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Mustard & Johnson discuss the Boston Bruins loss to Montreal; ESPN's Jason Whitlock's article about Donald Sterling

May 3, 2014|

On Thursday night, the Bruins lost in Double OT in Game 1 to the rival Canadiens. Craig and Larry talk about what Boston could have done different, if anything, and what they need to do to win Game 2 and the series. Also, they touched on an interesting article written by ESPN's Jason Whitlock regarding Donald Sterling's suspesion, and what it means for racism in the NBA.

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And if it's Saturday must be sports Saturday mustard and Johnson now doing -- thing on the road as we do every now and again couple weeks ago we were here at Fenway Park and lo and behold here we are again. I guess my -- was hurt in the offseason not enough 130 on Saturday games. Red Sox -- Major League Baseball and fox I think will broadcast window there. Have obliged another 130 Saturday game Larry Johnson Red Sox and gays and I'll tell you all. Well maybe not this is one of those games where there may be 35000. Plus at the ballpark but every other person. Probably. Who is watching a sporting event. Via the television set listening on the radio probably be focused I I would think on that hockey game right causeway street Bruins. And Canadians you think so I've just taken a while gas. A couple of things to actually tie into the game it was a week ago. Little bit about an hour from now that the Donald Sterling. Story broke about comments it or car tapes. There were sold to TE MC and some. Racial comments that he may need about not wanting certain it you know. Why. People going to his clippers games and hanging around his girlfriend's he would matter. But -- and the Justin -- and there it is we all know that thing built up -- point. A problem mob rule and getting him on there. And I agree his comments were certainly. Distasteful in appropriate. And all of the above. But I do think that if you ever get a chance to read Jason whitlock. I agree with him. Totally just one piece he says let's be careful here from the owners of parks in the locker room professional sports are overrun were wealthy man in complicated volatile sexual relationships. If TMs the plans to make or part public in -- the and it is set. That or -- is actionable. You won't be long before parade of athletes during sterling on the ignorance island. I agree with that totally I think it you know if -- her 'cause I haven't heard yet I know is. His girlfriend not associate not a girl for an associate was on Bobble off of last night. I still need Tommy to explain to meet because I thought it was illegal to tape a private conversation I still would like -- Know how she could or whoever sold the tape to TMZ. Again I think what -- it was deplorable but I'm imitate something on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're all made of different nationalities. Collar in every exception someone. Be very clear about one thing if we were all the same collar. Then within our own human nature somebody which find something else to pick yet let's wrap that our people let's graft of fat people. The point that I'm -- we never do that but that. The point that I'm getting at is is great by the way and I used the -- in all caps. Is great is the -- with my natural for his game was the other night up and down action double overtime. It's two -- I kept thinking it's too bad somebody test the lows this Gaza with a phenomenal game price was. Over fifty saves. In I was -- yes I can -- -- like you'll lob playoff hockey. -- likely then not wanting to I don't know you'll like player party -- -- but I think and again you solely eager to read. That there or actual. Racial. Tweets out there about -- content. And and you sell. And I'm just telling you this it is not acceptable but this is the world let me go back it's an interest each start that way because when we were discussing the sterling issue last week it was his infancy stages. It had not exploded the story was out there remember. ESP yen. A week ago. Didn't even cover it as we were talking about it and your response at that point to the Donald Sterling remarks made to his girlfriend was. You know what I'm so far beyond this it's almost absurd -- borders. The ridiculous. I am comfortable myself and I feel good enough about myself. That this is just kind of water off my back I can. Deal -- that I'm not gonna be outraged just them ranting. Of an old man of a particular generation. Consider the source and you were really not outraged at all so let me ask you this. What about these tweets from Ross and -- fans who. Apparently there was some -- lynch like images of in I've stated thank you protect I think you summed that up when I said last week very appropriately thank you two things however. The I've often said people America like you for any number of recent revocation of black they don't like a polish whatever is just gonna be people out there -- nocturnal like what Europe out and that's okay that's okay. To me. Everybody's not gonna like you what I care about is if people war in up power or