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WEEI WrestleCast - Scott Sudikoff and Ben Kichen Preview Extreme Rules

May 2, 2014|

Scott and Ben preview the Extreme Rules PPV and the latest rumors and storylines.

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Welcome into another edition of the WEEI. Wrestle cast alongside young Ben kitchen. I am Scott -- cops and we thank you for tuning in. On WEI dot com as we bring you our preview I guess of extreme rules. We we called a paper views still. It's a special event now I think it's what -- try to trend towards calling it a special event. It still is on paper view on cable. Operators it will not be on DirecTV. Will not be on the DISH Network. So clearly the best option going forward is the WW -- network and that's what they want you to do that's exactly what they want it is still. It's just interesting still though that DirecTV has bowed out DISH Network has bowed out. When they all reports say number we had sky six on and he made the mention that. If these paper cup for these companies to put on the paper views doesn't really. Cost them anything it's. Silly. You just wonder what direct TV's angle with that is because why not just put the shell on and then take the money you make from it. So I don't get that either because when you think about what's on paper view throughout the month. What what's on paper view you have a couple of movies USC once a month a couple of comedy specials. USC but none of them do what. The WW -- does not removed and the needle as much -- read -- he doesn't bring in as much money is at WW he does so. I don't understand why they were dumping it. But -- it I'd look at that as a win for Debbie WD because now it's more people got to put that ten -- street in their pocket. Instead of having a split the money would -- decisive I believe is what Vince really actually wanted. He wants all of them to really drop and so you have to by the. And I could see the cable operators hang in on me because you never know down the line the tribute -- to move the network to an actual cable provider. So let's say a Comcast. Is thinking while it was let's ride this out let's see how this goes is maybe a year we might want that network. On our systems so maybe if we break ties. Now I kind of -- there was always there's ever since they announced the Debbie Davies now there's always rumors that DirecTV would -- out that that we've kind of heard about for. Three months now. So it's not it's shouldn't come as much surprise now and expect and you know what both of us have the W beauty now organized believe. Not speak -- turn here but -- were both extremely satisfied with the deputy down network. And to be honest I mean there have been a couple days here there -- I haven't watched it now but I don't feel bad because. At the very least I know what stress -- your yacht ended and I know I'm going to watch extreme rules and I'm going to watch. Payback him money in the bank a money and it might be there when the event and I'm not there watch money in the bank. -- watch it again actually. And I know going forward a little watched the rave reviews for for ten dollars a month I'm gonna get my money's worth -- matter -- Through the paper view in that being said last night. 930. Pile one of the hockey games went to -- mission through and on and it was showing a smackdown from 2000. And then right after that was a Roth from 98 at Madison Square Garden Ron 97 were Austin. Stunned Vince McMahon at a much this awesome and sat down I watched and forgot about hockey for an hour -- in and that's it was that. And I and that's part of the reason why I like the the lives schedule spot part of it. -- yeah I know does the on demand that you pick whatever I want for the most part yeah. When I it's tough to pick something like kind of like when I just put it on oh that's on I'm gonna watch that kind of makes decisions for you so I enjoyed that last night -- -- -- -- those. I am not into the legend's house which I know you've watched a little bit of him it's entertaining but I can't sit through an entire episode. Not my thing I mostly use it just go back -- want to paper views. As a soldier was pro logic right trying to go through them and it takes for ever. I'm on summer slam 94 right now. And the blue glass and we talked I was arm wrestle -- ten. -- Amman king of the ring you've -- Agassi or if you like to paper it is soared one if Seattle one right one in a month. And I love it. And it's Ron I mean. In ten years you still might be going through the process it might be up like 2005 item yeah. Victories -- those who deal podcast on that -- weren't so mentioned off the top that extreme rules coming up on Sunday. It's -- a good spot there having and in. East Rutherford the Izod center of New York basically look at the New York -- any time -- in the northeast corridor it's good for pay per view but get the northeast crowd it it'll. Most likely be a very energetic. Crowd it's going to be one of those crowds that is going to be into the bad guys in doing the good guys and that that always. Leads to this -- crowd is still fun a fun atmosphere which this. Our crowd is now the fun. When before there -- the knowing crowd 'cause they would play along now that the fun because -- dictating what they want city. And making it enjoyable as a -- because now it kind of throws curve ball into the show of well what's -- -- Ballots will noble goal for the card here we like we might bounce around a bit. Will ignore the pre show appreciative and not bounce around one big you are only. My god we always have that as it was tensions. You can't speaking -- you can't fight tensions. So we'll start off of the first we have a match card up in the first match listed is the match that was announced late Monday a triple threat match. Jack swagger is RO and rob van -- Match against you could say partly thrown together but everybody's linked obviously. Swagger and has RO have their link with the real Americans. Says are what rob van dam had been -- now what Paul -- The big question out of all that. Is I mean obviously out of that those three guys who assumes is RO as the one to come out on top not necessarily winning the match by -- he's the one out of that three that's going to be receiving. The movement for the push forward rob van dam is just there had. Up -- in the