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Bruins even series with improbable 3rd period rush

May 5, 2014|

We discuss the Bruins win on Saturday, and how the rest of this series might play out.

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I'm beginning to think that if Europe Bruins span tenure at the TD garden watching game I don't care what the score doesn't care how much time is left don't leave. Don't golf. Because you just might miss something special you're not careful and it happened again on Saturday and it was funny too because while all this is going on half. Fast parade where I don't know that -- work and you know I can't really respond at all. Andean Gannon might act a -- lower house wonder how long that -- took my guess is that generates accurate it is an -- So you are tech's Michael do you remember. I don't recall you don't I don't know I don't I I don't know I must say I don't I have to say about Greg I do remember the had a good game I don't know what you talked the last I saw from Michael on Saturday it's Saturday I'm not getting said quote. Oh never mind that. It was one of those situations. Some of those. Knows what the panic -- on -- words. OK and happy this again and that here's here's the great thing the great thing about the Bruins in the -- and the bronze to your point. -- You've seen this from them before in ten. Multiple post season so one post season. They're down Witt sued a Montreal they lose two games at home just like it looked. They're going in that direction on Saturday and they came back to win the series in seven games and when gimmick up. -- then last year you see him down by three goals with ten minutes to play. Affect their season is over to come back to win and they go to the Stanley Cup final. So on Saturday. The -- about to go around that -- again. Michael I was with the in the third in the third period I was with liked it -- it took them eight minutes and 29 seconds to get their per shot on goal and they're down 31 in the third. And Montreal is smothering them I mean they can't get out of their own and if they do get the center writes that can't get it into the offensive zone. Eight minutes and 29 seconds to get their shot -- I that they were dead in the water other that would -- in the -- Despite. All the they've done and all the comebacks that they've had Michael. You mentioned there's a certain segment of the population who says. Ought to be pissed off for the Bruins. Even if they're up to all ministers are still going to be panicked and -- it because I think the sky is falling all the time. And then there's the certain segment of the population like me you just gotta sit back access. Too often. Rain often. Three games -- all at a series. We got gas seasick Jake Ben there done that. Your recent convert to that kind of thinking I -- -- Boy -- got -- 01 changed your hope for which 1040404. Let that happen and hope for anything it's not able to. That was -- that was already but anything is possible at all for that everything was possible and I'll wait. But it's because there -- because got specific team has done it a number of times because they come back when they're down tool and headed out. And you look at and you look at the game to. Okay. That game line. And in you know since it was such an early start is kind of thinking about game one like they lose. They lose games so many opportunities. And they couldn't cash in and then you're looking at game two the first two and a half period. Two and a quarter periods of game two and it what's happening. Like Bible Belt and air what's happening here parent but I had gotten there or not. That much better than that -- -- not better in the room why aren't the Bruins getting the opportunities that. Arctic -- finishing these opportunities. And then. And the second. In a second that the whole thing turn up. Every tool you felt like okay. There's a chance three -- but they're gonna win again some other. But I thought that game one when they tied it up when I went one up game and and we're headed for overtime I thought the exact same thing. I'm not okay are right now they tied this thing they'll they'll find a way to put away. Look I I think from the Canadians perspective there a couple of things going on here. One he has bacon bacon played -- shut down defense in sports they can't do for sixty minutes. They're not physically capable of doing it for an entire game the Bruins have built their entire franchise around doing it for sixty minutes. The Canadians have have to -- you know hope that it works out for awhile hope that it could goaltending for awhile. For all of those folks after game one who were convinced that Carey Price was better than than Tuukka Rask did they still feel the same way after game. Because if I thought Tuukka Rask should've stopped tool before he gave up in game one I thought Carey Price should stop a couple of. Once he gave up game in game two are we talking about -- what we thought before. The whole game changed in the in