position. Choose to treat me differently because of my race gender whatever and that's what I am concerned about. We're concerned me more about sterling more than his has little our little rants about not wanting Magic Johnson certain black people -- games. Where is the fact that he was one of the slum landlords in in mistreating. Lodge groups of people who -- living and inappropriate. Living conditions that bothered me more because he was in a position of power. And he was mistreating people. The reason the Superman thing bothers me. Probable one. Then the sterling thing. Is because it's it's just so in other words cricket I'm standing by this and I don't and I include myself. That if anybody were to number I think I walked around the house you know criticizing certain groups of people for certain things but we all slip up now on -- but certain -- personal -- we have. So that just didn't bother me the same way. If this does is just ruined a great opportunity. -- -- A Canadian hockey player who happens to be black. In whose brother happens to be a goaltender in -- in the wings waiting to play for the Bruins it was just like it was just. So you know it just really we -- I thought from a sporting event along Craig is Graham I'm in the context and using this I thought. We were about that. Well. You like to believe hate him because he's a Canadian -- that's fine you know Boston is it's kind of up paradox in -- way because the rest of the country thinks it you know a True Blue. Liberal town liberal state highly enlightened progressive politics. Etc. etc. yet we know the history of busing in the 1970s. You live through that you understand that very. Personal level. We know the story. Willie already joining the Bruins before policy green becomes the first African American player with a Red Sox. You had -- an entire book to some of the antics of one Tom -- are like get some pillow talk aren't common -- yet in his refusal of course and you know it's funny last week were looking you know as the sterling -- was unfolding on the Internet and we are beginning that discussion that broke out on the national level. Off of several days after that one of the site -- from which one it was. Had a had a target that concentric circles all the different owners. In the close you got to the senator of that concentric circle target like figure the more racist -- more ridiculous the owner was. In the two right in the middle -- Donald sterling and Tom yawkey. And Donald Sterling however. Might have had some issues racial discrimination sexual harassment in the in and out of the organization. But Tom yawkey practice racism. In his he wore that night -- as the difference yet it's amazing how you get your property earlier Anglia -- now you're you're right on the money right. Less than you can say a lot of things about sterling Richard yeah shortly and -- of people that -- working for him or on votes they apply and you know lot Elgin Baylor might have a case and actually won his case racial discrimination. After it's fired in 2009 he didn't lose another case that he happened it was settled with something right -- settled we're right I mean I'm not paying out but. Essentially. Donald Sterling for all his all of -- ignorant comments we heard on tape probably been spewing it for the 3033 years he's on this team. At least he employed black people at least there is Chris Paul on the L in their paid well planned to Doc Rivers like I let me call center with -- -- from. I need them I am ninety I don't think right but they. Your point very well yeah may need in in I still go back to what I said before Craig Leahy who is never uttered anything wrong. It was inappropriate or or or insensitive or toward a particular rule that he who has never done that throw the first stone. Well and that's why I thought I heard the Jason whitlock interview we have DNC in many hand earlier a couple days ago and I'll tell you these guys were. Very very. Emotional and outraged. They felt that Adam silver. -- step up and he was swept it was decisive. And they totally concurrently did that Jason whitlock Heymann and completely. Punctured holes as much as I admire Adam silver for standing up. And making it swift decision. I think Jason whitlock comments also. I think gave us applause sometimes it's easy to walk away after a while hanging fruit and that basically was McDonald's -- I it was right on the money. How many -- -- you know I know a lot of people don't like him and consider in my outrageous and certain. Error respects is the -- Mark Cuban. He said early on early guys mine got the vet out somebody might have got -- but it's true. The because once you open that door see now here's the problem -- In your pocket alike is because we disagree politically but he here's the problem. There are certain. In areas and I society. That are that are non art that are untouchable race. A bomb homosexuality. Abortion there are certain things that yes -- if you're if you have a -- a particular a political point of view. Those points are non negotiable that you can't however. It amazes me how rate -- the Baltimore Ravens running back can be seen -- on video. Knocking