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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday: What the Future Holds for Jon Lester and John Lackey, Also Rob Bradford Stops By (Hour 3 5-4-14)

May 4, 2014|

The boys are live at Fenway on Sports Sunday. They talk Red Sox and the Lester and Lackey contract conundrums. Rob Bradford stops and gives his opinion on what the Sox will going forward with these 2 top of line starters. Also, what's up with Henry Owens and Rubby De La Rosa?

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Sports Sunday on WEEI. Arianna will Springsteen two weeks from now Mohegan Sun -- They -- two weeks from this week going to be there SAM I'll. -- could -- on Albany next Tuesday night to LA and hands don't know. Probably -- -- as -- get like a hand Yule had any in Adam boss man while got together. Where I'm at which -- and I drove to Philadelphia. Really to Seabrook as well. There's times that embarrass me. Will really telling wonderful time it's been like music and wonderful the rain denied it rained or the other one knows her dog was the second show yet. It was a yeah it was the second night because I know the first night he did beat Johnny Pesky thing yes you'd vote yes. Phone yet and it's not that I had never -- brings the it is that eight concert going is not part of my routine. That we think a constant and what's and one of the into the word so what do you think about a concert right now unless I -- blessed that I loved it I you know I never understood. We we keep talking about outsmart these new owners are I guess we shouldn't column -- in twelve years. But we keep talking about how Smart they are. Is it possible. That the people in the reflect before this crew came in just really didn't think things out a little bit. Like why they have concerts -- time and they've got a 3637000. Seat ballpark it's just -- empty. For all but 81 days a year and get an idea and they they did that it but the Boston. -- Socket socket team now heroes the team and there -- a couple of different soccer teams have played here and had some wrestling matches you have execute. But I don't know in the -- not to Philip and you went on abuse and mismanagement. In people. And I was here for the flyers game. The couple years back to classic BUBC you know that. And and now and -- now they make nice every year now and bring it UMass war on schools and stuff. I rarely if I had more fun at a sporting event that idea that -- flyers game. That was just phenomenal and I think the fact that. By the late Gary Bettman spoke to this issue yesterday there at six. Outdoor games 58 outdoor games and part of it was because it was in new York and at the the the ranges the islanders the double to contend with. And that the way the question was opposed to going -- and now what it is good but the way the question was posed. Suggested that maybe they were too many -- outdoor game you know given that people Alter argues it was some reporter I didn't know. But but that -- said well we haven't -- any comments of people that make me we have too many games we have as many next year because -- not in the price you know the the year metro area. But all of our feedback is that people one of these teams -- whatever uniqueness goes away by having more of it. It's regional sized gap in New York evident attitude and Southern California. They're an outdoor game at -- -- to obviously keep -- entire season it's that novelty that makes it's much on the idea that you have. Bruins flyers plays going on the -- the left field wall in the background and by the way they set it up just so that they have that visual. They could set up for 5000. You know -- Ali. And the patriots played at Fenway and they would set up portable bleachers in -- Wal-Mart and the -- -- from the third base dugout out of the bullpen that in a portable seat in front of the water but with acute. They wisely did not do that with the help -- a classic just so that a wall would be part of the game. That was awesome. And my point is that there was something really cool and I good seats for the Springsteen about it. Up stay in -- looking to center field. This deep roots in the as the wall Gretzky Paul -- it was great I love concerts here. I really don't think I mean acoustics are great but it's it's good. Go to any New Hampshire has been hanging on thanks -- and on and -- The problem would probably go to vote we might outgrow it and not get -- You plan to -- and it is having good especially about the first two lines. They get paid to wait and watch in the game especially in the Detroit series one coaching like Detroit. Woods work and really had to control of articles on this thing that I noticed the most about that like much -- -- -- That it in the game what are they make in the states with a pocket you know I think nick and contemplated especially in the air defenses out of the -- Get in and get impeached and that yesterday that I get my shot probing knots with that. That'd -- gaining -- ally and they made the judgment which I think. Claude Julien has completely. Underrated when it comes to win this -- adjusting games. The team can have a complete stinker of the period come back and look like a completely different club. And I think -- did that -- third period probably start a