crowd to a few fancy moves and then go back to the curtains you know expect him to have a championship match here -- I did at one. Back in the fall but you know expect him to be. In a championship match and championship -- Jack swagger I've no idea what they're gonna do with him. The big question is the relationship between us is our -- Paul payment and Paul Raman is always mentioning before he mentions anything announces RO he's talking about Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar which -- find very interest so. To me. If not my first guests on this relationship between the sorrow. And Paul payment is that it's just a vehicle for down the line for the on the split up. And sort of do what they did with punk. But do -- is our -- to. To turn him into I think they're content leaving him in this weird flocks are now yeah I -- for awhile but once Lesnar comes back. Many payments gonna be with with Lesnar might only be remote. Maybe I mean do you like the Obama -- -- could you solar heating came out like five times on paper to the proper analysis are those they're on the right there really confusing that's his pistol having him go against Jack swagger -- sorrow is playing the face right. And I mean could see down the line if Lesnar comes back they do a quick. -- is RO Lesnar thing with -- out of the middle absolutely. But from that I mean you'd assume is -- loses that feud but where -- he go from -- I'm just how I'm trying to look at I don't see it being a long term thing it's just the way at the way it's been set up the way he's talking about Lesnar. I diseases are getting upset with Alec -- I hired you in. The only reason I see being a long term thing and when -- -- long term means like eight months to a year is that is are still can't really talk very well. And part of that is obviously English is not his first language that's clear. He communicates okay. But Paul is the best communicate there. So it seems like a natural fit. I would like to see. Paul game and build up his stable. I kind of wanted to see RV -- become re become appalling even got. I want him to have a staple. Because I wanna see more. And I wonder if you know the possibility. Yet nothing to do it -- nothing really for Jack swagger it seems like. Would you be on board if all -- Brought he brought over Jack swagger further in a further annoying is up Colter now. Deliveries and because -- I'm more and more sexy writing obstacles. To do that I don't think he can write -- does he still pretty easy fairly decent communicators. He's pretty good on the Mikey knows what he's doing his presence. I like having a couple of managers -- -- because as a general manager raw. I hope they don't go down that road again. I'm just tired of the general manager Cheryl and easiest thing -- correct how often have you seen the GM abroad recently. Not very remember who it is -- it's a -- Matt writes he has you don't ever see him so. But I also think that cameras on the point that raw has pretty much run by. Triple agent Stephanie -- -- which it it was a guess it is because Brad -- there is their guy yeah. I'd smack -- I think it still technically that your Vickie Guerrero. Of the triple threat match wouldn't shock me if that opened up to open up the card. I've be a fun match probably. In terms of predicting the winner is that -- the sorrow because. Who else and -- don't know or swagger is going rob van -- does need to win ever. Just needs to go out there do his thing Democrats should it matter what he could lose twenty straight matches on TV and the reaction be the same form as long as he. He when he first came back this time he's having a couple of boxes during his matches. So as long as he cleans that up which I'm sure it will. The -- even if he loses. We all cheer we know like Robin I think and I think in this match Rupp will be looking to see you just kind of we're not we don't really care about the winner of more so than just how it's gonna play out and when it's gonna lead to a leader and we'd Greece's RO it's right. Yeah outs faces -- wins but looking at how it's going to happen. Do you think this is a one month Ron or is this a longer term maybe this is -- two paper view feud. I would say I would think eventually that's his sorrow and swagger was still have a one on. Well they have had a one on one match and I think maybe after this they're gonna go. -- -- -- -- -- -- I work on that all -- Story on I think it's probably the blow off for Jack swagger. Beam vault. Darkness again -- they actually have had a few one on one matches so many do you think there's potential vs swagger winning. And allowing. Our VD and misses are to go off on their own to feud with -- each other. I don't you think -- matter I don't think even -- having a win would matter it is make that one on one app anyway. I think it just needs to be some sort of all -- Obvious interference Coca -- Coulter is going to be out there as well can we agree that I think it'd -- you it will be very good match it should be. Yeah all the parts of -- are now. Tiger can work. He's pretty good can't or haircut but he looks like an idiot he sounds like an idiot. When I say it looks like an idiot that stupid frigate Erica just don't -- is just a hair cut and it's the -- face. Is a dumb looking face. You know why because he's done. And that's stupid list. I can't stand. My eyes I know it's not nice. But he's a -- list -- Erica Calero on the face and he does tonight to that's why don't think he'll ever be a superstar. I don't think it ever be a superstar because of that list. To fair maybe not reality yet dusty was the star. Posted yep but dusty is one of was one of the all time greatest on the Mike. Even with kind of speech impediment we well yeah -- that weird southern drawl on top of that. Weird speech impediment he had but he so unbelievably charismatic. That it made up for a dad didn't matter because he came off as an every day -- -- is an Everyman so -- top of that he was heavy. Where is but you can forgive certain things like that. When your body just -- tip top. Interest yet that the ten tonight like that's the psychology the bills thing. Next up David having the Intercontinental. Championship. Number one contenders tournaments which I'd love which by the way swagger and dances are all not most wireless analyst is Arlen and amber and it. That's why our loss