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Butch and Buck on Sport Sunday: More B's, Red Sox and Even a Little NFL Draft Talk (Hour 2 5-4-14)

May 4, 2014|

Butch and Buck continue their discussions on the Bruins' series as the two rivals head to Montreal tied at one game and on the Red Sox quest to finally get to .500. They get into the Lester contract situation. Also, a little NFL draft preview gets sprinkled in.

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Let's get it -- from Fenway Park we've had a going for an hour Steve Buckley along side on what started this is sports on they would be every Sunday morning. Hope you're enjoying your day so far -- weekend certainly are after. The Bruins yesterday released a game like that really sets the tone for the rest of the week doesn't it. I mean conversely they're not come back and they're down 02 as a whole different owned -- -- about everything food doesn't taste as good united friendly to your family and friends. The dogs looking Agile. For a way do you grill I do grow. -- do you like real daddy. Yes that guy -- yes -- a matter of fact when it comes to stakes. I would have to say I'm I'm one of the best in Steve deeply performed obvious plot. Oldest couple simple things I watched him how he cooks as steaks and a couple simple rules I think a lot of people vitally. He'd touch it wants he put the high high heat is possible simple rob what do we wanna put in a cayenne pepper and some spices and marinate. Let it sit there out in the room temperature for awhile slice it up little might put some garlic in it. But I put his high heat is possible put it on there once. -- to what you want flip it once and then take it out let it sit for a little bit cause juices still coconut and kids love. Alex I I feel like it a good job might grow but at a rubber mask I will be grilled. Cambridge group masters the buttocks. And I feel like get a good job. And I was older you get your feedback your -- virulent bug fix some people have seen an and it just go to fell together I was original but about people over. And that it wasn't gonna happen and then people just kind of ended up we paying -- out. And I -- grilled. Which grilled steaks with a -- -- never ice and yeah. I was I was pleased tips or sterling stakes big -- stakes are at at a picnic. -- -- And it's an image that is. I can cook steak when two people don't cook for like six or seven I got nervous yet. Performance anxiety. And I I delivered the goods I was pleased. Let's go to the phone Steve Buckley and -- Stearns from Fenway Park they won 35. Start for the Red Sox and Oakland -- 1 o'clock pregame. Here on WB I go to Alan in Westminster hello Allen. Good morning guys. Morning our epic Pretoria the growth and a. -- -- This is what I'm doing a majority -- Carolina what I you know what I grew more of lately is asparagus. A -- bag all -- I put some soy sauce in a little bit of salt and pepper shake it -- and then it is gross apparently French Fries while. Say a quick comment and question Florida. As far as Fenway Park. I would be totally thrilled that I don't know what that's out on. On the revenue but if they would take that the wouldn't -- so global replace them with a little latch or. I -- into the port in other areas. Make a huge difference. You know people would be happier right Latvia you know didn't it would make a poem about that the revenue. They did an analysis and a survey on that it may -- Of replacing the seats and upgrading the seats in the current Fenway Park but I don't I don't know if they did a survey I do know that I remember taking me to war of the ballpark which in -- Marie Smith who -- Came up from Baltimore and she did a lot of the renovations. And -- it was a it was it was it was a breathtaking -- the issue was able to show me. Under the belly of the ballpark she could say it's that -- here that's where in 1912 hands in the 1933 renovations started you know that yawkey. Generally rebuilt the ballpark and it when he took over the team in the thirties and so when I was out right field. And have long been a critic of section 34 and five which the seats do not point forward. The pitch is non recurring neck and so that this would be to your point. That -- asked why can rip out all those seats and reconfigure it so that they all are. And I don't understand why they built at that -- Wrigley Field which is built -- the same time if you are right field Wrigley Field all those -- appoint him ball right to the pitches now. Right right regret that little ball beat the other question -- ask you Perez was. With with the replays. And I know that the umpires. Sitting and they are doing it. Do you think that. It would be better if we had -- that this -- what they replay on looking at is is small -- -- -- People that are umpire is. -- it's you know what they're looking