little slow packed ball. Against them. Mean these guys are shown that there's where we get into it and then create human chick. I've got a -- -- shows some prominent. In the offensive zone because the way they planned defense -- And you know I think I -- sort of -- I think it can -- like he you know. Michael -- he got the weight you've just scored all right it's quite a better -- the play offensive doubt that the Michael Ryder. The -- Team that's constructed this perfect for the play out. -- puck control. You know they're territorial. And that my shocking to step up the game a little bit I think you're going to be perfectly fine. But he stepped up. They would that turnaround past. What that I thought he stepped it up yesterday at -- rate turnaround pass. Yeah the back you know we're -- -- a lot. Big -- yeah. So what's going to be the key for you we Indian and Montreal. Game three what's going to be the -- I think it started to go. Didn't and then you work your way out you know proposition. Is this team just getting the puck deep and be not you know a lot of people are saying no it's not that big reveal physical play. You know against that watcher at the -- and that's absolutely -- The more -- be interrogated again or the Mets are going to be able to turn Adam moved the puck up to their force -- are very doubt. Mean you get a fast team the more you hit them again pocket keep using the fighting analogy. But the more you can. Hit them or knock them slow them down. It kind of changes the game a little that actually mean Canadians are so fast they're just so fast -- hasn't been as much of a factor their speed. In this series as I thought it would be not that the Bruins are slow forty minute that's always an image ticket put out -- the bones of the physical team which means. -- over the Canadians are faster. These -- faster players. The Bruins are very skilled. Players Brad Marchand as fast as anybody out on the -- but I -- I just don't think Canadian speed has been as big -- factor as I expected to get the Bruins have done a good job. Neutralizing their speed -- -- a great job defensively. Mean cage taking the lead. No lie so make him move. And yeah we we focus so much on the racial strife that's -- that accompanies the rival Boston days ago. Coupled with the fact that we collectively. -- like him. Like the way he plays like his style like lose whatever. If we can step aside from all that he's really good player -- -- state is -- the classic if you put in the -- to love them. -- -- What what's not to like about the -- game except for the flop but then again we don't have any of those guys he's. -- So -- a six on 777979. B 37 we're live at Fenway Park until 1 o'clock which -- ST but we have sports Sunday. -- he's always a day to catch your breath and certainly after the of Red Sox yesterday fifteen -- from Lester. From the bruins' comeback win it's certainly data catch your breath and get ready for the rest of this week which is going to be big week. With -- the Bruins and Montreal. The NFL draft coming up on Thursday night. He really do like you said buck you know he came in this morning and all. And who's partly because -- had friends over you grow and last night he sort of early with a vengeance group. But when a city today today's data catcher Brett the sports yes it really yes you know and a lot of people -- watch him walk in Fenway. It probably Larry -- if it's probably good -- sit in the ballpark. You know it's going to be a little cool little chilly today. Hum overcast hopefully doesn't it warms up beat -- warmer like an hour. Now. But the Red Sox -- just keep. Seeping into your consciousness. In the Bruins are at a playoff run. You patriots can get ready for the draft -- the reds are still there hover around 500. Didn't get there today. It's different after they win a championship isn't it we always said if they ever won it would be different. Channel five was different but then you know the verb is still billionaire in the last ten years as an. It is like -- going. My money. Might be the minority viewpoint I think people get more pissed of now they lose it before. Because now theories. It's like that. The which apple or plan he Seymour Seymour. Team against bigger and bigger it's more blood now he struggled human body I would add in the success of the other teams makes. Put pressure on -- in or to. Could you want to win but baseball's always been different because of so many games. You know I mean you look at the I love the fact. Going into. The 20082009. Season. The Bruins became the only team had won a championship analysts -- the six years. And now they had to go out when one took a couple of years. They might of wanted you know creature doesn't get hurt and everything back and they lose that series against Philadelphia but they come back the next year and win the Stanley Cup. And I can't prove that the other three teams winning championships played apart Matt. But I won't deny the right I -- to us right -- they do is much is like when the Red Sox. When the World Series they go to Foxboro the patriots come here and Alex that they are in a way competing. Yeah I agree with you agree that you know it it's not only for the sports entertainment dollar. But they are competing look at it the Red Sox scheduled this week