the series changed in the other direction what did you think. Two and a quarter periods down three don't want what you think it of Tuukka Rask at that moment. It was hard for me to blame him for two -- time I was really upset it has defects. You know there there's no way in the world you can let Thomas Manning be alone in front of two grass NB a position to tip those. Are on to a place like manic scored both of his power play goals if you're lucky the pockets. If you're not lucky you don't have a chance there there's no way you can react in not a lot of time at that distance on re direct. So I really didn't blame took as much as I did the bruins' defense in front without do you think that. Most people worship the same sentiment as you probably -- because I think they arrest would be public enemy number yeah that's what if they're not coming academic Saturday but they'd be wrong I mean you gotta be somewhat realistic you have to -- parks redirected in front of him. Danica is two feet away when he when he tips them what do you expect. Details but if if Greg league I I agree -- hear the details almost don't matter when you go down to. It's not like it's like yeah this is the Fresno winning or share you know as the winning goalie he's gonna stop everything and you -- it'll play I don't look at all of the public and all of the specifics when -- down zipped through ought to look at is adamant we have two games. The goalies in game one that he saw it said. As you suck -- Then they lose game two I got to get somebody to blame yet he would have been he would have been way up they're just as. And I still to this day has some very strange as you know DO. And great spoken you know disrupt you got stuff going on -- in one I don't know yet you don't -- a hot yeah. I don't have to -- a strange opinions through -- like how Marty Schottenheimer is actually underrated not overrated and -- and and also. -- the three zip when the Bruins when they blew that threes that but I lead. Philadelphia. That's the case of the details matter. -- really didn't blow a reasonably they blew it but they didn't really blow it wasn't as disastrous it as egregious as people think. But we who cares about the deep you'll all call when it's. All anybody thinks about it you're up threes at. You lost four straight games Europe three zip in game seven and you lost to go back and look at. The mechanics of the series how the games were close for one in the first three and now. The injuries started taker told on the Bruins and the flyers start to become healthier. It makes all the sense in the world that it became a competitive eaters but I digress. Greg is absolutely right. If that game had it stay that stay that course. We have ramming that conversation and they were going in on Tuukka -- Or asking about Jack Johnson. -- when -- on that debt on our. Oh yeah why not at all I I think where we're more discussing Tim Thomas was saying while he was supposed to be. Tim Thomas he was supposed to be the guy who could carry this team during the regular season. And then carry them into the postseason and people would say he's -- Tim Thomas judge Johnson. I think people are. At least Smart enough to realize that. It can -- becoming coming in again. That yours is that a big win against Montero has me yes. Big winner to him when we value. This year it went. Revision in April I never -- -- I remember. That are happening -- always go up -- what's so fascinating now. About the series. Going into game theory is that both teams can look at it and be very excited. About where they are known the Bruins -- one -- game and how Canadians were playing at a practice yesterday. -- went -- and we could easily be up 20. We're going back home by the way they could easily be down to get it to get it on it and it says -- right to be up 20. We're going back we got home ice were feeling good about this. We you know we're familiar with the -- went -- -- well in the regular season we played well in this series so far in the Berwick that we can easily be -- zipped through. We've had tons of opportunities. Against the Canadians Carey Price is not a mystery to us anymore. Guys ready Hamilton we got a right where we want. No I don't know who's who's right or wrong support part I think. I think we're looking -- And I know you said initially five which sounded stupid after the first. Well did you feel better now you're back in the game you stick to what Hillary is mathematically stone again. I don't yet know why it's theoretically possible yes -- -- -- sweep Montreal or the -- -- -- Theoretically possible I don't know -- it after it brought up four power play goals Leo about. I'd I'd I'd like you said after game one the chances of them winning and I'm pretty slim now I know they did -- last round. This is a better team in Detroit. From injuries in and a lot of different factors. And winning four straight against this Canadian steam is not a likely scenario. So no after they lost game one I was thinking you know it's a very good