WEEI>On Demand>>Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday: The Sox Win Behind a Big Time Performance from Jon Lester & the Bruins Even up Their Series with Montreal (Hour 1 5-4-14)

Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday: The Sox Win Behind a Big Time Performance from Jon Lester & the Bruins Even up Their Series with Montreal (Hour 1 5-4-14)

May 4, 2014|

It's Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday! The guys discuss the Bruins awesome comeback victory over the Habs yesterday afternoon and how it all went down. They also get into the Red Sox, their win over the A's yesterday and Lester's dominating performance.

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They go block we have aren't open now we're here at Fenway the sun is shining it's beautiful. -- still -- Davis any great. Outlook -- with the federation already to start this morning. So I got -- issue are little things which you get that shall rolling we will get to the threats of driving in this morning. And -- of bodily drop off a parking pass. Yes and it's at Brookline 811 of -- -- -- make one line doesn't say 81 line outside Kuwait win. -- sound like so many of the people that come to Fenway for the first apartment. Where's pesky pole winners -- as well let's not. That's not relevant discussion -- -- as useful but if there at seven I just saw the -- for campus Alley to the end of plaque on it but -- So I called you street and you buy it but yeah I wish I had your back. -- minutes and I called -- so in that text -- -- you you have the text from that I have in the missed call from me -- you're here. That's like a good -- -- -- -- I don't know delegate good luck out there man but no help from you we gonna start the show -- you know I just wanted you know I think you blockers trying to figure out parking and so he may be illegally. And on top of it for a great cause in the walk for hunger here at Fenway this morning. He couldn't get around Kim congress or not of you out there care about our travel probably refer to it -- that being -- walk for hunger and I didn't not to say that it's. So what do what do sports. Day. And what -- sports weekend especially on the heels of how Boston sports it's felt. After game one on Thursday night in the Red Sox getting swept acting and the -- at -- by the -- into one run games. And now all of a sudden here we are on the first weekend of may which -- Kentucky Derby week and and the Red Sox get a career high. Fifteen strikeouts from Jon Lester another really good pitching performance. And the Bruins with a comeback for the -- let's start with the Bruins -- but the comeback in perspective. Of person. Or it was a phenomenal day to it to be a Boston sports like in England whether you like it just -- and that'll thing. And the guard was rocking yesterday and I thought one of the really cool things even before they got the -- which is what people remember. Is that also -- thing in the racism which which is. Which is not the Bruins organization it's not -- stands it's not a small group all of knuckle heads. But the problem. When the Bruins have to issue a statement as he did. Two years ago when -- political game seven in the quarterfinals. Capitals beat the Bruins in overtime. There was some stuff to the Bruins issue a statement with the -- to issue a statement we got a report which is why it was. A big back patent herald Gary watchman herald article I'm sorry I wrote a column character -- from the globe so we can't ignore. What I -- about it was that brought it stands in if you -- -- garden at the you can -- my sentiment. That the Bruins fans were not. Trivialized. By what happened they didn't they didn't kowtow. Today's headlines in other words every time -- and they have ever done -- war which is the airwaves saying. We don't give you lack of Q if you white we just don't like you because you're Canadian junior -- All the stuff that they did all we can't warm anymore delightful plot and now they didn't do that they remained Bruins. Matt I well that Matt I don't know back the -- since we're at Fenway if you have this who -- comments. If you do just Q mop and I've got the article and for army by DJ being on WB yeah -- dot com I wasn't in the locker room and com. He certainly handled this with a lot of class. I want I wasn't I was talking to Bruins players mark -- -- perilous -- I didn't toxin to man. But I did read the taxi they what they do is they take all the comments from the players and they type up the transcript they delivered them years to where you're working so I saw the comments. I believe he -- -- a comment on this once. He had talked about it before and he. Said. This is in the bruins' assistant points fans and he basically said well I just a couple of -- it's like parity is -- And he did his thing he played his kind of game. And and one of the points I touched on my column this morning was. The -- gets hurt in the third period he comes back economic Google's I believe you McGuire said. If you watch in the TV and it wasn't -- I was there to help me out. Did he not face something O lines at the Wharton said one goal every five minutes in that sort of turn things around while. Even the