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Bruins drop game one to Habs. Advantage: Carey Price

May 2, 2014|

We break down the 2OT game one loss to the habs with Dale, Holley and Steve Psycho Lyons.

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Boy we RA what have you done for me lately society our way. I mean you lose a game in the sky is falling we heard this in the in the first round as well after the Bruins lost one nothing to the red wings. In game one of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And it was oh my god the sky is falling while the Bruins lose game one last night at home. TD garden of the Montreal Canadians speak case -- bunt scored his second goal game in the second overtime. And -- some folks out there this series is over. Are there teams they're Bruins team has no chance to win. Can't you guys are -- so -- Where you don't feel that way you don't think it's over a word no and -- -- all -- all I don't think it -- to say that the office five minute oh yeah that's exactly what I was -- you think it's just beginning. I -- luck. In the first round I picked the the Bruins in five. They lost game one and won four straight and I would -- after game one I would say no of course America went five. In this. Series I picked the Bruins in five my guess is that not gonna win the next four and -- might pick Bruins in five is going to be wrong in all likelihood. -- nothing last night that leads me to believe that the Bruins are any less likely to win the series than I thought they were yesterday afternoon well. Any less likely to win the series or any any less likely to win the series in convincing fashion because if you pick the Bruins in five. That you think that. For the most part is going to be. Rarely seen a fairly easy series for the growing threat. I did yeah and you know Carey -- game last night that you still think it's going to be that kind of see -- I am excited of the -- like I want to win the series -- -- -- Note that I am I'm gonna wanna -- -- probably wrong about Bruins in five. After they've they lost game one their problem I'm probably wrong and probably not gonna win in five. But I -- nothing last night that leads me to believe that the the Canadian all while they're not gonna win this series Carey Price was awesome. He was the first second and third star in my opinion no disrespect meant to be case Obama about how much a favorite players who are. Well who did tell you yesterday was the guy that's it she said I said and if there's anybody and I was asking to Ellison. Some -- Montreal. That you have to look out for other and Kerry pressed to -- prices the who's the obvious answer. He's done well as the Bruins that bit of that somebody -- Montreal that you that you -- afraid of mortgage just have to be mindful of the wizard and so it's easy Obama. And the most hated -- I mean what happened is. They came into hostile environment game 12. Round playoffs the most hated Montreal Canadian comes in here and basically. -- -- -- Came in here and said I'm not flop and I'm not a balancing plan hockey and oh by the way ominous score some goals and did I mean he. I mean. Outside pricey it's buried it's it. I'm self here's the one thing that was unusual for me from bruins' perspective last. I thought at least two maybe three of the four goals to -- gave up soft goals. The Rene Bourque goal first power play goal he could -- three guys in front of me at no point ray Bork called bad golfer to rest of the the gold libel you on in the third period to get them up 32 he may have been screened I don't know -- was screen looks like he was and that's the one I'm not sure about yet he absolutely has to have that double overtime shot. He was onscreen one off his glove even he said he's enemy catch hell was shot there already is I'm not -- me. I'm on the last got to take anything away from how good PK soup on is and how well he shoots the puck but from that distance onscreen well took. Rask has been dollars and are you wanna talk about that last goal the winning goal from from -- case who bond you can say who took as an added boost the guy who stood up to me. Was park -- and I saw you had sought UN Billy after the game -- and Billy says something like. You know I don't -- that -- -- -- in like -- -- I don't -- I don't know why. It's to me it was clear it was clearly it clearly hold its. I didn't keep it. And they know the game much better than I do like I yeah courts but I don't I have -- to let them break these things down. And and -- broke down the video wide he didn't think it was a holding call you know stick was on the ice they're fighting. Proposed I heard apart aren't a whole breakdown and on the flip side. You know Pierre McGuire during that you know during the games. They're letting everything go except for except for when guys are denied scoring opportunities and that's what happened right there. Rivera -- the folks from apart -- keep holding. Couple minutes earlier. Tried to get the wait -- morning. Matt park has