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If Jon Lester keeps dealing like this, can the Red Sox afford him?

May 5, 2014|

We discuss Jon Lester's masterful pitching performance Saturday, and how the price tag to retain him is going up after every start like this for the Red Sox.

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Here's a team that's not an theories and a playoff series. You look at the Red Sox they almost had a great weekend. Almost a fantastic you know very close to sweep in the eighties. And that that lawsuit is that lost yesterday a bring him back to any kind of that they they didn't have a great weekend you think yesterday all of that. Well kind of kind of why and a tape like takes the it could have been need to say in need to be the best team in the American League basically get a lot of authority could have been -- -- Jackie Bradley junior minimal amount do well -- that -- that's why the inevitable if he's able to get bunt down the second thing is you want -- -- an effort to. Yes no why in the ninth I wanna hit and I want -- and the one out. I not retirement different different plays that I was talking about. In net in the bottom of the ninth inning what was that first and second nobody out. And I'm saying this is this is exactly what you want. This is exact and and for I'm not a big small ball guide the -- some of our listeners aren't some of our listeners want the the Red Sox to be bunting in the first inning and all that stuff. But that situation in the ninth that's exactly why you -- And didn't matter anyway. Strike out pop out thanks for common. If you liked this thing. -- like -- much -- -- about -- personality. And I personally about the team that team the performance of the team. I don't think. I don't think they're very good. Totally out of -- that I think they are they are they are good enough. Hang around in the American League -- all year. But for some reason it's not there it and that's when we can start with a couple of the reasons. Defensively. Their their shaky defensively. Hit that well. Shockingly the Boston Red Sox don't put our heart not a great hitting team and -- think that'll improve a match for the defense well and they have some inconsistency in the starting rotation although. One starter over the weekend with other -- Jon Lester was great. 1510 and that one guy -- guy you never worry about. And yesterday's guys don't want about it or about Lackey -- you -- worry about -- The other starter uncle was -- and -- like what's in what could reflect our old -- -- and all our long enough that Cynthia but what did you think about this team going because -- work with you guys the first week of the season and I kind of doctored this team. They were can be as good as last year remember I got the argument with -- you grammar -- -- Michael -- on the same side. We figured this team is not going to have the he gets in the -- it's in the clutch plays in the late comebacks. And all the things that made the 2013. Red Sox the 2013 Red Sox. I think you see that right right now threw thirty some -- game. Yeah I was gonna say you know what I think at the beginning of the season I was right around ninety. And and that's just because of in Dallas called the was called the World Series tax. Now you when that thing everybody starts thinking about promotional opportunities. Everybody. Is receiving out pats on the back and if not receiving a pattern of backe pat yourself on the back in their White House itself he's there all sorts of things going on when you the World Series. Champion tributes. It's not the same it's harder to get more about it yesterday and it's also -- but -- but -- and it's and it's I think what's. I think last year's team wanted -- -- last year's team was special and a great it was great that work. Let me. What what was not great about the 2013 Red Sox -- you know what's great about them. Was the expectations I have great expectations but in terms of what they did. I'm gonna contradict myself in saying that -- if you win the championship you're right OK that's fine when I think joke. Great teams that won a championship especially around here. In the last dozen years. I think the patriots in all four colonel five golds were great teams. The Celtics in the wanted to wait the Bruins team that won in 2011. Those were great teams I guess if you go on the hospice that if you win the championship you were great team and they were great team. I thought I -- very good team won on a great run you know Greg -- that apply that. All champions are great like get hot at the right time. So if you're the well say this is just 806 cardinals and 86 games and then back in the day the twins -- 845. Games. And they and they and they win the World Series fine. It just it just happened for you at the right -- sometimes you play in the weak division. When that we divisions you you just kind of steam -- to the post season but the Red Sox and it could division last year. Start to finish elite division. They were not pushed to the next to the limit in -- playoff -- they scored on runs. They're they're run differential was was special. They had. Odds were very strong pitching. Throughout the season and everything about them by every measure were great McCormack -- 617779. Spot and 793 wanna go on right you've got a great a great AT&T text line it's 379374. Of four coming up top of the hour. Our final drive at 545 gives us an opportunity -- back in May be -- think a thing -- 21. On second thought all of that upcoming -- on Sports Radio WE. Talk about Jon Lester performance on Saturday. In it's funny I. I happen to be in Tampa that night the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. As I was doing the Red Sox Tampa Bay Rays game with jail. And I watched it dominating performance by Josh back it'll one hitter was unbelievably good. Nobody boss that we'll ever know about it because it happened at the same night the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Jon Lester it's fifteen strike out one hit performance on Saturday runs the risk of being overshadowed because of the Bruins come from behind win over the Canadians. But every time he gets out there performs like that I think every one of those makes it less likely the Red Sox are going to be able to sign him. And more like these -- scroll -- wanna you know wanna make it realistic offer a problem let's go to free agency NC with the market will be there. Well I think the Red Sox consignment any number one I think the Red Sox have the ability to sign Jon Lester it's just a matter of we are putting a cap and and a sport that doesn't have a salary cap the -- also have to put his cap on themselves yeah. I think you have any they wanted to -- into a 150 million dollar contract. It's not gonna upset anything they won't have to. They won't have to rearrange their books to make sure. -- they can they can fit that salary. It you know on their I was getting it into their budget has -- that they could fit the salary to their budget. But every single every single time the Jon Lester comes out pictures well or pictures like this. You go back to the offer that the Red Sox made a few weeks ago in the off for the came out. And it makes it that