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Todd McShay previews the draft 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

Todd McShay of ESPN joined the show to preview the upcoming draft.

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Well all gears up for the National Football League starting Thursday that of course would be the NFL draft joining us on the AT&T -- different for ESPN and ESPN. Dot com -- shape. -- -- -- -- Thought oh this is like Christmas week for -- and like you can weight per cent the condone the the -- a couple of days. But a long time Christmas in February and that they always dude next week to take -- week of the month we do. Album that broke like Bono and disappear for wrote. At least a week that we actually get started on next. One that's right the only only in order to take the -- -- to lineup so don't go to Cuba. Or you have to do a mock 2015. Draft soon know that you. I thought I thought the battle and won last year that I got actually a lot of -- I'd come back. Exaggerate. When he did he mark this year that got out of what fourteen months here. You know eleven and half months -- -- I guess it's not happening again. Where is James Winston going to be get -- penciled in at number one. Oh man RR RR yes I'll ask him one bit first. Architecture -- -- Hughes has -- mark market Mario audit here a couple quarter wrestle it. I used and has a decision make yet take the number one pick trade the number pick and an injustice an overview here Todd. What do you think -- more devastating to organization. Not drafting a guy when he was there for you who turns out to be a league superstar. Or reaching for a quarterback to -- it turns out to be just another guy. -- agreed to quarterback it turned out to be just another guy yeah you'd rather not there. Scenario -- to me you -- get it right quarterback who were still with the Minnesota Vikings. If you stack up against. A lot of the top GM in the league and went over the last 67 years drafting. He ranks up there and a renewed look at pro bowlers drafted over certain period -- -- the top eight in the national football. That's better better record and Ted -- Green Bay Packers. -- he made the mistake. A person pondered and you see there right back at it right it was Jacksonville Minnesota sitting there is -- -- -- it's like deja -- of year ago just looking at the end of the mistakes they made on on dapper who. Ponder and and here they are again so. And sometimes unfortunately. You just you have to accept and take dramatic get a separate separate fact that there -- -- -- back in fact -- -- -- The decision to make -- you'll look out there and see -- commando. See Blake portals and see what they hand you. But just as important as what maybe they're not ready to you right now that the top called a couple of them are very Eric early in the draft and -- from Houston. You know I watering at the problem wanna get. So -- for that fixes that I absolutely have to move down because it's not unstable -- want them taking the best player rep. There's 810 word sentence that jumps off the page that you wrote that says clowning is the most talented defensive lineman I have ever. A value -- that's quite a statement. It is now. I chose my work -- I think our release was careful with -- the way -- work that he's not the the best pass rusher right now up the most complete player. He doesn't have the highest motor. But he would view most naturally talented player that I've evaluated on the front line. And it you see it jumps off the his tape is different than everybody else's -- at the best way I can put it. If you dwelling. -- the poll is as our friend Bill Parcells once said. It will according to Simon and work out it an improved and it's -- -- as a part of improving to do and I think system. Effort saying -- was little bit overblown this past year. I think he care I feel strongly he cares about playing well he -- -- and now I'm not saying he's going to be the leader of your defense. Not saying that he's going to be -- the pole -- your defense but I think he's gonna get written up effort the question is can he refine his game. It hadn't had a fine in these -- it's what move in more remote. In the entire career he said there were three different. Always about doing business terms to speak -- that need the power outside and and outside that he hasn't had to really change much or develop. Gonna have to do that the National Football League but he's capable of doing it -- he reaches even 90% of its potential. -- special. And you know it seems like you especially -- laden and Mel and in the house and everybody over value it's just picks apart every little aspect of every. Player on the draft board but it's. One thing it seems to me we don't discuss announces. How much it depends on where they go in and joining -- you have I I don't know to be good quarterback. In the NFL but I know he won't be in Cleveland is that not a graveyard. If he goes to Cleveland. Isn't gonna fail if you were go to say. -- -- predicts a good example of that do you think he'd be as he went to. Perfect place -- good coaching great team. Peace and Jacksonville. Is he not playing Gabbert I mean or vice Versa I mean. You can make that argument I agree now. You know there there are some things maybe they're stumbling ever -- -- -- more that I should have I didn't that you're exceptional like I was scared of all -- court that perhaps. But I do agree with the fact it is the stability to cap predicted that and you know what. The fact he was drafted where he was drafted -- had time to sit. And watch and learn verses being thrown into the fire right away. Makes a huge difference for a lot of -- you look at Gabbert or any other word that. Not sitting here defending got by any stretch. But did the changing coordinators change in coaching that the change insistent that change every single year that broke career. Vs cap or they've been an -- is stable. Situation all time. Repeat offense through basically got the award go to that -- tigers this and Seattle on the same. Russell what you know Russell Wilson's opponent fired because he was mature before your order and he was ready for. But they have brought him along relatively slowly and and that tweet your offense and what they do. -- hit it needs and an -- had stability as well so I completely agree we you know we spend. Eleven months since you said -- that stupid -- -- -- that we get at a week after this talking about where they're gonna go out this project. And we literally spent two days after talking about how they fit the situation therein and then it's on to the next thing when I really think it should be more strict. The -- but not necessarily the time but the focus should be on where they are who were