in the first round at Del Rio was involves. And die the championship or the number one contenders. Finals was rob van -- verses bad news -- Which. Is surprisingly. Getting over I mean there was an the first couple weeks when he finally was wrestling using huge ovation I think it was most of the crowd but I I. Think the crowd is is buying it is is they love it I -- it is. You just wonder. I -- still wondering what their ideas were with him that. Night -- at two years ago they had him going in the right direction. But last year at this time you lose and no -- doing nothing Joba now. Just -- cold matches so it would no primaries tomorrow. With no feud Tommy he's put together a little bit of a character. It's that the crowd is it's a funny -- buying into it. -- need to whoever writes this stuff is funny. It's good is deliveries could you got to give him credit if he's not writing which you might be but I don't think it is. His delivery spot on and it's stupid smirk he has on his face cells and every time. So he won then number one contenders tournaments that will take on beat the army Langston. The Intercontinental title. And I think this is a vehicle. To get the title opportunity -- -- too because. It what you went nowhere in his term it's been happening. Big east and wrestling on main event superstars. His only appearances on raw recently have been he's in the back watching the monitor. And I know I know you notices that and everybody knows this when they go back. On raw and show guy watching the show on the monitor yeah and it's just the weirdest thing because. He is. Whoever it is is like on the side of the TV I noticed that last week especially I know I know why they're doing it but it just looks ridiculous to watch -- -- like that. Nobody and so when I sought on Monday and who's thinking. Just put him in a chair from the monitor will know who it is. We we understand that it's big. WV. And none of them look anything like baby yeah. Will know who it is -- figured out we'll see we can see from the side that he's sitting there watching the monitor the status I think date there there'll -- ideas -- we just want to advocate camera shots so but I think it's it it makes it look good at that -- -- -- -- This seems like it was set up. -- is snow is that they're gonna go to him right now it's it's -- I I don't like it. By beginning in the past there's a lot of those little weird things that bothered me about wrestling. But -- for example. Tangent. For example -- you're wearing his T shirt and just his tights underneath. What evolution has done now I think is the right if you -- not wrestling. -- -- shirt and tie tux or whatever or come your everyday clothes. If you're wrestling what are your knee pads -- boots -- whatever but it's coming out they're just kind of problem. Why are you wearing your wrestling right this -- this past saw this past Monday or came on his wrestling gear was in a match the other. Tripoli to suit Batiste also wearing. -- close the week before they were all wearing dress clothes we saw -- or Wear pants. For the first time and Debbie did you meet TV and about five years which thank god. Thank god Italy has likes. I have no problem with his legs. My issue is anyway it's when he when he wears a T shirt and a couple of dead makes you want it makes it look like -- wearing -- -- you why you're naked to. Why are you wearing your wrestling gear if you're not in -- match. You can might have on later. But if you get into that fight. During a promo thing I haven't matched it makes it sells more than your -- your regular quote SMR. You know this is where and it had this before this is -- and WA was right on the money in the ladies especially before -- Which who has. Where your regular clothes around for common promo. Where if you're going into the ring just minutes of where your regular clothes. Why are you wearing your wrestling gear if you're not wrestle. Why would you put it on to prepare for match if you don't have a match. It's an impromptu match freaks out. Do which -- did just take up -- -- Russell restaurant just sliding your slacks and a weird but makes sense. More realistic. -- say it makes sense right. I guess because why would you wanna Wear tights and boots in pads big heat defeated Nash after Russell. That cuts seem to the back of him. Why is he wearing a single. Can he had a match on superstars of for the taping started. They -- hours before it. I'm -- a show when you watch the pre show all of gibberish they have been in the background in the senate -- to and say here's a match going on being taped superstars. They don't hide the fact that's being -- or rock which. -- -- and it's no big deal out. But that case. Indeed they should say a big east at your match today later on Robert capital cuts seem like you get dressed get dressed put on like normal clothes. It makes sense it does carry yourself like you're a champion. Instead he's wearing is you're wearing your reared single showing off your -- of disgusting acts. It's -- hand it's a good. Outs ground as fine as long as it did leads to -- it's it's an actual matches so -- -- the Intercontinental title like I senate it is all of vehicle to get the title often biggie tigris and Wade Barrett. There so you don't your -- facto. And it's clearly earmarked as the next -- -- in it'll be like a four time champion but maybe this is the time we're actually really matters because. He's doing -- -- like this and it shows that -- we're trying to make this this championship matter yeah especially now. US title means enough when you've gotten rid of the world finally out and combine. The IC title should in fact now be at second title yeah and maybe we'll start to be. The stepping stone. Steve -- the US title. Who has any idea what they're doing that acting -- a fatal four way tomorrow. On smackdown. As we take this -- panel when people listening on smackdown. Fatal four way for the US championship. I mean maybe that maybe it -- steal it from Ambrose -- that. To get that date does it -- them being good guys now I don't see him take in the title off. I don't think anybody would notice. -- legal matter. A liberals lost the title for right now whatever just merged. Yet -- two titles and maybe that's what you're not gonna have a brand extension. Which actually wanna get into that will be later that's a so we're we're in