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The overreaction to the "Bruins" fan tweets 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the national overreaction to the anonymous tweets.

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Get -- fast. Stuff happens over the course of the weekend not even -- beat him. Will be alternate. That China -- that was about fifty -- so good to Barbara Walters by comparison. -- -- -- -- -- say this explanation from the people at seven minute live Lorne Michaels -- or -- on lumpy. -- not. Spoof on Tuesday. If you Google street final lookalike. To a big skit with dolls too early yet the center. They all kinds of supporting actors and -- -- Rodman right and they have no. The east and now no I -- that was the most. Satirical humor and she's practically set all girl. You can't come up with a fake -- Guys I assume that that was named in the great Joba sterling Bobby Bobby -- and and you know he did his best friends over wasn't bad to be you know out of Silva was good to that that that -- that could. Have one of the chicks. Or just someone off the streets of communal. Hurt you paid it. But I should do it that's a good -- tell you that they had her placement and adding new he's upgraded to this outright but don't you think you brought -- Alexis -- that's what you think. Did you see the funniest maybe left a -- Rodman rub that touched him and why it. A but it would seem to me that in the meeting they would say who can play the and it was like required in the nineties. It's on you know I want to Bob Walters -- -- before and said she looks like. Like someone's playing a character when you sit there like some of play a role hole. Nonsense about -- recently you can tell. With a they look like each other now and sterling start again that. Attribute. It sparkle like that while the Mexican side of I honestly -- they get along random. We get to the recession paid her off. But what are they built it together again. And the Fleming's yet to be together in the few months the -- of -- -- tiger ritual you could go get together yeah so much you could have. But anyway that was preparedness not disappoint X prize. They didn't have made next week the woman because she's not going away now music now. -- with -- this mean she's she creeps me out about her I can't Stan doesn't she sound so measure she the 10% it's lower. Methodology yeah she's on the -- Barbara Walters gets that adds that reminds some degree of credibility. You ever in the group -- -- -- elect ever consider when you're silly rabbit. It currently not given a silly -- now -- yes on line item I liked -- feeling Manhattan island of Electric's my right arm. When she sees right right arm issues at all kinds its description that she said -- Barbara Democrats that here one. -- His silly rabbit. Ever feel little regard to the old at this point of course which. Tiger which she did -- -- -- -- think maybe she just don't you think that she the Atlanta -- -- when -- -- this -- and call someone up at the -- now. Say you want this and that is he's actually give us yours -- keep -- current death actually -- the regional lines or if she can get. Up what you -- turn down a lot of offers no question shore and how to happen did did B and -- people call ABC and only Barbara Walters. Well -- -- -- opera called what about those people called -- which you like to well Bob the only one could compete with the bimbo like the V. Would be Oprah right for a good for a fumble at the hope that. Our caller summed up Arnold changed -- -- lotteries. Now Barbara Walters and toaster that's our relation it was a -- party member of the belly up -- banker went and did. Tried -- really nice to think sterling sensitive via sex. Yeah us yes I don't who had sex -- we house at like five years ago back at you. -- -- selling everything from his current the current. His best friend. His silly rabbit -- His watch it really that facility about it yes I would tell you now that congress act passes and then I just Koran and I need to laugh. I do things that some people find very silly. Are. I did things that. Sometimes he -- and extend our relationship. -- -- -- -- She's had a concussion she's. -- everything -- right that start slow secular laws -- Tell -- how does Robert -- medalist is why. Yeah that's not generally do very professional follow up question you lack in lack. Take -- water at tickets at a lack. A she's not going away trying to get back in his good graces which she just she said I did not release that tape. I believe it because she said she shared with a couple friends yet and if your friend you know anything unless you sell the tape. The view of him the you still get at least in right arteries and got condos. She just you know. The gravy train old news Arnold who she says she killed the gold was there right yeah I think what you were so. He's sued by that the wife. Who has set nerves and she's shown up for the game that well at all. She stuff make -- notches he does -- season schedule out of the ride through next round for should be there you know give a pep talk to the team doc is a problem with. Said when she called -- really nice diverted the united no problem with that so. They have video of her. Collecting rent. Forget which network whose -- of the video strong arming. And rent pretending to be. Protect him and she also pretend to be. Spector took. Yeah I think health inspectors on the -- in the silly rabbit and a silly reverence she and me and -- him and she's not all -- -- what