that they're gonna win five. A certain sick part of me all routes for game six win. Just to see but it would be like at the Bell -- Just as the with the folks up there would be like if the Bruins ended the season up there. And Canadian season opener. -- now we've we've heard that sound -- by Jack Edwards and now Montreal goals this late. Quiet. League against the war and got a better chance in this series ending in five dead in seven. I want well I watch I watch much bigger -- Montreal team. Not only way bind with -- says he's right are they a better team. Very in the Detroit Red Wings of a different team yes yes they are I still don't walk away after two games and say. It's impossible to beat this team -- and nearly upon us pretty busy corner -- a lot of her and -- Why she is -- a vastly superior hockey team the Bruins. I thought that before this series started I thought they were vastly superior but. You said you look at a Montreal and -- team that blows your way you're not supposed to sit. The Bruins are supposed to be the team that blows away the better question -- have you with the Bruins and these first two games instead. Okay this is the team I saw all year long they are playing to their level right now there. Tied 11 they have played their best hockey. I expect him to play -- for what I don't matter I expect them to play much better hockey I'm not sure how much better Montreal's top -- -- as -- look -- there's a subplot to the Bruins. First couple games are now. Which show fans didn't know about until today. And and now we find out. After it's all for to their credit nobody was saying anything at the time nobody was -- anything at the time. We find out that to commit at a few other things on his mind Thursday night. When he's playing game one. Is a long time girlfriend. Always do -- their first child was due Friday. And now apparently according to Chad Johnson or even some discussions between Tuukka. And the coaching staff and Chad Johnson about being ready. Perhaps having to play. You know who knows what's gonna happen if I'm gonna have to leave I'm gonna have to miss the game so they had talked with Johnson about that. Now you could make the argument that he should have been justice distracted Saturday. And he didn't seem to -- Day they welcomed their baby daughter into the world yesterday. While Sunday Sunday. Slash Monday morning I don't know what -- Don't worry he's the good thing for them but the days that I -- if it's all a blur that like what -- -- Saturday radical when that happens let replica. Let like 27 our motto is -- I was -- the baby right -- did happen that would metric. That would be that would be an interesting conversation he said Chad Johnson be ready. How would that play with the the team would have been -- but that if you missed the playoff -- I think the team was on board with -- I -- the -- -- essence of the world wouldn't -- -- well -- stepped away from about probably the -- -- -- if you are -- to his credit -- I don't know what -- -- and and an. I know what you think you probably went home that's up to your wife and she's had argued that I -- -- -- you thought you were talking like that off the is that I don't -- actions on and on and correct and you brought up my name you use my email address especially well what did not a our -- try that again I'm Joseph Flacco goes to the same thing. A couple of years ago when the and I -- playoffs. What their situation where a lot of people I know but there Flacco for some reason sticks out in my mind and it was in the playoffs we aren't. Have one of those two -- that -- peanut Tillman. The same thing he talked about I may miss the game was a big game for the bears and I think it became a moot point. I didn't have to miss the game so. On his team to tell me on the team would have been fine with it. I I absolutely believe and I haven't asked anybody haven't talked to anybody since it came out about that the discussing -- -- -- Probably fifty. And -- it out and stay right out of our government would I would Bruins fans open does that that won't Neanderthal not. Beautiful -- for the Neanderthal man. In general. He's gone up hey it's. Can't expect you don't know I don't expect I don't think it's the -- it got part of it that's that's probably 20% it's not playoffs you have to play this as which gets set up for it to the others -- percent. It is my god might back documentary that there may. I expect in the play on having a baby at this. And that's where governor from what do you -- you where would there be another portion of the population out there saying. -- never beat the Canadians at the garden anyway plight. I don't know that I -- Outlook I don't think we're a society wherever -- like I -- back from work. And I prepare. It to be in the deliverer. As as a society we a little more enlightened about this now and our outlook on the novel on the stroller because they are gifted people use sports. Is such a diversion on light from people wanna think that. Their athletes are always there