for it being helped our situation out of it because you know you're you're hearing people saying that. Because there are a -- at a workshop empire that feels so close. The senate side of them it just seeing quite. So what did you always recognize I don't I hadn't heard that issue. Why. Are not being allies as I can -- economic status. Saying that well you know you get an -- sitting in Iraq. They have to work with these other guys helped secure than they had so if it's a post all you know they want to go to shop again -- feel that more like. I don't sleep well. Now -- -- now because if if if that's the case the they would put the -- under more scrutiny because people be saying -- they're they're trying to. Have each other's backs and if it's if it's obvious to the fans. That the cost be overturned and they don't overturn it right well who's the winner noble. Ought to think that perhaps you call like Barack -- -- that you know we haven't had many thought perhaps -- but it just seems like we expect all go -- let that they replay it. -- -- Deborah I I got I agree with that point and and I have to recuse myself is -- -- -- hockey if if there has been and I'm being a -- let. If there has been a debate. That people feel that the umpires have the other implies that I have not heard. And what I'm saying is the system has not been flawless. And the Red Sox have been upset about you know particularly a play at the plate and a few other things. I don't see it umpires sticking up from pars I don't see the cause effect is -- thing. Are you trying to say Alan that in your opinion from the replay you've seen now. Some that should have been overturned haven't been overturned and you insinuating that it's because -- umpires having other umpires backs. Well it it. I know -- dimension and it and it taxing flight data and I haven't been a big game but I'm listening to elect a player a played the Pedroia. That was a play at first states a couple of games ago. If you look at the replays and you're listening to. You know particularly our annual event Jerry -- and those guys in a bit at the replay is obviously showing. A different -- -- umpires making and they're saying about having to be viewed this as an agriculture and and it doesn't that nobody seemed surprised that. I don't know what I -- in New York but. We're seeing something different. Thanks for the call on -- what's happening is a couple of things with the old sports playoffs in full force right now. And baseball's replay thing is sort of a story that's kind of it's a great potential to get NFL draft is coming up. You're gonna be -- horseshoe island cattle prices are not issues and I'm not as I'm gonna sit room with Larry Johnson and we're gonna do our draft that -- an awful. A -- gonna have a stop watch and find out the press corners that the gonna have to give them the team agreed with the drafted I think the next time my point is about baseball we play the the next time it really comes to the forefront. Is going to be when the playoffs and win. Or some big play. Comes to attention on Sunday night game whenever. The thing about baseball to me like we're so conditioned with football now with a replay. That as soon as he catches made shoulder wait for the replay and we all judge at home. It's actually been good for the sport additional markets part of the viewing priced right -- in the right there's shot so many things to -- so did -- get defeated. Was a possession was all this and that we're all conditioned under this one statement inconclusive. Evidence or not enough evidence to overturn. Baseball I think is a little different -- on out safe call. And listen to tie we can always out. I know fits into the -- baseball people will tell you that'll tie goes of the runner is -- That's what they and I'm parting words from baseball so when they show the replay. And the ball hits the glove and I had to debate when it's in the government. And the big four hits the bag to exact same time what do they do and and report. The given it to the runner writes not a not. On replay be in the us is conclusive evidence to overturn it they don't you make my point what I clues and evidence. Lord menial little -- -- -- -- pointedly saying that baseball umpires put me and I'm simply saying said the spider to the fly -- simply saying that baseball people would have you believe there is no such thing as a tie an umpire a card caring board approved umpire. Would say you were he here. Marty spring that we passed on if if if Anemia which Jimmy Key retired umpire if Jimmy -- was taking right now he would tell you. That there is no such thing as a -- -- Correct that's based popular so they understand the replay in baseball's little -- football could -- really only one thing to judge. Did the blog at -- before before it was attacked applied before you it is you know