agreement we think but bad news there if you're not -- -- the brand extension period the US championship. Again it's got prestige it's got a history it's got to lineage. Just 200 IC title is or -- The US title is NW -- CW's and exact hired him prior to getting rid of those the big gold belt. I now. Which makes -- I think that's what makes you think that somehow down a lot that they're going to use when a back up which they -- to the brand extension. -- don't know yet that's why they're kind of out. But who cares you Butte debuted a new bill for the rock. Uses that now. Just put the other one you know you do you know -- they've had that stupid. Glass case with -- masking it. Any time in yes stupid press any time here in Tripoli to accept office sent those two belted a glass case. Only hanging on the wall. It's better than the stupid poster for the -- and paper view. And as -- get that hopefully hopefully later another topic. We'll get through the will get to the paper view first. And the next match we have on our card here. Is the divas championship match. -- Daly has gone away to be with CM punk for. And who knows some time she drops the title randomly on raw was that night after wrestling -- at night after -- me to page -- she cut that promo. -- great that you as Steven -- yet which she impromptu news that she do which is Dylan and she's. Agent is pretty -- I think she's got some lessons. I think -- -- or at least taken notes. -- -- Page debuts. Weird debut again. Something about that she -- she had some really cool she never -- -- she's very good in the ring. And I I like everything about her in the ring excelsior complexion. I am I am kind of -- and -- -- -- different it's different at all you know like. She might be a vampire yet election might be a vampire counts on sex and -- that -- yet it's kind of a sexy look. And I'm not picky so. That of the one thing you you mentioned that we are debuted the reason why it was weird because. The way she comes to the ring. -- -- -- -- And I that this is so now thinking this is -- because in all the divas -- they do so but stop the rampant -- the ballast to their little thing in. They all do something in just kind of walks down the ramp just got a normal. And it just kind of -- about on the debut was like now should this -- -- and yes. But that was like she was like my house awesome again couldn't get it eliminated right and it even even since which is when she won the championship. -- had matches to something about her entrance to me like -- is falling flat yeah pirate. But then again I guess I can expect -- to do something. I think not that type of fossils that have a deep yet she's out she's a woman's women's wrestler not a -- which I'm OK if I get that -- fine. And she's clearly very talented. Surrender her submission I've never seen you like screens. -- know I usually generally don't like those. And I shared I think -- does like once a match associate a label screen Erica -- Unionists greens. RA -- his age. -- And PG. Who's just repeat GG bro what -- But she's interesting I looked at the scorpion cross law yet that is what the hell -- -- it is it's awesome -- Anybody see that with Emma she has a pretty good submission hold up to finish Matt actually Paige won the championship with a different move. Now what not making AGB tap out it was she reversed out of the black widow in two. -- -- like reversed was to -- I think it I'm sure she has a name -- shirts or whatever moves but. If so she's shown to be pretty versatile I have to -- kind of taking a case spot. To go for charity imagine kind of waiting for for awhile I think regulatory. I don't know I -- -- -- -- I think this match was supposed to be age neighbors to -- yeah I think the -- I think page coming up in getting. This quick point she was because ages and I want some time off. And there -- inclined to give it to her because they're. Yeah I there today if I think it's crystal clear that they do not anger punk as they do at least Vince wants him back. Maybe stupid not to want him back of -- -- just on the right proves merchandise that they're just gonna they're gonna go forward. Doing what they do without him in the plan's the right AJ says I wanna go spend time with with Phil. Shut -- well that's probably how she said it. The issue what defense's office sent so events -- -- child I hope I'm on I need some time off on it all hang out with CM. -- price of obvious and so anyway they're engaged right now apparently congratulations. Whenever. But you know my interest arena could be a decent match and I think it's -- going over to metered system. He got to build up now -- champion a lot of divas matches are. -- means automatic fast forwards. I just they're not most of selling this -- I don't think it would be. This one on this card agency Mena -- -- -- one debut I've got to go to the bathroom now. Well now a because two reasons a lot of watch page just to see how she works against the bigger. -- she would comedic and to -- -- -- really has never had a chance and also the reason why say is the next match will look at is probably the one are gonna go out really. No the next matches wanna is one I want to -- Odyssey for two reasons. One handicap match Alexander recess verses -- truth. In Xavier woods which by the way. The last three weeks he speak truth he's beaten -- woods -- -- truth he's beaten Xavier woods announced put into -- -- they've got a chance it's natural it's undercard and it's what exactly what to do -- right back for a while. I love Alexander Russa. Is different I think there's a lot of things that are great about his character one Lama is smoking pot. I anxiously as in TV and movies before what she had to look her up I think she is the sun sentinel is in Russian either. I think she's the sexiest woman on WWV. For years. She's gorgeous elect has legs I love those legs and -- hit some good movies. But I'll -- like. That state Russian accent and. I think she's gorgeous. And I liked her intro bring him out late in -- talk about it but he comes out his music. Is awesome. Yes I -- allowed it so intimidating an ominous is he's fantastic. He's pretty good in the ring. Interest and he's different than we've seen for why. I like him I it's going to be -- she's get a dollar and you see them pushing him so quickly. Too quickly. Potentially typically like Alexander calls off