dimensional what's going on this week. Interesting for the red text on the play the -- today if two more home games are off tomorrow. So Sox are off tomorrow but Tuesday Wednesday the Cincinnati -- here. On Tuesday and Wednesday the Cincinnati Reds are here Jake Peavy scheduled to vote -- Homer Bailey. On Tuesday night and then -- you brought against Mike -- On Wednesday and I both 710 starts and the socks off Thursday and they start a road trip in Texas and Minnesota after that from. By the way one of the surprises in the American League if you follow baseball is marked in red eyes. So I started great start for Texas. And he faces Jon Lester on Saturday so that's a good pitching matchup when Lester. Goes again Clay Buchholz and it Yu Darvish scheduled for Friday so. The reds coming to town I mean we're of the same token -- box so it always reminds me when the reds come in this ballpark of you know the 75 World Series and Pete Rose and in the big red machine and in all that which was so monumental was pretty cool at the reds coming account is -- or yours is the novelty of interleague play cut all worn off. Ice like interleague play the -- it's it's nice to see some different teams in here and it it did not detract. But for my money has not detract from the World Series we don't. The World Series has not been. Lesson -- cheap and over the fact that sometimes these teams plea to the during the regular season. I'm not caught up in the reds though the -- five. Through this what if the -- like -- won three World Series analyzed ten year right. The reds coming in here were below the its pitch to build the road -- level applied. Why the -- will be out of the game pinch hit Cecil Cooper and all that stuff. You know and Tim Burton on the mound. We would be revisiting that on a regular basis we in the reds came to Boston were not for the fact they won the world suitable for seventy thirteen. And an entire generation of younger -- experience has grown up X with the expectation the rhetorical not only compete but maybe win -- World Series right. So so the reds coming in here it is the history when when not gonna bring up the. -- to play ad nauseam but because the right a 163. Pitch yeah I we TR I don't know I agree with you. From least simply -- are with you I'd like interleague play because I wanna see Joey potter when friendly policies keep Billy Hamilton who's got the fastest guy in baseball right now. Who learn how to become a Major League Baseball player of the year he does he's a modern day Rikki Anderson. Of what he can -- on minister guy when he steal second base can steal third at the same time so image to deceive those guys come defend we have still is a mouth of a baseball fan. That it was cool to watch the all star game and everybody in their individual uniforms when I was a kid. Plane together as teammates and in the game battered -- that's all gone away but. I still kind of like seen in a team like the reds in the middle of the week come to games at Fenway. And by the way it's on. Two with a nights where one of the night's -- you don't have a hockey game. So it's cool yet Tuesday night which is going to be Bruins. Canadians and it's that we are going to be here you're going to be Montreal at memorial top text you'd all the reds fever that go on the exposed human -- 6177797937. To join us again John Lackey takes. The mound again through the Lester first second -- -- the -- it's an ongoing story about his contract. And I guess to jump ahead what when he has a start like yesterday. A monumental start in a few mystical tip fifteen strike. The most strikeouts by a Red Sox pitcher. Since Pedro Martins I mean the numbers tell us it was a dominating a performance as you're going to find it reminds us. That Jon Lester has his moments where he pitches like one of the best pitchers in baseball. And it's not just an isolated moment each had numerous moments like that and -- them at some of the biggest times when it's mattered the most in the post season. Shall we talk about his contract situation. Every time he starts and especially is a start like that it's a referendum. Well what he should be paid on it again it's a story -- Iraq. -- anyway it's eight it that the longer we go and this season it lessens the chances that Lester will not go to free agency in the season is over because. Why do you sign a contract extension before this season starts and of one year let you do so because you want peace of mind and hampered. Horrible thing happens -- your heart. You've got the benefit of a contract extension. But where it would get closer and closer to the point where he's gonna play up this season anyway in lessen the likelihood they'll have a contract extension which by the way there at that should. And when people say. All pitchers who turned thirty to -- down the clip Anemia that you put up better numbers -- thirties twenties I give you Al -- 126 games in his thirties after very spotty record. Mostly because of blister issues in his two points up. So I think Jon Lester is built to pitch another five or six good seasons in the Red Sox because they know. You can pitch in Boston right he likes it here and -- with an hour ago he likes it here keep this guy. Keep on sign up and I'm not I'm not a big fan of like being the guy that peanut gallery