in the athletes are always going to be there and they're not playing the game and winning the game is forced -- them. I don't look at it but I. I guess most of the folks who would be strident. On that side of the argument. I'm guessing don't have kids probably no I don't -- where we talk we talk about the -- situation and -- did back -- moment. Did Babcock by the way Barack said Atlanta got a text from his wife and I don't talk crazy talk. Though he's accurate. -- -- -- It's called -- -- and having people. There there's an element out there or there's a segment that they were. They feel that delivering his four for women. The father should be their for a second and get back to where women work as Arnold generation up there who still says. I smoke my cigar passed them out Matt's night went back to work there's still that segment of the population. What you said before that bill was right or you will add to it at least in my mind. Before I had a -- I probably would would've been on the other side. I've flops you have a -- -- -- bullets I was I was ten years -- what do media I was back right I'm never warmest months on. Does that you mentioned past cigar I got to happen the kids or I never did that. And ever pass from cigar when I got them ritual wanna do so. Up on another kid just like it passed out and the guard gets look at Michael are you wanna share last year I have the support -- have the support what -- So what can I yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. And edit the land of -- to -- my. It's because you perhaps I didn't know didn't. I passed out but I didn't pass editors are traditionally -- do you watch although movies those guys -- there outside of the of the deliberately by the way. In the old movies they were never in. Pacing back and work outside. The boy. -- cigar. Not for everybody it was. That I saw on TV in black and white was the exact opposite one I saw a deliberate about it I took it is -- saudis on TV. Look like already told me this look what we're gonna happen here. While impressed. I I I think that there are times when when folks listen to listen may -- don't listen to us -- our. Don't know it's it's OK all there's a couple of things -- of what I said after game one. Just some people got what I said right I said Montreal and for general -- and our congress we -- -- that's -- after game one was that carried. Price was other worldly in that and that's. At 51 saves the -- -- 98 shot attempts. You know 51 of a manned up on uncle. Now I also said and I maintain. Tuukka Rask is a better goaltender in Carey Price. Is. Price was great game one. And at one final thing and and again baskets back the deal listen. When we were here on Friday. Talking about the the racist tweets. Member we sang and we were sitting here talking -- at -- and I looked at somebody's one guy was from Texas when I was from Ontario. And it didn't seem to be a whole lot going on here and I also said this isn't ruins fans who were doing this this these are nit wits who were doing -- You know -- and not the -- it can't be nit wits but the the group that we were talking about. It turns out that according to some of the research that's been done it was a small group of hopes and Shaughnessy had the perfect phrase for -- like the guys who write in the bathroom wall. These guys for her organized right now the bathroom wall which is exactly what we set on Friday. Indian I went through the trouble of looking look at some of these got a whole bunch of them had -- deleted Derek counts ought to ought not take anymore this week I'm out of here. Some of Woodstock wouldn't. As we said one was in Texas won was in Ontario. I can remember where all the other -- orbit. While we sent out Friday. Now all of a sudden today it's becoming news because somebody Yeltsin evidently has looked into as well. These court. -- hands. Or maybe some more liberty were just -- experience with issues that you can't you can't pick. Who chooses to be a fan of -- may view that you think about all the team. And Bruins Canadians. Health Celtics lakers Steelers patriots. All the teams in the organizations they say -- this is not what we stand for but it could be somebody who. Somebody who like your uniform somebody who likes a player on your team. And and and they may be -- a hole maybe there's somebody right on about it they may be are racists they're reading your team so I guess technically. There -- Bruins fan. Who happens to be racist in here do anything about. What's that there arsenal can condemn them publicly which the -- went well and as we also pointed out on Friday. The guy in downtown Montreal. Who claimed that the and word trended in Boston Thursday night. Contacted Twitter. -- didn't which is what we set on Friday he was wrong. I'm not gonna say he lied. Technically Agassi and I don't know what his reasons work he even said well you know based on what I was seeing unit in and he actually said that the N word trended in the city of Boston Thursday night. It was a lot. It