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Shawn Thornton with his thoughts on Subban 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

The guys discussed the Bruins comeback win with Shawn Thornton.

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Our conversation -- on or has brought you by the city of Boston credit union and by Norfolk all the equipment he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Sean. Mortgage. Sector -- concussion I'll stop just. The second worst thing about being injured is John you probably know despite. But -- exactly. It worse but if it were you scared. Hello yeah. -- -- And it just devious stick to buy it on in the -- -- bitten it was that that. It. Particularly that was what. But I checked over their instruction is fine insists. Suck it up it about the election on. Yeah and and and was the the the speech the prompted this third period explosion. Just something that happened organically you just said something -- -- -- in the ice and they caught. I thought about it. That doesn't like poppy the guys dug. Us it's all about abortion and -- As simple -- out of it at minute what we knew people would just -- under our best -- your credit but it really looked back inspirational. Is -- -- -- explanation. Other than just the vagaries of hockey that I can look at my notes and -- from the game of all the remarkable saves. Carey Price made early in that game let me point black blank stop job just stuff that he had no -- even seeing. Much less stopping and then at the end you couldn't stop a beach ball -- What happened. I don't know what we're aware -- at work so -- Dirt portion got you by the -- -- -- -- unbelievable. They capitalized on the chance to either create a lot of African and possibly in the autumn but. -- -- -- -- assault on actions. Second period. So it was I don't know I don't -- Ali didn't take everything out of bodies. Stretch to -- assay result. Almost -- a lot and finally we got some through we've read that letter to let. Do you think close bench minor was attempt to -- fire up the club and it do you think it worked. -- I don't optimism at the fire at supper he had -- -- little sensitive horror. Either way and shipped out of. If you. You got due to do you know -- that you have to serve it. Have you guys serves to remind the thought it -- etiquette of it for at least for a few seconds here he's happy that well yes that's very -- to actually get here. Really -- partnership like duke is stressing though that during the night and yet what those real estate credit crop helped ship out as well. You guys -- It much better than they -- -- five on five and we talked about this earlier obviously your style as physical and you wanna pick somebody -- punished these guys. And guys like Miller and boy check never miss a chance to hit again but you have to be more. Careful in this series with these stakes because they're only chance appears to be when they are a man up on you guys when they have a power play. -- I think we you know that are here Saxon and playing with a note that the new rules pickers. One thing the extracurricular stuff where Billy -- in the inflict. The rebels are we've been getting. If they're being put the extra or even if somebody's relatively -- a separate calling. Has evened out law or so. We're not gonna happen when most. Battles are. Now they're power was a -- from being so we should just you know -- up. We we have to be prepared physical picture of the power belt buckle up -- feed off each other world war. Orders hit some on the -- circle. GA career builder. Or Big Easy finished a double -- That's where bill not so you have to label got to keep. In the whistles a look at what god wants. Get a problem of the sue -- he apologized to you afterward he said. Yeah the next. And that is all about economic outlook both Paul McCluster -- -- -- -- a flat lined up beside him also. Anyways yeah it was similar should be suspended I think it was similar to the martian -- -- -- lots -- replay. There -- had to pick it looked a little bit different. I don't you know keep it up and try to get out of the way but. Has been -- -- play let it what. It didn't there look as bad as. There one might ask that my. Just unfortunately. I wanted to look. Sean give us a primer what do one course on ducking what's acceptable what's not what does it bother people. Is locked -- I don't know I think. I don't think I should take off every -- it up like this that and the bite me but I particularly coming usually -- -- -- -- the shoulder. Not a lawyer. I think to -- audience but it was football. It just. Lot of stuff can happen now that it looked bigger so. -- -- away while. I think dropping down. Just stick critical call somebody. What pisses you off more somebody ducking or the goaltenders saying after the game the Bruins got lucky in the third period. -- probably got picked it parity is obviously got a lot all -- now so on. We're gonna happen I -- trying to prove wrong. Do you think there was luck involved in the third period. I did. Probably I mean -- where. You gotta get about the go your way right -- down. That article nine minutes left to score political -- them but do you have any happier fortunate now that we didn't work at an earlier at a that's. Lockett at such as popped it up a lot both -- Do you did you are you surprised that the come back at at this point do you feel like. That's kind of typical of this team has that that you can do that you have the ability to do that I'm sure on some teams have been on. In your career gonna get down 313 period you feel like it's over. Yeah and drop. The resulting subway. It's where we talk about will be yes -- I don't think anyone really realize that we could all that in ninth minute but I just want to look at a clock. So -- the next shipment shipped. How bad luck I don't know how many years but we don't really know. Like oh no no got to get that the panic has just like people keep on keep on work out in public interest also. You have the city now you've been here for awhile. We be surprised at the at the amount of attention this -- bent toward stuff got I mean even nearly. This is a release I mean did strike he was struck us is service staggering overreaction to a couple of idiots on Twitter. You know it -- The first time it happened here at the console war sort out where law against a -- -- -- same -- happens. I don't think -- take place or. I don't know I can't help but he said that we should give the media. A couple of it is -- order you know the headline of the 7 o'clock news I think that's just. -- I don't different. Is. It but what get them like in the satisfaction of being -- I would leave all the x.s and opposed to clone but if if he asked me in for a motivational or one. Item thing to tell you guys before you take the ice tomorrow night I tell you that score the first school that makes a lot of sense of Bell -- doesn't it. The jackpot. The buildings especially here when you I'll -- -- -- -- right yeah. The crowd is loud for the first one -- it hit it that would help users so the bottom up building you know we're gonna play the old sixty. Well suffice to say if you were down 31 but nine minutes of play you probably wouldn't come back in the third period in Bell -- like you did at the garden. And billowed up from the crowd that would the other side. What is the biggest factor in home prices at the Euro last changed that space soft or just the noise or do you think it it's the officiating. What what changes now you indicated the Canada. Combination of the crowd -- In the crowd call I was. The greater does sound off on. -- Note baseball I don't -- -- draw that. Early out for years -- -- it really need to defenseless how much difference it makes you get to stick helpers. But the energy in the building epic scale we obviously but not a lot you are building notebook or tried to the -- We talked about things that hack you off what what's up with the goaltenders in the snow spray like that so disrespectful to them. I don't know and low water exactly -- there -- -- a post race raskin it yet but knots. Yeah I think he -- if you do sprayer miracle the epic -- call hockey. Cultures that subject written it and let you know that's not acceptable run out. -- -- -- work it is kind of like a lot of -- goal that our people say that when you're you know seven years old little. But as for the public. Does that sometimes or you're just trying to you know -- if it -- -- -- -- -- ultimate act and although that and it -- I barely got that it's a little thing -- -- to come back -- -- for your well water is the court of law. That's not good point what happens tonight Sean do you guys have a team dinner do you bond to go. It's in strip joints together as a group -- one -- After we're bordering Egypt reports right now we're. I think we have I think we do you know actually get that. Is usually do on the road playoff. Well first insult look. But if he'd yell -- tobacco itself. Well you he would get exactly. All right twenty fours on an 8 o'clock tonight -- on -- all -- -- so yeah when his favorite show were talking about this before you came on the year -- the black list yet. I out of it checked out but we'd like to watch and a lot of all I hear it here ever water. What -- -- at a couple but it is a very. All right good luck incredible love Watson. I practiced on -- with -- -- on the AT&T lottery if you wish on is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union and might perfect our equipment.

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