is. I'm not write the checks I'm not a big fan like -- out. But may Red Sox perspective. Signing a guy who's gonna keep with the top of the fight I would sign John much. Steve Buckley imports current sports sounding more from February after -- -- the combination of power in command that was impressive he was locked in seemingly from the first pitch of the game. If he maintained his stuff throughout four pitches for strikes. And three of those on both sides of the plate so -- it was he was in command and start. -- project manager John Farrell talking about Jon Lester performance one for the AG yesterday that. Probably a lot of us didn't see because of the bruins' game fifteen strikeouts for Lester Steve Buckley. Porch burns live at Fenway Park Sox -- a 135 start today with. John Lackey in the mile -- Brett. Efforts and I had a lot Natalie -- rubber through my favorite people we have frank from Gloucester. Cool to figure clothing my -- -- rules distinctive clothes I would go to a voice from Red Sox past and -- And -- Right around the idea -- reelection the Bruins yesterday and that's their let him at I want -- more lasted ruined myself the most important part of the Bruins you know how it is you guys know how is everyone kind of gravitate toward the back of oppressed by -- current time. So I was pretty exciting. Predicts getting we see how the wheels since the good no bounce right back -- -- I I brought with home showering when I came now and I think that's exactly what you do you try to navigate these steps of the globe treated them -- -- -- and -- -- I couldn't believe who would make you -- these depths of it. They look that we had what are you talking about college you'll understand the last thing in the world at one rate now stamps but it was did it -- congratulation and other great jobs -- this. Obviously from the boys went to cross the finish line via a year tighten up really quickly. My friends' -- media fringe on burrito with pick me up on the corner of Columbus in Berkeley. That walk off the off with just like to -- fish and -- Well here's here's the thing I don't know it and -- I apologize the company commandeered rental revenues. -- -- of the marathon but I couldn't help but by his that they -- I felt so great running now boils I was like cause I did my job Padilla. And I thought it was -- jumping -- that I saw video myself it I was not skipping and jumping by felt great and anxieties like it right but anyway so listen. While you're here now sure -- I just talking to break grew gonna talk about this woman hit you up with the question please leave us you know he can hit and run when I drag it out about that the questions very simple. Your opinion. Can in the Red Sox a board to let Jon Lester walked cool that's a good one obvious is no way. Yeah you know I think the easy answer for people is yes because they say well you know you have John Lackey the minimum next few you have -- buckles locked up through 2017. As a potential number one guys. Even a guy like Jake Peavy who. You would never a factor in the equation for next year but if he keeps pitching like this you're offering the qualified -- eleventh in the American League any. A lot of but the baseball in the area that roadway by the way do you think the -- this a chance in hell Lackey pitches and then -- -- team I figured I think may spur conversation. I don't off the Red Sox in -- do you go to David Ortiz Ortiz is the time tested formula he was on the contract issues start whining. Well they gave him and you. It's a potential opportunity for the Red Sox because what you can do is say all right you know you'll want to pitch for the Major League minimum next year. Let's to a two year deal at that are really low rate of those two years compared to what your gonna debt. The following year so you can take advantage of the situation but to go back to PB. -- PP PQ pitch in this while you offer on the qualifying offer. And if luster leaves. He takes it you know there's another case of -- So you're you're answering the question about whether they can afford to let him -- you're trying to convince -- that maybe they go no yeah along trying to -- make that argument but that's not the argument I think is the correct one because. I've said all along. What Jon Lester delivers is something that had Rio Owens in Brandon Workman and ruby Della Rosa and all these guys. If they get to that point is gonna take a long time to get the point think about how long it -- Jon Lester get to that point. And this isn't just a good pitcher reached the conversation about this guy being the number one is out the window I don't know if you feel that way but. American League east what he's done on the biggest stage and now the consistency that he's done over along. You know you don't need to tell me -- anomalous to bandwagon for six years -- because he he likes Boston. In Boston agrees with and that to me trumps everything else volume here guys well -- about. Are you answer a couple of times but let's be clear he liked watching any. Forms in Boston already obviously I don't know but I don't think that's a given that -- Boston is wondering -- -- -- profit while Boston to let it hit album how many guys like rent to Rio whatever came here it just wasn't a good -- meaning they didn't perform and -- -- -- -- it -- my Arnold liken it is performing list. -- my point is that that Lester sold me years ago when he came in here and some Puyallup wash out that apple says. And -- in the Aronson I pitched here I did the Google Maps and now have hit it. -- I can pitch here right now I'm not negating your point. I'm Hussein the former apart and I think I think in you can go back in history. To certain players. Hitting Mo Vaughn did and yet it awful -- dugout and it changes so career. But I think Mo Vaughn would it. Much better numbers and he stated -- -- for a win it with the trade with a trade necessitated by contract in hand. And and -- when we'll tell you that he might be in -- right now he plays -- return to start with first -- the classic -- -- -- Diego I think flop though he went from money roosters but 13 quarters that -- with an appeal in the week isn't all that. Mistress with a great pitcher friendly park sometimes guys don't realize until after the fact how lucky they are to be here and Jon Lester. Wisely understand that an integrated laundry. No I I agree that's why -- amounts he really wants to say he's made no bones about it -- -- is a war president -- what we're talking like you know the Red Sox in the same time the Red Sox after about for an end to go back to that offer. I I just look at I understand the business aspect of it I just thought there was a window there in spring training. Where you -- have to get this season maybe you get your four years and there you go you're on your way. But it was wasn't even a conversation. Well let me ask you this is I haven't seen in a while -- baseball are we not getting closer and closer to the point where it's not it's not. To -- his advantage to sign now because. The whole reason assigned for the season's start peace of mind if he gets hurt so what but we're almost at the point where he -- as a display up the season going in the open market. And that's another reason why I think you view more proactive in the Red Sox and spring training because you're right you get into the season. And now you're getting closer and closer and closer and you look at yesterday that look like this -- affected the contract stuff to my right we don't know what's gonna happen for what makes for whatever. Jon Lester raised your point about whether these questions still out -- or not they're not mean the way to but but here's my point. I'm gonna answer a question no they can't afford to let him go. Because in all sports we look at the fourteen in this town Celtics rebuilding course but they have Rondell point guard to meet. Contending they contend for championships. Are a couple of things in common top to bottom. They're very deep look at the Bruins now -- and they have four lines the patriots next man up philosophy right the Red Sox relentless lineup one through nine. However as deep and all of leadership in this net there's 11. Thing unique thing like the foundation the must have that you have to have and I believe that's any case. And so whatever Jon Lester is in comparison -- many wrote a good article a couple of months ago compared to others in the American League -- that where every is is great but to the Red Sox. He has very -- Brady is to the patriots as a quarterback like to look at is as a goalie if -- -- Jon Lester. Who that was taken that mantle you know what's gonna yeah at the eighth or that's the trial to go out to. It and that's the problem. Is that I've mentioned young pitchers in and that's the conversation that's a narrative a you have the young pitchers coming up. That's all well and do it that's fine but you have the opportunity to get the known. Guy here because not only because he wants to stay here. But because you have this perfect world of contracts. Where it's not gonna kill you if you signed him to a twenty million dollar year. But our contract it's not gonna tell you it's still threw to was -- 2007. Key. If you signed Jon Lester this to say that 2822 million dollars a year. You're still gonna have a starting rotation. Up under fifty million dollars to give you an idea the Dodgers are -- ninety million dollars of its -- so you are gonna kill yourself you can still lock this guy. Well -- the young pitcher argument you know you hear people say well look at Henry owns one of the best pitching prospect in baseball he's sending he could become Lester so why spend twenty million last I would make that car. Counterargument. If you sign molest -- it is a completely. Different mental game for Henry owns trying to become a Major League with Jon Lester on the step if he's not. You Henry Owens or somebody to become tropical -- -- I don't know. If I agree with that -- well I've only spent this much time in the zone and he doesn't strike me as a guy. Who is going to put more pressure on himself because John list actors gone in the afford expectations are going to be there you gotta agree expression is gonna -- there anyway -- I don't I don't Lester -- Lester goes the expectations -- very high and mile. I'm guessing you spend more time this -- and I am rob agree or disagree. I think it's with -- young pitcher no matter how we see him right now -- LC and again it takes -- while Jon Lester it took awhile. For him to it I just talked him in the clubhouse about thought about something it has -- stalemate you address that he I only one that Hillary Clinton about his Barbara Lester -- do I don't know if but they make you marathon also by the way date yet they were there Hannity how to spot -- the bottom of it -- built bits that technically she goes to Israel. By the way quickest sidebars butter maker first with the shift Nigel match I was left bad news that it. And polarized butter bacon at everyone -- outside that aside and talked to Jon Lester and. One thing that you identify with him a wide he is so good in the players -- -- -- -- a -- status won't -- says the -- is now. He works both sides of the plate. Well he never was able to do that up until about. 