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Daily Diamond 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

Mut and Lou discuss some abysmal offensive statistics for the Red Sox. One month into the season, the situation hitting isn't quite where it was last year.

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Every day 1250 give baseball the daily -- -- balloon ID 37 WEEI. And today's daily -- of Bulger Boston Red Sox. They're lost that's -- point to. The try to sum up their struggles this year. I think this one does that as well as -- and matters. To a 22. The current Red Sox batting average with runners in scoring position through her 32 games. Of the 2014. Season which puts them in front of just two American League teams. The Indians at 221 and the Astros who -- And two -- to the handful of National League teams there are behind him as well but in the AL. Puts them third to last an overall with the -- just 1234567. Teams Lou. In Major League Baseball he sought again yesterday one for seven. Runners in scoring position during a frustrating. 32 loss intending to the Oakland a's and a game where we're almost got the 500. And almost beat -- -- because it was still overall he went to -- -- close to the West African American League get three outstanding pitching performances. So there was a positive we just felt like that when you gave it away exit to twenty to thirteen the Yale. Last year to seven yates' second -- 7120125783. 2010 to 69 fifth I mean this is where this team let's write -- five to 7278. -- -- -- -- So you say well there's this there's some youth here but it isn't -- you with a mean Jackie Bradley in the Jack you know what -- -- -- and you know with guys tackle position. In 2355 right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's got its very comfortable -- and 130 with nobody on base which we're gonna work on. But he said it was -- position last night I can't stand the for safety squeeze in a row I can't stand I -- mean. I understand that you know the guy that he is he needs to know how to bunt. -- by personnel -- -- don't need to know how to bunt he needs a lot of -- Jonathan Herrera does -- COLT does. -- Jackie Bradley does but the first pitch you try it now the element of surprise is gone especially square the second. The third -- catch guys off guard a little bit. Now other ticket what do I do with a baseball now the standard defend it now -- to scream and yell and move people around they look for the bunt. And and yet running back to a 21 count a good it is can't. Any continue with the safety squeeze to me it's just 21 humbly got to let him swing away and pick a shot at this thing. And tonight that I don't like the -- either in the ninth. And abetted by the love small ball that we always get these possible small ball off please call in right now tell me how much you love -- how much you love AJ Pierzynski -- I want you to -- Just to bomb. -- -- -- In a pinch run for anyways but Jackie Brown against Jim Johnson with a man on second nobody out. No he's a sinker ball if it's a right handed hitter if it's Shane Victorino on the but. Is that power seekers topic at the the other side of the field to move the runner it's tough it would help me out the referral but for a guy like Jim justice face a lefty Jim Johnson does his job -- are sinker. He gets -- -- roll over the second which accomplishes the goal Lou let him swing he gets into hitters count. Two to one at 211 excuse me. You've shown four times as an infielder don't want a fourth time a battery shown safety -- Archer more prone to know what the hell's going on an adjuster self in the field to be mentally prepared for well he's shown but three times. I better be ready for now the fourth time he comes up to a -- he comes. A second third and I'm sure the coach is still sitting callers say let's go keep ninety Neil I think of and help Obama signal number -- keep an -- for. Any tries the first army -- OK but now you've got everybody young you know they're sitting there on alert. Now that they can look at the comes to me wanna create the angle we're gonna go -- it. It might get a shovel at the full plate yeah everybody is now thinking about defending the play the element of surprise is gone even though the first bishop probably reminded. And you get it to a 21 count you still wanna do that. And it liked at all and like in the tenth. To move -- move the runner -- just. I like it but it just signifies with a steam as we talked so much about why this this team is 1517. In you can point to the defense ranked team defense is the pitching went into rotation was awful. Well at giving good enough team defense has been really -- put around situationally hitting an -- Mean awful you know and it's only a month it'll -- well what do you do build it situationally hitting. There are so good at last year what's second the American League. Is that something that the Ferrell that's something up to Mo Jo -- called on the list that that's that's confidence you know you get a team last year kind of attempts at Needham based enough demand. So whoever was give up the next time it's -- -- it's -- -- -- -- everybody else would you market universe. -- bases loaded nobody out strike out bases loaded nobody at one out pop up to the infield. And announcement 32 games of it has been a lot of that. So now it's a game I don't wanna fail right and it's contagious all ways good and bad and I think you CNET team press. Video will middle books he get up there and you're saying you know artists won't be aggressive and swing at first decided there. -- an extent they -- are to be little more patient this time and take a fastball fundamental right I mean it it's in your head after a lot of parent objects grace thank. -- go to Red Sox some legal pay in his voice some got to pay. So when -- it that's why the law of averages if you're in two points it was a team you'll most likely to seven any kind of guy let's -- opposition. So aggressively that it pretend someone's gonna pay the game of averages it evens out. Well we'll see -- -- even out soon because they're they're getting enough to win ball games but defensively team defense situation and getting stuck in the -- so let's at a game pitching to win game. Let's that in baseball the conversation this last hour of the Red Sox -- in addition to. Our all our Bruins stock up for the first three hours the show 61777979. B 37 is your phone over the AT&T text line. Is 379 B 37 on Twitter at -- we're Loney and it much WEEI it's Red Sox and Bruins. And at some point this last hour we got the recap. My tremendous analysis. Of the Kentucky Derby cost me money. Costs it costs me money to the little bit of money on Saturday's race. I'll mix that's in the final hours well with the Red Sox and the Bruins in you must elude 937 WE yeah.

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