never happened it wasn't true. And I and could to even envision a scenario where it. You know in the lower left hand corner of your Twitter page that. Hash tag and work showed up is trending in Boston I know were part of the media do you think purely you think the media is partially to blame but this story. Yeah the reason I say that -- because I flip on 45725. And everybody -- with the store. Everybody led with that particular story I think they blew up more than they needed to well I had with -- we brought that up on Friday as well. Yes it's a it's an interest in conversation we can talk about it on the other side but I will say I -- one scenario. Actually the inward -- -- and you know Donald sterling and clarify. -- So it does not on the court exactly whether recorder. Right edit how thin column man it's -- it's just your hair she sure helped herself out that Barbara Walters interviewed NG. In any doubts about beat those doubts are now -- it into the interview with the mask on disappointment but you watch out she walked out the Mets got 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text minus 37937. It's dale and -- Greg Dickerson in the house a whole bunch more come around Sports Radio WE yeah. You know we've been in that situation before. Players in the NHL and hockey it's happened happened everybody decided respond. I thought we stayed positive but just you know things in Norway we got to stick stick to the plans that focus. Montreal Canadiens defenseman PK -- who was involved in. The other controversial play in Saturday's game now I've never played the game at any sort of level at all I've only observed it for years so. This is one it's always confused I'm surprised to hear that and I know shocking right got a look at not that -- drafting young offense -- all my teeth. Here's the part that just completely baffles me because I've looked at the plate. Ten times now. -- case in -- is down on one knee literally on one anti dumping the puck into the offensive then from one. When -- important comes charging towards him. So bond who was already down on one he didn't go down in front of he's down on one knee when he starts. Heard of him crashes rather awkwardly into the boards between the benches right there in front of Pierre McGuire. And I thought season I mean when I watched it I thought his season's done and they helped him off the ice could put any weight on the right leg at all. I was. Is he supposed to get up and and challenged Morton and and and it smoked. He's already down on the -- to begin with and -- the the outrage that I heard from Bruins fans about about -- -- Come on take it like a -- go shoulder to shoulder not to his credit Orton is on this morning with the NC. And he said he has -- had a chance to look at it any feels differently about at the needed -- -- laurels. Wasn't brewer wants players are the same thing from players and and hockey journalist saying. What she'd call what do what do cheap decision by. All right you get parity more I was like get out of the way. Out of the way. I'm surprised but you guys and surprising but a return of the game I wish -- -- in your back and I don't think that the Bruins got an emotional lift from. You know he's he's obviously not one of the stars of the team but he's an important part of the team he's part of leadership group. He he has more clout in that dressing room and a so called fourth line player has. When he came back out of the runway onto the ice and interestingly enough line right up against the boards by PK Sudan. Which was going crazy. And I do think the Bruins got an emotional lift from his return. The next base pop -- and that kind of -- also all what -- what -- -- -- -- -- -- up beside him proposals I watched the replay. In my had to pick it looked a little bit different. I know you don't -- it up and try to get away but. Caspian Iqbal -- way but at what. It didn't. It look as bad as there. One might guess that. Now he he was referring because after the game on Saturday he said you know mark -- meaning Brad -- got suspended five games for doing. That totally different player and I think that's what Sean is talking about there you know it's different than the other -- -- he would specifically refer to Brad marsh and suspended for five games because he went low on Sammy -- Vancouver this didn't even approximate that. -- with -- -- you trade chart for cement street right now I'm from during the series and nobody -- if the Bruins GML. After the series let's say the that the Bruins win the cup. Abroad with a cup this year. And after it's over you have an opportunity betrayed Chara pursuit and you're into it. Now the only reason you do I would consider it is H by -- that's my point is you'd say all well look at how much younger he has. -- Zdeno Chara is one of the two were three best defenseman in the national hockey PK Sudan -- in the top ten defense. He has great offensive skills he won the Norris trophy because of his offensive skills not his defense. A lot of the times he's