had a tough -- all man. Bad night. So but I outward. -- -- look at that and say yes I think they got it it's unfortunate but I think they got that right. What did you think you know I was thinking about the goals that you were talking about the soft goals. And and the question I had for you because my knowledge is -- But it is an unusual. For a goal lead. To get beat five pole winning is not screen when you can see you like -- a that was terror on -- angled and you'll get beat five of his and it's common non right goaltender is -- is to grass -- get that -- and and two that's a Microsoft. I mean it as hard as I might be on him nauert and you might be Michael is. Too eager to grass after the game. He was -- on himself -- himself. I was bleep all night when you -- cute sock I mean he was just going on and on. He was harder on himself than anybody else would possibly I hadn't given up four goals and -- Early march or something like that. You know here's here's one thing that I would say. I'll watch and a game last night and everyone says only got what they have 51 shots which is crazy and one unable to put them the puck in the net. Everyone's worried about how they played defense of lead that shouldn't everyone be worried about how they played offensively certainly at a time -- -- like. Monica has a great swing but he never hits the ball. They got a lot of great shots and they didn't go in the net their -- have closed that was -- and everything out comic the baseball analogy for you -- and you see this happen. Where guys hit it on the screws. And -- that people the Bruins had great chances they didn't finish them. You know you have won by by solar berg but just trickle get by the goaltender gets past price and just trickled past that well -- I mean I was a -- they had some situations where they were hit the ball on the screws and I'm not fallen that that is a good announcer because of maybe mine was a little bit worse. I schooling me it's mean at the end of the day you lose that game you feel like did semi dominated the game and in you don't win it. That's press are heading to court. When -- the Bruins in -- 51 shots on goal. You know you think you've got to win that game and especially what to cassette after the game one of the things he said once we scored three goals we have to -- And that's where he put himself we score three bats and we have to win yes they probably had chances with a -- scored five or six. But most nights when you got a goaltender whose season long goals against average is around to just below to you score three at the scramble to get their three. Are you think about about the Bruins in all season long deal and listening you talk about that check barks at the Bruins now. Over over Montreal on the do everything well there's not an area. You can look at the Boston Bruins and say they struggle in that area. Yesterday. Not to spark -- ski on the on the penalty not to spark -- keep turning the puck over. Giving Montreal a great chance and not just hookah. -- with a couple of soft goals. But there are certain that it in what are the goals that wasn't soft that they gave up there was that he he's. A flurry of activity. In front of the net in front of Tuukka there I'll bet -- I'll bet that the coaches. The coaches today. Are spending time looking at the decisions that bad decision Leon goal I don't exactly what it says -- that were made that eventually led to the goal everybody who touched the -- Did something with a -- -- about what. Which officially public matters and it's trouble. Unless they can acute clearest thing so. It's it's encouraging if you look at it from the bruins' perspective it's encouraging. That they did so many things that they don't normally do. The games in double overtime and they lose and they had tons of opportunities. Looking at a from Montreal. And Montreal travelers say they are from doorstep to those look at -- stab wound on a -- -- but it a matter. They've got home ice advantage right now. Well PK -- on Saturday after the game he said Chris priced old sports is that we can't give up 51 shots and expect to win. They don't think that you know all while we play pretty well -- they don't think they played well at all. And what David Oxley but it's better news if you if you don't play well you win. Well -- -- your goaltender stole one now the question is can he steal three more as if the Bruins play like they played last night. Carey Price can't steal three more like that he was great last was better than Tuukka Rask last. It's not a better goaltender in Tuukka -- he was last night. Tuukka -- won't be like that it. Might be like that again period. But he doesn't have very many of those. I mean there's a reason he's one of the three finalists for the vezina trophy there's a reason why he was in the top five in every goaltending category in the league this year he's really good. Just had a bad night. Yeah and into -- bike that took her raspy way up there on the world Terry Price is not far behind you agree with