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Chris Price joins Mustard and Johnson

May 3, 2014|

The NFL draft is 5 days away and WEEI.com columnist Christopher Price joins the show to talk about the needs of the Patriots as well as some thoughts around the rest of the league.

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It's a case by case basis ultimately -- trying to define players that fit your team. Not all players figures teams don't fit the others so you hopefully. You did the best it can't try to identify those players and fit them into your system. You know we let's say it's really systems specific to our team -- realizing that there's a number of these players that are going to be -- -- -- -- we understand that. We're stuck that but. You know in the end we just have to figure out the players that fit the specific profile have a defined role and try to project that man. In -- and still projection element you know a year. It's. There's still a little bit that mess there -- so. We'll build bella check 2.0 there nick is serious. Like telecheck but. Tad more engaging but then again who was in a tad more engaged nick -- General manager officially anyway of the New England Patriots -- about the upcoming draft it's time. Thursday. And it's late this year usually by at this point by the end of April early may here we are. May third we know -- the patriots draft picks are we don't with a number one draft pick overall but at this stage it is all a mystery. It is funny the caller IS and early eighties you guys are all over the place but when you really. Pull back he was he was actually chastised I don't know you're hoping -- focus now is not a -- focusing great hero -- different things going on right now via the hockey player option other -- -- game of the NBA. Playoffs are here right when is what people want it right now I think we need to grow up a little bet I think we need to be a little more than just so provincial. That we only wanna talk about what is in front of us I think it's okay to experience a little bit I think we have a football team here. -- by the way do you like the the three day draft do you prefer -- on Monday. I don't really care one -- the other items where you're interesting to a phone number you don't left because the only thing I honestly is the only thing I care about I'm going to be I'm gonna show you how on provincial really AM. All I care about is where -- -- ogle as that's the only thing I -- being brutally honest and I find it or exciting to watch these teams stocked the shelves I prefer at all Monday. It's easier that way you clean out teller relatives don't call don't come over anything to get all the stuff that you need to get done. And you crash -- count to 12 o'clock and you watch like fifteen hours straight. I'll have -- like any other day it's not it's not our lives are how does not that much on that interesting anymore. But just so the it's the NFL draft rule happened on Thursday it will come on we're actually going to be. Live from Foxboro it was on the road a lot for summaries of their time of the -- are -- -- taking our show on the road Fenway Park. Today and that next week will be down at Gillette Stadium and by that time we'll get a pretty good idea Romo then -- Al -- You know first three picks I believe -- by Saturday I think it's that there may be fourth round aren't aren't six -- 777979. -- 37. Is the telephone number will be a check in and we it Christopher prices as a matter fact theory is now in a mere. Five days Chris you and everybody else will be down. At. Gillette Stadium and I guess by seven days we'll certainly know what that patriot draft class of 2014. Looks like good morning Chris. Good morning you got it right -- Did you have a good offseason did you get any rest. A little bit you know -- -- guys in -- -- this I mean it's it's become twelve months. You know 365. Days a year routine will be NFL -- it doesn't stop you know we go from the Nazis in -- Free agency to the draft is I will say this that this -- the draft process the two extra weeks. Is its killer I think I think a lot of suffering -- For you yeah yeah I think it was it was interest in Chris because. I never saw. So much interest. When the free agency period -- we had a flurry of interest and discussion in. Dialogue about all of that and I don't remember ever. So much interest in conversation surrounding that period that this year. But because this thing has been pushed back two weeks. I think it's just like this that sort of a Blase. Lead up or anticipation to the event. I think there's something cute that you I also think that. Our ability to draft if you're in the lacking in a lot of compelling personality because you're due out some great stories with guys like returning and though entity in Wyoming. But there's no consensus number one as well I think I'd also figure into it but I Greg Greg I think your point. They have free agency was. An unbelievably. Frantic. Period for for the league game in in every almost talking about the NFL -- that two week period. In now we've heard of it dead spot a little with the leader of the -- elected I know that I suffered from there I know a lot of other people are suffering from a to kind of a draft could -- that -- wretched thing out of a couple of weeks. See the other thing Chris that I really loved about the free agency is you didn't have to worry about a player falling -- or remaining on the board or value. You could just call out in get the players in free agency pitcher a budget allowed you to keep it in but I don't think the NFL. Has found another of bonus. Day of attention during that time period not good for you guys by the interest I know myself. Now over salivating but let's talk about this year's draft I remember another time. When you had a couple of number one PX. Who have question marks. Yet you know that their a lot of people how -- questions obviously about. Men fell in in I think you. You present agreed to be I have my personal opinion is. Get a few a -- system needs to get into -- system with a -- and as a group solid infrastructure around them I don't I I think if he. Get -- the right system I think he could start right away but I think it really all depends on where you're in doubt I think if -- up. In Houston say weird. They'll prying human his track record given the ability. To develop offense in and work -- work with young quarterbacks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- coaching I think it would be a really good news -- -- -- -- -- A potentially transformative defense the president sympathy and well. Who also like you said housing you know has some red like the result. I -- -- -- statement before that there's no real. Consensus. Absolute dead solid block. Number one guys that are really can agree on -- I think it is a lot of guys across the board you know that's why we're seeing you know that it's pretty strict water stock rise in all over the last couple months on board portals for the guy who. I believe it you know a lot of -- drought with a guy growing number one overall giving it. Connection to their billable in the fact that applied in -- -- true leader to work together border plea earlier backed Central