we disgraced. It's only a matter of time fortunately. That becomes. Bill into June and no one wants sealed the game yeah and even dark. The milk this as long as they capture and -- They're gonna get smoked in the next room. Based on what my observation. -- with smoked songs it's a good question -- lot -- forces may be it plea if that force was made. To simply don't have that score you need that score of Lincoln and it's all that great coach. That two if you -- 312 million Americans said which team from Miami from Brooklyn. Are you rooting for -- the vast majorities say clippers. Probably. Kevin Durant when Muncie in and when title. I think yeah except in Oklahoma. Oklahoman was so mean do -- to writing mean things. To talk about what the right thing that would never happen here. Wouldn't it wouldn't. -- you level -- the month ago between low shear in the press box it's that was funny. I -- I'm up you think. And beat writers were cheering when they scored and help with this a mix of NPR org radio you know yeah who runs sailed weasels sales as a as the team guys not that that medium minded. It's -- -- that if they didn't. But and that's. A under the desk it's it's a hockey thing to note media contingent cheers for the team more than month. Mean again not jump seats right if you literally. Got jump up here yet but if I play that he tweeted. Afterwards get accused of making enough yet an -- and we've watched tweets that defending this case and -- while never make this. He looked at the press box where there. Other team model players have to play -- those kind of people cheer you see that in the press. Rebel on the press level and he saw them jump up. There's always someone who doesn't look at this object and -- and who has more fun and that's good point B so maybe so just radio and TV guys they pale. Much year in right now the fun. About the CI give him a pick Montreal and took off after game one there were up 31 game Q. I set -- -- that myself this series is over Montreal action you've not yet. I didn't I don't -- -- I thought the play them in the room and sleep -- -- war. And sucked it made all kinds of mistakes and we're still in down 21. I'm -- remarkably this I was watching my father to access. And it's 31. Be early in the third as the Bruins win five to three. I got witnesses. Eyewitness I believe what I believe I sit there and catch up. Montreal's beautiful we're gonna get in -- manner it's on them just before or after Ortiz little speeches he left the sectors said. After one goal every five minutes it was after that that I was joint yes I think it was right after that exit. It's pretty easy one goal in five minutes and we've seen in home teams fold up against the Bruins before it eat. You know the way they play you know heavy games strong game and on the fact that it is better. When they flip that switch. To you know then -- no limit them in the can but that's which has porphyry. Sharpening even goal scorer in this year's truancy march. At 55. -- five they're far superior. And you know I heard that on. -- show us that this -- when your network is pom pom waving rate went that he become. App and use it becomes a guy cheers now score and we saw last year I went and they accuse of Alaska permanent. Total and cheerleader but anyway -- -- a great point and he he was half kidding but he said the should stop hitting Canadians. And you laughed that that it doesn't make sense that they don't get stupid penalties which -- you know part of their game right hitting. Late hitting behind the plate intimidating. Like Kevin Miller's penalty stupid you know -- if it's not affecting the play in all you try to do send a message. Why not stop doing -- five on five you were much better. I gimmicks and -- great -- -- -- -- pick up at least five months but if you're still doing adding that affects some angles to me makes them better. It's like they stop no I'm talking about things like the Miller behind play stupid you. And you're suggesting they stop being physical Canadians. Of course not they -- such things stop the stupid stuff -- cells but Bristol that stuff is part of their game. Part of the game to some extent I -- Kevin Miller and as an effort to the market hits guys and he had a play in the first game. That could have been an appearance right way behind the plate didn't get called no one admonished important ones that don't do that right right. They said that's how we place which it's a bit in the -- that's how we place right they have to stop. Do and that kind of thing and not give them power plays as if it's even when would you agree I agree it should stop communicating our. But normally. They get away in this case it's it's such a disparity between five and on and you know on the special teams. Keep in -- experience they had against Detroit win they were on the penalty kill I think they kill 80% eighteen out of 28 he was a liberal and -- go ahead and that's that's exactly all right well the point that you know. They'll be on you know it was make an -- TV show that that sucks everywhere so. Good well great note for they should not they should not forget that they should have more penalties yes the floor -- it's not more disagree publicly and number they have now should guys like we checked and Ciara and -- and and Miller. -- hitting to send a message yes to beat him up to -- yes I think he's doing OK I can't just. Actually they could what are they can win either way -- that is going to their chances of winning are better if they don't do that. As