his girlfriend outpolled and then dragging her through an elevator is not much is me out of it it you know it it's just. -- or all of them throughout the San Francisco 49 is great down. Defensive play are in an airport claiming he had a bomb on them it is amazing to me. How certain things. It's -- -- -- in other things -- -- Floyd Mayweather who's fighting tonight his girlfriend. Apparently was pregnant with his twins. And all of a sudden she's not pregnant. He said he thought I got rid of them jokers he said I pay for that again because it's not in the category. That people get worked up about. It's passed over so the only thing something about sterling I do not report what he said I prime when he how he treats people. In buildings and slum landlords deplorable. But I also think what -- me and it was uttering in the privacy of our conversation. To people not a jump out and get outraged about it. That's OK but once you open that -- Now ya gotta be subject to the same standard. Me or you should be it'll be interesting to see how they deal with inappropriate shall we say in politically incorrect comments from here on out other guys thought was right on. With senator Maxwell says if you think the Donald Sterling somehow or another an aberration. Or now liar that he's the only want to create engaging in this area now that easy target these brand owner for the longest time people don't like -- they don't want him around. He's an easy target to go after us what you're going after him is -- to Superman thing I I do wanna clarify something because it's very important. At these people who tweet and everything and I don't know I don't think it was anything outrageous but there was enough to get our attention. Did not you'll local tradition over with -- and I think -- if you Trace down with a tweet came from. They're coming from up in Canada some air mark repair wherever I don't know but did not like. A slew of Boston fans around here doing that I really don't I understand by the we can explain it to me because we used to -- but Iverson and some of the other players. YE two for eons of cool. Great players. -- I I don't get that like you if you go watch a rhetorical question -- it now but if you -- watching a great. I'm not talking to mark A-Rod who had problems off the field and everything I'm talking about a guy like Jeter are law. Or to share or anybody like data comes in like. Why you -- greatness when you realize you don't get a chance to see -- that often because we live and he a partisan world where if you have a particular. Piece of laundry on year. On your body that you're gonna vote that person. Is I mean how brands brands of how how would like to have subprime playing in the back line for. You know and that's and that's the other case. You know -- worse. Really ugly and disgusting. Racists. Images and comments me on Twitter take it for what its war against -- where they come from -- and I don't think a lot of member of Delaware and hold up before the job market let that pass you Larry if you've done some research here if you actually. Looked into where the -- -- I wait seven overgrown not a lot because it just -- -- I think you're being one is too much. Did the other day. But to say that it doesn't exist a year that we -- yeah I guess it'll aligning to drive past fifteen minutes into this are everywhere everywhere. Horse without Howard who was the African American hockey player who got the winning goal -- ward. Wore it again yeah in the same thing -- squeeze -- in again it's is lazy ignorance on the pot of people. To try and pick a time I get that they can go after in the easiest one of course for us is your collar area in the and you gender and and you were -- on the line right but I think in in essence anybody who is the average fan -- watching that game. If they're -- disappointed in their angry at. So band they're angry because not because his color is black scholars will block and room which he's wearing the -- when -- just why we need to say that because that's how they do it ad hominem attacks. If one were -- what was different with him and sterling. People were -- Remained there making judgments about the exterior of a person -- those -- but I think the average fan right if you're disappointed and Marie -- at the Canadians not because they have a black player who scored the winning goal because he's wearing red. Ball of white and blue uniform with a CNH that I -- I don't remember rocky patch or corn Rory of these plays to put my I don't care about that I industry and that's that's the jury of going -- gain. If you choose to do that. I remember when -- and I had afterwards -- but I do enjoy a great. Play regardless of who's out there I thought price was magnificent. The other night turning back already in Asia yup yeah I mean it was just -- yep it just magnificent. So I do enjoy great play what did you think of the game overall. But the Bruins in this -- Oreo line has been narrative that's unfold over the last 48 hours that even though the Bruins lost they certainly had a great third period. Certainly had every opportunity to win. More opportunities that were not for Carey