Orton said well no that's not what turned things around we turn things around as we scored two goals. But I thought the fact that. The Bruins didn't go crazy so -- through and hit the hit the ground. What was in the -- -- is he apparently leaves doesn't look back he respect that the Bruins continued to play your game. And didn't go nuts over that play to me is why the full -- is important not because he said all right it's Eagles but because the Bruins. Kept the level of consistency. Go crazy in the play good hockey and I think it appears noting that when the game is over priced Marco goalie said the wrongful lucky. -- -- Interest you know I mean -- it. Didn't Thornton's comment about the duct you're talking about park I don't like people docking I think Brad Marchand at about five games sport wants. I will say off the draw that -- apologized afterwards. So I think it's a dangerous play personally but it's the playoffs playoff hockey I'm fine with -- so we're -- -- bond -- I don't know what happened I just tried to shoot the puck around the zone and I sort of lost my -- -- obviously you don't see anybody get hurt. But he came back I don't know. That story -- -- takes on a bigger like the tone absolutely if they -- and I. -- like we we -- hockey more than news or we get -- it's people who I played the game therefore right success. A -- highly futurists who wins in the in the wrong there with it it does seem like -- skate went out Monday -- And in May be is some dramatics and the -- than that which I'm not. Intelligent enough to believe. But it it does seem like he just analyze this morning it felt but I suppose you could make that would do -- if you're an accomplished and it NHL players self. I think is wiggle room there. For that discussion obviously thought Adam lined up obviously -- and disappeared from the frame. And Thornton -- in the board in an awkward fashion and it was it was funny after the game when you know how hockey players are -- -- Be specific about the nature of an injury it's it's a lower body injury it's up by injury. And it was DJ being it was a terrific writer. Asked Shawn Thornton amid this crowd of reporters on locker just on what's rhetorically to solicit the knee. And Orton with wonderful comedic timing does that low priority after it turns and and says something like really. What you're asking me about this if he didn't say it is but his eyes you're asking me about the specifics of this injury really DJ. And we all got a big laugh about it in the with a note with a concussion. And I thought that was a funny post game. So 53 win by the Bruins. The storyline of course is the monumental comeback. With eleven minutes to go on the game they're down 321 just under eleven minutes Doug Hamilton scores they score three more goals. They now. Are not facing what seemed like an 02 deficit like they had against the Canadians when they won the cup back to Montreal with a five game series -- Fenway Park. If Steve Buckley -- -- Stearns chime in -- 617. 77979837. As a number to -- a 6177797937. Get the text lineup and a little bit text on the eighteenth tee -- line at 37. 937 so let's talk about. How they came back and why they come back I'll throw one thing out -- I thought. This is an exaggeration but performing I thought -- eleven minutes to go after Doug Hamilton scored. These sort of made a conscious effort not to get too fancy just throw pucks on again I'm exaggerating. But they got the bounce from the Bergeron won. I mean it that was an example dugout to ante in its debt pro yes OK throw some -- -- -- it -- -- it's not yet know and I agree and I think I think we would all agree that the Bruins have. Laid well. Mostly right for these two games but it is -- well the first game not so much the first after -- okay. So. But -- they put an onslaught on Carey Price you wrote the other day that you know he's not stand he wasn't the greatest it's not let's. -- -- played. Disagree with him if he played a very good game. In game -- want yes he did not play Ken Dryden gain no in order for the Bruins left you probably three goals out there and reported that when you consider. The shot that hit the post in the admittedly it's not that it's the post is Russia but at the post goal right. So. You can't give the Bruins credit but not putting the puck in the net in the park it's supposed -- units and may they were getting pucks past price. There was no so again -- from point blank range in game one. The puck left on the doorstep and -- -- -- yeah and but but -- -- get the rebound of his own shot -- records that sell. So you you -- you can cherry picks certain points. In game one where. They they should have beaten price but did so while I grant that price played -- very big game clearly a better game in rats played. He didn't play as good game it's 49 -- in part you do look at that scoring while standing at not necessarily. And I don't think Rask was as bad as he let on to his credit. Again them or squirm at the game. Them when you sock sock with this I was expletive and so forth and and -- a funny about that. Sometimes legal limit I was back in the days and Mike moniker. It was a very good big league pitcher but in a pitch of that game is