on the play. Is it fair is it file there's not possession. Well there was until they changed all that so. Policy tinged -- six on seventeen to seven -- And 979376. On seven cents at 97937. Go to Justin in New Bedford hello Justin. Hey guys I know aren't just. -- -- and yelled at all look I'm more prepared to market -- Okay. Who are -- That is true. There's and one night. I don't know if you remember. But I lose but are there are across the street. What was called look at what -- your remote when it was called. Do not who you vote you don't remember the conversation we -- buddy you're. It was call all of -- On Sunday night. All of his right Springsteen -- -- told me to allocate all of us. Yeah -- -- just like I reflect on -- Pocono anywhere I want my girl partner but that's not according to what continue so why like -- -- or legal that we don't -- What's on your mind today to. -- I'm gonna. -- can just jump in real quick I apologize Oliver's was a different establishment the cast like correct. While all of it. It -- right I'm sorry. All of it with an entirely different establishments from cast in Latin. Are right I -- I'd like you said that the forecast of -- with Oliver's. Arms with a different place. All of it will look at. Like it is now. Now casket flagging goes back to my earliest days as a Red Sox. -- -- -- -- was any different location correct me if I'm wrong but. I hope somebody can call up and confirm there were -- because that was it was a regular there and -- worked so. But anyway. To a great that grew weary and ordered Cho. Why -- so definitive about that. Better -- and ordered it -- That awards night. Well the better goalie thing is instinct because. Carey Price. Wanna gold medal this year played extremely well -- very confident with -- to the Bruins are the better defense team however. Before -- come back to look who's got the ghost of the Canadians -- was only nine the last nine games against the Canadians. So the better goalie might if all thinking eagle we agrees to better goalies of as -- Favorite to win the president this year that Michael -- -- window playing in the Canadians is that like a pitcher whose team has is number took. So that the numbers are better at Ellison there here too good numbers took its members poker and the series is going to Montreal on the so. And on top of that he's riding -- winning streak he's he's beat the Canadians he beat and yesterday so. To let that what you will I think what you're thinking about the belts -- and I'm thinking about the series shifting to Montreal. It's another thing that makes this -- great rivalry both teams play well on the road. In this drive. Me just think back to the it to the Stanley Cup run -- when they're down note to how well they played -- in game three. Which have that opportunity now to -- and set its -- like the Canadians did in game one when they came here. And so while we make so much in every sport about home -- and home field advantage. Really in a rivalry in a series like this. The venue the location is only part of it that Canadians crowd could actually spur the Bruins on to play even better hockey. Is -- they've demonstrated -- before they're good road team they've won in the playoffs before. I look yesterday -- and let's talk about before the combat. Located in the words of one for the last seven series sets on right give it. -- season I'd have to look it up I don't know I didn't like my point is that if if the Bruins were to win this year yes. Then when -- then we're -- we're seeing a definite trend. Not yet understand and I don't wanna beat up on the city of Montreal but. This is all they have. The Canadians. And -- I think that. As we all do while sports fans have a tendency to latch on history god knows no one does it with more frequency. That I do. But but Canadians -- when they talk about their Canadians. They're talking about. They have it won the cup in with the regularity that they once did. Now when they win a cup it's like that bright -- may we -- -- my gut queries. The 50s60s and seventies they would routinely when it -- right wolf the days of the Canadians routinely winning the copper rover. And I think that's that that's a tough thing for Canadians and they have to deal with. -- -- get a beautiful city but from a sporting perspective they've they don't have the big league baseball team anymore and I think they have -- About their hockey team. And the more so than most -- they've they've they've worldwide too much on their history that makes it. 6177797937. Bell center Tuesday night is the scene for game three and -- here's the game's story buck. From game three in the playoffs. And the Bruins beat the Canadians down two games to none. David Craig -- Nathan Horton scored first period goals to give the Bruins a two nothing lead and a 42 win over the Canadians on Monday night April 18. 