that. All I don't I don't Carey Price at top five goal. Wasn't an electrical and he had at -- -- that. Also what that's really I don't know why -- got Carey Price was pretty damn good already faced 51 shot the I'm not sure he could play a whole lot better than what I saw implant last night. I I didn't think it was much he can do about the three that there were scored. I thought it was a night for goaltending for the Canadians I thought it wasn't -- -- and more than an hour for to grassroots and my question and we know how deep this series runs and how bad blood is between. These two organizations. Writes that it's like I like it. Regional sixth I mean. If these two teams switch sweaters last night. Who would have been the dirty your team. I didn't see that from from either side last night -- only item here's what I see now the other thing anybody playing dirty hockey last night. At the Bergeron hip checked but -- and once again my knowledge is is is is no. And from a -- kind of illegal hit that happened that that did the roles been reversed in that situation in the game the Bruins would have been screaming bloody murder. For a penalty on the play and how about the pie hit Steve the the argument they had was that it was an interference might not that it was a bad -- -- -- yeah Bergeron. What they said was the puck was gone right -- interference minor that's what Michelle Terry was bitching about and it's and so with the Bruins have been to probably -- but it wasn't. They weren't saying that to dirty hit by Bergeron. It to your point about which would be the dirty your team that wasn't dirty yet. Might have been a minor for or interference -- the and and that I hit which was what we had talked about before during the Detroit series on basically the same kind of thing happen. -- I gotta get deep a little bit on his way in to make contact. Deftly -- is out there it would get another possible mutiny contact that was you know. It had that been the Detroit game where had that been a Montreal player to -- to one of the Bruins. We would be going crazy about that probably. -- -- I lied it would lead to job and get arguments -- ass article -- -- -- you guys really think that game last night watching that game. I did -- it was a thirty all I -- think about any of the things that me -- it just as we said yesterday west of John all because you -- -- indium well we'll watch -- all. Not about you didn't see anything from Montreal that would lead you to believe that they were playing the way we. It let it -- out -- the point is that game yesterday you didn't see anything from either side. All the stuff that we talked about -- the Bruins got to keep their composure. Montreal they dive and flop all over the place and see that at all it was a great game now. It had it was a it was a game that had. Five or six different stages. You know one point look like Montreal was discovering a -- off the ice again they are up two zip. Then the Bruins storm back in -- they had control the game when paraded through -- About the steal this thing. In the Bruins to come back in enough force overtime him and it was all your emotions were all over the place but in a game -- -- but. If you are just see if you're outside of Montreal after outside of Boston if you're. In -- middle of the country and middle of the country and Panthers and hockey but if you're somewhere that loves hockey. And you're watching it it is not your team you say -- that's what the league should be best hockey. As I mean it was a great that's hockey it was on. There was hitting there was shooting there was scoring. There was little bit of everything in that -- overtimes off I mean when when you get to the second overtime things start yet. Really little little tense. -- You you can say you know the Bruins can't play better I'll offset that's. I thought great she was the only guy really going on that first line I don't mile Lucci to drum again or fighting the puck all night long. I haven't trouble controlling passes having trouble getting shots. That the great shot of -- to -- you know with the empty net their -- kind of bounced over I don't crate she was the line. And I thought his two wings were were fight it so yeah I think that -- can be a lot better. They -- catalog shots they had a lot of chances. But they also were fighting the pocket times and including -- to to wrap up I was creature was pretty I really did I've. I'm. At one point you were wondering if he was if if you had a helicopter line. No no wings -- is that they were having such a hard time getting control -- making passes controlling passes. I think that -- the reason -- -- -- an arena in Atlanta RBIs combined at the guys are applicable because it's the same for both teams I thought the ice was horrible last night just you saw the puck all over the place. But there's no there's no advantage or disadvantage -- same for both teams. I just thought that that that top line. As dominant as they were in terms of puck possession at times that a couple of shifts