like there. And users those -- wake me. To wake you used to be -- -- its inaugural ball I you know I literally throw at the same all the time -- it -- -- better right that I every game against several years ago where there shots all of Wakefield is that -- regarded -- he. You can use. And not technically. And and -- enrollees are funny about it that much gonna talk about -- game and how they played yeah and and so you can talk to Google after game and walk away shaking your head like that reducing the same game right. And right. In eagle able in the very back in -- offhand. Sub textual kind of way. Sometimes say if they discourse and DM goals from the other and the ice that wouldn't be having these problems. And angle it's sometimes get on that route Rask. Whatever reasons chose to take all the blame for that game. And in I think he was he was clearly screen on the first two minutes first that power play goal in game one. That would like sixty pounding anybody -- stuff that is it just went where it was ago. And to its credit -- after game one that was only screen in the first goal which means he he bore responsibility all of it happened after. Is it's -- yesterday goes. You'd do -- -- it if they kept putting the puck on that score which which hearkens back to your point. The vote just -- getting shots on net. And they got shots on net and they scored goals and they won the game and it would not -- they outplayed the Canadians and they and it's. Asked performance yesterday 828 shots and he made 25 saves. It's six power place. Kiki do -- series against Canadians that probably is the best in the league but it's good yeah. And well probably not exist against Tampa Bay has returned. To -- team. It with -- -- to put their team against him in the first round but they seem to reclaim a major role -- sales. -- -- like for -- shots first -- for X -- and given. But let's talk about the goals last night I thought all of them were interesting. In the can context of the series for example -- You look at that goal when you look at the replay of the he's going one way he -- to act -- it's got a phenomenal shot. MP requires his biggest -- keeps talking about how he's emerged this year. But he had when you think about his role in this playoffs now back -- -- eleven minutes left in -- was a great shot from the point. Go a while all the flow was going lefty shot back right upstairs. And beat Carey Price that got things starts announced three Q. Now you go to the show on -- moment as you said c'mon boys lot of time left to score some goals. You know the rally speech whatever was -- went in off on one leg and with the score three to two Bergeron. Along the half board turned wheels just buyers want at the net and gets a lucky bounce and goes Carey Price. And all of a sudden against. UK -- tied and they come back from two goals down so. Canadians. It is stalled -- Boston at all that matters it's a five game series and we have home ice advantage yet. Might change given up 22 goal leads in two games now and third year. That the Koppel well for them for the rest of this year. He's -- two goal lead I mean. It's please come back to can't keep orders but they don't give up two goal leads usually so now it's 33. And and you could just I mean it's healer right I was actually driving in listening to game that was -- guards at the garden when they tied. He could be coming to the radio palpable was crazy at the garden and the -- Like yeah yeah he is almost inevitable that escort but the court three more goals. But but it's the Canadians in the and you always. Waiting for the Canadians come back and score so then com. Dan Riley Smith with the goal puts them up 43 which gets the empty netter in the comeback is complete was it similar. -- added to the Toronto come back similar. No because it's Null and and not to take any shine up what happened yesterday I was in seventh. Understood it was over time they wanted their their their season was over and what was gonna get fired and make always knows that that's gonna happen but that's that's that's the theme that people going way. That if they didn't win that series against Ronald coaching change this and that will now quote is the best hockey because when that series. He's taken to team for the cup final he's won one Stanley Cup when number one this year and he's rock solid is the pressure on coaches hockey. So when you put that all together in when you consider that their season was on the brink of being over. Last year you've got to put that series -- team on different plateau but this one is because. The worst thing happened yesterday's government trio too bad but isn't that she sees me over so. I I would I would. Take the botched its officers from last year when you consider it you know there's an old line and you've been through this before when locker room game -- is always some. Them while -- -- guys that you stories already written. Well when the reality is yes we did it -- is that what deadline writing is all about. So in the room is now 41 game seven but of course all like that -- you're gonna do this moral huddling and in the congress can do this Steve Harris in that -- you know that it -- -- that's. And immigrant