2011. They -- on the road after dropping the first two games at home Tim Thomas stopped 34 shots -- apparently scored the second Chris Kelly scored an empty netter. Two wood off with two days off before game four on Thursday -- -- -- to the idea idea but they went in there in one. Fortitude he started with two goals and took a two nothing lead on the road down two games to Monday then came back and you remember game three. Was an overtime game and they want it over time. Five to war Michael Ryder played really well and McCain and the Bruins tied the series up and came home. And one in game five so. You know what does that mean for this series I don't know but it is a five game series now on this game one of five game series on the road for the Bruins. Right they steal back. Home ice advantage if they win and acting just like the Canadians did so to be fund to -- and be really fun. Let's go to our Ricky and Somerville who's next here on sports Sunday and WB ER I clicked this. They don't I. -- market on. And I did wonder what you think about instant replay in baseball wanted to take that a Red Sox I mean. I've been watching the Red Sox not consistently but I think had it been for five occasions Carol come out. And challenged the play that looked like it was going to be all the -- and it didn't sell to me and -- -- the work and at back into the Red Sox. And it's not working because the Red Sox aren't in the calls their favorite. -- -- -- Call every play he's come out to challenge you should have been all the turns -- what did it began when I have is with the blocking of home plate. They don't even have that right I've -- that this is the -- -- that walked home -- people had a flat around them. The public guy out and they don't even bring -- -- I just don't get what these new rules to do when I get -- gets -- about the game. We talk about two different things are new rules are you talking about replay. Why do I do think both of the -- work and. But you tend to agree with that now I listen I don't mean is that it is very rich he's done. I beginning discussion of its request to begin with one based. Do you would you not want cult correct. At the end of the day when the game is over you are you hoping that the best call is made whether or not an option team not you do want the cold to be -- I'm Mike and Mike. Yeah I don't think that's ever been different acting with cattle wore a tolerance to allow for the human error and allow that OK the -- blew that call before replay. Matsui disagreeing with me don't not just -- I think everybody always want to call right yet baseball -- traditionally. Have had more of a tolerance for saying well that's okay. We don't get it right. Because it's human -- part of the game. The -- gonna mess it up okay fine will live with. More than other sports the -- that it's almost like. The rapid hockey swallow the whistle on the bill much or if you agree or not I think most pain in the day -- the call to be correct and I don't think that has ever change OK so stuck. Point number two do do we not have the technology in place. To make the correct call yet -- US OK so if. If you have the technology in place right in if you do at the end of the -- want the poll would be correct right that you got to edit to -- right now. The problem I have with that is that they haven't worked up the -- and stand. And the other thing is that I don't want to lose. It is something kind of old -- me about a man to coming up jumping up and now an argument that the man I hope we don't lose that. What we do because if the called ghost instant replay and once it's made it to manager comes out and automatic ejection. He argues -- call so we have lost that. We have lost that John -- even talked about that and saying that -- -- the best -- -- our topic for 12 pitcher I've received a text from my goodness always near. Is a very good baseball writer. And he says he broadcast if wagon since the 1960 before that it was depending -- -- he is correct it was all of his was a different place the guy said it. Back in the casket flag and was Oliver's all of his with a different establishment in any of those voters. So so I I look at. I I felt that I had it right it's also appreciate the text himself. Let's go to Jerry in a car on sports on WB I can't comment on that beautiful more beautiful hanging out at Fenway Park couldn't be better. I -- ask -- question and really not great about the pro am but I want to shut the question up for a -- By saying. There would you prevent me from being able to -- the job -- you are are multiple. Sports and collecting -- an outlet but recall. And number 200 outlets -- man -- remember that would -- -- in there because they're eight I would. You know appropriate due partly through the slider and it you know I -- I am married by an economist -- -- I think you should be amazed there's one guy over everybody else and I think -- that this that's Bob Bryant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the fall apart and other -- at -- current government and by. The -- came out and play in which Johnny Horton -- snake. -- now wait that was yesterday allies here I forget. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You want to ordinaries Newsnight with that last year was that yesterday it was a week ago I I have no recall on this. It got a little out of drop yeah I didn't games. On the verdict withdrawal of support -- like yes. With my -- or. Mark shot a long report. Don't -- checked that the Mets are certainly in that a suspension for their five game suspension and what you did it in -- apartment at -- And don't look at who. What I consider -- did you hear review unit did you get the -- it's posting comments yesterday I did not beauty. A guy I could not hear the outcome -- Let them that of Google I'm really not like gates who bought the tolerance you're not one of them at all I'm -- What are when I was a kid we would play put -- You know he just you just a bush league player man opened -- -- right. Well and I cannot. -- you've you're entitled to European senior Jerry but if you haven't. Heard any of the comments after the game it may change the way you think Shawn Thornton came out after the game I'll redo the quote. I don't like people -- I think Brad Marchand got about five games before. I will say opted draw -- not apologize afterwards. So I think it's a dangerous play personally but it's the playoffs it's hockey I'm fine. Are we are okay sue can't comment on. Coupons com. So -- comment was I don't know what happened I just tried to shoot the puck around the zone a sort of lost my footing the obviously you don't see anybody get hurt. But he came back I don't know if he stayed in the game but I was happy to see that he came back so. Are there and rivalry and that -- streak on earth and I give them credit. For being man enough to stand up to do that predicted that motivation for observation I would gently and are there. What you -- Sam Giancana. About that it would on a candidate I believe that day I don't regret it I will bullied to the -- I don't bring it. The Mathieu are Canadians it's a benefit. At every opportunity. On the NHL and that refereeing and and that it and I and other issue. And that's another one when they're not be able to go out there and -- was outrageous. Well I'll bring -- -- without a penalty being called but. Will say this buck you know. Again -- -- watched as many of them. Because of -- in the game on the radio and didn't see a lot of game on TV most of the six penalties called against the Bruins yesterday were deserved. Not the -- coral. I NC oh god he he'd get a trip early on yeah you're right I can easily he was me AD in the same area code that guy. It was a classic month real dive. And -- that was his first shift. So he's going up the three. Or game and you see the replay. And might not be touched him that's a battle right in playoff hockey you know -- the overtime call the other night I was penalty. Had to call. I'm -- yet and I talked to McGwire set on the broadcast best he said when you take away a scoring opportunities got to make the call. There's no choice she really don't give the -- choice. Six on 777979837. To join us here on WEEI. It is. Red Sox and Oakland east today at 135 start people start they had none of the ballpark line up. Outside our window here at. Fenway Park. And against Sonny -- against John Lackey on the mound today. -- looking for another good start after -- two good starts from Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester. Back to back. Oppressed -- this Oakland team and they lost to grow. Repressed by the team they just they wind in the -- for a couple years now -- win and win bunch of Red Sox cap starts to. A plane really well in addition endemic at the World Series here again so but. In the knock on Billy -- as he builds teams to win 162 game schedule but they're not built for the post season. They they never have that one guy that -- and -- just -- people down in the post season. And they don't have that great big nasty 345 in the order right them and and again they're they're built to scratch out wins but not to win the big games in October. And you can disagree with that except that they have not been World Series and I believe in the Billy -- tenure is in general manager. Also they like it can't be raised they seemed in St. Louis Cardinals they just seem to develop and half pitcher after pitcher. After pitcher. And Sonny -- today is a good example. Is -- good pitcher. Watch him pitch -- although he's doing out there. Again that game he pitched against Justin Verlander in the playoffs last year and GM. And so you know make the threats