a bright quickly enough. To have was cause ulcers Alexander yeah no I'm black and vitamin DC NN site there's -- limit production -- pushing him fast enough bird. To get into a quick. One on one championship match for Daniel O'Brien I hope not to keep continuing. The divers bigger guy you know a date -- They mastered the slow burn with with Daniel Bryan. Built him up slowly but naturally. Don't don't overstep. The lower titles at the IC title. Don't overstep those. So you like to see Russa -- Intercontinental championship before he touches the world yet championship generally I'd like -- to. Haven't icy feud but he wondered -- Before you go on to unless your debut dominant -- the dominant monster deal. Now he is kind of a dominant monster -- in certain capacity. By. It's not like he's like -- debuting out and you like holy crap disguise or seven feet yet he debuted to fight -- -- -- but. It's -- it's a seven footer 400 pounder. Who's like oh okay well now see if the chip can beat -- right. So I. I mean I like it he's. -- if he's good and there is he's fun to watch and -- different obviously he's got the and I'm totally different doctors that he's got the brute force and has but he has athletic ability with. The critical slots this looks in the in. The bare feet which advocates. Point. Risk but it but it's the style it makes sense if it's the style like even like Wendell Monica us right there -- weird smoke and its it wouldn't -- a palace wrestling like -- -- my face. But gotta get your wrestling -- she got as he has asked in your face yes so which woman you -- -- Although I don't know I think that video -- -- -- be pretty funny is the time in my in an assessment -- It's awesome. CN Xavier is squashed that Xavier would start to the right it's astound. Element -- David what's up they had like a plan form but he did but it felt flat. -- -- -- By the way Brutus clay down an XT easily wrestling for the banks to championship is a monster -- He's as yeah he's training to come back up -- the great thing about an XT now because. You can get them shortly but keep them -- you look at is like opera does clay got demoted. What an -- now is so is is popular enough or is looked upon positive positively enough that. Ago okay short -- demoted but it does now they're using him at the top of the card here so obviously they're working on getting him back. I does not Tyson Qaeda had a match recently on an XT. And I am definitely -- and try to work him back probably for awhile now since that is neat neat but I think he could good -- but -- Evan Bourne. Useless and personal he's still employed. He still could come back any moments you -- useless and I think Tyson Qaeda could take that spot and haven't been that would ever born used to do Tyson -- could do our element that is useless because there is value for that type guy in the cards. High flyers can choose conferees stuff and -- Yani and a random upset win against Chris Jericho once the crowd loved him include. There's little things are a tick better -- -- spot and especially if -- -- rumor we always I don't feel I have ever hear the rumor we always talk about the rumor. Of their beach cruiser weight division at some point. There. If NF at the very least it's just it's a cruiser weight show on the evident. You know work duke resort division and would you be talking about the next match I will tell you exactly why there should be -- would you be into. Show resort show on our show on our OK so -- have to be built into it and yet I I it's hard for me to -- an outside of raw. It's hard for me to -- a smackdown by Friday and it's just I it's if I watch it. When I end up watching smackdown that child is this. On the couch on Saturday night. Like early early 8 o'clock at smackdown ice at the first match at the core Michael back watch it later yeah or symptoms on Sunday replacements. It's aren't you reach deal on yet I -- out find our -- Saturday night 30 in the morning I'll find it. Sometimes watch for treatment but generally it's just kind of we're recap right so the the next match. Looking at. Is the steel cage match yet. -- -- Johns now before we go any further we have to bring up what happened Monday yet with. The previous. Awesome this fantastic went way too long slightly long. But overall. Well done B plus job a united segments. Went too long it could have been an eight plus plus segment. Had to cut off a little bit sooner. When the proud when when the first time it went dark and then you start here in that little girl who hadn't. Fantastic voice by the way down and and look right and I was amazed that it went I think that part went like one there to pick here's what I would have done. -- -- I would have let it be dark for like 45 seconds to a minute which is an eternity. Which really is an eternity. But the kids around the ring. And put the masks on in the dark instead of doing the whole thing and then have liked him. And I think as you were killed off four minutes. With one minute of weird darkness and it is the patient building. You could killed four minutes of -- too -- a segment that went on to. He writes I get and when the lights come back on you're seeing -- is seen in the ring surrounded by little kids in masks yeah. Out -- -- thing after I thought it was still well done like you said it was B plus. But it could and it cost and is in eight it it. It did its job yet in. And the crowd really wasn't. As tough time with this crowd on rob because there I think there's too many adults that -- just happy to -- there. Around you on the first couple rows so when you see the image of the crowd the -- not really into it kind of into it and that for me really hurts show. So. And also make up the crowd and that seems kind of fought that what the hell's going on incidences is weird. But hey it's. You. Why I was weird but I but I lie but I -- it said that if he's OK why you like. Why would you do this to me why -- won it by. He's always saying is listening again it some you don't like me but I don't really do we thing. That I don't do anything that should warn. You wanted me to destroy yap like Afghanistan fine you're sick of me but. I would hope you don't wanna get my ass kicked him. Really I can't -- -- in -- huge great it's perfect receive him because he gets them out of your comfort zone he's in for ten years. In in the question always now