20102011. In the arms are the plate he could not -- and conditions he got by with this stuff. And that's -- I'm talking about the evolution of these guys it takes awhile. We talked about Henry Owens and that -- the conversation in the offseason and real and as the next guy will get the best picture right now in the minor leagues for the -- text. It's ruby Della Rosa merit coming in so that's how much this ebbs and flows. And so buck you disagree with my point that if Lester is signed or not hear that it's a different ball game for the young pitchers trying to come up on this stuff. Well I can't crawl between years all the different kids in the minors when I'm saying is. That there is a deep in the belly desire to get the big leagues and be successful. I don't think. I don't think they put more pressure on themselves may be Henry Owens is that it I don't know I eat it seems that the big goof ball and -- I'm not a million and it just I'm not until justice what. That. That Henry Owens coming to Boston to Pittsburgh -- when it happens it's it's it's. There there's so many factors that rightly that the immediate effect the packed houses history the ballpark. Everything. That affect affect every little tiny morsels that is is is. Dissected analyzed by the balances and rob and Scott lovers in Salmons and to my season. And -- Abrahamson right on down the road that that there is all of that I don't think Lester being here are not being here. Is going to put quote unquote more pressure yeah I'm not to admit they're crazy I -- it to their heads so much understand for the Red Sox. If you believe that an ace is a factor of foundations who had -- -- but to me like the goalie for the Bruins like to collect Brady or whatever if you believe that. Then to not have that. It's a whole different ball game for the young pitchers because now there's looking to get that the only way you get that guy. He's -- draft and develop them like they've done with Lester or you pay a ton of money. And a -- of -- -- doesn't always work out so back to your point but Lester is a known commodity well I'd also used to the Red Sox not what he's in the. And also to your point how you replace them with how you do that how you do that for the next two years how do you replace Jon Lester. And it because you don't wanna go to the free agency. Good luck with that good luck if you wanna pay money why wouldn't you -- now by the labor -- until well after David. Like sideways if they lose last in free agency I guarantee -- but -- also phenomenon know that too that that too but I guarantee you. That -- not -- the Red Sox department -- years. But what you need do is it true you don't know you go to you guys you guys -- carry water from which is when Ortiz did. Through and have drawn a kid wants to talk about that when we come back and we'll get to -- right away it's manure in the clubhouse forty gunning lineups yet learned that -- I don't think anything probably boutique -- ago on the DL I -- you just updated. So he -- the government Yeltsin -- -- -- -- And -- read back in the lineup com. You know so I I think it's pretty regular lineup but I think they're pretty urged by that regular lineup right now what's produced. So for all day to day like you -- in my little look good. And have the Gould's -- going -- yeah yeah some people it is to my friends schools schools distinctive clothing hub international insurance. I encourage everybody to partake in all their servers have a good day around. All right thanks to stop them by rob Bradford and gentlemen WEEI dot com we're back with more live from Fenway Park a 130 start to -- 1 o'clock with a -- on WTI shocks. And Oakland -- -- -- after this. Back at Fenway Park on a Sunday in May the first weekend in May it's Butch Stearns would Steve Buckley alongside music about a rob Bradford. The ever dapper. Schools closed. Rob Bradford wagon and the press box now crowd is hustling in to Fenway. Crowd with scarves and jackets to cast here at -- started out as a beautiful sunny day or what happened was it's sunny in Cambridge like it was sunny in Braintree. Mr. Wednesdays when you know have -- -- this way and not expecting where am wearing it. John Lackey and the money's gonna get paid next year and is Contra was the subject came up a conversation Robin -- when McCain wants to weigh in on that Hydro. And guys -- Sort -- wondered why it or I'm not kidding why did he should expect -- urging them more money. Good some you know -- future -- I don't remember -- -- -- the first year he pitched in that was an absolutely important thing to watch it go out there with a streak of