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The Bradfo Show: Rob Bradford, Kirk Minihane debate Jon Lester contract, 'Mad Men'

May 5, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Kirk Minihane to talk about to what level the Red Sox should attempt to bring back Jon Lester on a multi-year contract. Rob and Kirk also discuss some of the more important talking points when it comes to the hugely-popular television series 'Mad Men,' along with surfacing the high points from Monday's Dennis and Callahan Show.

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It is nice and. Not -- things that interest in some of which might just. Just sit it's okay. Rub brands. Welcome you all knew Brad coach. Sponsored as well like who. Distinctive and hope New England shirts. To -- reference there great absolutely great it. Joining me today is Kirkland and Kurt I was thinking about this. This thing I'm wearing right now this -- over thing. This was actually one of my first TV appearances. I won't until I went to I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and I got this it was the SE innate. With a -- Berliner I remember when your game and that's how far I've come. -- I was I was busting out the -- sport jacket yesterday NASA -- that's what via. I'm not prepared. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely so today we're gonna talk about com are two fastening subjects some things that may be only trust me in and perhaps Kirk. But and that is quickly on madman -- is I've been hooked on it last couple years you know way more about that I do but. Washington this year and general -- dive in to the Jon Lester conversation which I think we take opposing viewpoints on. So first if this in regard to mad men discussed three quick questions. And you answered them the cell works erratic -- okay. First one. By the end of the last episode. This year which would be the last episode ever. -- through different seasons within this season and doing it's putting too so yeah. -- COK okay we have listeners and -- spoiler alert from last night. Don Draper. At the end of the episode after falling off the wagon. -- -- back on the wagon they showed him cleaning himself up. Supposedly stop drinking he can make the most of this opportunity right how many episodes will it be before he starts shrinking again. -- funny they could just go away from it and never you can never drink again. I don't think he's obviously huge meltdown you guys are dead he's dead and over again and say only Doc Rivers when these guys worth and I he's when he makes a mistake like that generally of the bronze. He usually -- it's I feel like it closed for good chapter of Don Draper I feel if he stays clean throughout the rest of the series. OK -- live in part a part one subsection. B race. William fall off the wagon in terms of broad -- retires and now. He won't go on light probably coming girls will Don Draper. Have relations with. Between now and the end of the season. What's the over under. Also the over under two and half I'd. I will go who. Now under also under -- as they say in the -- will loop action on that one. -- person that Campbell the first yes yes yeah all that leads me to my second question -- from Minnesota wouldn't grew almost per round that's created god -- yes of course via. The mythical time from Minnesota yes absolutely you do. That is like one that is that is one of the classic scenarios -- keep pulling your by yourself. But you don't care about your wife whenever in -- Campbell it's next -- all lonely and if you drink but to have them next few on the. But didn't -- the whole whole -- is -- utterly unrealistic or injury it's it's very Diaz -- -- isn't -- McConnell and since no surprise that. -- for a first of all there will be a lot of drooling on on it in the real world going to be drooling and snow barring him from view. Yeah dad so it so if they happen they would go the other way there. But that leads me to my next question what's NATO troops which is mum which is so we know the in the draft and our world of drafts. And people can figure out what the draft is if we're talking about. Females in the theaters in madman. Does this boost the runaway Patrick -- number one pick. There's no question. This Michael Jordan Christina Hendricks right I think so okay along goods would be concerned need to. Yeah well that's not because because HBO in pick up the show that's on concern. I will be and a -- for drafting and there are pros and on to notre -- long terms. So men. In regards to the number two pick. If based off the last episode. The daughter of Roger sterling in a movie on the -- yet. If you if you move enough human movement but I would say that. By number two pick right now -- pizza girlfriend. And I -- ex wife to have always like trees were published -- -- them number 23 okay. Well and then you go to Rome and the way the neighbors the neighbor. -- -- -- -- old neighbor yet and I don't two teachers. The teacher from the last episode to episode to go to farm the boobs -- and the one that don't screw around with the other team. Yes there again. That's it's -- great teachers. Yes that is and again and again and again realize. It's appropriate and not a good. Suits the -- perfect perfect segue once again your your natural for the sort of there and that is Pete Campbell who you had cited the girl that he's with the right now out in California as potential number two topic. In real life. Ads and ad executive. Does Pete