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Jack Edwards on Game One: "The difference was that Carey Price was flippin' awesome"

May 2, 2014|

We talk to Jack Edwards of NESN after the game one loss to the Montreal Canadiens. We check in on PK Subban and the ignorant tweets about him, Carey Price stealing a game, bad bounces, and how this series might go the distance.

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When confronted. With imperious conceit. Voiding the good flight is not only the right thing to do it can be a heck of a lot of -- and who has more fun than us who has -- And then us and then he just got this kind of goofy smile on his face. You know Jack Edwards this is just Tuesday in the interest of of disclosure right never windows Jack Edwards I mean it's ridiculous what armory is that I don't know how common this is. Jack Edwards thought. The Stanley Cup ring. When the Bruins won the staggered yeah that's that's pretty crazy. I think that normally happens -- you did did no I don't think so does if they have put a cup disappear could get a ring and now there's something. There's some little weird about that and and I think it tells you what it tells you water but the media culture in Boston. Jack Edwards brought to you by Norfolk power equipment and 495 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram the opportunity to -- -- Brian's Red Sox World Series ring. When he got an analyst talked about the -- that you culture -- ball and they'll rent hello Jack help our Jack what say you. You know that that little bit of it's from -- radio is is some other great -- incomplete redoubling our efforts to junior high school but. Now. Out to Iowa OPEC guys are really good time in his third try at seventh grade next fall. Break it down or not -- down -- the other the other thing it's is that since yes. Is no -- -- the National Hockey League it has access. To the NHL. Media guys. And myself on robberies in the media guy on it -- these guys aghast as. How many emails messages. Or phone calls I got -- sent to discuss that issue of war days. Decided. Try to beat on life. My character -- culminating -- the. My guess was it a medical zero. You know my. Whole life I get to move onto the eighth grade now I'm like those thank you. I know if it's not unusual for a media guy two it's somebody who is covering the team from a usual for that guy to. To get a ring when a team wins isn't. Let you know here you're like I. I -- -- rolled. 11. Richard Bryant the -- over we're actually covering the northern region determined to Italy World Series in August of 2011. He told me that we -- we're actually gonna be offered arranged by the Jacob's family support -- the gift from the Dick Stanley to. Such a -- actually everyone who works for now. Not a -- I mean we're talking about dozens and dozens. Outrage on the -- You know not a a ceremony in the cafeteria worry he gave away. These facts that fox brings the people and it was it was emotional it was tremendous it was exciting. And it was a gift from the and I cherish that it is an incredible moment so of -- inclusion. And it it it means so much to me out somebody different levels -- -- what. The best part of having that championship ring is that what -- secure area. And -- and comes up and then you know for whatever. Diluted reason wants to have his or her picture taken with me I hundreds of times have taken it off my finger upward on that and finger. And then the works on their faces. Say at all it is it's the greatest thing in the world we will share. And it is that sharing generosity of -- forever grateful for that. And I I have news for the guys that TSN I mean I was I wasn't joking I didn't get the opportunities he Dave O'Brien Red Sox World Series ranked. -- -- Gil Santos has three Super Bowl rings Mike Gorman has you know celtics' championship rings -- grandy has celtics' championship rings well it's it's commonplace when you work for the organization I think it's very unusual and Jack's case would actually work for NASA. Not a Dave O'Brien doesn't work for the Red Sox on Gil Santos didn't work for the patriots. And Mike Norman doesn't work for the Celtics. I know that. Yeah you don't actually like my contract is with not since then and the Red Sox only 80% of the up and yet the court -- 1% -- out but. You know and amateurism -- brought toward me off the year they can take it off the air but. You know to me as you know. Totally open to the debate there. I think I think it's a great trivia too you know Jack. Adding you know because like I said I worked for the Dodgers and fox last year at the Dodgers won a World Series I would have expected a ring. Knowing that I worked for the dodger organization I would if I had I only work for fox I would not have expected to ring at all I think it's a a great tribute to who you are what you meant to the organization. Even outside. You know technically work for NASA and and not the Bruins that's that's a great thing now that you. No Jack all the talk about rings. Cycle what he's not telling you is that he's he's scared he thinks the series is over that the Montreal's gonna sweep. Dark jerseys after last night what what would you take out last night encouraging for the Bruins discourage him -- big picture I know the result was a loss the big picture what agency. Yeah I hope it's enough time for me for the bigger -- bigger picture -- -- you know I've been looking into the show elect a lot to say here. But as far as the hockey game is concerned with the great hockey game. Marshall played a tremendous. First game on the road. Game of the series. He's clearly the Canadians did not have there it's -- fought game. They looked a little rusty at times they're timing wasn't right as the -- -- and referred to in -- post -- press conference. I don't have. A problem -- either of the last two penalties I thought that we exaggerated a little bit on the yeah on the tripping call early but. You know what. -- you know live without. It was the referees are not the difference in the in the -- ridiculous church Christ. What an awesome. I mean he made some absolutely six days and let's not talk about our court for its. That's part of it you know if you put himself in position -- -- -- -- -- he made in upstate. I just on merit the if you easily from me the first target. Siobhan is a weapon is that a weapon for a long time. If you remember the reason that they support what -- Ichiro. In overtime in seventh 2011. Would only get over traffickers to bunt that scored a wager being won I'm I mean this guy a world class now the question always has been with them. If you can only -- that solid and he's from doing silly things on the ice and he's gotten a lot better at that the last couple years. We're sort of -- this. So they're big picture right and you know I heard your earlier Michael talking about you know what are -- what are your appearance. Bill and as the year I inaugural