while it is intimidating and -- his does inflict a lot of pain. Montreal gets on a power play and they have a chance Montreal isn't a power play. Would you -- Montreal homer and now it's your big have you becoming a boom. -- -- -- -- Do they have a chance of its not. Yes that's the I I think that's brilliant and you know again. But don't but don't you think that the intimidation factor they do. The Bruins have over them if you wanna say that the physical always plays a factor yesterday I was five as well I guess is as I said before if the penalty kill was what it was is what one was against Detroit. But these aren't a problem well it's not. This so the penalty kill it's the power play. Because the court didn't have a Superman that's the -- didn't have -- the court didn't have. The Carey Price for that matter they didn't have this beast this talent and now this is team. So they're going well in these guys are good if it's a power. It's not doesn't feel like even when they play in when their sleep -- and now we know. The Bruins aren't morning people they're not known martian. That I when he made that play it's in her eyes and -- the Montreal gold and on the wrong side and right to gun was for his admonition that went to his backhand announces. -- said it couldn't. Usually not up to new and not to throw a little. This is a little early limit those turnovers that was a big factor in the and the noodles and yes I was about -- -- -- turnovers are not really yes turnovers and a good. The city's so racist it's. So ashamed to live here I let's get to what. Disconnect us I don't I'm I don't on the list I'll talk about public and on the list. Cam Neely shame on you mayor Walsh shame on you Gary Washburn. -- -- -- and honest to god. This is the most insane overreaction. I've ever seen to anything you know anything. Welcome 2004. -- it's only gonna get worse but he's -- statements. As a handful. Of is yes indeed it's most likely teenage idiots. On Twitter. Wrote unacceptable racist things that he have we seen a quantitative number here. According to Toronto globe and suddenly it was 700 million all on 100 billion I don't he has seven if you had to guess -- -- somewhere between. Twenty and fifty somewhere and I'd guess 2530. At the way it happens all the time you know it happens you know when Wayne Simmons scored a hat -- to win happens when -- ward scores. When it happens you know when a goofy looking white guy makes a big play in basketball you think when you went off one day on Mason problem yes that there may be some. Off colored tweets about Mason -- when he rejected LeBron James problem. Mean it's and again -- Attribute this some meals Shaughnessy over the weekend sect. Some writing on the wall in the bathroom. For great analogy. It's got -- two that was 2200 kids in my high school and if there was some unacceptable. On the bathroom wall of the principal apologized to the -- -- -- I'm sorry you know emphasis on acceptable if they might now I'm sure I mean -- -- -- -- point eight name and they -- now -- and did anyone -- Lee's office at camp ignore it. Any -- Walsh I -- I know politicians. Our panders -- this -- professionals had cancerous and has put -- Walsh you really think. This required a statement from them hey you're all that's for these guys is dig around the world. Find out how many there were if there were if there were 161000 people from Boston tweeting this -- That's fine but -- work and I love the reference to the tool will toward its threat when they actually did we did. Looked it up where these guys from New York I can't believe there was any inside 120. There was no one in Boston and a couple of kids in the suburbs and as we guessed that the time most of more sixteenth seventeenth. It kids and Gloucester high the kid in somewhere in the sell short with a Frankel winners. You -- kids in Nashua and then them. Had they went to the house of one of the kids -- Weymouth somewhere right and the mother it's his his fifteen. He's just an idiot -- -- -- a fifteen year old dope who's frightened you know stupid things on the wall in the bathroom. It was probably texting stupid things to his friends and tweeted out. Stupid things. After the it was a lot on Saturday the globe. Above the fold and sports at two stores and we Benjamin's sort story about this getting all the quotes from the players stuff and -- -- -- which are sure we'll get through which his whole yes we'll get to hang your heritage and Kirk. Where you knew anything else bang your head and changes. We shall hang our heads and -- should apologize and then -- because some morons on Twitter. You can. Maybe campus and understand the medium I don't think I don't you think cam actually wrote should captured the bunch of people underneath -- campuses happenings blowing up and he's doing fortieth and. Statement probably my guess there are two of phenomenons. And of inspired your two modern. Obama. Has taken place that creates what we saw this weekend there is the electronic anonymity. Of the bathroom wall -- that is Twitter. Now -- the total number of people on -- has -- -- number of people in new wheat -- on Twitter is it's probably much much much greater than you think it is. Bat coupled with an ability of -- and by all these people. Committed take a look at the AT&T text line right there is this anonymity that gives -- like beer goggles it's like heaven -- -- six pack of beer and suddenly. You're brave your tough nobody's gonna -- me Eckerd rite the second -- -- like and Texas -- and Gordon's