comes a character change what's what's gonna he'll turn what's gonna happen. Any. After that segment to go to the back and and a young tries to interview John seen it needs his. So as not to walks like -- and later on an hour and a half later he comes out of the locker room -- interview. You know apologized yesterday for early -- sorry about that time ago he's back to changes. Which he cut which he does in this interview he goes -- percent supersede. The way I look at it though. Instead of looking at and ads. Are -- is back to what he was no problem. I look at is if he's trying to trick himself now like so inside he's really he's screwed up right now yeah now he's trying to. Revert back to auto pilot. And almost as if he's losing his mind right now he's. I'm it is that makes sense that -- understand by the time I that I do it's hardly put into words but -- not like he's not cutting snap promo because that's what he does it. Now all happy and everything's -- who he's trying to pretend everything's high yet. But it's clearly I think it's a good -- It's very -- makes perfect sense. Here's the thing that I've read a few weeks ago I can't remember exactly where in Africa it was. Put some backstage plan to eventually move Bernie -- too late -- face. My question be why. Because. How would that how would how would what he does now work on the other side. Doesn't. Right it does so I'm good character I hope that's. False reports that character. Always works as the heal your captivated by but he passed keep doing. For example look at we know the characters based off it's based off of Max Cady in Cape Fear Robertson heroes epic character. Back. It's based off the back here. And cult leader -- That Robertson hero villain in Cape Fear is being loved because of how awesome he portrayed that guy that's why we're liking. -- -- How well he's doing he puts something else -- patty -- guys doing right as a -- -- -- You just can't keep riding it -- like that. As is the popular keel but still Baghdad our airport couple months of the -- -- done with good guys bad guys it's -- that -- I was -- that. A lot but it seems to make sense what they're doing now. Says are you said that seventeen years ago. -- kind of but he said that when he was the biggest bad guy in business. And I think back then it was a ploy to kind of ploy but a villain. Saying it as kind of popular. Just let the bad guys you've got guys we like the bad guys the good guys or the heels now exception except. -- -- So so in this match. We would assume. Now -- Wyatt T get his wind back wrestle mania and he passed away he has to you. I would hope. And I'm I'm wondering if they're going to keep it it's purely one on one I mean obviously. Harper rolled will be outside the ring outside the cage. Am sure the -- state competition will be ill will be -- the normal than normal type of interference percent -- -- but I would hope in the ring itself that stays long one. Yeah it's it's a -- I hope rebates clean policemen we saw him again we've always go back to this re wide beat Daniel Bryan -- at the royal royal. In a matter for Brian nope no matter from I mean it mattered. It didn't matter for -- because it didn't hurt him and battered for countrywide because some legitimize the right. Now -- to get to quit now John -- same thing Chauncey college did you not -- -- I I was articles yet so hurry it. Josh Johnson and can lose it doesn't hurt him anything if anything Johnson losing helps him. -- -- -- And relied on how it helps keep his character fresh and hands one would assume this feud still won't be over. There are still there will be something else outlined an -- paper -- who notes despite this might last all the way -- summer slam. If if it's all part of all may be a long term Sina plan as well. Which I think it is. I think it is eventually you're gonna turn -- you know you eventually have to. Not now I think he got to keep letting him try and fight his way out of this fight against the -- armaments. Today that it needs to be. It's always is if I don't see you don't know would Summers they don't -- on time if they don't seem to. Have those really long feuds like that they -- didn't Brian but they moved around some times they didn't really know what they're doing because it wasn't there at the start and they weren't sure that was -- tense -- -- -- on -- wouldn't change it up. Our agreement the -- like asked when that match that's -- that's -- continue. And at least one more month and it's. It's interesting and it's very edited it leads us to show some time is on ride ends the show on -- one week it leads off the next week it's time. Which I think is I think that the whole feud itself has been and a feud. Going up next Dan O'Brien will defend the world heavyweight championship. And -- -- that Debbie world heavyweight championship against -- This whole situation. Unfortunately. Kind of thrown together -- -- -- on TV because you had -- -- you know week after wrestle mania take off because this wedding. And the next week when he comes back. Add dies today of money that raw. And he army was day before but it was no news was that it was he was in the was there for raw finds out. And by all accounts elects to stay did you draw well apparently what happened was. That -- was supposed to place at the end of raw. Yeah and they moved to the beginning it was like -- Get out here. Do what you need to do that makes sense that that opening -- but also light I feel like they probably -- the damage a bit too. And in terms of getting him. Because they've really because they wanted to point -- top of the show he's not coming back yeah there is -- at the end of the show is need to be. Maybe big no one extra tombstone -- it -- -- and he came in the shell lands with him laid out. And they don't have to bring up by an injury during the week like -- neck and spine. Just to make sure he's not smackdown in need an off off the watch shows over the weekend. So what are your thoughts on staff and his involvement. In this her voice is -- in getting to me lately. Powell I mean obviously obviously exe through a meat cheese. Is squarely on unless the goddess word awesome talent that putt and I would write down. Right it is what makes sense she's obviously. Behind everything cain's doing the whole basket in the casing is just idiotic because it Alex Rios now use them is now it's