around them the supporting cast and then the system that is is in place or. As far as men's -- in Cleveland that he succeeds. He starts you know it's gonna. -- I have I think that they declined to probably be higher on the Cleveland being checked I don't think any other team in the top ten. Plans on using its existing top and it. On Mandela outside of potentially Cleveland I think Cleveland a little report from what I understand I was in New York -- organization which is often case. But there are certain people in the organization that that they should take and go there are others that that would rather go to the correction. They could come down to first of all which require support for. You know assuming to W -- them off the court said Bert Roberts but apple Auburn goes -- -- Lewis. And it's Jamie walked in what you -- and goes reaped Jacksonville. That's kind of I don't want to worst case scenario but that's the scenario would stand and tell. Comes into play because it quit when -- take any one of those three guys that number four spot. The issue it. You know back a great player but they've got a few of those types of guys already so. There are some that we never that simple that want to move back and and it's more pixie and try to figure out the quarterback position later but but if they're stopped it or can't move back in those two players are just mentioned to mop the floor or Q3. That I think Mandela's it's highly likely to go number or so it will be mixing up in trade and to go vehicle -- -- or -- -- apple. But I didn't and I'll start the ball a little bit that's when. Maybe Dallas Cowboys in which he did they try to move up there's been rumors of Saint Louis that I'm not buying. But and then there's Tennessee -- number eleven Q so you get past summer or going to be it's going to be an interest in first cited mr. It was news around here remains -- Bridgewater show that the Foxboro to meet with the patriots. By the time he dismissed to be said neither one would even be available. 29 certainly seems like -- -- -- now it seems like Bridgewater might I don't think you haven't in the pressure on the earmarks and water first round. I don't CM wide the freefall here for Bridgewater who a lot of people you know two or three months ago looked at as a possibility for Houston number one. I still heavily ultimately. First early second and prince first round grade all -- water. I really like him he's got everything you look for including the toughness physically and mentally. They're all intelligence accuracy. Mostly short to intermediate and it isn't just the understanding of the game fast guys. The ability to decide it's like what the defense is doing and get her progression quickly. There really you'd be most -- ready quarterback. Of all of these guys and in the -- is working class the problem is. There's just not that I've -- there's not much room for growth. Because he doesn't have the big time arm. And I there's also concern about his ability to say -- yeah I mean he he got up to. 214. Pounds of the common I think in in the -- back down -- Burt may these are not able to keep weight on. It and he has -- a slight frame it some months ago said we're pretty well it's kind of a golfer for. And so that concern but I still think. There's certainly which goes in the first round to park project when it's great news not perhaps. You know where -- would take him but I can take with you concerning 33. Jacksonville 39 and Minnesota they don't take quarter -- the first -- I think forty. One of those -- strike and try to move back into the first round that's hurt the team like new Englander at Cisco. Seattle there are all considering obviously depending or shakes out. Trading back in the first round where you can get probably the same value player -- seventh and -- later. And these these other teams affordable in recent privacy -- at a Houston cougar quarterback make sure you get your guy. Also that if you -- -- the first round you get that year option option that the contract. And it's not that important a lot of positions bring order back. It becomes a lot more or. You can lock down a quarter record next year route you're right he's playing well by. You know one more year without having to pay out. Talk briefly tell patriot fans what they need to know about Rasheed -- men from. Minnesota who you have penciled in the 29. Athletic freak. All long if he explosive when he wants to be. Inconsistent. Showed up at -- potential but other times. He's coaching I think it. New England would be a great place for him I don't know that New England necessarily. Want to take on the project but I think that there -- will be a great place -- they develop. -- -- -- -- I also think the sponsor for Notre Dame would be an option you know what -- talk between tactic and it also wouldn't shock me. Especially if you're in the -- back. If they wind up with the top interior offensive lineman in Brady's. Biggest issue obviously when you get them off that that initial spot interior pressure and they get drafted and -- pierce who do you. For one of the -- in your offensive lineman and be able to trade back and get an extra pick. -- that might be the best case scenario for the patriots in the strapped. -- let's go with this who will be a Pro Bowl all pro NFL superstar for years to come in this league not named clowning. -- -- -- Greg Robinson opposite tackle from from Auburn may take him a year to develop its hand in pass protection. The guys made an absolute freak of nature almost gifted. Opposite -- than ever seen at the point of the -- When you're kids did you think important I was gonna make and having them self. No not really affect I was actually -- roommate are both living in Boston. And in the comparable place. And you know -- per year psychology and that would regulate 175000. Dollar selling out on the medical supplies. That you know. All the sudden he decided autumn have done with this job and it's crazy person -- that was very second awkward about how we're gonna pay -- -- And then and any started what my friend and I -- that they call all the camp. You know they have this little newspaper editors dropping -- and argues it's. Over on the strap them I don't know Americans they know how we -- there but. So what about the merchant a smile puritans -- he's not he's got that -- still return your calls who's to. I actually I went up to third with the other day that just moved in our neighbors. Back in Boston. Figure both adult that's good that's that yeah. Slight upgrade -- say thanks for taken some prominent very busy week for you always appreciate your insight on -- on week like this thanks -- -- to partner -- saves at some talent on the AT and he hotline.

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