status. And a small group -- extremely small group says this. But we have company. Juncture because of Donald Sterling because. Oh just the need to stand up and try to out scream the disapproval. And everybody else and -- hamstring by trying to get the microphone to say hi to announce. -- -- I've renounce Satan and I'll say not tonight about just twitters let's -- -- kind of reverend a memorable as the church in the Easter. Not me baby -- I'm not an -- -- -- 4645604. So let's make me -- seventeen people tweeted racist things. The percentage. -- you just divided coming out of the text machine you'd mean that in June. All these. All the people. While trying to make a public Jack -- -- ought to be good from the Montreal gazette one of the most of may and the guys -- pretty good run at the Saban read them. Two in the series. One of the most amazing. You responsible inexplicable idiotic. Columns. And lines of ever seen. Uses the tweets -- the barrage of races -- tweets and it's -- left the game one. Represented a level of ugliness the sports world has been fighting. Since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier with the Montreal -- -- And they were enough to make you wonder whether we have made any progress at Ole. In the days of segregated buses. Segregated sports and night riding Ku klux Klansman camera. You'll read that again and feel free it is the most insane and idiotic. Bizarre. That is there an editor the Montreal -- who might call them said. Com -- he wondering about the if you could you really you you you really comparing you to have spent fifteen year old more on. Again this had on back with play -- himself no tweet and text and the friends who tweets out -- racist tweet about. About the case two months -- compared to him to day. Night writing Ku klux Klansman and asking if we've made any progress at all he don't forget those two were at all and so in other words. He thinks that may be we've made. No progress since 1947. Unity breaking a month ago 45 which of separate water here right I think I checked. I was the -- but the issue is that it won't sit there all day Watson -- by two black guys. Played basketball. Riveted. 20000. People in the stands most of what cheering them -- you know this is -- it is styles to exit the money get local houses. A -- progress concept came from me. That. There are people. I think Washburn is one of them disguised to. Who kind who want this stuff to happen. Yeah they want they're they're almost in some way jealous they were part of it they wanna -- with a windmill where there was a bigger deal and they wanna be part of the mix they want this stuff to happen they like when stuff out of question. It really does Felix. Safe. Territory to go to the rail and rant against. Racism. I guess that's we think she's doing but you go off the rails when you say. Much tweets from what you morons from -- where. You know as even he refers to a guy. One of the guys one of the -- is is from New York. Rick Nash. -- -- actually passionate nourishment a new Yorker so nothing to do Boston quite the contrary to New York gonna try to make us look bad. He knows that the -- at it's it's a step beyond they think it's they think it's safe to stand up and and denounced and renounced I think it's unsafe not -- while yet I think it's unsafe not too. That if you know the mayor of a city the president of organization anybody has a microphone put in front of their face. To opine about what we just -- what we just rent. It would be that's a good point like beefed up the fight every now. -- fell -- BS Bob Beers it was a whatever column right. And east I'm not. -- -- and I wanna know it's like there's not this has something else right then there is not the only one feels that way. It's your right feels unsafe not to -- like you defending that tweeters. That's means that that column and that's only part of it. Is utterly insane it was on another subject it's in the sky as the limit where you can write that Johnson what you can write that in. People no pressure whatsoever -- -- eleven award that's the wish gym which Christian and Visteon mentality. She gets you know take this point of view like he she went off the rails obviously. Sympathize and with tarnoff with the Joker with -- name but in her mind when you do that it's -- and. Do you think if Pete Pace to bomb were honest. He would tell us how many racial tweets he gets from Montreal fan base. I guarantee you he gets the oh yeah no question and it probably does the Smart thing and ignores them as opposed to giving them. Giving them voice giving them some sort of relevant just blocks them. I mean if you get a racist tweet you -- the guy right. Simple I'm sure that's it's abundant how many does again and again -- -- -- and skip. You know how many this how many does -- and LeBron James or. You're Derek Jeter gets me if you're on Twitter there us it's anonymous you're right there with the top guys. And they think they can say or do anything and they think I was gonna come knocking on the door the camera. I just don't understand why all these people Gary Washburn and -- and -- walls don't get that the understood. I mean if you had an electric crank call. Literally -- cracked called them. -- suggest someone coma hotel room and they used the inward. Would mayor Walsh like a statement mean it's what it is right despite a standard yet to say crank call what we're talking about this this these racist tweets. And we're responding. Like this some you know whipped west Borough Baptist