not on on the ice when his team protecting a lead the last minute that today in a -- never leaves the race. Defenseman. Again quotation fingers defenseman. So -- can't carry Chara jock in now. I think -- set the look at and figure out how many more years of my blog I had all the closer -- trio Charl we looked at this. Talk about this somewhere. -- a year or so ago would you trade Tom Brady in his hypothetical obviously. Tom Brady the quarterback. In Indianapolis. By -- Andrew Andrew Luck thank you. Which would you make that -- swallowed you'd you'd trade for luck because he's so much younger but Brady's. Many more years is Brady have left is it to exit of four of 500. More years does. -- out there yet at the top lines at -- -- is -- of the Tom Brady of the Bruins I would say that he's not Tom Brady at the Bruins but -- -- it's either I like playing into the same situation their best player there's one and one day he and Bergeron. That you have to look at him about one B and once I got says nobody has urged Iran Tuukka and you applicants are. It's over the other the other guys are under thirty Chara well past thirty. And 24 years old and have a happy they peak coming up next. -- -- -- A week from tomorrow will be 25. I've always said that. Now he would also drive them crazy. As he does his own coach Michel -- and who was benched him at times because he -- come off the ice when he stalled. He takes unnecessary chances at times he's too concerned with -- offensive numbers and not -- up with his -- end of the ice. Is -- coach benched him earlier in the year for things like that. But province fans with eleven if war broke into reform they would. He'd be wildly popular in this -- these flamboyant. Outspoken. He takes chances. It is like -- crew but with you know thirty extra pounds on some. And let it rip away we go you know and and fans love that sort of thing that that's wash Butler mentality Zdeno Chara isn't that. Yeah I guess with Good Charlotte to mean you know this government we would bill you look at. Defensive a true defensive defenseman. -- in the NHL and in the Zdeno Chara is certainly that you look at those guys. Hockey hardcore hockey fans can appreciate just how great they are and what they're bringing to the table and how they make things easier for everybody else and make a goaltender. Look better than he actually is. But here you're you're casual fans. -- OK with that choice between defensive defenseman. And a guy like Carlson. Metallica Superman you know you'll go -- if but Duncan -- you'll go what the guy Hiawatha -- yeah aren't you go to the guys who can score. So I think that's part of it too. Maybe at a coach most coaches would say yeah -- all day most fans with states to ban. Most general managers. When the cancer so the guys are only going to be 25. As they coach Arnie as it. They probably wouldn't. They probably what does that build -- team that we don't why don't team. What the Bruins have done is. Is it's pretty impressive. The kind of team that they are. But it's not like you've got you've you've got to run of copycat. Opponents. In NATO. Bruins. Three or four. Blackhawks play like him. But you know the sharks that got eliminated the sharks don't play like -- you -- PK Sudan's best plus minus years in the national -- For advancement. I still love this. Well and you hated obviously because -- blow your argument here -- are hated because. You. Go with guys like cancel the old. I've said yeah yeah L artists like yeah you gotta think -- insulted but I am not at all. Failures such a -- hockey in election. You or are you regularly. I'm -- up together our panel of Smart hockey people when -- listen to have a big event. 56000 seat arena. Auditorium I guess with 6000 feet which can discuss hockey. Would be the promoter Don king of put it together on that panel. -- -- so easy on that penalty down below and I thought our entire convoy is this weekend of the fight over the headlines Floyd -- -- them anyway. I would think not a up at a hockey hockey intellectuals today are. There's a better way of determining effectiveness that's my only argument plus minus. It's fine. I think gives a better way to determining market metrics how effective the guy is but that's what -- and you want to pretty easy and I don't know what it is deceptive. Why because if you're on a bad team. If you're on which which. Jason I'm not but just in general -- about Kenya. Plus minus does not always the start of -- -- plus minus -- not always tell the complete story for more a more rural metric that's. Here's here's the thing that -- -- That -- I don't know our op -- you've got worse -- all you've done a lot lower at 3 o'clock hour not another attempted to complete. Ignore the number I'm gonna get PK Sudan's best year in the national hockey ever is a plus twelve. Plus twelve is the best he's ever done Zdeno Chara -- with a plus 25. His best year reverend the National Hockey League he's been plus 33 plus 33 plus thirty plus 29. PK Sudan is is it and and by the -- this