wages and come back and right now my will will. By the rubric we when Shea Stadium any -- yes do you have your story that he had not only you have historically written in Red Sox don't win or not only do I have. But what happened was I actually file the entire game's story in the ninth inning. Which you do because it looks like the Sox and when I was wearing the Portland press herald. -- the story. The -- come back in in in the game. And obviously the story never run two days later the next it was a rain there than in game seven Monday night -- today. And the Mets -- series right right that I go back home Portland. The following Sunday -- sports editor but will be good idea to one. Part of my game story with a column. I wrote a column about writing -- -- And then on the back pages what's actually dressed adopting raided -- isn't it and it and it's role but but they had about half of my story. And and they and they ran it. And then. Five or six years later Sports Illustrated was doing a story about these six World Series -- -- -- -- one. And they mentioned how someone pressed the button and you may remember -- say congratulations Bruce Hurst it's world rights and be played flashed on the Jumbotron I -- -- it. And then it said some newspapers including Portland press herald went ahead -- game stories in the Red Sox -- Answers which is not accurate statement a week later as the novelty item. And that game story in a bar in Cambridge but it's still they used to -- my Easter frame. In the box. Not hang -- you now can now so so lie thrown into doubt and afforded you just take that story just change the names to. That. Married at all by. A -- James Buckley is here I'm bored Stearns were taking your phone calls at Fenway Park today Red Sox go out 1230 pre game. On W the -- take on the Oakland is look at the sweet looking to get to 500 John Lackey and amount against Sonny great Steve Buckley -- sports Stearns it's a sports Sunday -- I mean it's it's kind of like innovators and hard not to notice when -- got ovals -- I need senators up. I mean the future and I have to worry about it. You know you try to just focus on. On execute the next pitch wherever it may be in and trying to get the hitter out with a via. With a B. Strike ever. Ground ball club. It's a sports Sunday on WEI -- Stearns and Steve Buckley were alive in center field at Fenway Park. Bruins with the comeback win five to three series tied up now one game apiece it's the best of five. Game three and game four Tuesday and Thursday night in Montreal we're taking your phone calls and its excellent seven. 779797. Leading up to Red Sox baseball with John Lackey on the mound. Pretty special performance by Jon Lester yesterday -- the guys pitched. I -- waiting to sign a contract. Hopefully Red Sox fans for him and everybody else. He's pitched pretty special games in a Red Sox uniforms hater. Games in the playoffs last year but he had stopped yesterday that. It is rare air eight shutout innings struck out fifteen a one hitter it's the most strikeouts pirates pitchers Pedro. In on April 8 2001 against Tampa Bay. The one hit it becomes the first Sox pitcher to allow one -- fewer at least eight innings and Teague himself. City and last year against Toronto that's -- no hitter against. Since 2003. Only two other Major League starters -- struck out fifteen all wanna hear less and an outing. -- Yu Darvish and Brandon Morrow. And Lester is fifteen strike to the most ever by a leapt into Red Sox pitcher in regulation. Nine inning game so dominant performance like that they've gotten good pitching. I'm told this first when you -- quality start guy has called -- Mean that's that mean. I am to some extent. I think is what is it three runs in five innings. Five innings -- It is exact I I just never worked -- -- four point 50 ERA so if if you played up that way it's kind of dubious that. John -- from Detroit he actually tree free pricey -- recount but that's that 25 years ago. And nine I -- in the spirit behind the spirit high quality start is quite simple keeping your team in the game. It's going deep into the game and giving -- team a chance to win it's not dominance that its inconsistencies that. And it's important because teams and pitchers that consistently go deep into the game giving up the tunnel runs. Generally will win the game in what's the point saved the bullpen tonight. So so in that spirit Miami fan I'm a believer in the power the quality start. Having said that. I'm a fan of -- lest -- fan but I -- I've been a believer in Jon Lester one time. I I I like the pink and only guy has the goods I think he's a pro he's a throwback. He's a different kind of pitcher is not necessarily a power pitcher. But he is -- on his game except that one year 2012. He has been on his game the year and year out he came to the big leagues in the overcame cancer Alley theatre east regional the World Series. And best of all points the best thing about Jon Lester is that he likes. Pitching in Boston likes being a member of the Red Sox he's not overwhelmed. By the bright lights of the big city of Boston baseball experiences like to call it he likes being here and that. Holds the waddle waddle waddle with well I think