Church movement inside 128 in a row where Bruins years. This life because some guy. Tweeted that the word stride and were was trending on Twitter Boston which turned out to be told why isn't that easy to check sure nobody could nobody can find it. And so there -- 171000 tweets about it. A great great majority of these tweets were people tweeting or run out and work restoring particularly like that so you get. A thousand people condemning it for every one person -- Is at least that mention how much progress Gerri at that may not be brought out and Jack -- or Gary Washington's call -- -- such polished tweeting about Friday I mean all the usual guys who want this to be story so they concede a possible race and was this cat -- the reasons to bond felt compelled to stand up they would he said yeah yes -- Nicholas. It's completely unfair for anybody to point the finger at the organization for the fan base they are passionate fans here great fan base. Since I've been in the league it's an awesome I've come to Boston many times my families come here it's been great. What people may say on Twitter and social media is not a reflection. By any means of the leak or the Boston Russell. Whoever that is they'll get dealt with but it's completely separate from this week or the Boston Bruins organization. While there's a fresh take up. -- -- Someone has fight the so called -- or has addressed this somewhat past two you know whether it's -- player. Coach -- mayor just say. So nothing to do with Boston Bruins fans has nothing to do the Boston. It's just some moron who writes on the bathroom wall that's all it is. And and this gives life to you could do this and get the mayor and the president of the team and those -- player us. Yeah I guess we're. Plan on a plane into it but we're getting voiced I'll blame in the people who are addressing it and and and maybe they don't to Twitter as we do. And we get these vital in tweets all the time every day mean honest to god. Every day it was supposed to say you know not notes it's. Look up these people -- let's let's re tweet them and let's get to the bottom of his nose. -- -- -- -- you -- -- well if you assume that an abuse of people's houses right as best band ever complained of this in Montreal in that environment. North of the border. Not that I'm aware of -- like you know what they are quite sure it's -- capsule all over the country. These are people and I again -- most of my guess in a fifteen. Idiots and most of them. Our -- they look at the and word of the fact that who was black this and if -- were Marcia and they would -- -- no need you know. And if -- were. Some red head together read about as red hair and -- tour -- Asian -- the right about his. Whose whose ethnicity. -- -- just you know these. Mean mean okay well look I'm sure -- are legitimately racist but that's just the way it is -- it is -- some most of -- right punks that superstar you know maybe 2% of the 24 who actually did it race. All right that's that's well that's not gonna check 2% at 24 I think Cuba arrive there at number is about -- pretty accurate. Or 645. Million Twitter accounts when the -- 300 million people in the country all over the world all but he said the united. Seven billion. Of people thronged with people notes -- on the world around the world OK but most of Obama's people on FaceBook group that number. I think it's like seven billion reject. Odds of -- on Twitter Vietnam War resisters sports columnist novelist author does desertion. Sun going down tweets on Canadian hockey in the -- American politics real term earlier there. You write that you write these are people this is an opportunity for properties and -- -- you know. Rancho not read about hockey today. I am on my soapbox and denouncing. -- I'm nobody will disagree I know and I'll look. Repression and Olerud we'll get to pick through washed from I think wash for one of these guys sits around you're older writers talk about a couple and I do think to some extent he feels jealous. Yeah and don't meet them I do think cute I agree that in if you're Gary watchman Grossman but basketball right now it's kind of relevant around here. This is a chance -- real -- and I don't blame him and I used to relish those chances when you could go and write about whatever big issues bigger issues right important things not right to vote. You know the backup point guard. But the idea that. This has anything to do with Tom yawkey. Or pinky Higgins not given Jackie roms in a bar -- Boston or just lost it seems to me to be a stretch. All right 6777. -- 793 settle a lot on the plate and a shot after his it was say it was similar I looked at a two. David Ortiz speech in the dugout. To the Red Sox out of Saint Louis that got that inspired you'll join us at -- five was going to be later but they're getting on a plane and headed for Montreal public Shays mock draft is out. I like it I'm not sure Johnny -- Zell is right now and based on yesterday's little survey. On the Red -- broadcast about the best for liberal. Bobby fairly which the putting together the finishing touches on dumb and dumber. It's a dumb and what is when it's. Them and number two new TO TO exactly -- anything California in the 9 o'clock hour and we have a most remarkable. Auction item is gonna benefit the Jimmy Fund. And help out as we raise money a week from today at the annual seemed to tiger's golf tournament they would that's all about open the -- -- for you when we come back.

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