Campbell poll. In what your earlier now who's -- who's your program. I think it's based sixty's it's late sixties now I think 6816 still referencing go on the -- have a good and that's gonna happen this year. In 9690 Campbell out in LA making will be equivalent of a 150 grand today she's a real estate agent who I could see a NC. Man I try to get stronger and she is either get stretch I think they they prop up Pete Campbell little more than real life movement -- -- -- -- -- -- It's funny I guess I I guess literally because of fight trying to grow my hair out now probably the last you -- -- -- -- -- I think. You know we see time and be done and -- -- that was beaten you really thought Pete Campbell wasn't John Henry just say I mean that's the -- but in the world do pretty well. A desperate still needs is asthmatics jacket and even a legal right and I think ethic what -- what we figure out in this three questions segment is that it's far from real life goes over -- Among them and -- figured that -- was a deal and that I should know this is a madman. Follower -- to deal with the weight gain was that real. Or is that. The public about the makeup -- they did I was uncomfortable that was much like me aren't comfortable around me. City marathon start. So often worth -- listen to go another so another perfect Segway Jon Lester is contract. The certificate. Jon Lester is contract retake opposing views of this I think as you wrote a column on it com there was leader Harry Reid column but it was pretty good Florida. -- terrible news that. You care about social statements -- that in my words per week and stars through. The that's what you said it continental. Just a journalist whose contract so the conversation with journalist whose contract is state goes up and down every time he does well doesn't do well. But it hasn't gone anywhere because they haven't signed him. Or they -- little aliens that we're not that anyone knows a thorough and so we go back this the start where this where is the whole case for years seventy million dollars we understand it's never gonna get it done that kind of match that was gonna get it done. That was -- -- spring training. Did they miss an opportunity in your mind. Right -- -- here's my thing is that what was the number -- Portman and format for years seventy million he would decide who don't know all what what -- -- or things and you missed opportunity Bryant's Michael from -- Waller OK don't blow up all right -- -- -- -- under right so so a five year forget where it yet. Right some of that by here's my point is that you have a guy whom. You wanna get a -- for years I understand that so why not use that time to say you know listen. We're gonna do what we do it in previous contracts of potential or creates a potential free agents. And we're gonna go over what we wanna pay annually for shorter term this is -- approach forget or knocked it -- around. Because it's because. This is the -- you wanna get this -- we wanna get this stunt we don't want against this season -- gets in the season making get messier and then you get closer to free agency. I just felt like. -- -- that was the time to be proactive I understand the business thing why you don't have to sign odd that the. Doesn't matter that much to -- that part I get. I think as a pure bluster doesn't matter did this weakens Gregg struck a fifteen guys out here -- went to Cy Young this year I expected to be the 21 human and -- the -- point five million dollars where your -- worry free agent last year he with the the Red Sox felt pitched this year one year 35 million. -- do what you're paying for prime years my question is 34 years from now when his job last. Also what what year what type of yearly contract would you give him right now today if you up from four. Ninety. For a night now -- the but the thing is a Red Sox have to be -- -- they are I think that -- -- bury somebody low -- him right given what -- yeah yeah yeah always -- -- that's -- it could become that conversation that's a problem when you don't -- able -- -- have been -- blisters that bad war at all for several an area. Saying we we don't value was much if you might get out their insurance -- -- -- -- you read Henry story in the and we -- was at business -- yeah I may have made it clear organizational decision at some point and I -- You say you walk away we don't want 27 million dollars when you're 36 would rather pay Henry -- whatever for seven cents on the ball. But here's the problem in in I understand that -- -- you get a move on from guys. Number one you have other contrast to compare whereas now we are gonna go to Greinke we are conceiving go to. Cliff Lee or anything like that but Homer Bailey. Adam when he Wright is the guy right out of Wainwright is to me. He's actually a little older he'll be a little older than he -- extension last year. And similar numbers. And do is and then he got a deal for five years at 97 and a half million. So if you wanna if you wanna start a conversation. MB you have to you have to at least present. That nothing but don't you think he's worked in the bigger bigger -- bright with the rest until we got a good contract. OK so do you see that Jon Lester is -- pitcher Adam yes I do OK he's better. Now in -- and so this is the problem now we get into the -- John Henry and being willing to move on. This is a whole other conversation. You are you willing as a Red Sox followers say this is the best move for the -- -- -- due to move on from