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Dave and Joe with Dustin Pedroia on a night where he hit his 100th career Home Run

May 2, 2014|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, after his sixth inning grand slam propelled the Red Sox to a 7-1 win over the Oakland Athletics.

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All right thank you that I think congratulations what a miles but -- hundredth home run you over 500 RBIs and you really seem to have a big smile on your faces circled the bases. Yeah it's pretty excited -- mean the kind of make a lot of adjustments last year. To the injury I had changed my approach and everything so. You know so I'm just trying to give back to being who you know I was before in and taken the swings like I normally take so the Felger do you went out there. -- how close are you we know how much that affected you last series still one of the nearly 200 hits but. How close our way to getting back to that guy that you wanna be. I think it's just getting over mentally I mean that you you know I had. -- think 700 at bats or whatever I had. You know playing the way that I did you know -- I'd try to make adjustments every single day it's. To find a way -- to compete. So. You know it's just get over those little things that that I'm okay and I could. I could sit back and and let the ball travel and take my normal swing. You know without feel any discomfort so. Tonight was a great step forward in you know hopefully -- get on a hot streak in and help us in a major way. That certainly is a huge shelf but the best way to solve a problem hitting for the club with men in scoring position to get one out of the basis -- -- yeah that's gonna change I mean you. You know -- everything's over course a 162 Emanuel wolf boy hit what it stretch like this and in July or something and normally notice so we'll get that ball -- and and they get the big hits every night in and around you know be fun. It beating UN Carl Yastrzemski now in club history a hundred home runs. And a hundred stolen bases is any of that stuff beginning to be like hey that's pretty cool. It's crazy to think about I mean. When someone first home I was like man coming in old. But no it's it's it's a funded I mean anytime. You could. He mixes his name I mean that's. I mean he's he's the best this it's a pretty special be wagers I'm thinking of the year Bobble head. Well they are they were taken off from playing -- -- so. It's kind of crazy if there I think the springs are actually broke on the ones I gave them their their mess in my had a little bit but that's what they did a great job not only does bring all they did a great job. Perfect -- diving you know that. Brings up another point the way you make really throws and especially the one here tonight so accurate it's so quick here. Of course it was a great play by Bradley that's a very year under publicized part of the game. Yeah it would double -- and Jackie made that play I mean he. You know going back on the ball making a strong throw in. Just it denounced the middle infielders the ball quick as it is the goal and and he did that. Does today so much great night for you congratulations on number 100.

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