controlling his apparently has like his. -- With that mascot he becomes evil. Even though flat tire like five years and the mid two thousands he was evil Automask and he was an illegal business Dion Lewis Brian. It is good guy he was stealing girlfriends and impregnated lead and cutting its demons bond in. Tying electrical units to machines ads in the -- that was all this mask off sell its like -- -- cain's character for Chicago. It's like -- Brad -- south horror movie. So anyways they have you know they have came destroy Brian obviously leads goes -- with family is back. This past Monday. I thought -- -- done this a different way the -- could have done this you could easily have -- and -- -- -- feud. They were tag team partners -- so long they were the highlight of Rauf for awhile as the tag team -- the doctor Shelby stuff. He could just say this -- being Giles to. And it would have made held a lot more sense in this weird. Garbage of whom asked captain again you know uncontrolled the undertaker which even as a kid that close to true. True. And the Big -- does not win the big -- -- -- big thing look out of this potentially is that it's not going to be the main event you know. He's Dan O'Brien going to be stock and that. Position we're just like how -- like -- applause. And and on the flip side does that even really matters though yes. It's a championship match it's always been asked it's it it should always be the most important match. On paper via. We're just assuming that shields finally see him wrestling now for the -- or assuming that shield evolution and the art it seems like it's but it might not. I think they haven't everywhere it's listed on the website it's. You know the first match listed yet is shield evolution which means it's the main event but go back to -- came. Not added not a bad idea put them two together face each other and it's the right idea. In all it is to readers viewed beach before refined who the next monster that did Bryant passed this way you would have to think that Randy Orton stole. Has his rematch and also triple late sixties that prop -- -- I think I mean from what I've seen Batiste is going to be leaving. For little but after Sunday excellent use suffered guardians so revolutions a lawyer really it's just a short term thing to -- in -- -- taken over -- shield moreover. You know but she's coming backs eventually get so excited you know long -- two months but it -- but that was act gives a good. Opportunity for them to reboot Batiste. And to -- get back to what you're trying to do initially what they want him to abuse case they want he. And they wanted to interview phase because of targets of the outs because it was good going gardens of the galaxies and want to be good guys that they get people into that movie so they might -- the reason why he's back into the community. Together yet -- not that's not being hit it right. So maybe you know two months and he comes back he might. If you align him with this the right you know the right way to come back and a lot of with certain right I think he's already he's stuck so he's stuck being bad. -- -- -- Even if you turns on Tripoli which I don't think what -- the year at about what if his return two months is -- Ryan being beat Downey comes -- helps. And does that mean I just don't think people give enough crap about Batista policy that's that's. -- leads -- into the main event or what we think will be the main event she'll natural. Shield as -- -- shield evolution. Pretty pretty cool overall. A hole I mean seeing evolution back. With the music and everything in. Its Smart in it in it's it's fun. I candidates and it's gonna last much past -- Sunday. You know before this I forgot how good of the stable evolution actually was because that was at a point where I was really annoyed with triple H. She is dominated rock in terms of she's always out there and every time is on the Mike it took him twelve minutes to get out a problem. And that was at a period worst I was really sick of the guy which is go away for awhile. Daddy put evolution looking back now was done very well. And the way they did the -- was great it really did launch Randy Orton entities even on the -- to -- it launched both of them. So it was great stable. So I mean I mentioned earlier that I they I think that it's. A to get to shield moreover. But I still also wonder win big Sheila is going to break out today is going to happen. So -- thought that I had not that's going to happen on Sunday. Is okay we know Batiste over rethink Batiste is going to be going away for two months -- that leaves Orton and triple H. In theory aligned yet. Read seen reports that summer slam they want triple H verses. -- rains which -- that seems pretty gloomy. No problem that makes sense and what point do we see the Ambrose. And -- Rollins. Flip sides. I think it's amber rose. He's much he he's -- plays much better is back. The week that -- -- -- they're crazy they're maniacal but weird and he's the one now if you look at it. He's kind of been he's at a place the odd man out yet because Raines is the they went from the leader to -- and a now -- seemingly is the leader. While Rollins. Rollins is the entertainment factor again -- as the months. Ambrose dispose of them -- But it's who have come along fairly well. Granted it's really -- don't really good job of controlling how much they say. But -- that post which and that we're starting to plant seeds for that when he just right Leonard Evans had big fight and he was gone. And then even screw you guys basically. Would you look at saved. If Ambrose flip side season. A line which -- Adrian just align with radio -- Ambrose and Orton. In -- against Raines and Rollins may have rains Rollins back to the tactic that they were they still call themselves the shield that means the act team game. And then from there. Well I'll look at where is Ambrose go from America's that I look at summers' slam and NIC AAA trains -- or problems. -- -- -- Maybe by then mayor's -- I think there's I think there's possibilities from that I think there's good -- I think I think Orton Rollins match to be fantastic. I think range triple H might not be a fantastic match but the point would beats you make -- a prime time plan. Only -- -- -- -- that the that a tag team match at a high -- practice -- and so that's kind of my thought but that