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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Trouble! Edition 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

We got trouble! And four topics surrounding troubled times in the Boston Sports world.

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Yeah. You can yeah. -- lift lines not it a little lean mean losing -- -- -- Board for brought to you by AT&T -- AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. Well listen I kind of want to address -- now it's kind of funny he says he. You said he brought up daisies gonna lose -- for fifteen and now we're done. He's done. Where's my. -- all right young men Mikey sitting in this car parked in his drive right -- -- joining Mike is very encouraged to read it. -- -- Does that they've clearly troubled away rubble everywhere right now but here in Boston right here in river city. Al Goodman last night after a student -- that game -- if you don't know the song doesn't mean we can't end. Start on it I -- with -- that stands for pool. Thank you and I Andy nice job last night after the -- -- and scored the game winning gold tweeters unleashed some racist fury. Is there anything further the Bruins could do to curb this blatant racism. I really don't I don't think I think they did everything that they can possibly do. I think they did the right way and in 2012. As well it's too bad. That we've got a couple incidents through years of park where you look at the rewards track record of of dealing with it. But I think that's the only way you can do it when it's not. Happening or you don't know that it's happening in your arena -- it's easy to tweet on your phone so somebody could have been right there. In the ninth -- Tweeting this what if they don't see it. I don't think there's anything they can do nothing serious. They see somebody doing that they have reports of somebody saying something to think I -- -- yeah buddy I think what they did today. Goes along way and it's probably the extent of what they can do. I think they stood right up in and face the problem as well as they can do as an organization. We talked a little bit earlier in the -- about. What can you do and I think there's there's very little you can do outside of educating. Our youth. When you don't win they are forming those type of opinions because as we said earlier it can't cure stupid. Yes we are Michael the Bruins are now down oh -- the Canadians. With the win of the game was played last night are you concerned at all about this match up. Now Steve you're stuck over. Like I prayer idea I'm concerned them concerned about Israel enforced -- know. Nice nice save Bruins but. You know it's I think it'll go well I think it'll take that long. I'm not I'm not convinced that'll -- like what I saw last night I -- it too much offensive domination with those going to go along with it. And there's a problem. You don't like what you saw last night I did -- I do not like -- and how you. How can you. How canopy down in the series. One game to zero and you like which saw just doesn't that doesn't go hand in hand there are some things you can take. Every manager every coach comes -- a lot imitated some positives that -- and you know what they say when they close the door elect. Positives we lost. We law I -- I think that that's the easy. Pandering way to put it all manner -- that -- a -- no. I don't it only matters if you win or lose it. You can play really well blues about the about the main -- where 545 coming up right -- now. Yeah every coach -- to come out of the locker room and they have to be the ones that are pandered. To the media. Hey we get some really good things out there you know. Yeah a lot of shots on goal to double defensive breakdowns you know I like the way our guys come out fired date they went into the overtime period. With a lot of with a lot of fired. We lost. That concerns -- stricken Russian media concerning people but I I disagree with you if you lose and you didn't play well no matter what. I I don't agree with that thought and and I've seen other teams in this -- played very well and lost that can happen you know that old line about the other teams on scholarship too. I mean Terry Price played great the if if you played very well. And lose the game. Then your biggest concern. Concerns to be that the other team is better than and it's the overwhelming. Opinion is that the Bruins are better than Montreal. And it's a concern you because if he'd just forces to win and you play your best game and you get beat that's one thing. I don't think it would thinks the Bruins and that. -- The Red Sox well lost both sides of the double header yesterday going into the first week in May. The Red Sox are three games out of first place projection puts them in last place in the at least. In April he said be patient with the Sox but is it now time to worry. Okay now this is more of a sample size that one -- a lot of months into the season. Look at the sample size for the Red Sox. I don't care I mean if it. And over talking about Vanderbilt guard being in the leadoff hitter -- -- helmet MVP requirement. I don't care about the line. Nine guys out there you'll be -- you play at Fenway Park 81 times a year. The score bunch Iran's. Your score by two runs that's not the problem what I'm worried about the Red Sox comes back to a defense and pitching. You just say this. Not a good defensive team to defend. Yes not a good defense yet if you collect data so. They need to improve their defense the pitching well you know they're it's improving their starting pitching well I hope that. But just the play yesterday that you saw Psycho that led to a two run homer that should have happened from Rodriguez. You know you got metal Brooks there it got -- there. They're kind of gone over and that message to the great job. Just tracking the play and you -- -- anybody say anything at the last minute. But the coming of the Latin unless the very last milliseconds. Little -- that I got it at that point it was too late. It was a collision -- Bogart's. And and that led to -- it led to Tampa getting back into the game was 52 at that point Rodriguez hits a homer 546. To five. Yet it's a concern. And. But before it before we -- reports are you concerned. Idol of a concern I have -- I look at the rest of the teams in the east and that makes me feel better because there's no team in the east it's gonna run away with it. Every team has major problems. And I think the Red Sox have fewer major problems that the rest of the teams in the east. I'm a little bit concerned that Tampa Bay yesterday didn't even wanna play. And they beat him twice. The game one you can't have many games like game one of the doubleheader with the game was to sit there waiting to be won by someone. And the other team wins it was a it was a great game it was a much happen and and a lot of walks you score runs in the very first is the first guy that comes a plate tens of scoring a run and that's all you get you're facing a guy who. His longest career outing is 65 pitches and he made him throw 35 in the first inning only get one run and you let him settle it. And you know that's a little bit of an issue defense