much more. Embarrassing. Unique mix -- but that much more embarrassing to the Red Sox that they would do that. And that that would come the public well and if that negotiation. -- I -- -- -- how to negotiate for repeal. It for real thing leaked. I think -- unless your idea -- and a story that the rats are because Jon Lester sites it really it's longevity million over four years. How how realistic do you actually want to take this -- the agents come -- and like seven years -- 200. Of course it goes both ways so. If -- the Red Sox in seven million it's far -- lament we all agree on that. But I don't know what -- -- -- have never shot across from the Red Sox and and in negotiating with them so you know what they're negotiating style is I'm not sure maybe that's it. We got mentioned the hometown discount throw out some numbers that he might be stupid enough to take and see what happens he was not stupid he didn't take it. It's how I I totally disagree with you about that Michael -- it's not one of those what the heck let's just he is you know maybe he'll take it. If if what the the greater risk you run by doing that is you say the player I don't really watch all much be honest with I don't know I mean you know if -- take some stupid number but I'll take you. That's not getting -- is a dispute is not what I would do as evidence that I don't know what their style is -- not a possibility maybe they do it that way and you can recover from that very quickly if the players there's. Some BS I would never take that so. If you come back and you offer on cannot -- and some seventy million. That was that was low. How about 95. It's or not you're jumping up to a legitimate number can be -- To -- would it would have been a legitimate starting point. I don't picket -- that either by the way I've probably why even do why even do what white and do -- -- seventy million and run the risk of as you say. Insulting the player or getting him mad or getting in the turn the other way what would you even do that I open that door. All right and I haven't negotiated with the Red Sox but you've negotiated before as their permanent negotiation we weren't insulted. Of course you gonna be insulted even with a fair number that that the number that. They present to you. Even if they think it's fair you probably think it's a little bit too low everybody's insulted during negotiations but the bottom our leaders at their de grace of the insult about fighters. This one this will be a non factor will be non factor. Next year we're talking about the 2015. Boston Red Sox in the opening day starters got to be on -- John stir. Of course he's got to be on the team. -- I'm not going to be fooled by the early stages of what's going to be a fairly long negotiate. What if he -- and let's just play the game what if he had said to bench Harrington are we're ready to make counteroffer. Ten years 215. It's maybe they'll take it and it probably -- I don't know it would have been just as dumb as what the reds on in regards to district judge Jon Lester side. And you say if -- Jon Lester I go to them. It's the -- ten years to fifty that's down that's equally as dumb as seventeen million dollars a year. Sure -- great based on all the 222526. Million dollar pictures there are out there and that are out there it's just as dumb. Why would be down for Jon Lester asked for 25 million dollars a year like that not only ten years ten years for ten years I mean everybody knows that to get -- on any chance in the world. The Red Sox would give him an -- and I wouldn't want them to -- But but at the same way you and -- and Greg and everybody listening to what's new what's gonna take four years seventy million dollars except. You're right. Except for this. Everybody listening to us didn't know until Jon Lester. If if he if his side leaked the information. How is not productive to negotiation. Yeah yeah I think both sides have legitimate complaint if you're Jon Lester. You're you're you're upset with that offer. But it -- Red Sox and you try to negotiate in good faith. It with some privacy and the number gets out that will help with that. We haven't and negotiation here. I wanted to thoughts about privately now yeah I don't have and I still I don't like if I was Jon Lester Tate and I said I would say I thought we were having a negotiation to you obviously don't take it seriously is -- is that a good thing or a bad thing that we haven't heard anything since the good thing he's going to be here he wants to be here they want them here. They just want to get money to the soccer happened. He will be here and when it shifting gyms in Chelsea you're next on -- -- I agree with Michael I think -- -- the -- at the Panama during -- I'm Kirk Barton worked eleven to barbaric act. Led by the all -- in my -- and the the the -- appeal. And the oh or oh what are walking. I spent all that they're close to a door appeal Erica I'm. I like your -- got sources I mean I your sources are probably better mind Jim but. I I guess I would have preferred. -- nothing to amount to begin with right well okay but a -- but I'm only guessing which -- leaked it out -- you know I can't come up with a reason why the Red Sox went. I why I can't come up with a reason why others I would. Right you can't you know you can understand why Lester said what no because it if it was that bad that embarrassing of an offer that they were still ticked off that they said. Literally this is so that we have to. The -- yep but see this as an -- and I am -- very conservative when it comes to you. Talking about money. So. -- for professional athlete talking about money. Seven is still seven million dollars in so that PR maybe it's 2% of the population maybe of 10% of the population that state. Yeah -- seven million dollars is not all that embarrassing. -- don't want that converse. Finally what you bowed out of the feed my family ironically and certainly not I don't know what I'm saying it but I -- I I didn't get the sense that that many people were ticked off Jon Lester. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why. Say under -- -- camera from an adolescent it's it's it's it's apples and Dixie we know what we understand this it's it's a different world. For professional athletes have been -- as a hundred -- But if I'm if -- are we're protecting Jon Lester NASA does agents are supposed to do the best deal for him protect him protect his image. I would say all right I know. That I'm a little -- to -- user agent you're probably pissed off they're offering you seven million dollars but let's just keep that in perspective it's seven million dollars. So little leaked this in the media there's a segment of the population maybe it's in the minority segment of the population with sentences. Hey I take half of that money. I take 10% of that money in NB satisfied with that I just don't think it it it never is a great thing for an athlete to. To be at a position even have people describing. It insulting. Contract offer that in the millions. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number AT&T text line -- 37937. Are coming up for a for dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WEEI.

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