year 82 games in the national hockey. PK Sudan was a minus four. This series is a line this series Michael he's got four point city looks everything's great he's a minus to win this. Bring -- coat with which. Guys they were so he all well I can't get deeper than where it's. But now you would think in this system. Playing for this -- It will be better. Quote and quote I think he'd make it make it close level -- -- -- yes so. Playing and you don't think Michelle. Michelle parent -- me. Is -- -- -- is very pretty yeah oh yeah so. What you think that a defenseman. Playing for close. Would improve dramatically -- like it ought to Charlotte the Charlotte the great player before game here. That he took a step down player for a day. That quote came in. It brought out the best shall product a product the -- of -- -- which could -- band play in this type system and drive. Sure -- with the quarterly except that I guess one -- and nobody except. The play that kind of moral -- that you can't play in the system and Lance. Now we're not talking about top four pairing guys. -- Crowe plays defense in this system now he's not that the -- And he's not a -- does speak it's about oh. You put PK in the system -- Does that prepare for somebody who has more defensive mind. I just wanna look at the two they're not even close for me. PK -- you know has these unbelievable offensive instincts although interestingly enough this year he wasn't even close to Zdeno Chara in those categories either. The work of art and I'm just don't birthday is next -- in bulk and happy -- and actually today 4545. So much to -- and and like I said the only argument you can make for me is respect he's going to be 25 next. Because there's nobody -- watches these two guys play. Outside of Montreal. Was gonna tell you they take. That's exactly my -- captain RC. First -- hey let's get to the call to you guys 6177797937. The AT&T -- -- 37937. All these folks who were all excited about Will Smith signing with the patriots. Not the guy who was in the independence they just a you know -- -- one. To -- will Smith and are you sure as Michael said he might -- Trading aren't any good -- a -- class the patriots aren't all have a victory for a guy's gonna get ready so well I can see him going in the rotation and -- on the defensive line that they aren't receivers all out right there that's a spirited and June 27. Release day. He may make -- into the it'd be that big history people probably feel a bit of money the vote will be passed because all of their favorite I don't know if the guys through ultimately must've already passed the physical ride it takes a kind of doubt -- What if they announced they sign him if there if he were guard. They had a whole lot of signing guards. And a guard would try to do the do the run thing you know I've. I just want to play this game or the guy they sent a couple of years ago on onslaught on his name from Cincinnati who apparently passed the physical. Ben was released August of the paper is a big deal that's right that you don't want to you don't aren't I'd like typical it is but. He passed the physical and they got chucked out of them. Well as what might happen to it but it's difficult to -- 6177797937. Dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WEEI. Activists that that you did I think. I was out. The bucket spirited citizen of America though the way they get -- -- -- -- himself in a very wards between the since he instilled it -- you got the waves are coming and I think it's important inserted them. Particularly coming I usually trying to pick it. Shall we -- -- not a lawyer. Anything to lower body and appear on the football. It's just. Lot of stuff can happen now they're a little bigger so. He got away away almost. I think dropping down. Just stick to create a lot of problems for somebody. The initial call was Montreal radio the English language Montreal radio game on Saturday. Don't think he can get out of the way he was on the ice at the time he was down -- one knee. When he dumped the puck into the zone and and to his credit Sean also said during the interview this morning with DNC he has sense had a chance to look at it it didn't look the same. As what he remembered him luck is get these crashing headfirst into the boards I can see were maybe your mind would -- little hazy on how I you got there. I don't mind you know in a heartbeat telling -- takes it in a -- over. Case event for that -- is this. Is this series what you guys expected the field. I'm I've -- -- you know 11 or what you expect the growth -- up to -- expect Montreal to be up -- -- whatever. The way of the games have been played the first two games is it what you expect. Now now warming up the Bruins are playing as well. First part of the credit goes to Montreal by the way I never wanna take credit away from them they're playing very well defensively in sports as well. They had the Bruins completely bottled up in the neutral zone. About a period and a half on Saturday Bruins couldn't even think