thirty and what it. You can't get any money into one million hours back a big architecture. I remember right on July if that's negotiated in built into -- deal. And it's really only pitched well for one year. To year to the -- article that perhaps she worked. Why the Red -- at a K. Giving -- that it's not because you're -- -- your goal. So -- take a shot at that first -- park have actually drew a I would say I would agree with everything you said -- giving money back in it was horrible however the real question you have to ask yourself is two years from now. Do you want John Lackey -- if you do what is he going to give you what are you willing to pay for and then the second question you'd have to ask is if you don't want John Lackey two years from now. Always gonna give you what. You could probably projected he could do which is an average of about thirteen and 1018590. Innings thirty starts. On the fact that he can pitch like an ace at times but what would you -- to get that -- the that he answer is. That's fourteen million dollars a year in modern baseball it's just what it did so so while I would. I understood earlier saying well -- didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know out of that finally aren't -- -- your arm we have. I mean that one of those guys all get out you're. That and if -- under thirty year. I think -- -- kidding ourselves. You can make that argument I'm just saying you're making the argument that looking back he doesn't deserve any -- dealers I would agree with you but looking forward. You do after you're paying for future performance that's what you're paying for here. And that sort of bad thing to do at every large contract it's been in the Arabs by -- initially -- prove it. And we expect typically -- that I -- with my not heard it Gonzales an -- not an object. It's at the I've been a free agency every contract signed his with the two seasons might which is -- correct. It's not like he can play the minimum wage in the of the season is over let's sit down and negotiated deal. And this is a hackneyed argument but I use it anyway is that our athletes and different and then entertainers. Brad -- gonna get so many millions of dollars. -- -- -- -- -- Haven't come close but you know because it went. -- -- rocket hit a couple of there -- a lot of reported. Arguments why. Don't miss the point that the reason Brad Pitt gets that kind of money gets. Is its people pay money to see his movies you can pick demonstrates whoever you would -- works for your argument. It's the same thing with these guys. These guys are the marquee players. That attract fans of the game they put up the numbers. And in in entertainment business which is what sports is ESPN. Entertainment and sports programming network. -- right. These guys are gonna get their money so the the Hollywood example does work even if it doesn't work field. I don't I don't know I don't particularly Rebecca that keep it accurate that during your banker they don't make twenty million dollars at DiCaprio didn't make look at where it. You know our pockets -- go out and you're not gonna comeback were twenty million dollar well not not necessarily. Their movie -- movie. -- that real. You're doing it ain't gonna -- out forty. Hours when you have tightly early twenties booking agent drew it -- that they think. -- like you know -- -- drove down delete you're making there is an argument to be made for that if you don't wanna -- John Lackey fourteen million let's say the going rate. Two years -- -- at 3940 years -- find there's an argument be made for that. But you in my opinion are making huge -- By saying that this 2223. Year old ruby Della Rosa Alan Webster Henry owns it they Renato two years from now are going to -- no problem their prime. Probably gonna give you 190 innings. It -- Alter -- 290 outlook. It wanted to -- One -- a quiet. -- it let me ask you this would you say why give all this money -- 3940 year old pitches when mutant. Give it to 2627. GOP to -- the same performance. You're not gonna get those pitches because they're not on the free agent market. Because because I don't know early let's -- on -- and you let me make a point but wants to mind. These guys they're not gonna be on the free agent market because of do you use that lack of Major League service time. So you can invest the money -- year. Diller roses in in in Kenya Renato is that your and -- -- is but you don't know what you're gonna get from those guys. We don't know what your particular regular -- cheers and now. But you do know you do have a demonstrated. Decade of experience with black -- And you kind of -- now you could be wrong to wrote that. You could be wrong we all know that and we got around were up against the break but we could be wrong about that. And the John Lackey has always been a hot button but again folks look close. What's going on we're talking two years number -- made six starts. He's pitched forty innings which is up near the top in the league he's got an ERA of three point 83 right now which is not great but it's good. In the American League. He's got four wins into losses he get his fifth win today John Lackey is good pitcher right now. We get a break we're back with more on sports Sunday live from --

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