Jon Lester and say you know what you -- said names right Henry you know Owens and and these other guys you have John Lackey locked up for minimum. Next year you have clay buckles locked up. Through 2017. At reasonable dollars so you can say well those the potential top of the rotation guys and another guy no one really talks about it Jake Peavy. Because Jake Peavy if he pitches well this year he could offer -- qualifying offer and then he takes it and then sell well that's another guy to get to these other guys. The problem has is that I think that Lester has kind of establish himself as a notch up from all these guys. And in regards to not only how he's performing lately right now as we sit here he's the best pitcher in baseball according to war. I don't have a great year but that's but that's not again that's that's right you're talking here's Donald -- that's why I thought soccer contract made sense at least as he was 25 right on five we signed. Yeah so you're pitching -- paying him every single year is -- here. Question you're not you're paying -- because he was that good last year and this year. What is -- exactly three years from now what guys what -- -- thirty -- a 140 million dollar contract. Well I mean you -- you could make the argument in -- on the Cliff -- is -- 25 million dollar contract he's close right -- -- -- so but here it is so yes you're taking a chance are you as you are with all these contracts. But you need our guy human right we can agree that you need a guy that Israel be that guy but Henry Owens -- the thing about how long it took for Jon -- to be that guy open a couple of years -- it -- it to and we -- isn't really hasn't even -- got a no hit good years. But in this role like the other -- the -- the FROST/NIXON. Next level interview right there if. Floyd but if he's done for years it's -- may mean it to be -- Sure I've -- gotten I think you're quite go back toward what is -- will be somewhere in the low -- at the end of the year and you know what obviously. It it doesn't matter and that the whole conversation we're having right now the -- we just have madness is more important Stevens out. Lester is a sign off fast carpet she's an officer at such an offer -- five non human -- don't feel sorry is gonna blow him. Robbie get the thing is a great year let's say he goes eighteen -- between ERA. And makes his usual 3334 starts somebody's gonna blow them out for the water. Well I guess so that's where the conversation is that's where maybe we disagree someone said. You need to replace Jon Lester. And I agree if you get to free agency some team is gonna blow by the water to him on reporting on roads are no but I like the idea of I like the idea of if you want again for four years to your point if you really wanna do that you were Jon Lester you wanna do that obviously because. This is your last big contract. But if you wanna do that in a pair of torn Barbara -- -- I'm OK with that yeah well I act and that's why don't get why they didn't take that stance back in spring training but. So replacing him. It's very very difficult and you in so many times you see you're chasing it chasing it chasing. And then all you know while we got to go into the free agent market and then -- then you're overpaying for under performing got. If you're saying replacing -- -- you can't do to your answer that is to -- -- for the -- -- -- four years from now. That Jon Lester is in this Jon Lester signifying that guy anyway oh yeah I -- -- from the books for 26 million dollars okay. And then you know find another guy in addition to that because Jon Lester is in the John western thought you had three -- any. Well let's let's just throw the book lists say that Jon Lester can be that guy for three years three of the four that's different -- on OK but the globe in a lot of times -- signed free agent deals because you need you you pay the extra year last -- -- into. But yes so I I don't I don't think that that's a problem. I mean if you didn't you tell me to be good for three years that I absolutely do but but easily get -- -- -- him six years. Well after he gets the free agent market that's the part that's what I'm saying -- thought the blessed opportunity I don't disagree with him for years when every one -- -- bowl. He's not exactly right. Not all I don't. I think it was a chance just because he wants to do with so badly I think if if if threats let's keep taking this approach he won't be I mean he just can't and and it goes to. Yes he'll take less money but another small part of this is the whole union thing. If they -- he's very aware of this whole thing about the Byron yeah yeah I mean you borrow it yet you can sign a little bit less. But you can't Adam Wainwright can't sign for that in you -- you side for for its 72 kids through that. Great to have with the Dodgers but west is a better -- Greinke at least close I mean the numbers are almost exactly the same you -- in the. Postings and how much do you how much do you factory and also and you said blessed as a very good pitcher and you -- -- for the right. Rate but how much you factor in the division in the post seasons I don't. Effect in the postseason stuff that much -- his twelve starts a new factor in the Bailey stuff that absolutely statistically. Plays a factor to pick for the Padres as poker echo park is ERA would be one half run lower. -- well that's fact isn't there yet yet -- so -- and that's a lot of players the -- clubhouse the other day and