where you know the Canadians have no answer for them. But they weren't finishing things off they weren't you know Dellucci each -- was a great example again I had an opportunity. In it. They had chances but they didn't have. Burying type things debated award bearing plays the way -- I saw numbered after the game that really surprised me and everyone talks about aren't -- he's on the ice and how many seats he takes. Summits -- like 45 shifts. Which to me is like unbelievable to think about doubled over the boards that many time. But PK. Was on the -- more. Longer more than anybody else on the -- Some crazy amount of minutes where it's like -- -- surprise either UT guys I know he goes out there but for the kind of -- that he had. And the two goals they scored certainly the game winner. That he was on the ice is much disease to about one -- and he used to yet. Guy who who thrives on that he does play a lot in fact it's been an issue. With me shelter area Michelle Terry has benched him at times this year. Because he won't come off the ice when he wants him to win but he's a guy whom he he he likes to play like he did play a lot I mean David crate -- as a forward. -- almost thirty minutes of last night's game now. And that's an indicated -- delegates on the ice more than -- is always doctors -- Mary. 35 something. Yeah the performance of of the case -- did not surprise me that description. By some knuckle heads after the game. Did surprise you look at me. No I'm not a daughter and I'm not looking -- minutes after the game I'm not looking that you based on what I'm talking about on Twitter all those knuckle absolutely not. I'm still surprised. I'm still surprised by these people. And an -- and whether -- Bruins fans or not know where they come from or maybe. Their their copycat. That -- copycat races I do not -- -- Bruins cents you know they they did it with the age old war situation in 2012 hour to go those tweets and then. You know now that's -- thing to do. When a black player does something in hockey but what I would say to them it. If you are racist here here's an ankle a little like news flash for the races. Here racist. Sports is not -- They're great credit. Don't Richardson a sports. You're gonna see black people. Got to -- Latinos. Tennessee Koreans. Chinese. Japanese. Tennessee goals from mixed backgrounds. Are still a lot of things that you're not comfortable with. Go off to a Klan meeting leave sports alone. Stay away. Stay away. Here's why don't believe the Bruins fans and I I truly don't. I think these are just racist who use the game last night as an opportunity to spew their hate them. Here one of the bruins' big stars on this team is a black player has been here all season long has played great this year. And and BK's brother -- -- actually he's in the organization -- but Bruins have been watching a black player on their team all season. Jerome again was a big star in this league future hall of Famer but it doesn't matter the racists wanna pretend like that doesn't right now that's not happening I don't -- what part of number got up. I don't wanna hear it -- I here's why would say that. There are Bruins fans that are racist because there are races in every walk of life and in everything we do. And it it just kind of hits home with me that we just went through this situation with the ouster. And I think the question for me would be what do we learn from the Donald Sterling thing. And what we learned from that is nothing right we never learn from individual. Incidence of racism we just don't the holds -- the Donald Sterling thing. And it is it was the biggest thing to bring racism to light that there has been -- years and years. And Donald Sterling probably took. Maybe one of the harshest punishments. Of all time of anyone who. Has an hour -- this and that position near the Iran any kind of position about it. Pretty much forced to -- team. 22 point five million dollar fine as livelihood completely gone basically fine. Many many people are absolutely fine with that. But what we learn from it not a damn thing 'cause we don't learn from those incidents we end and as you said what can be done about it. Not much well I think is education and that's happened in slowly. Well I -- people learn from it but the those who who feel that way don't Davis -- and -- they don't want to one dollar. -- an idea undertook a little exercise in the office an hour or so ago we try to look up some of these people. On Twitter some of the and and -- to their screen grabs of some of these one was from Ontario one was from Texas most by the way have disappeared. Most of gone -- my god I gotta get the heck out of here and close their accounts we just have discovered that the -- was not trending in Boston that's the other -- CBC ran a story. In which it was alleged. The the N word -- was trending in Boston last night. Well we checked with Twitter at did not trend in Boston thank god. On now that takes nothing away from what was written what will what was that what I