as -- DA's today they go to 500 finally the -- -- parents have a great sense of humor. Sonny -- yeah. That helps. You like that -- very much. I. So we got the Sox today at 130 we got the Bruins are game. Three and thwart Tuesday and Thursday gonna be up if for all of it right -- I will be am excited about it not going in my Treo moral the games three and four back here for game six with the next Saturday. It's it's just awesome only god hockey in the cup -- it's Canadians in the spring. That's the best. Talk about who else deserves some credit in this series so far from me bruins' perspective a lot of focus always put on that first line. And begin La Lucci each and David Craig cheek and not particularly jamming it into an excellent. Drop in the gloves by half of the net that they've had tons of scoring opportunities but they're not finishing. On this mean he got he got a point to them don't -- doping need more from that line coming up in games three and four. On blow if they win the Stanley Cup it will be because that Frontline team -- -- at the Hewitt look at of course that's why it's the but. My colleague in opponent which my buddy Kevin DuPont made a point that I echo -- I heard him say a few days back. That all four lines can scores to all four lines don't have to that's a good way to put it pulling. They they have they have depth. With lines so it takes the pressure -- personally. Yet -- reported he gonna win the Stanley Cup. I don't see the Bruins winning it without their star players playing a big part in the run somewhere along the line. So for example there was all the talk after game one that Carey Price and so if we're safe and that at the end the series. Carey Price and -- shoe bomb significantly better for the series. Then which -- -- have been significantly better if they are. Over the course of seven games that might be the difference in the -- Carey Price playing better gold and -- to grass. And a vacation bond continues to have the map Midas touch here. And play well contributed score and do all the things that -- mean he's been a part of the game stories huge party game stories. For a lot of reasons but for two games now he continued us. President always -- I mean I can't back this up statistically but would you agree that most teams that win series do so because the goalie played better than the other goalie. Like pitching in baseball. Mean most teams in the seven game series don't win if -- starters are on the fifth inning every. Time what you have some magical bullpen right now -- mean we've seen we've seen -- and I always fall back on. Me. 1991. -- believe was. 1991. Witness though the old north stars had a losing record. In the regular season or sub par -- that made it to the play they would like the eighth seed in the west. They get all the way to the Stanley Cup finals against the Pittsburgh -- with 150 Pittsburgh. 14 row against the Bruins at the losing the first two games that was the whole peace and instant. And brighten my builder for a badger Bob Johnson professor humanism the late Bob Johnson Wisconsin. And Katie -- case I've been happy to be given him telling Casey. Stood on its head took a sub -- team. To the Stanley Cup finals and then they lost to Pittsburgh but. That that the that the rare case when a sub par team rode the coattails with stellar Eagleton normally with a cup finals -- By buying enlarged it to get that back to the point would you agree. That the team that wins the series did so because they have the better go yeah. Well goaltending in answer yes he has not had to Montreal we'll see can be better but I still think price didn't have. Was it as good in game one as the numbers suggest I agree -- that column that I was everybody had a lot of help from his defensemen pushing people out of the way. And a lot of Bruins were taking slap shots and shots on price where he had all its CEO of framing him -- Two beautiful dame Boston where at Fenway Park -- scramble it around and join -- 61777979837. Steve Buckley -- stance sports Sunday. Hey if you're thinking about. What you're gonna do this week in your plans for watching the Bruins of the Red Sox Tuesday third gear games three of four Thursday. 