the real question of that region are brought up the quality start stat is that their that's their tenth. Quality start now they're tied for. Best in the American League so and their pitching has been good and it's led them to this one other thing about comparisons. After the game yesterday Jon Lester. Jonny -- broke the fact it was Randy Johnson like Jon Lester talked about how we grew up watching. But that was his guys -- as a comparison. As American. So as a comparison in which balances from. Hall Nobel little -- while. He'll Puyallup but -- -- -- yet I only know them because they used to work Tacoma news Tribune in -- while is that that Tacoma. Which means -- enlist in the big leagues with the right group announced while. Actually went to the Tacoma dome the -- Springsteen would indicate that horrible facility 45 minutes from Safeco. Anyway. So so Red Sox pitching -- led them to whatever they are right now they're getting good pitching. The starting at home runs out to those three runs just yeah I mean. As dominant performances they have these put it up three you've got to stick in my game. So there are some concerns -- I guess you know last week you and I sat there and I asked would Lester on the mound is a significant game he said it's too early agreed if you put. Again they had a chance to get to 500 they didn't and Lester pitched horrible hour coming up a great game pitch by Lester Lackey on the chance to get the 500. I mean I think it's important for them to start. You know winning series and they won their fifth series. Out of ten now yesterday they're playing better baseball and again -- lacking on the mound today so we'll see where it goes. -- the Red -- horrible is at hand haven't juggle that this you know when the Bruins are on against the red x.s and it. Ideas but I think. Most Boston sports fans understand what is of the moment obviously you're out and like you had tickets directly game yesterday you gonna get caught up on Lester. I wasn't here physically yet today I am assuming. That as the brunt of mounting a comeback that the noise was being felt at Fenway because everybody probably had their Smartphones out and and radios and whatnot keeping track it was happening over the causeway street but. I think most sports fans in Boston. If the Red Sox make the playoffs. They are all in with the Red Sox until October the big jump on the patriots. My experience has been with the Bruins that people really don't. Get on the Bruins until after new years. That bit that they follow the Red Sox the post season. Than that and the patriots and then after Christmas after new years. They jump on the Bruins. Do you agree with that. And -- Yeah I mean regular season basketball and hockey games -- it's hard to get work -- good fervor. For regular season games so in a playoff take on such a life of their own. The only year I can remember where Bruins flash Celtics was dominant early in the season. Was 070 -- Celtics because it was on the there was so much who -- with Paul Pierce being teamed with Kevin Garnett Ray Allen the new Big Three. And and the Celtics could talk all they wanted about goal with not really Big Three we have to do it for three. We get they put those three guys that cover the -- Netflix like here -- -- if they were selling a new victory from the very beginning so let's let's begin there. So. My recollection was that they word. All in Celtic Boston sports and with the Celtics in the very beginning when keeping in mind. Debt -- what was happening in the fall of 07 was was one of the great moments in Boston sports history. That you have the -- -- winning the World Series in Colorado home yet the patriots weren't affiliated going undefeated. And on the very weekend that the Red Sox won the World Series that was the weekend the patriots beat the Redskins like 52 to -- with -- That was the beginning of all the run it up -- that was making the rounds. And it was also the same weekend that Bergeron was pushed into the boys -- -- -- Randy Johnson from those and the Celtics player pre season game -- -- Lehman was just a lot of stuff on that weekend. But that was the only weekend. The only. Early part of the season which Celtics was was getting a ton of talk and again I don't recall and correct me if I'm wrong. I don't called this past. October November going nuts on -- obvious is Sox and the process in the World Series and then as soon as that was that's what the bronze. Let's go to the phones it's Bakken budget Fenway Park and sports Sunday and WEI GM is in the -- -- -- they have pockets -- eight. OPEC summit -- or sit back and Yankee Stadium like -- believe. How much comparable that they must watch it again. A separate branch that they are reimbursable spirits and -- -- you talk about all bought bundles that we lacked. I -- what -- your ballot I'm getting it ever happened. Now now that I -- called Leo. Jobs -- get bad news for you -- Felicia although it you know it's little girl are politically George Burns in in the 200. I don't wanna get to in it is because it it seems to -- people but I am even nominal time guy. I wanted to new Fenway Park a long time and -- -- Well because. They've got a ball park they put it over -- -- million