said. And Andy. It got like the Bruins felt obligated to issue an apology. You apologizing for those -- -- I'm -- -- -- but you know what I'm -- there apologizing. For people who feel absolutely no obligation to apologize. Well because he's got up for their organization out and you have it were set about you have to because if you're outside of you know here in Boston. You'll look at it and you say yeah I'm a Bruins fan and and I am am friends with a bunch of Bruins friends that we would of -- and we would never. Say things like this so. You know Boston is getting a bad -- okay that's what you say when you're here. But outside of outside of Boston. The NHL looks at the Bruins. And if it becomes a Bruins. Story becomes like any there's an association there -- so -- was Smart for the Bruins to. -- distanced themselves. And say we don't we don't condone that type of being able -- appreciate it. It was almost the opposite -- think they were distancing themselves from it and we're standing right up to it and see what this is distancing distancing themselves from the people who write were were putting out those tweets and infect everybody says -- upload said those are pro expands Ian Healy said at the players who discussed it. -- said something Bergeron said something. They had an optional practice today there -- a lot of players there but those who were their discussed it. All of them distance themselves from from these nit wits and and if you start to look at them like we did today look at who they are. You start real -- interesting. Volume a year with -- Beat. You can't fix stupid. You can't you you can't argue with -- apologize for stupid you can't fix stupid. There's nothing the Bruins could say other than distancing themselves from these nit -- there's nothing they could say that would that would make those people's. Kipling wrote that those who deleted their Twitter accounts and a bunch of them have alt delete them because they were getting backlash. Big time. They target -- big time now there's one guy in particular -- outlook and that. Not only did he not -- account not only did he not take anything back not only that he now apologized. He's gotten worse got a under wraps and he's got a new round of material -- and he he's gotten more rabbit since last night. Like -- said you can't fix stupid. There's nothing you can do about stupid. But unfortunately. What happens is. The city of Boston gets painted with that brush the CBC article that ram this morning. Said the N word was trending in Boston that's faults it's wrong it didn't happen. All the folks all across Canada center all off the city of Austin. Now the you know. If there's it is a little silver lining in what you guys were just talking about there with all the people that then either deleted their accounts. Are made through the race that tweets that they said inflammatory. Is that media slight glimmer of hope. That they realize that they did some stupid. And might want to deleted ads might have had that -- about it say wait a minute when I dispute and our order realize now have to think about or maybe they realize and whatever they can just open another account. It's certainly don't have the artist calls this one open another count and keep doing what you have to have at least they have not sure -- a conscious. If you close that account because you take. Some abuse for something is set and for the people one on the text machine were saying please don't bring up that quote -- quote we have a black player my point was simply. That if your rate Bruins fan and you're using the and word. Not that these people are Smart enough to be disingenuous but you've got a black player on your team. And you don't use the N word when you talk about to Rome again Lazazzera. He's on your team and I have if you're if you're racist but it wouldn't matter if you're -- appear racist and you and your Bruins -- Drama -- on your team you can -- like you can tolerated because you're getting something out of it he's helping he's helping your team. But if you put up on somebody put on another team. I think it's a racist people are racist though it changed because. To -- -- played for the team. Saying anything at that time it's the same feelings. If you're you're stupid in your racist. Used to putting your racist I guess there's nothing you can. 