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Public dances like Bianca you receive five sponsored gift -- tools to receive five autograph photos of Vince Wilfork. And a group photo at your private plane with Vince Wilfork it's all the benefit that Vince Wilfork foundation. And -- draft night this Thursday may eighth and to enter just go to net raffle. Dot org for your chance to hang out with big -- and he's such draft that he might wanna let -- out and help crazy about the draft -- arguments are going. To Houston. Maybe if you keep him playing -- thought that. By the way not a clever article today -- we Monfils in the gloom about the draft and -- -- either placed. Your club interesting stuff and Harold. Let's go to Charlotte -- In a little. Jeanne. Hey guys thanks particular problem. Yeah I just want to talk about the restaurant in baseball in general it's all right. You don't talk about -- stuff and Harold. -- -- -- -- -- -- capacity in the -- for -- also strikes do you think it's beyond what do you think it's. The question. Well it's been the home blood under fire that is -- what are the. Now they have -- there of the planet they can use that. -- -- broadcaster afraid to pitch when it's actually I was on the move to Oklahoma. And its candidates out of his arm on the K zone but the uncalled for the strike. Yet if this -- Saint -- to back a few years back to Tom -- -- don't -- in -- corner. And Colin -- Well I don't really talking about because he usually got the corner. Glavine and addicts often got the corner. Yeah I know I don't I don't know that. Our properties that some different things right. We -- is utterly innocent and we are coming from because I mean I I don't know how I know it's summons ball game a long time. If if -- catcher. Has his Mitt out in the ball is on the corner but that momentum morally penis or he does -- his head in the game. He he allows is -- the flop over. That's improperly framing the ball in in a lot of time to catch it will take a strike away from the pitcher because of the manner in which -- -- And the same token you can you can -- such a way the unit to lobby -- movement glove and you get those calls -- at the most catchers would agree with that point. I understand that but -- -- that one other point to make -- -- that you get a guy out there every. Five or six days you know trying to stay in the game and these all the guys in -- of -- talk about the velocity dropping -- -- You know they're not quite as good as they were I think these guys have burned. Get that call. And I'm not on the same page you're right there were still up. Strong track -- one more time trying to make your point who should be make in the ball strike calls. I don't -- -- producer and give it to the Taiwanese. In the corner -- ID I didn't time it seem that we're kind of caught speeding up the game. If you -- to that -- that takes you know 23 minutes. So you want umpires to call more strikes. OK are we get we got to. -- umpire Tacoma strike are actually light. The heart of the game that an umpire might have a little different strike zone it's almost like in basketball hockey where referees might be calling the game tighter. Or looser I don't mind. That umpires are different deal. Now not a -- issue that right and what I would what players will always tell you. He produced a million -- consist exactly yet so -- gonna give me the inside strike in the first inning don't take it away in the sixth. Couldn't agree more than that and and there are umpires might keep -- acting team won in it they all fall victim I don't know what it. What makes an -- party dues but sometimes they will. Give you the corner. The first four ratings are not to be the corner and all with Clinton. Somehow that changes I don't know how that happened that shouldn't. All that -- by nature but. That is the definition of inconsistency if that's the case go to Stephen Mayne a used to be your book. Used. Right. Now -- should remain -- aren't bothered him that Portland the ego or are right in Portland. Look there are right in Portland are. Out there -- -- OK -- -- am I spent seven years in -- you need to be more specific experts say southern Maine. But the -- state Portland diocese -- I know several pint point the Redskins again it's. I've been around come -- on the joy in the did it today. Think if you -- with a but aren't the. Court orders are incredible hundred clear for the group you're create on -- it couldn't happen. Eat passes on a dime every item in I think he can be eaten it all play out I think -- watch. And he's really really flying under the radar. Made the Bruins got much better or. Agree I agree with -- appointed don't agree with the third I agree with that he's a very skilled player he's a surprisingly skilled -- he's big he's strong he's -- I I believe I agree that he's been flying under the radar I don't agree viewpoint he's the key I go back to what our Steve -- just quarterly compiled upon. That all four lines can score I don't think that's part of the strength of the Bruins that sort of bird is flying under the radar and can. -- you know create scoring opportunities. More power to him but if they don't get it from him it's like they're gonna lose a series. Although I definitely agree on just speaking. He -- you know our legal record when you're in the car for broad global -- Okay okay that's a different point so when -- when you're third or sometimes fourth line on each second and sometimes but. When your third line