dollars in improvements and it into the credit the improvement mostly good ones. That -- -- the ballpark is not lost his character at that just walking down. Yawkey way half hour ago coming into the park. And they have these banners these vertical banners hanging outside the ballpark in the -- years in which they won the pennant the World Series. And it is seen -- memo to self. The next time I talked to Larry Tina Charles Steinberg. In -- Kennedy. To tell them that what they've done yawkey way and and if you wanted to argue whether they should at this sweeter at least -- that's a different topic. But the fact of the matter if you like on -- -- awaited. The way they've. Perfumed yawkey way. Is is magnificent it looks great a lot of what they got to the ballpark is great -- that I don't like I don't like the monster seats not because they have but because -- of these. Cool name -- up and they. In their obstructed view bleacher seats they sell the premium price which is joke. But most of what they don't the ballpark at -- However we'll -- -- -- you know help device that will -- back in the. All he did more than I mean it's it's why you. I'm John Henry I did one on one with John Henry for acuity and -- last year. And for the first time John Henry mentioned there in the community potential. Hall of Famer. As the builder in the game. Know that Tom yawkey who did nothing for the forty years the -- Red Sox but but the night black people to its but the Red Sox. He's in the hall of fame. Larry Lucchino. Is responsible for Camden yards yet the vision to go the retro ballpark that no one had ever heard of -- that concept. So he's responsible Camden yards he laid the ground work -- pac bell park in San Diego and here in Boston. He. Has engineered and masterminded or or managed. A complete renovation students complete but -- an ongoing renovation at Fenway Park. You speak to the -- that I speak up when I say that the more fans who visit other ballparks. Come back and I don't we. Well Jim I'm pitched and a couple of things was your first trip to the new Yankee Stadium. -- and how many times have you been to the old Yankee Stadium. -- you'd never been there. So I don't know -- -- -- I won't say I actually miss the -- yankees -- the governor was trying to get Q did you talk to any fans down there because. That is analogous to -- -- would knew family would be not you know whatever new February BB beautiful spacious all that. However I talked a yankees fans that you missed the old stadium. I would limit triple approach it sucks it up by there was. It was a trip down. Laura travel up Pakistani. Radio. Well I'd attachment called Jim but I could agree with few more. That. You know most fans. They pay a lot of money to come to the ball park in his greatest Bentley is. You just sit and seats ones. That are made for people that you know from 1912. And you just 82 your -- Sunni and the ball park. You say to yourself what can we have S. However you I've been fortunate -- -- U -- you're -- you like stuck in his seat what you would have been fortunate enough to go you know. Don't travel as much anymore but all the ball park Safeco. The G-8 when it first came out all that. I haven't been in the new Yankee Stadium yet I'm gonna be curious what my reaction -- because I did love going. To the old Yankee Stadium that was a place. Like the garden like Fenway that as soon as you walk up the blue -- blue was the green is here the ghosts -- they you can feel them. When you walk in and I'm curious what the new stadium has a deal like that you've been to the new stadium right yankees ultimately sent via. And I did it. I think the new Yankee Stadium is over the top that there is some there are some things about it that I despise one of them is the lower box seats. What I call the rich people's seat. The it'd be like leather seats and I am OK with that but the way they've set it up with like this -- That is the lower boxes and annoyances like rise. You cannot go. From the top boxes down -- boxes. -- abatement there and a big. -- -- And the rich people come in through under the stadium. So they have separate restrooms and separate concession stands. And the used to be something about a ballpark that was very democratic that we all won Monroe equals. And and rich people went to the same happens with the same concessions -- Yeah and and and I am this and the values snob appeal one of but it but try to do a -- isn't in your face when you're sitting elsewhere in the ballpark. It it's like you'd be able -- you know it's like the Roman gladiators right to think that thumbs up on and Hannity and Billy Crystal but as somebody Paris to sit most. As somebody who you know most passionate about the history of baseball and Yankee Stadium again you look there and you can get a feel for new Fenway. Would be like right now well you -- I went. Never at the Yankees -- the regional. Which is always bothered me is I I remember being in new York and I was like 1617 years old. In wanting to goal. Out to the Bronx but it was that it was a different kind of trucked in and monies for the Yankees home affect Melvin Mets were playing the Dodgers. But I want to go the old Yankee Stadium and I missed. And