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line. Is 37937. Steve -- in the house with the stale and -- here as well Jack Edwards will join -- little bit later on around 430 or so. And -- big bend there don't we have tickets to giveaway is well we do we do have a noisy Canadians game. Two tickets went from -- -- Tobago now assays got a bunch of nicknames downtown and then got a big pin it doesn't look that young you don't think so. Well compared to meet of course but coming compared to life I don't know it's only got to like a year to left that nickname and got to grow up figured that we looked like. -- yeah reefs. Again that's not bad at some ballpark -- let's art galleries just not a Smart yet all mapped out. Oh reads these well. It's -- -- you know LLC does or says that a guy who likes all three matrix movies. What to tumor very dale and -- was one and lives. Right to your calls next Sports Radio W media. I was PK Sabina after last night's game you heard it on the post game show on NASA and off from the Montreal dressing room. Com and and for the person and or persons who keep tweeting it Tel Michael -- not just white people are racist. These are. These were. We've looked up a bunch of them. Chances are real good that it wasn't a black person. Tweeting the N -- -- the case -- -- chances are real strong and all of the ones who had pictures in their avatars that we looked up today. There were no black people. Tweeting the N -- Noble duke or not -- -- white people racist Michael. These work. That's more talk about is these guys. Yeah retirement the situation just these guys stood up I think you know Steve you said and -- said earlier you know what what do we learn what do we learn from the situations. What we could learn a very small step. Very talking just just a baby step could be. So if you're talking about if -- Donald Sterling. Talk about Donald sterling and what he did. And let's not jump around the world -- jumped back well you know hey I want to work with the guy who said this to me so. That's not just that is -- white people who have had problems black people up on shore right. Let's just focus on the incidents that we see in front of us instead of talking about something else talk about the actions of -- do you feel about that talk about the actions of these folks whoever they are. Who were tweeting these things about. Been here for allow. But on the air for a long time I know. What to tell me that must focus on a stay on topic. Usually when people respond that way it's because they don't have an answer to what you're saying. And they try to fall back and nobody out is if it what you're saying or Steve's Steve is saying what I'm saying is okay yet. They're black people were racist okay now back to pay gates about. -- to bottom -- we were talking like between you agree with did you see him there. You find them objectionable. You think they have good points. Stay on topic. 617779790. Priests. And Ron is in Manchester -- Iran I don't. Adamant -- we edit button here. There we -- Iran. An -- of things. Final issue election. Speaking of staying on -- Allen thought about the game -- you were mentioning that. But Eric -- had an excellent game absolutely. I don't know that we were watching the same game I think it would work -- right. Got lucky. Several times I mean at least three occasions the puck was behind them sitting here at the Montreal and credit for clearing it. He also aided by two post and crossbar. With ducking under the eriksson's shot and -- and it's clearly beaten -- well. Yes but did he play well. I guess you're looking at the stat that -- Raja forget about stats you you saw the game did you think Carey Price played well. I didn't think he'd like they'll either either that or will will disagree I mean that's that's fine I mean your days are valid -- Think that you think dale do you think that that Carey Price. Made an -- matters your roster on Tuesday. They make unbelievable -- A couple were on believable but a save he made with the blocker on Ricci. Was on world it was a rates say. But throughout the night you thought that Carey Price it was it was the story of a guy. This making great save after great saying what did you think it was Harry they have a lot of opportunities and he -- have given up a lot more goals in both. East home -- anemic 48 saves to begin. Let's let's say that not all of them were great days but let's say twenty of them more. And I'm probably being you know a blow. He was really really -- Well late to correct if you're saying to what he did play because to grow and play well but you're saying twenty he made twenty unbelievable in the past 220 great stays put the brakes are good at -- At the end of the day doesn't matter how you get it done as long as you get it done and I think -- that even goalies I think would tell you that there. Are many many times when they make a great save that they would consider themselves lucky that they did it. Sometimes you know. They they get a pad out to the last second of the guy should go Topps company didn't quite get there and you'd block it with your pattern. You do this you'll save what whatever is sometimes I think those guys feel very fortunate but they made the save so locked comes happily -- and we're lucky. Rather be elected -- Aren't sure about big round was it in not to speak for him but to speak for him because he's no longer there. If you're if you're Bruins rank order to this going -- -- series. But the Carey Price before and there was a bit of there was a Carey Price puzzle on man this guy has been really really good. Against us. And Tuukka Rask hasn't been that good against them so. Kind of reinforced. What you thought about Tuukka