guys playing that well like a first line guy you're right that change you agree block. Com I agree. I mean sort of Soderbergh is of very highly skilled player. -- VT though Steve I would save it. He went when you take into account that the Bruins are so deep. That Riley Smith Soderbergh. Daniel Heidi who scored first yesterday. I -- anyone these guys can be key. -- game today to help them score. Ultimately agree if I get a quick question. But I. Aren't gonna get much attention here he's he's our draft expert here yet ahead. I've got my mark crap right here. -- I know I'm a big Notre Dame and I I lol that's right Nicklaus game no I won't step onto -- I feel like he he didn't. The next Richard Seymour not nearly as good of course but I think. You would be a perfect fit for the patriots to conclude a court three and greet gore and economic -- -- In important -- well our own bureaucracy here who are watching him. It's -- insult for the draft because if you go back and watch his run going at the national championship game. Eat eat him at -- -- in the middle. Absolutely dominated teams in the Big Ten which -- a lot of Ron and that's the playoffs are certain to become it is. You're you're gonna need to stop Iran it it was Seattle on IC QB a perfect fit the -- -- ago. In that late first early. Since you're Notre Dame fan what about necklace the tight end. I like him he's not nearly good for I RT I first. You've got to beat is gonna have a breakout year this year Cincinnati I feel like. He's got great hands. He can go to get the ball is not you're -- it's -- -- he can because he's not as big and all. He's not as critical blocker but I feel like he waited Vienna cold going eat is. Sort of a Portland's Jimmy Graham is he he's going to be that your ankle that they can get the court. Thanks lacrosse team appreciated from Scarborough me go you know -- some somewhere -- where do what is Portland case of sudden you know you're busting my chops -- cinema draft can loan write I don't know and I applaud that here's what I think interest in the week of the draft coming up. I think everybody can have an opinion. What would you like to see him take for positions. Other -- their first three of four picks toast is kept Notre -- Steve was just mentioning it. A protected first round early second round guy that's a tight end. In a nose tackle org or interior defense of one to meet with the patriots are -- -- three positions I want. And drop makes a nice catch. Three -- four. Good or bad. No tape makes a nice catch it and I wanna see them draft. A wide receiver yet. Or tired but maybe both. -- wanna see it and I have uncle -- Well and apparently -- -- but bill Belichick's never take the first that'd be shocked I know that's what I'm afraid. I would like you know Larry Johnson but -- today draft another front seven you have no idea how many -- of Larry I have had. Whether it's a linebacker or a defense of -- and I would -- see them draft the guy who could put pressure on the offenses. Line and get at the quarterback -- that stuff. Like this heat and -- draft a running back. I like when they infused themselves and talented skill players. And an offense that can score I'd like to see it. Is what is right in the draft guy yeah because my attitude has always been -- the players and although Watson played right about the they don't draft why -- -- and I remember. Terry Glenn going guy who is that guy. Deion -- -- the second round you know Chad Jackson and the guided the veteran guy tall guy. With a 49 it's moved heaven -- to move up in the draft to get him. And then he ended up the patriot -- his career like Kennedy name. With the Joey gallon and -- he's Ohio State this guy it was the media UCLA USC. Well it some little text me but. Over the 49 is that they they they wanted to hear it next Jerry writes so they they moved heaven and earth to get this guy all and talk about JJ GG. Yeah yeah. Yea it's escape some I would of the text -- -- -- -- -- but that would and he let us know when it comes in mad at that and but the but the 49 he's moved heaven and -- it up in the draft to get a seven. The get it was it okay and it L receiver but was it worth all the machinations involved. Which is to say bottom line drafting why it is a very Dicey proposition is important as they are. It's it's such a Dicey position draft and the extent of mighty yes. -- -- draft analysis Thursday night. Any in New Hampshire will be up first when we come back two -- down a couple more to go here at Fenway Park it's sports Sunday -- Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns we're live in center field combines -- -- -- lineup to get in the park soon Red Sox taken on the -- a 135 start today we've got which trending now coming up and more of sports Sunday right after this.

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