clearly the lakers are behind this whole. Why rescue this year there at what point so Pedroia signed 300 million that's fine he -- he's grown man. They low ball Ellsbury by the standard -- -- yep but I if you glory accepting of that for two reasons number one thought who's gonna leave. And number two at the yankees' offer was tennis so great. And then this lesser -- -- million dollars to a point the other guys in the locker room -- -- -- -- -- -- saying what the (%expletive) me widely given this guy. You what what are the Red Sox doing what does that start to become a fact. Well yeah I mean I think this RE a little bit of that because they don't want they understand who the core guys are. And they don't also sees through the prism of what's Jon Lester it's gonna be five years from now -- they see it as we understand this is the core guy. It's innovative people only hear this but the one of the reasons they signed Josh Beckett to the deal they did before. Was because they felt at that time he was a guy that they could build around right they are -- there is the guy that other people could follow and he was gonna set the right example. They feel the same way about Lester in. And the players don't like turn over committed they don't mean vision but that's why. They they wanted to guy like Mike Napoli were taxing their ass off all all offseason -- we got to keep Napoli and keep Napoli they've liked what they know. So -- and Lester and then you have a performance like the other day. This means they liked. Sure I would say that give the Red Sox credit -- in the Ortiz thing which is -- liar I understand. Since that -- straight which used on the day it might -- some Christians who god father and yes it's I only office structure once since may. I've seen pictures. Dennis the thing that I'm a little good -- don't have good good good -- -- the godfather I dare you. -- -- to hammer that press conference was discipline discipline discipline other Ortiz with two spots in the whole thing Anderson you guys that you've got it done yet each other northeast. I they've been extremely disciplined sense and they put themselves in that position with those lousy contracts. And I get why organization you would say. I'd rather bank on guys in their twenties and overpaid for the guys that are not not now three years from now we be saying you know what happened that this when they overpay for some creative. I think you also have to factor in though and then you're siding with John Henry so a lot of what John Henry said that article which is. You just don't overpaid for guys free agents in the thirties and Ben Sheraton said would you guys that the free agent year the middle. A view age has gone up by a year and half or something like that. So I understand that but the other thing you have to factor in with -- kind of along the lines what you did -- Ortiz is the position and how hard it is to replace that position -- -- I think the you do have to factor and because we talk about Henry Owens. It takes a guy a long time you know Michael walker is a great pitcher but he's an outline there. David Ortiz one year captured fifteen million. You know we have almost no payroll that years opposing -- -- no. And I understand but I'm Justin pundits talk about replacing them sort of like in. And it. If you have an avenue replace Ortiz if you think you have a guy it's like easier probably to do that even though it's still the hardest thing to do but if you doubt that he. We're gonna trade for Stanton we have this trade worked out fine. But that did do that through placed even three years down the road for a guy who's going to be number one. It's it's so hard to do especially as you point out in this division. You use -- get out here. I've heard you say many times and they don't think you said is that power -- -- really -- that -- now these days but now I just said this stuff like that starts just to change your mind no I haven't hit the hardest thing power hitting her -- it's it's much like the initial conversation about Don Draper striking we've reached subsection. Are you gonna -- -- I don't know what you don't the cars you know I want to I just -- see my good friends on that so mom and Sam same page. Who hears on madman he was the husband out of our season -- I don't know if he's been Kanye but he's going to be. -- different kingdom's politics yet exactly ms. -- movie when you when you would dubious number and that's it didn't used to drafting. Yes so we can do sports movie podcast because that this country from movie comes out. And they do a column on sports movies to -- down in sports history. Walked are really well I mean if if they look at what looks -- so basically you're cutting and pasting from what was that 2009 of my list of sports. -- you were down on sports movies then -- -- -- missing five music sports and things change. They have not explain what you like -- Report it you know from. For me it was you know. Other than I during the tournament then yeah I play boom boom in the BC Soyuz pitcher age daughter he it's up. I'd be self all you kids even tweet over allotments if you show media BAC unbelievable I used to -- the always come Boston they -- look at the over movie theater. But would never concert went back with a ten dollar that's see that's. Yeah we we can save this would be for the -- you out for and it's also it's also very I told you this before. Kevin cost his pants get a decent I mean he's I don't if that's his contract or