last night at the -- against doctor Arnie wasn't good last night but Carey Price. The puzzle. As good as he was not gonna say great as very good as he was. The puzzle would solve the mystery some of the mystery went away because there were a lot of opportunities to score -- can take advantage of. Jackson Dorchester you're next on -- Again I'm sure hijack. It and its just a couple things on the Leo Bruins game and I actually feel better boat the game. After that game that I did after the first game against Detroit. Because. Against Detroit that increases your chances is that they've looked they looked at it looked me you know they had to turn around to -- -- ago. -- that I have a ton of chances last -- I think that you don't want nectar and fired three or sixty treatment chances. You know the they also work. I also think that Montreal can't play much better than president of the F. -- played pretty well and if not for a poster crossbar. -- at a time chancellor really think -- equivalent should've won that game. In after that first came just a -- and have a good feeling at all. But. You know the but it so this homered stretching into the park just went through the -- I think marching -- skated but -- Peres wants an -- -- blocked a shot. And you know they think they've really really good one that. Well I I I do agree with one thing you say in particular Jack that that given the opportunities that the Bruins had. And I certainly did not CD these so called skating advantage that everybody's been talking about. The agency team that was you know too fast for the great wants to handle. Great point at one of the things those those they can last night and this is very early. Early second period the second period. So where's this advantage it does not exist. This the Bruins at times. -- the contrary at -- the Bruins look like they were much faster the Montreal. They're teams beat I think Jack brings up another good point about how you felt after game one. Against Detroit in how you felt and how you feel now game one against Detroit. There was a there was a bit of an old there because. They shut them down. Aren't there red wings shut them down so you're picky aren't as Jimmy Howard about -- It is he about to take this team on his back is he about it a steel not to steal a game -- steal -- entire series is going to be a lot closer. Than than people expected. They had the same. We we know what the respect was and how they -- back to work. Babcock talked about -- quote talking about Babcock -- really talk about Holland Holland talking about surely. And you have a one -- game at this started series on a road -- -- Now Wear for long series of feel that way I am I'm guessing you guys don't feel that way right now that. You can't match up with the Montreal or. This is going to be tough. Is going to be tough to get opportunities or to score against this team. That that aren't plenty of opportunities that Smart is settled the scoring on Carey Price. That's not a big deal -- Coca. Dealing with the Montreal. To be determined. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- -- 37937. It's Dale Arnold Michael -- better known as dale -- -- Steve cycle alliances in the house as well Sports Radio WE yeah. The garden will be giving away a little bit later on in the program Jack Edwards the TV voice of the Bruins on NASA will join -- at 430 will talks more with him. -- it last night dale I think we've got to do something. I forget all the time -- keep reminding you got to do something very important what did I screw up this time did you give lions a hug today. Now I mean it's very attractive men don't think I haven't noticed that annoyed I didn't Rickie needs a hug because -- it is establishment. Is called -- war. Well our daisy be candidates our condolences how could possibly be closing call now -- thought yeah. Does that ever you -- you don't eat exactly what we're talking lost release. -- they sold the building. So does that mean -- Bell's gone through. Restaurants -- I don't think so while if if they sold building I would guess that is. You know I've been in south along the elbows excellent. You have been in town for a long time but I bet you've been -- Daisy Buchanan hi how are not totally had a too busy man at all yeah I work every night. That's what they call good days yeah. Worker raced at. -- we're pretty aren't their I did -- hear the story has all the time. -- says dale it's statements like prices other worldly ticket to a negative following prices mediocre at best over his career. I'll just respectfully disagree. He's not mediocre at all he's a very good goaltender. He was that the goaltender in the Canadian team on the gold medal at Sochi Olympics. He was not a vezina trophy finalist this year nor should be banned by its -- in the top five goaltenders in the NHL. Mediocre. -- Of the top five. Up here well the three who -- the resin trophy finalists I think there are pretty obvious. Ben Bishop Philly got hurt. It was one of those. -- alarm off Rask and bishop