and I'm talking with the original book house to but I guess my question is when you go to the new yankees still know him know don't you feel like if there's a new Fenway. He'll get that same feeling you'll miss the -- yes but while apple missed the open site I think that this. Beat the old Yankee Stadium was it would at least had some room to what you can move around a little bit. And I I missed the OJ he's outlets out I will miss Bentley park if when he does point out I'm not. Heartless. But I do think that. If you can tear down Yankee Stadium which has a lot more tradition. At Fenway Park Ebert did the new ventured out and that's probably blasphemous and Apollo. We are at Fenway Park reliable a sports Sunday in center field come by if you come into the game and say hello Steve Buckley is here on which -- taking your phone calls. At 61777979837. Bruins with a huge comeback is topic number one Jon Lester is fifteen strikeout performance in all else that's going on its. The week of the NFL draft all of it for here you'd talk about coming up next. It can first and me in the second period and emotions -- you know best of us. And waste much time in the comment box and you're not gonna come out of period. You know a lot of positive that's happens there appeared. We. Try to focus and I regroup after that a second animation. That is the Bruins Riley Smith who got the game winner yesterday we have under three minutes to go. I just over three minutes to go in the game and the Bruins beat the Canadians five to three after Milan Lucic would be empty netter. Now tie this series up and make him a best of five garden with rocket yesterday bark you were there. Lot of other people there would love to hear from you 617779793. Separate a look at these series. And if I can use the fight analogy you know the heavyweight fight. -- been a a lot of punches have been thrown at me and experts to canes haven't Dayton and he really have and so it. You know when that happens in heavyweight fight. The later rounds. Tend to take their whole. Almost early punches so I just I wonder if this level of play can sustain itself for seven games. I guarantee it well I just because of the beast that is the Stanley Cup playoff here at today. Well. It's just can't turn your back 12 series in such as the goals third saves it to that. Yup and now the back checking everything about it. No no one. Don't get lazy in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and in the best thing about this series. You know -- people like mean. And what is on season. You know lead us to tell you owe it to him bronze age eighty. They don't. They show it they say it right and if you read the comments you know Claude Julien after the game -- -- we had a -- like crap of that. Right. You know that both Julian and I heard both Julian and Chris in Ireland this week. When he I say the same thing when I was with the Canadians -- hated the Bruins when I was in the Bruins I hated the Canadians. And I said it now he's back to eleventh in -- oh -- Yes. You you -- knuckles you ask him. Which team you love. And -- it -- because you I was a -- from northeastern. The Canadian. Rock -- the national hockey. I played in detail they made me. And he still has the deepening got awesome I support that complete penalties which it was -- for Latin must aren't. And I I know that -- Boston guys yet. But the -- the Bruins played with a broad -- while Bryant committed to meet him but but but bigger picture here. Too often over the years. We've covered such yankees games and in the players it's just an advocate. Bubbly -- and -- -- reduced -- play baseball. The hockey guys don't do that. Right they don't know what are -- hate them they don't I don't say it but again you Claude Julien saying. We had to put -- like crap the ticket pricing on the Lackey. It is just the emotions that well I like Red Sox yankees it's about the fans to. The Bruins vs Canadians stands as a real. It's a real. -- word I'm looking for. Contrast a contrast. From what to do so this can be great series six -- 77797937. A talk with the but Jimmy Rooney -- -- baseball tavern last night up at his place at the -- nephew played BC yet and we were talking about his brother Steve but the Canadians and just talking hockey. And we are watching a game seven last night at his bar in basketball. There were three game sevens -- down last night on the court. No he was at the tavern earlier than any he's got a -- Randolph called the law about it now. I could hit a great wonderful people. But there with three game seven just -- guess like overall questions as they set this up look. Is why is basketball's numbers TV ratings so much higher than hockey when I think we all agree that hockey is a much better play off. Sport to watch that basket but the numbers dominate. In basketball with three game sevens last night by the way the clippers and Doc Rivers one. Indiana won in game seven in Oklahoma City won any games until you haven't been paying attention Washington outplayed Indiana and round two. Miami waiting for the winner of Brooklyn Toronto game seven today more game sevens in the NBA today. After three games seventy -- I think it's in the NBA time no. Asking