about getting the puck into the offensive and the could get through the neutral zone. And then when it started to happen. That Montreal defense started decay of the physical pressure that the Bruins bring to bear does where a team down. Emotionally and physically in you only get hit so many times by mile Lucci to rethink it maybe if I just get rid of the puck sooner. You know maybe if I I don't hold it here in the corner and I just get rid of it. You can't -- and it's an interference minor. We start to see guys it's not that they're afraid it's not that their chicken it's like this guy is hounded me year. I can get rid of its owner and you starts in mystic. Guys that you know have a gambling problem -- accurate. Aren't even trying to work Cutler -- a little bit but before that I didn't put on the wrong with -- -- I have 12 and I'm right there with you -- it's OK okay you're more moderate Democrats talk a -- exchange information that they think that will be like at a guy in Dorchester yeah definitely. I know him. But I've felt like. It before game one. Open and meets at 54. Like high scoring. And a high scoring kind of get you but you look at the and it wasn't 54 but it was it was a high scoring high score -- up to commit any of them higher fidelity cash and and in the second game a lot of more goals. In May be some folks it's expected. Now we've seen series turn. Right in the middle. First couple games first three games the click -- a high scoring series all the sudden. Teams make adjustments to each other and now which she won it it's. It's. One zip. In some cases. A spokesman at least at this can be -- this has got to continue now that happens. If this is me a lot of four threes five fours. Who's your -- go to Montreal or Boston. Boston still better offensively in the Canadian and sort through Montreal scores are deeper what. On the power play mostly in -- in all -- they're doing so far five on five they're being dominated by now. Here's a bulletin for the Bruins they fell out of the penalty box because if you give them power play chances. Now they came in this series tool for their previous 36 you'd say apple care they were slaughtered on the power play out well. There are a lot better in that in this series let's get the calls Johnston Rhode Island you're up first on dale and Holley. Eight -- holiday Q what's gone Teddy you know. That I -- soup on chart to the armed -- I -- -- -- dumped onto -- -- I think the guys absolutely can't aspect I mean. He's probably at that Peter. You're skeeter and National Hockey League and the so strong. The lady Hillary crosses over it inside and outside edges and he's the guy is so smooth. But when you compare to debate should be -- Like usually no comparison I mean. I think you make him seem like a lot of people make music I RT kinda -- -- -- away -- -- offensive -- pretty good. Look at this career numbers and I think it was 12. Technical goal here. 4045 point again I mean he's pretty good offensively on right. -- yeah I mean -- -- John had I probably haven't met in this format analysts say even this this great debt per deals like it when the argument. You know. I thought they put out the corn based on the age difference they are -- twelve years apart so if you didn't get a guy who is already as you said. -- dynamic player in hockey -- twelve years younger. And Zdeno -- and I -- giving you a cup right now iPad iPad and throw this out to dale to make it. A tougher decision that you want now you've got tool Stanley cups in the Zdeno -- -- and he'll be 38 next year. Do you now say all right thanks a lot. For giving us the hardware. We're gonna try and -- -- and I can't make our next to run with the guy was 25 -- happen of course departure wouldn't do it put. If you had that scenario would do with it. As the Bruins and I would launch. Heat seeking to ban in an -- and prudence are you form. You don't treat -- form an you talk yet again the pomp comic appeal to bet you don't want to. -- bet that. Not really now I used to but not -- Yet generally in the NHL. Guilty to the defense and made about sensibility guys like Brian Souter or seeing Weber. Or out to be antelope over the -- and generic calls into the world any day of the week. Even though there's a third and fourteen year age difference. Even with that kind of age difference. The knowledge and I'm talking about maybe. It is true that 2000 and should eat any Chelsea and you think to be a trial obviously. If you're looking at five year window we are and neither are. That's what Michael's run up jargon that we don't think the world's gonna end through constant threat. Sort of a -- about. And got a 1056177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. Coming up on our final drive it 545. Today. On second thought an opportunity pressed the back over something we may have believed at the time. But information may have changed our opinions. I have a third spot because I think that's where we're headed today.

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