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John Farrell Manager's Show with Dave O'Brien

May 3, 2014|

John Farrell Manager's Show with Dave O'Brien

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John thank you very much Red Sox -- back to back day games coming up and John nobody has to tell you what a special guy have at second base not only does Dustin Pedroia get his 100 career home run last night. He does it dramatically is only he can it seems with a Grand Slam yeah I sure did Damon and you know you've been in this game a long time any. You see certain players that not only that they come out and perform each and every day the way they work what they are able to maybe. Take not so much take from the game but -- from the game in in moments like last night they do some things that are. They they will stand out I'm sure Dustin you know when he is talking to his grandkids his hundredth home run was a Grand Slam. And you know he's not an embellished too much on that because the way is but. You know like you said that there are certain players that they embody everything that is so good about the game so when situations like that. -- last night that there's a special moment not just because it's a hundredth home run but the way it came about and what it meant for us inside that game. Its interest he said because after the game it's exactly the point to Dustin made we thought he was relieved having hit the home run but he wasn't relieved because it was his 100 and it was a career milestone. It was because there were men on base the -- sexson needed to hit that left the bases loaded earlier it was a big moment in the game. Well it's sure was saying and given the stretch of games we've come through with creating. Opportunity after opportunity the frustration mounted after that fourth inning when we had second and third nobody out bases loaded one out and come away with nothing. But much like Dustin. Is the reflection on this team and and eat they don't give -- they don't give at bats away they continue to grind. And I think on the highlight when he was runner on the bases last night it was the first time allows him as a smile on dawson's face. Knowledge because of what -- into the game with a home run that he hit so. It was a little bit of a collective sigh of relief I think once he hit the ball ballpark. After the game you're talking about the performance of Clay Buchholz in -- using terms like. Depth and finish almost as if you were talking about a a fine red wine but but those are things that we're seeing coming to fruition with clay the last two starts. Yeah I -- want to some really good work prior to the start up in Toronto. They increased the temple on his delivery. And I think -- -- allowed him to becomes a little bit more aggressive with his physical delivery and you know if there was any thought the back of his mind. That physically was he able to really cut the ball loose. Keep in mind he hadn't really got on it in a way you know what the rest -- this since last June. But the results through the first 45 starts were less than less than clay is expected less than we've come to know them. And that added assertiveness is allowed the action to all the stuff including his velocity of pickup. Most importantly -- is coming out of his last two starts physically feeling great about it and we need that kind of performance to do with this team's capable. You've discussed that that physically he's okay so is some of this moving beyond may be a a psychological. Hurdle for play in it is starting to happen. I think for any athlete that they've suffered. A time down or set back because some think physical. That the last hurdle to always get over that mental side of it that. Okay can I cut the ball loose and in a pitcher's case can I turn it loose without any ramifications going for him and that's a gradual step by step. Phase that a guy works through and and I think he's proven to himself. -- that he can reach back and get his normal velocity and be fine. Red Sox beat with a combination of good play all the way around a very good baseball team last night -- Oakland -- eighteen and ten coming in. Best record the American League in a terrific road team they were twelve on four before losing last. Well they've been on a very good trip where they won five of seven you know through the two cities that traveled before coming here and it's a very balanced team. You know Bob Melvin has a great job of finding matchups that he can -- or his players can take advantage of it it's a team that values players much like we do their offense is going to be similar -- -- five former Red Sox on that team I think so it goes back to the may be the root of what we're looking forward in building a team and a lineup that is deep and works through pitch counts and I could be more proud of the the two weeks that were putting him offensively. -- it to give -- those opportunities to win some games it's a great point because sometimes this stuff creeps up statistically. The Red Sox are scoring runs and and since you've had your line up back you're you're so -- list lineup. Where -- -- scoring at times 67 runs a game that should be plenty. Well it it should be and it's you know it's coming so to life now what we expected from the team offensively and you know. A couple of days ago you lose to one run games and so -- given day and you know feels like Armageddon is gonna happen because. One we're not accustomed to losing here in Fenway into you lose games in which you left the number of men on base. It's a little more frustrating so. In light of that one day. The two weeks leading up to this has been back with this team is done best and that's chase starters in those middle innings get into the bullpen in that sixth inning or so. A continued to rack up. On base opportunities finally Shane Victorino getting a day off today he is we still you know just look at that chains. You know. Inconsistencies as far as playing time in a short spring training missed a number days. -- outs of the season he placed three games in two days last night after the game he kind of felt that a little bit today and given today's match up with a who left Taylor and Malone and I know the chain is a right handed hitter buddies actually better against right handers in the has left handers he's got a very good off speed pitch and his changeup so. I would give him a down day and likely -- and expect him to be back and feel -- John thanks good looking game two against the a's today. Thanks -- appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought you by the Mercedes-Benz certify -- don't event. The vehicles you bet your ride on in the financing you can afford visit it be USA dot com slash CPO.

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