had been a problem I think it's much better now with middle Brooks who you know made the -- And Victorino -- right I think that's solidify things a little bit. Time now for the AT&T question of the day in the first game of the doubleheader Dustin Pedroia was thrown at a home in upon further review -- that problem out. We'll replay in baseball still be around this time. Next season. Yes because Major League Baseball will never admit it screwed up child and a I'm just telling they wanna admit that he's given up. It is -- gotta be honest with you here and OK everybody's got an opinion. My opinion wasn't missed the plate at Jake Peavy doesn't agree with me Jake Peavy is gonna spend some money to voice his opinion and I don't -- I've spent money to voice mine. I didn't see whichever way they called it I didn't see clear cut evidence you can overturn the call. Did you. Our -- -- play and and once they call them with what they call them out it was just too tough at that point to reverse it. Just as if they had missed the call on it and realized he missed a -- -- -- -- safe I don't think it would overturn it. It was just too hard to if it's too hard to have to reverse that what Jake Peavy he said Jake -- disagree with you. Maybe maybe disagrees with you we're coming out publicly. Standing up for his teammate. When you've got a lot of money. And you can afford to pay a fine but you get some love and that's that's club house for sticking up for your guys goes a long way. And I didn't sound like you're doing that he actually in that situation he's just gonna get signed and does not really you know the rest of the guys don't care one way or another. The problem is is to you look at that place for you Red Sox colored glasses and -- feel your heart that he's safe. I agree with I guess I I think if they'd called safe. The play would have stood as a safe call with not. Here's the buzzword in baseball that he never would have heard a year ago inconclusive. That's where the most baseball fans can even say. And it it and if I had to go look it up to see what -- to see what it means but we're hearing inconclusive every day of the game of baseball today. And that's that's part of the problem with replay but. I think they got talent right and if you if you watch them play again. The umpire who made it who was not the home plate umpire by the way they were in a rotation so -- played a virus got a third I was the first place of fire that came in and made that call. And he was. Well on top of that in perfect position to see the play better than any other of the camera angles that we saw. I don't think there's a subtle -- got to the plate either. Also problems Psycho we keep talking about it the camera angles. I don't there's a camera angles of the camera. The cameras themselves that technology here not spending enough money on it. The camera angles that you see a lot just aren't good enough for maybe maybe baseball. It's not a sport for replay. On an iPod. The dark side well. It's not a sport for replayed every circumstance maybe if you put. If you say OK home run. We have fair now get -- there. What you could do the -- you know whatever the plight. Do you know -- because baseball is a perfectly. Perfect game. And most baseball fans loved it that way for a while let me also say -- and I sorry if I offend any Major League Baseball umpires are listening to make. Stop being gutless. How do I hate to say -- do what the NFL does do what -- hockey league guys. Don't be afraid and they voted this down the umpires did albeit they operate to explain to the stadium. And to the television audience why the call was either upheld or reverse they won't know it because Major League Baseball umpires. The same group didn't want judicial replays in the arena in the stadium I should say that might have you know show that they were wrong. They don't want to and they will not refer to what. The call was reversed because of this the call was not all wanted to with sese. Or are out and and date they are gutless because they don't -- -- article forgot was situation just because. They these decisions are being made outside of the ballpark. They're not making and say so. Astaro revealed that it was determined that. And -- under the bus and people in New York army. Now that they are basically what their duel out the explanation basically the comeback insane. Under further review we decided that he was out not safe so the you've got the call wrong. And we're changing it to the reasons matter whether chanting and in the interest of I. She does cut to the -- is giving the answer move on. Now I want and no. I don't want to know I don't want to articulate it into solar -- but you know yesterday while they they. While it was inconclusive no it would have been nice if they it's said that it would have been different then he did he didn't touch the plate which they -- said if that's what they department. We are left to believe that the evidence was inconclusive we don't know that ball that's as if you know -- -- said no we sought he missed the -- And but they didn't so these -- -- inconclusive they could take anything cycle that's the thing they didn't say anything I say he say. But I -- -- the call was inconclusive. Not -- out. It was that debt. That the video evidence was inconclusive so. The call on the field stands out we know that how do we know that they didn't that that it was totally conclusive they said he missed the play. I believe they announced that. They don't announce anything they did you are left to win aren't they don't -- everything. Well there's there's recalls safe out or inconclusive. Yeah I mean -- it to me it's clear if you're if you're looking at the replay. And they called him out you say they -- called amount because he didn't touch the plate. And you saw there and you look at the replay -- it and that's the place. Do we want -- really doing really wanted to get that far with this grand announcement. And make it like the NFL I doubt it completely Tyler going to be my up and we're gonna say and I got to -- lots -- got them out and say ladies and gentlemen now. We're gonna tell you why we we didn't reverse that call the NFL does not ask. T yeah but that's because they don't care dollar goes TC made a point on TVS and net. Baseball doesn't care how long ago yeah it all doesn't care the top five -- game this whole thing that's because when the Red Sox played their use a five our games because it takes on it it does but. They did the this whole replay system was in. Put into play because they were hoping that it would speed up the game it doesn't it slows down again but. TC made the point that it would be nice to hear an explanation at some point not immediately but at some point maybe after the game say there were two challenges. Does the reason why we made the call aunt who made the call. Who's your make of the call put a face to a name. But it name on it and say. We've made the call this way because of that reason we got gained two tickets Bruins and Canadians to give to -- We'll talk to Jack Edwards when we come back -- -- and Steve -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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