with -- finalists -- no problems with them. Price -- put in their hand Hendrick Lundqvist I'd put in there. There's your five right there aren't enough for charm and quick yes Broderick yeah that could call and try to mess that call. Probably neglected him when I said that he probably should be in there as well I was gonna say that but I feel like you know -- West Coast bias we do have that but it's okay. Embrace it. Indeed run -- I. Tripoli if you. Till amenities is as close -- I -- -- very -- on the so I felt I should Wear -- and ready to think of congress and argued off and I got to like the dark now it's okay Euro cash reluctant to about 4450. They get caught on our unmarked I'm pretty Danica I got a question aware wouldn't -- it. DJ being the great did you means it's not my turn to watch. I would I would yeah like he is not. I'm actually I wanna add to that question on. March -- -- aperture on increase to between the period -- we don't want empty net goal and I know that mark concrete he led -- -- Goals flat play up front does what it. What do these guys can get going look at that eight that you're going to -- out -- you -- a -- we get via a hit from Bruins. Oh well -- do you measure Bergeron on goals scored. He's the leading scorer on the team in the playoffs. Upper aren't Bert right now the F has Betty was that through the first round to. I didn't I I didn't know you're leading goal I don't I don't know I -- leading scorer. -- -- most points on the team. Okay point point -- yeah outlet you know I think it. Is schools are great guy Glenn if you look at that the. Will ever ever know every goal is valuable mark but we don't measure. Patrice Bergeron on his goal -- -- -- -- at thirty goals it was unbelievable. Not they they they beat the Detroit Red Wings four games to one was I worried about Bergeron lack of scoring but is his overall point about the line. You have any issues with with a lot he's not on the line. He he he had yet Bergeron crate -- marsh land. -- she only a matter of bottom line I don't chapter -- nobody what do you do you look at you look at -- -- deal like dad march. Who was shut out the first round any of two assists last night looked better more involved. Didn't score a goal OK you can score gold your right. But his line mate did and he assisted on it. One Reilly Smith scored. Teams always seems to be more about assisting on goals anyway so there's one guy jumped out there and score. You know. Ten goals in a playoff series it did did -- they're gonna spread it out and the guy who scores the most points in -- way more assisting as goals -- are coming -- way. -- and think that with. With what we the Bruins wouldn't trade Patrice Bergeron for Alexander Ovechkin. Alexander Ovechkin at fifty goal score one of the best offensive players in the world. The Bruins wouldn't trade Bergeron forum and the MVP of the league last year and has -- this year obviously. They don't care about that one guy being the big goal score they like to spread it out they'd like to have you know. Five guys in the top seven and plus minus but -- top scorer on the team's 23 in the NHL. They don't care about one guy with all while looked as guys like -- McKinnon of Colorado -- had ten points in the first five games for the avalanche. Don't care about that. I still think we have via. We're gonna have a great I expected to be a great series I said yesterday -- the Bruins were when and it's six. It still may happen in six games. Well I'd be surprised that goes seven I won't be surprised only only shock for me -- -- stick with this the only shock for me. Is if the Bruins lose the series. The Bruins -- this. -- -- rest I'll be shocked as well and -- detector who says they hate -- hot hot -- my manager was a finalist for MVP not Bergeron. Bergeron has is good chance of winning the MVPs cloture -- Now we're right now -- actually -- going to be almost unanimous. And it got to -- at Crosby hardy -- Charlie trophy I mean he's a finalist good for -- good for him I'm happy for both of yet -- no chance to win the. And -- and it is a lot of room to worry here because you're worried about the defensive breakdowns and there were those. I am worried more offensively depleted but the pocket and had a -- -- I earned just eleven happens four times ago. Yeah but you know and apple wants an end and Dale's been talking about there in the job that he did in in he was excellent. There was some lucky stops. You know give that one caller -- so lucky stops -- some lucky misses two -- you can say that well no particular event that phrase note not I would look at it exactly the opposite if I have a clear open shot and I can't stick it in -- -- that's a problem for me. That's an offensive problem. That's not locked that I missed it somehow -- Well. -- relate now to talk about Barack 6177797937. Jack Edwards joins us at 430. We will also have Bruins Canadians game two tickets to give you. At 430 -- Hollywood -- line Sports Radio W yeah.

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