the question allow it is it is it from a Boston respected because the Celtics aren't relevant right now not in the playoffs or are. That's the Boston perspective but nationally the numbers nominee and hockey -- not -- His personal basketball as the American hockey's the kidney and it's much it's the love hockey in Boston. Nationwide basketball's bigger draw basketball's a select that you would agree -- better TV sport. Because it it's it's. First of -- there are no helmets and shall. Yeah you you you. Sometimes he can sell the stars better because that was aren't you you you can from a mile away intelligence between -- run Jameson Kevin Durant Kevin Durant. Whereas in an hockey. If if two guys in the corner. Don't know bullets that target the -- all -- martian know what's the you know sometimes you don't know right away you know my body type. -- small -- tall and you know and so forth but. You can always -- and they get that little pockets -- high -- that's a good idea I read slippage is an important tight gap no sport. No sport ties. Has done better with idea and because there was always I go back the days you know channel 38 the Bruins the black and white you know rabbit ears yeah. And the gravity around the UH yeah well right now. And in black and white little pot and all that ball hockey. I -- -- just phenomenal. And not if they have more cameras and you see all the stuff that NASA does. Obviously you don't like -- him. It's and by the way I was at the Bruins game my friend rate Retief hopman. Cycle me. With texted me c'mon down. He was and is it called the American Airlines Brazilians that don't write sort of in the end zone and that's a suite area watching game. That's where dale and -- -- its exports to the -- sports technical American maybe it is sponsored by American habits and organize and now it's great I would and nobody re a script except that you conduct a goal and hockey game drug it's a -- dale -- and vary and there are all -- great date it is certain license right next to work. And that's a great place I think for I'm okay at the end zone because it's just. It's it's very convivial everyone's all around eating food it's a great place -- what. But today for example 1 o'clock you got a game seven between Brooklyn and wrong. 3 o'clock you get the Blackhawks in the wild in game two of their series in Chicago. 330 get Dallas San Antonio -- seven and 730 up Pittsburgh New York Rangers as a fan as a sports and I'm interested because of the Garnett pierce connection to watch that point seven. I am interest in May have spurs. Because disbursed to me as a short -- -- NBA playoffs no issue or a leading up to this pocket yeah hockey vs basketball. I could just I only wanna watch the last ten minutes of those games of basketball games but I would watch the entire. Rangers. Pittsburgh game tonight wasn't -- -- -- my daughters and wife. But I would sit there and watched that game and enjoy it despite all the -- each of which I agree with. That I'd have to look and see if that's Crosby or Malkin and take a second look and all this and that it's just that the playoff hockey is palpable. You know we started -- by talking about the Bruins Canadians in the level that they are playing just turn on another game last night and I. I like Los Angeles Kings beat the ducks partly yes it's that the answer questions it's. Basketball is a greater reach nationwide and I was talking to -- we can all agree that point. That point basketball. Is generally a better TV sport and hockey though again. Watching all these games. I did one of the one of the Bruins games the other night and came home. And I caught the tail end of Columbus Pittsburgh and in the beginning in the San -- game and you you you forget. If you're a certain age how much better hockey is on TV now about RBC dale and guys do argue for a living would speak at this point and I do but. I don't recall ice level cameras being as in abundance back in the days here are now. Now you gaining cameras that weighed down low and you're you're getting tight shots of the bench and you're seeing the -- of the players and in -- get a lot of that it just seems to me that when that when I was a kid all the cameras way up above trained down. On the ice and now you've got to like cameras now need to see a lot more. And it is it just makes the game what. -- watch what we do have going on today the Bruins don't play now until Tuesday night to get a couple of days off Tuesday Thursday Saturday this week. Games 34. And five. Tuesday Thursday. Saturday streak if you look at and you think this is going seven games it's a Monday Wednesday for game six and seven may twelfth and may fourteenth. Today 13330. And 732 NBA games in two Stanley Cup games of course the Red Sox. 1230 pre game here in WEEI. We've Jon Lester on the mound trying to sweep. He openly Sonny gray on the -- -- -- -- but I. John Lackey to Muster on the mind and your insulin does that I do. Steve Buckley -- -- here at Fenway Park in center field people start and -- around the park now. Several hours from game time taking your phone calls come by PCS. And more commanding -- we got more after this.

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