Florida. You know a lot of tight lies and all throughout that process I think really. Bit that the guys that jumped out for me. First and foremost overall quote I think is that guy who has pitched -- to be special player informative defense player. I think you're you're in Newport. Clothing. Injury if you walk together. In order your defense or four in the view offensive coordinator heat cream addict and expected. Because the guys working yet -- be real factual they're prepared -- -- go after quarterback. The top of the second round pick your -- for all still there. The top of the second -- are yet to drop below the quarterback beer -- -- I agree that they ultimately you know it's ultimately that your question. There are a lot like out there are a lot of guys are a lot and you're in a lot of featured -- -- be -- Well you know it's a trustees say -- -- what you were leaning toward the man Zell selection instead of the clowning selection but I can understand. Where you're going and I and a look at it almost two schools of thought here bill O'Brien has the chance to bring in this tremendous. Fascinating. Talent and potential demand -- he's worked with quarterbacks obviously for years in the past on the other hand. If he is such an excellent quarterbacks coach that he could probably take a second round talent and make him into a first round talent in a couple years. In meeting -- coach -- you know a bit -- that agree -- incorrect because you don't necessarily need. It's gonna sound through the you don't that's drilling unit we level quarterback you can pick a guy who might be considered stepped down -- elect -- -- oil. Maybe even a Teddy Bridgewater right now the way to its stock split. On the in in culture and look to a level to a competitive level where you can seek human put him in situations where -- can succeed. Yeah I IQ I think he's interest should go quote I expect it I I do think. Give him. The fact that. You could block it in there on the defense of -- you could put him in there was next GQ what make part of the defense striker. All of -- said that he could become. Markedly better. I don't know what he could be the next they'll have heard people talk about how he could be the next they'll be properly motivated. I still think you could be our next LT. I think you have the chance to to to get -- truly special defense that -- -- -- in there and the hopper that second little. Collector consult. What about the at 29 pick in the first draft first brown how'd you think the patriots -- will go in that particular slot. I think the patriots need to get gate I think the patriots need to I'm a big defense that -- been an advocate throughout this pre draft process. Of them going after a deeper than the one betterment and certainly appreciate them. -- -- -- like you Markey -- looked similar to see more body type. Yeah yeah it it expects about -- recording -- kind of go long Williams visited bill would say he's the guy who. Who had played multiple spots awarded a defense -- over the course of his career of him as Hillary ability not only to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These stronger people -- -- attacked and occupied -- -- -- blockers at one time. And allow those linebackers to load the place so I think is the -- if they decide to stick to Torino and -- a whole other debate but he decided to organize. I firmly believed that Rasheed -- and Erica. I Chris at the impala checkpoint is as -- up all -- and and they trade out of the for a round on what might put the TV and so you're saying -- -- Chris is what what you are estimating is they're not gonna move up bill go down. Yeah I think they're they're gonna do anything they're gonna go down I think that the possibility exists. That they could get in it's not it's ignorant a couple of really good young defensive lineman in the strapped guys like Arnold let me -- it's going to be available but they're they're era double but I know what the diet that Louis -- certificate -- -- -- What about when he -- about Carl when he early progress tell me about him earlier that the -- and loves lateral speed -- -- -- What can show that side. I doubt there's a lot of looked really good young guys out there and the feeling it let's -- the runner to another position let's I wanna. Yeah I a quarterback it is that they're really good wide receiver class one of those Geithner and a couple of those guys are available they get 26. The -- might be inclined to treat air and into the second round pick up another draft pick in identifying what those guys in the second round as well so -- when I speak at all we we. We've seen over the years. I would be surprised if the patriots prepare -- OK but -- Chris I don't want a boy UK because I know you like or not to India every year it's seriously because I know you go to prom by. Question you really tell us about these guys were the total -- line. It's about it it where it stopped I it will stay there -- -- -- -- is a great chance. Really get sit sit sit sit down with a guy who really understand where you're delete the reporter's perspective. I I had a chance that it ought -- with a couple of -- let it get to talk with eight minutes you're up by. There's a couple of letters it's not a case tomorrow but that the tight end at -- Texas -- yeah well the thing that you pretty good fit for the patriots. BP in the second rarely hear if you think you'll be on the front yard where they are in in game whether or not -- contributed beautiful level. How about. I think it's gonna go I think you are going to be the first. I get off the board I I can see my left mock draft I had. I had the built sticking you bring in the top muddying the guy who the stock is it really go through the -- struck -- pretty gross profit -- you contributor meat be tomorrow. But nobody for -- Egypt adorable it's also -- Troy Nicklaus academy ordered him as well. Although tight end it could be available the patriots with a career. All right we will talk more with you next Saturday. And as they -- at the top of the conversation better idea. Where the patriots have long -- the NFL's appreciate your comments and have fun on Thursday. Chris -- re really reading UN WEEI dot com to a great job you really do. -- All right Christopher price that NFL reporter extraordinaire all things patriots all things NFL draft. When you know -- I don't know ovals and 617. -- thank you over. I I. That was Christmas -- -- interview I did about -- statement in he's a big kid I want the complete breakdown rates 6632 when he -- Seymour type body -- opposition's on the line to stop his grandfather does and I asked to go to your child feel awful. But he says I'll never get over that. The poor guy goes to his grandfather's feral comes back slightly late for practice and get suspended for the first quarter the next game means absolutely ridiculous and it argues in a power 61777979. B 37 is the telephone number -- here about 1 o'clock -- -- Red Sox baseball. The crowds are lining up there. Wrong to see if you can hear it that way there's one problem out here are -- -- in -- 16. Episodes of 7937. Case you missed that telephone number will be back right after this.

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