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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Joel McHale is not funny 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the White House Correspondents Dinner.

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I -- our callers for governments who gets you first the headlines which brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. Am by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment. Nine people -- That last time you met my daughter Kate yes circus -- a -- yeah circus. We can -- yesterday I guess thankfully -- province. A rigging collapse at the circus sent eight -- plummeting to the ground as families watched in stunned confusion all eight. They -- by their hair from number was she breaking. We're seriously injured suffered broken bones and injuries lacerations and a thirty foot -- officials said performer standing below was also seriously. It's not people hurt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really he was big drug Barnum or eBay or Amazon to Barnes and not against it billions of daily state -- it's of state could have three people vote -- all -- you find it entertaining. I tried over the weekend and I heard cadillacs and myself that -- Now I don't know now although I gotta save that this. Helps future. Because -- always wonder if it really is dangerous yes. Now we know -- Those guys in the -- like motorcycles that. John that's rigged though somehow this summer out of practice. Some eggs. If elected there's no way he sought that doesn't seem all different ways of the electorate -- -- is he. I didn't get dizzy watching up credit one and one more one organism that that steel. Lol right there 2000 miles an hour you think this'll be the end of hair. Yeah circuit -- probably not one of those cars and deal when it was gonna do what's the point. We do those girls that your whole life podium on that it per month but he and they're not Smart they can't get real jobs -- in their forties are well rounded. They could you know he could produce or an emotional today at that they advancers had a problem with that that would that would have been Jerusalem a cup were dead though when you first for me that's a thirty foot fall actually heard more than that 3540. As anyone in good increasingly not life threatening -- somebody is critical. You have no life threatening and -- Over the weekend was he White House correspondents this is a this is a big to do the out all the happenings are -- -- people show up famous people show up. The so uncomfortable he smarmy and Joseph Biden get a -- it withdrew we try to discuss she's the vice president on HBO show BC natural. No not good news -- that's not I've not seen community either which -- Mikhail. Is the star but Joel McHale hosted a -- us I hope he's better on community before starts backing Joseph -- receive this I think that toxic shall -- does is pretty funny it is funny time. He was on stern last week our pal and that's how that body was typical regular nice guy. So I feel bad slamming I did too but I watch because I thought he'd be good it was. Uncomfortable watching this I felt I felt bad I've never seen an act bomb like this had never seen -- comedian. -- at Eagles have never seen anybody struggle President Obama next to him was like Richard -- in nineteen setup that's my -- -- water scarcity theory that brought this fool Joel McHale in two medic Obama's. And Obama was much better much better. The -- Keylon notes all about the writing. Course -- -- -- home -- here's Mikhail static kill 51. Hillary Clinton has a lot going for as a candidate she has experienced she's a natural leader and as our first female president we could pay her 30% less. You know when he thought now. -- in Obama's. Rating. Approval rating slipping. On top of that he only got two stars on Yelp and its not everyone looks around and they look at a bomb when he was fake laugh and made sure the crowd shot yes and nobody's laugh and all of a tool of -- cut it short now here's his I don't she was true. The Peyton Manning to -- -- -- of the Peyton Manning were unbelievable up whenever says Peyton Manning was going to be here. But the problem is he only moves forward hours at a time. It's crazy thing that Joseph Biden is only one heartbeat away from no one taking him seriously is precedence. Can you help me with being an excellent he's a big Seahawks fan I guess that means we can only move four yards at the time. Well that's a first down and all the time proceeded to get on the plane and people -- -- Second families I would like -- -- -- the ground when we spoke the last and it could go on and on and it became a topic on Twitter. Like you have to see how bad this guy is he's -- to a Kardashian line. -- -- -- -- He snow conditions are Republicans which is in the surprise. Because they both like to screw black people. That got zero has grown medically accurate hero Lou and -- and his promise crowd shots. People are going on there and different are they felt like like uncomfortable for him his parents were right. And they like shown in their fake laugh and it was -- -- -- present on the speechwriters I think this is a big night for them is actually up but Obama was pretty good I watch -- -- pretty -- all about self -- getting better and he did that canyon mine was gonna give -- the John -- for. Then I'm feeling sorry believe it or not for the speaker of the house is well. These days the house Republicans. Actually give John Boehner a harder time -- they give me. Which mean this point really is the new black. Right back in Arizona Cardinals are real laughs just legitimate and he's the president give me some -- Pick up the fight sausage opened a perjury charges. Sometimes I do feel this respected by -- reporters. But that's okay. Seattle -- cornerback Richard Sherman is here tonight and he gave me. It has some great tips on how to handle it. Jake tell him don't you ever talk about me like that. The best president today. I think Richard Bruno and we'll. More -- next time. While we're talking sports just last month a wonderful story -- American not one of the Boston Marathon for the first time in thirty years. Which was inspiring. And only -- since -- canyon has been present for the last six. That's Smart that is as good lie a thousand that's funny than anything -- McHale said. Can you tell me this what is what is Richard Sherman famous for I mean really famous -- it clean and jerk course which was obnoxious. Room out of place I mean it's the the attention of his teammates hit it in on denigrated another a player which you really. And that's what got him invited to the White House let's put put him. At this whole other level of if you like but I think that it is a lousy quarterback committed big plate into the game and bad policies saying he's famous for being a great quarterback -- -- still puts it well -- -- -- too right now my point is it was a lousy corner for CMX four plays into the game -- -- grab that guy -- that guy goes off he's not said. I didn't say was I'm sent a great quarterback doesn't -- -- the White House. That's just -- noxious a hole that's what he has great great player I take nothing away from them. He's invited to the White House and the president's calling -- Because he's a dink. Whenever you refer to me whenever you speak to me whatever you address me address dressed as all pull Stanford graduate. No it's true true famous for being jealous of these famous for and you know it was after John McCain because he's one of those guys -- Twitter account like yeah funny guys -- these different -- and they tried to pretend that it was the kind of gave up ultimately they said -- -- were so bad at -- Joel McHale thought Obama was -- -- the Obama -- beep us kills half you -- you know beyond his eyes now -- did see some light. It's true -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On a question. That's what I said have been killed in flop as badly as Jules this weekend now can McCain lost the first round bottom line. Headlines brought to you by AT&T. So you're left out via a four story. What store for 24 but that's on tonight yet. The story yeah it was -- two. OK on -- would crappy TV shows come back after six I don't I don't I don't alt a crappy second vaults for yours you can watch its -- separate is that now the election. Jackson bad that -- -- again. You can always get a guy knows pocket as a unit that is than others Chloe. -- -- burned American and I was gonna run around again explosion sounds good. Many are at 6777. I 7937. The phone lines are filled we will get to you next Sean for that 805. Published 830 Bobby early in the 9 o'clock.

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