. And probably I don't blame them I just know that bit immediately somebody who was in the press box. Quoted the tweet right you know quoted at -- tweet and said I was here didn't happen. McCain -- approved by that like with the media. Media media time. Everything culture and culture her time. I wanted him back I get that sense -- -- a little little disappointing overall the things that. The players. Kind of respect. There's there's nobody. There's not a hard core rivalry between the players are wrong -- that. I think you're overstating it a little bit okay this it lightly Detroit hate just played. They have a lot of respect yeah I think I know Chicago in the final they had a lottery player out there they -- -- -- Andre is not saying that's going too far. Respect is also going too far. But I don't. You want there to be the whit whit Celtics lakers yankees Red Sox Canadians Bruins want that same thing -- players. The feel the same way you do. -- I don't get the sense that Bruins players that way about the Canadian by birth I do think they feel about how quickly and with guys who are we talking about here. Market -- one on separate Superman. Everybody. He and marsh and hate each. One of the few -- I've -- march and in play on the same team player on the they've known each other -- picked it but they had a fight I mean march and by march. But Ian in -- had a fight here two years ago. -- -- -- -- -- I don't. If they did -- -- other that he and that's one thing you know. To me ever tell me. I don't know when it comes to hockey. Don't know. I don't I don't I played junior hockey together and I -- you have to notice is required I will I will make it my life's mission to find out what you just feel awful. If Michael -- and you don't know on a -- -- those -- guys enough junior rocked -- -- it gets locked in that break and he -- it just. Freaks me -- like names of callers and what day of the week they called. You know four years ago when we talked. They've run the point made by you back in 2000 so it's it's all -- -- your. Not a bad for now -- -- -- that final drive coming up next.

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