guy. Shield goes I would say shields. I say -- goes over activities to -- end. Makes sense to -- the -- got to wrestle mania. It's Mac and get him here in -- that Upton. Move forward maybe maybe maybe sort -- Ambrose still maybe maybe Rollins rains are purposely. -- as the stars of the match and Ambrose continues to. And then honestly did to help lead to that'll be Ambrose losing in the US title. As well. Because. He would think that plane that was hole now night and a champion. You know you've never edited it. I don't like a -- effective when they brought up that. Ambrose hasn't been defending the title when he was a -- Michael -- all I know why. He never defends the title literally fighting champion and now that they face Cole says well if they don't give an opponent and give Accenture match -- defended them. It's it's so transparent difference is you're consistent watcher if it makes no sense -- most of the time it is funny. I think to shield comes away with it unless they're planning on doing another month out of this but would when you said but he's gone after this. Should -- pass it. Right I mean again as I said -- they can have an offshoot of a program continues something again triple -- as the authority needs a victory somehow. To continue to establish that he's the dominant figure. Maybe they could that put out Ambrose. And see that accents. I'm intrigued because you know what we're kind of in a blind vote or don't really know where they're going a lot of times you when you and I talk. We kind of have a pretty damn good idea what's going to happen. Budget not necessarily how it's going to happen but what the end result will be. And right now we've been having talked about especially the -- evolution really don't know. Mean right now is. And we look at. Time time periods now is to build towards summer slam. That's probably they're long term plan they're looking at some or something okay -- to build to -- and these matches. Summer -- to me if I were to throw matches together right now regarding mentioned Tripoli trains. -- -- -- thinking Brock Lesnar. But after that. Who's -- -- -- -- -- radio or is Batiste back what is he doing. In ways and so there's a lot of a lot of questions the rest of the shield the -- it's. That to me. And I always say it is that this is American this -- it's fun to see where they're going to lead -- to it. And I'd rather not know. Rather not. That elected two years ago wrestle mania three months before we knew wrestled me to -- and it's going to be. We're pretty sure it's been pumped undertaker pretty sure -- we don't want any data to be -- it knows that's going to be the rock is the -- on second round Lesnar in -- -- got a rematch and -- we just knew that car was going the way it was going -- Well in advance. I mean we know you noted and it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but also you know slightly in advance because the way things are progressing but. -- me it's point nine need to do in December. Yet of what the car was going to be you know it will yet he basically do -- at the end of November. Survivor series. But now our -- into the summer there's some interesting things I saw some ice on articles that sums of -- and I pay backs in Chicago. Just as it was last year by the way when the -- returned after wrestle mania exactly. Intersected duty and do it again we had Chris Jericho was the one -- you know. -- to bring him back on Russell and Chicago yeah. It seems. He's not into. And lest they can work summing up next few weeks it's possible contract expires in June and and pay tax on what you vs public them. Tan. And see it happen. Not until -- summer slam. At that you would think he will be wrestling somewhere again at some point at some point I don't expect with 36. So don't expect him to be like I'm done which is really the prime years for us because. I mean. You would have to assume he's pretty much. This is might have been the right word he's obsessed with press that is in his life pocket. -- aspect of 36 -- to stop doing an altogether. I think he's just burnt out -- time. I think you'll come -- so how much how much influence does what aging. Where she got I think about it in -- she can be got. She let beat you might have left dramatic comeback yeah. You hope finally your hope not because you know could -- it was a lot of -- -- lifelong dreams as well. It she's even yeah she's twenties and 2546. Tourism which is around my -- rate cheese in between. Much alone so I'm not about how the money's at your full crap I'm not. Lose your license trying to. That's me opening up my wallet when we see your license -- -- that 27 I don't believe it. C. A 27. You're 371976. Outs so far -- yards. Away what exactly four weeks from right now Fuhrman leaves Mason director. Today about a way is the fifteenth anniversary name is Mason at my mom mom's maiden name. Some aliens so I am. Today about the way -- -- most native person is the fifteenth anniversary of apartments. So there was never rabbits and terrible -- and interest and -- now members of matrimonial. My theme of course was what the overall -- -- sports. But the main theme what do you think laws Russel may of 1999. -- -- ready for the over the edge paper view just happened that just happened. No no just about later I was later that the week of the week beat the Sunday before my apartment spoke one in my presence. Was. Ringside seats that backlash problems -- race. I was cool hoops and dismissed that idea. In my parking carts to -- here later. But if it. That is that -- -- nobody cares nobody cares what does it wasn't I centerpieces don't had championship belts on them and guess I came out. When they introduced me at the party. I came out with a belt over my shoulder and Hu's visit -- -- -- of course of course that's I think that's that was in 99. I think that. At the sufficiently and the show. Yeah I always have more topic to talk about your run out -- -- -- time I showed yeah you gotta actually showed what's the weight and motion picture so now. That's gonna wrap up today's WEI wrestle cast if they keep tuning in. My partners out and the kitchen of the dale and Holley show. I'm not I'm Scots in a cup of wherever they equipment. And only that with Florida a weaker to -- so tune in then the -- -- Qassam that he had dot com.

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