Price to win the game. Rask certainly his worst game I've seen in many of what kind of up and I love his attitude now you know and I'm shocked and have that -- that isn't that the rest that we know when we went to harass what do you think. Flat liner Powell like com collected rarely ever responds emotionally. And I think they'll -- -- the lesson. -- at stake and we said let's take a step back. They lost their first game -- the red wings -- just dominated the series after that they lost to Montreal 111 one in seven went on to win the cup. Bruins are the best team in the National Hockey League except for maybe the Blackhawks. It looks as if it's inevitable they're going to meet you on the saying that if they lose today. I would be. I would bet my last dollar. And that's easy to do your life -- that I'd be removed from Kenya and the the bank accounts a little sparse these days but I would bet my last dollar that the -- you respond. Don't think you can come -- layer is in this than that and Croat held apart to lock it away by the way I I had that the most -- during cut them for over like forty years. In the other night was probably the most difficult. Night they have come up with something for Friday -- to come up -- a nineteen year. Because I couldn't really be critical. Of the Bruins or the I just ended up doing what caused the but the reason for that was. If the into the night Craig and -- in my life and I listened to of these hundreds after Ortiz experts. Picking up hot this one and now and I should you just have to watch and one of the greatest games you have seen a double overtime game battery when he announces says. And it in the second overtime -- they appear like they're slowing down a little bit -- no kidding Sherlock you know it was a magnificent. -- -- You average -- have a game like that and and you just say Canadians ended up waiting but I am I know I know this sounds this is terrible radio. But I applaud both teams it was I had our -- true -- right to it as magnanimous and no surgery and it wherein it was a if McCain right now they're in my opinion in simplest layman terms the reason number -- loss. The critical to park in the ocean. They they keep having all these wide open I'm. Possibilities of up market and they keep missing. No one of the things that you know and and people have -- spoken with pride about this team I've heard this conversation -- the -- don't rely. On one sniper like player or even a first line how they do it. -- -- they do with three or four lines it's any players were flying yeah I mean it's only been in that case sometimes it's good to have a sniper. One of the things that Montreal has they have and -- radio guys they can put the puck on the net they are better quote unquote. She orders the bettors might not in the borrowings are you can't miss. Member of the Detroit game -- my shot and shot that whenever he's called a wide open -- and when they wanna get it I know that some people don't talk about it right. But you only get so many opportunities when a guy like price in -- capital wide open goal -- -- missed his shot let's put it this way. Kerry price is not Jimmy Howard. Jimmy Howard broke down in game two if you remember that Sunday afternoon game never recover was -- back on the ice by game number four. I don't that you're gonna say they see the same thing I think -- really just at the other and the ice the Bruins to me were uncharacteristically. Sloppy in the wrong again. Gave up a lot of these opportunities from Montreal they're goals against average. Is about what two goals a game they gave up. Four goals in in in three regulations so I think they're gonna have to take can tighten up a little bit more on the defensive side I think the opportunities will come. At the other -- the eyes 6177797937. You don't -- Teach game lasted. -- -- -- -- act -- a it's all over the place -- a great job number early medium WEEI dot com -- Alex beard that based upon you got him a cocky. That it has priced later you know better cartoonist I think that's well I think -- maybe they can -- cartoons you know I -- 61 right -- -- Akron and that was -- All right now I eight. Concede that really. When you to a five days a week you're gonna come up with a few line. There where we're here that way park where things -- exactly jumping at the moment but. When aids in its treatment of high quality every jumper by Iran and right across from the house the blue. If the point in time and women doing the weeks ago. It was relevant and yet -- immediately work we're glad you're real work with me your irrelevant we had pizza there from a cool calm. Atmosphere. In eighty cent in east St. Louis Cardinals -- -- -- through the window this was up the other rent by the captain and he. Does it from down in ran out into the street conference that. All of that. It's a -- of Iraq under all those were good times. Most of the hawk. I cannot I just drenched right now and -- -- thinking about the old days and -- it speaks with an average and six months that it's a certain sides of 97. We are alive last them -- markets must have Sports Radio W yeah.

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