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Jon Lester postgame with Joe & Dave after 15-K performance

May 3, 2014|

Jon Lester talked to Joe and Dave after he set a career record with 15 strikeouts against the A's, as well as zero runs and one hit in eight innings.

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I thank you Jon Jon Lester congratulations. It. You really had a power fastball going looked like you put the ball exactly where you wanted to -- they. Yeah. It was one of those days of good. -- we established fastballs early and just kept trying to expand played off of that and and you know -- the -- job walking through that today. John I don't really want you to compare them but it looked like stuff wise we go back -- -- all week no hitter when you were magnificent today. How are you different between -- and I really say what a no hitter but a one hitter on a bloop singles. I think completely different. You know back -- just kind of threw the ball wherever wherever you know we're good. Man to man you know. You know but but today -- it was do is do -- loses -- -- we've sort of them. We we one up but for a bloop hit that that. Certainly was just well placed did not hit very well off and you might have been back out there via via. Out of been -- in London on to do with think. You know these things is a bold move it and -- Style -- -- do you know that when you are warming up when you're out there before the game -- can you tell if you're gonna have. One or two particular pitchers that are really cooking for you and carry that into the game. For me no. I've always been a bad bullpen for the team. You know I guess it's just kind of the the temple of yet now they're in. And and haven't hitters have that adrenaline going in and I guess the competitiveness that. I just kind of learned to put the bullpen behind me when I walk of those bookstores and in the outfield so. No today actually my cutter was terrible. In the bullpen it was back enough on the you know could located so you know it. Kind of like a no hitter back in a way through through four balls a backstop and and you know -- episode right yeah I mean you never know. That's that it changes your approach but it's really nice to have a Grand Slam before -- the first inning is trying to Gomes did yeah absolutely I mean I think that does change your approach a little bit I think you can be. Not as fine I think you can attack hitters a lot more. You just give you that four run cushion where you you know that if you with a solo homers before warm so. You know you just it for me it relaxes me and it did it in and helps me go out there and just be free. And finally John having watched him pitch all these years we know your focus is like on game -- bit. Is it I would brilliance of this but is it stick in your mind when you're approaching -- career milestone. Like thirteen 1415 strikeouts today. I mean it's it's kind of like innovators and hard not to notice when we've got ovals -- It's -- -- I mean the -- try not to worry about it. You know you try to just focus on. On execute the next pitch wherever it may be in and trying to get the hitter out with a -- with a B. Strikeout her. Ground ball club over. And how about the fact at the last quality guy he struck out to tie your personalized with thirteen. He asked for the dumpster distract adamantly last year the guys struck out -- you know hitters yeah it's kind of unique there but. -- And that is described today in -- and repeat today you -- -- -- lines Florian. You know do it. John was a great pleasure to watch thanks so much our guys appreciate it.

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