something I don't -- -- -- -- -- always proud you know but it's public so -- another segment before you go I want to use this podcast. To promote to promote your -- show. Today show I was driving and you broke ground that you didn't that you've convinced Jerry -- the Bruins should not. Take penalties right. That was her closer with -- I was telling them this. And I don't know but what was the highlight -- today show. We have some guests on the Bobby fairly -- -- on the number two was accurate what was he was only -- you can tell people that this friend who knows -- try to get -- external. He said he still has been on the move in a fairly exposed ice and atmosphere fairly broad movie. Is you myself and Irene which I still think is a -- early Brothers movie ever I told Bob and I censor their the censored here. -- -- where you know we get these -- the three some three black yeah some. And they're looking for for Jim Carrey and Chris Cooper's impacted usually try and again. And in one of the Brothers says to Obama is Chris Cooper. Usually happy interest who persons or leave him in the pits -- yet because your buttons like -- police where he could have been peaceful complicity. You said on the air at a Britain are a great line number is. The I could integrate. So. Well. So that was a highlight the fairly interviewed. Yeah we do a lot of Bruins -- we did some of -- I still on the we Jackie Bradley through a bunt I think at this point. And that's that's that's a hold of the story that I wanna do is like. Major league baseball players can't bomb. And open you are Major League Baseball player well I don't but think about the people -- even yeah -- about Jackie Bradley I don't know if you guys talked about this but. The Jackie Bradley never -- the bond he was never punter he was always the guy who hit doubles and home runs don't practice that went on no -- Barely. Hold on here's the other thing this is the part -- and a deal might do it Lou the with -- want to know what little bit of bunting but the judge talking to Joseph -- the other day he said -- I've talked Farrell both just two more teams are shifting then ever before like crazy amounts and then -- shifting against. Power hitters -- shifting against like rice Flaherty and Jackie Bradley central that the numbers right there but but so so now -- -- But these guys because right clarity if you do if you shift on -- right. So Jackie Bradley. If he had these numbers offensively thirty years ago would be fun to play every day. But you can't hit -- and play every day average sodium I -- -- saint -- this is Marty if you if you list average defense we've been -- not great but don't think objective of the 21 -- 25. I can get his ass in gear and -- -- Stuff like Johnny went -- 12%. This sounds like an idiot -- -- -- just wanted to -- colleagues. Are tents or in this thing. Where are all the bonds you're record for -- of these global. I don't remember one girl from Fred McGriff -- -- baseball why we don't Johnny Bench and apartment I don't remember what -- -- -- I did watch some I don't remember Caribbean and I was so focused on the fundamentals you're sort of runs the chicken. Jim Rice comp comp committee for the first time yesterday -- with you knew you know yesterday did when. I was wearing a fire in sport jacket -- travel leather thing from -- -- -- And Steve Lyons is doing the fabric thing -- never been by its gyms like. I'm with you I'm widget so that was who I was a hallmark moment for me what your -- -- report -- you see when I was on the DCI BSE when. On with a right here today and retired public to know things about jumping out from -- this -- -- -- this what you did Jim back in 1978. That you're scared people take what we've scared people. Are you -- -- -- -- -- so and it was so that result do the show go by quicker quicker slowed. Because that's double the -- kimbo -- a wanna get you got you guys are very close to number one I told you coming in the break I think you guys who beat number one a couple of weeks. Part of them because I was Lucio show that I would try and what are correct yeah. A lot of listen -- listen I know are -- years earlier a little. Listen -- says that they. People like to -- -- tell me and my shows great Jerry shows Kardashians. (%expletive) role on the show still -- fourteen months later when my name's on the show. I heard I heard you talked I heard he talked about the an Indian field. You all you get to that you get to protect accused Jocelyn with a -- that's a great act that's your clutch I think one of the criticisms of acting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God of the year that saw you don't hold you don't you don't like looking at the camera and did you guys are -- a done. But yeah you're right I buy -- always that's your thing though you Darcy says it I don't wanna have my name attacked us so. Those guys it's their show on the storm for the right tonight I -- -- -- going to be number one or number twelve the week the ratings are. Bizarre to me and understand. But yes so abuse say take interest in show to go by quicker -- you don't know us well why do you that you feel like all that's -- well. The thing we we had three guests on. A familiar clocks opposes a two hour show you we have like three yes yes I'm going back yet and you go practice and -- absolutely. Law you we'll never have your name attached to this show. All right thank you. -- Where you can --

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