on -- dictator that you know what you do when you get. Somebody who -- full picture and has only 25 followers and then also like. There. And you know my answer that it is no matter how small never turn your back on bad behavior because it will not correct itself. We got afraid that there are people. Who feel that they've found safe haven within the combined context of -- not of the social media. And a lot of hockey team in the town that unfortunately has this history of racial tension. As most people have exploited an opportunity to express their hatred and you know we're all these people don't often. Absolutely not all from doing what no but the poor Turkey that now has truly an international following. It's not limited to having sent to resides in its whole city or whole region. And what Bob. A back and popularity is that within the mask there are cracks that won't work -- hooligans aren't space to operate and the better the team fares. For the following grows. The more that Logan Alvin and attempts to access. As. Hard to remove old you know these people work hard to remove as taking salt out of the city. And all we can do. Is reject unequivocally that hatred. That is of -- is unacceptable. And has connection neutered the spirit or the actions. Of the brought. Thank you all collapsed -- skills what appeared on the surface was. I in the minutes after another playoff overtime goal was scored by a black players toward Washington caps in 2012. It ended the broad range and the cup champion. Edit as we pointed out on this program nor brokers Michael duke and the next official active abroad following. The end of that 2012 season would want to vote delicious moments that only happens in sport. Because the next official acts in the Boston Bruins with the team making its first round selection yet pre draft. And that he was selected Malcolm Suva. Not because it -- black but because it was a brilliant outlook unexpectedly was available at number 24 overall. As you know -- until -- so -- who has a while first person contact with people who follow the Boston Bruins and I speaking. Not as the spokesman for the team. But completely at an individual here my feeling is that anyone expressing those feelings is not. A reward fans and not a hockey fans. And whoever guards that -- significant problem. I'll let them know I won't forget them -- move more sense that saw like Buick and -- -- If the Bruins were to be able to put together an effort tomorrow like what you saw last night. Would you like their chances to win again. Yeah absolutely -- the -- play this way at seven times that I didn't think it's gonna take seven times. I think they're gonna win four. Is this is going to be an unbelievable series these two teams are the best two teams in -- you're the last want more than half. Don't think Motorola -- 1531 they'll stretch and they swept at what they have the first term. So brought. A pretty similar record I think their oil for regulation that includes mailing wanted. Let me seven HL players playing for the for the rest got. That these are -- really really excellent teams. They don't like each other but it's a good turnout in -- hockey thing if you will. I know I I look for another six cities it's gonna cut our hearts that it's it's wonderful. I've done that -- this is the very reason that I. I whine about the -- schedule maker speakers every time the -- play the Canadians because of the playoff history it makes those regular season meetings. Something that is truly phenomenal -- that that. -- the hockey they know that. All those extra added game between San Jose and the war in between Carolina and Phoenix because of the balancing of the schedule. Completely worked harder -- that. You're gonna get -- warfare by having the Bruins beat Montreal six times this season that the difference -- division rival that you are by spreading the schedule out so that everybody plays everybody else's ultimately want to hear. Of course you're talking to the great Jack Edwards of Nelson and Jack. The big question today has been in this why does Tuukka Rask. Have trouble against Montreal is it just a coincidence is it something the Montreal is doing that -- is having a hard time picking up which -- gas. Are actually quite an actual subject because this speaks to the bigger picture. And it's not to say that and probably didn't deserve -- cute that the trophy. Award. But the -- who led the NHL in save percentage for for the last six years and one of those other year they finished shut. The reasons for that are not just that they've had quite cool which they have. The reason it's also because they have. But system that protects the -- and they have agreed to shut down the announcement of this agent today don't chart was split about how the game. The Montreal Canadians as reported out so expertly pregame and post game last night in our coverage. Is the Canadians will just halt the park in front of the goal in the ruins in that three steps of quickness rather than Steve Goldstein is the eight matches Montreal -- -- -- Is not a natural Montreal. Because what sort out those smaller super quick forwards who can -- into the -- think about it last night about a hospital in science and want to have resulted in a goal. The Canadians just for the pocket -- that. And then just try to get underneath the Bruins defensemen and thought it was Jason -- you go acting. If you look at so when your goals scored against super -- over the Montreal Canadians so many of them have been ghost on the situation. The match up the Portland matchup that the Canadian -- are gonna try to export is not -- took -- -- problem this is. They've personal matchup problem and abroad certainly are gonna try to compensate for that. I have I have. Very few doubts that they will compensate for that and that this will be an absolutely heart stopping long series that -- globalize -- Ultimately -- statistical. Pattern that's that -- Tuukka Rask. Can't beat the Canadians to -- certainly can be the Montreal Canadiens. Jack Edwards will be part of the up pregame show on nests and not mess and plus on -- and tomorrow beginning at 1130 and Andy prickly -- -- at all. I'd Jamison -- Barry Petersen myself we'll all be there at 1130 tomorrow printed out the big guns sixty minutes of pre game will be on the year the minute the game ends with at least sixty minutes of post game coverage Jack I'll see at the rink. They'll put so much reporting event -- so much nicer building you that's allow my view is rather than extra -- 140 characters or less. That's an -- tomorrow. Jack Edwards brought to -- Norfolk power equipment and 495 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. He had stuff he wanted to Satan. We did yesterday -- -- -- -- they're very well this perfect 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. It's dale and Holley and Steve Lyons here on Sports Radio WEE.

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