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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, discusses Red Sox recent struggles. 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

Kevin Millar of the MLB Network joins the the program to talk the Red Sox recent struggles, the implementation of instant replay, and the upcoming 2004 Red Sox reunion.

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-- Kevlar is brought you by air rest restoration specials and a I've read it smoke shop and Kevin joins us on the AT&T hotline cab -- a little happy Friday. Roy what's going on -- that's. Yeah -- -- you are I don't know what she's okay. Thought we got cable I left oblique cobalt and the New York. So let's -- -- you sound like you're actually Fenway for double -- yes that you love those double headers and a -- actually exits they may when it's still. Forty something degrees and rain in love that. Write it it's a late in the day night double artery remorse here what are the field from 8 morning. Go about 2 and -- morning just got to stay there is going to grab grab several cotton batting cages. Full practice -- -- that they Gatorade and stay there. I got -- -- game honestly promote the Sox have it last night I got to admit that double header was that just blows -- you know because you wait for the Red Sox team to sort of take off and play better baseball they -- middle Brooks back they get Victor Reno back it and -- that three and one since then the offense it's a different look in the an ego get swept a doubleheader digests that kind of scratch your head a little bit this team. Yeah especially where -- -- (%expletive) really wanna play safe at a play at that first game group Pedroia Bobble -- they know bad up ground or beat -- The good pointers this it's -- hard people ask why is it hard to repeat. Why is it you haven't and over that's all -- it's hard creepy because the -- you know. It's hard to have the same mode you'll a year ago in on this one example coach you are. -- the guy went forty innings without giving up a run it seems like you have it right toward an incredible 88 hour fastball he got a great player great. Last I get doubled home run you don't get rewarded that. Last year that it didn't happen so -- a little examples why it's so tough. And this team there's not -- not clicking yet but they're not their identity yet but you know they're not bad. They're just they're not great but there have been many great team yet inability to run away -- so springtime about what Australians the earlier. Kevin do you buy into that idea that you're getting to 500 and pass that is a big deal they'll mention a staff for came on their now -- seven. When they've been right there since the second game of the year yet it is -- -- -- chance to get to you know 500 push past that is that something that that they'll look at -- locker table which got to get to that Larkin and boy. We'll take off from there. Now I'll pick -- 500 thankful for the mediocrity in my right now I just think you're looking at the line. You know -- back. I'm always always is and any character wreck what -- your five games under fire arm but you're happy game that are placed. Really who care about 500 you know the problem is that just beat Latvia he's earned the Milwaukee Brewers 128. Also they've been able to play 500 ball the last may be a game -- -- whatsoever -- -- six. They haven't gotten -- -- that note it's like -- or played. Better of late Tampa struggle their injury so the good news for the Red Sox is that they still haven't done in. And it just erased a so eventually we're victory over the middle -- and everybody got to get healthy Lackey what are bright spot let's talk about the bright spot me a bit unbelievable this year. So I think there's some popular newspaper it's kind of lurking around in the not it track. Where would you look at the AL east I mean didn't. To be overrated or that just some key injuries or some certain teams because it does the record it's just amazing. What he has little but I. I think if you look around baseball so Detroit tiger or not scored -- result -- Arnold they were score runs did not just kind of got hot Minnesota. There's also -- second coming to -- -- to -- That the whole saying it takes time right there and get that -- that our little stories and we go -- and goes crazy I think got the -- early not. You know the Brewers won eleven straight games in the road like well the Milwaukee brewer being back. You know what -- lotion. And I don't know what. That all of the whole story is nobody's really going off right now added a breaking story Chicago the White Sox. -- that kind of homered drove it 3234. Runs. Eight right. But there hasn't been that one -- that kind of run away they have it's even it -- that -- greater play good. So I think that it's in baseball in general. Kevin I look at the Red Sox the way they're built and obviously. It's a situation where they have some young players in their lineup this year John Henry talked to something called Bloomberg business week I don't read this very often I'll be honest. Not a Bloomberg business week I may be Chris roses. But he had a a an interview they are talking about baseball. -- and he talked about a study about money in baseball said to need the most important thing to study shows the virtually all the underpaid players are under thirty. And virtually all the over played player player are over thirty yet teams continued extravagantly overpay. For players over thirty which led the -- I'd ask the question yesterday is he trying to say. -- obvious we can build up ITF just young guys only. And don't need the overpaid veterans that we can win and do you believe the team's -- with a bunch of just young players young underpaid guys on their roster. No you can't aspect Henry you know so yeah it's for him with the recent years but there are some -- prayed. You know late thirty guys may thirty yards and I understand -- government there's no wonder blame at times but the ownership of the club that bill. And we all caught up and it will -- -- that big huge free agent. At the 800 feet and that -- two -- three guys. Are great European and only like two or three teams can afford Gasquet I -- -- bid against themselves. But it started back without Rodriguez thing I mean when you're at the Colorado Rockies I believe the Braves are like Carter each. Forty million dollar like first however seem somewhat at all certain that register -- -- to -- two million -- Somebody a hundred million are closer. You know -- You can't win which you're young guys that keep it straight. You need to sign a -- percent and you're probably not but it's the regular baseball the money's there it's LT. It's gonna take it -- -- a player hit against players that are making big money are struggling and already worked at -- hitters they're entertainers. It's the same thing blocking that would -- record a movie about Boston make it 59 are -- that promote competitors that night. Mean a year or so it's all relatively speaking slot you know they wouldn't work money ten million dollar baseball hole. But -- need a lot enjoyed a lot out locally reps are our identity. Yeah I want to get to go out of that to -- -- -- in the past about the proms and extend veteran players and I said think about Jon Lester. And Lotta people say let -- go we get Henry Owens -- -- we -- are not urban young. If you can't. This Red Sox team to me. -- lest they go and you'll get a guy like David Price that they should be able to compete for a World Series next two or three years and if if you Carolina some kids in double or triple -- -- beat Jon Lester start opening day that's not gonna get it done I. Not that that's why it's important I think to keep a guy like that if you plan on being there the next couple years. You're right -- you -- -- told you you have to have a game plan and that's the job for opposite we're gonna let XYZ players golf. Due to create Q where would you put up some place and I think this -- category and they realize. Early on that -- -- You know and it gave a ticket -- and get the lead -- spot and it lacked the big -- I think they've got five or six guys that lead out spot. Nobody really taken over that role -- decline. I didn't 315. Plus homer and he'll pick you back don't get -- -- You know a particular -- our player obviously but the moral of the story is using an example or get rid of Jon Lester you perhaps somebody coming back and Max Scherzer. They report I don't know what about -- pick my game plan replaced. A young -- has pitched in a lot of big inning for the Red Sox. In -- one World Series for the Red Sox. And let's not forget -- now we'd -- go in a bit. As I can make it mid game keep it well on big games so I eligible -- at -- situation but that's her job powers. I Campbell about the team the Red Sox see this weekend -- -- or month then but I would tell you I am I'm surprised again I shouldn't be against. -- eighteen and ten now on the Oakland a's their pitching has been outrageous you surprised. There ought to this sort of start and what to be seen from them. Where you also look up it -- most wins the American League not Detroit not Boston. The Oakland a's out west. While we supplied by its like to greatly won ninety games five straight seasons. We don't want to give credit because they don't ask the 3456. Power hitters they're on commercials. But they find a way to get done every single year they could catapult and and they all think sixth seventh straight game and 45 more recognition at 23. You don't meet Jim Johnson got terrific start right and had to go you're only a few guys back the back in the open and now Johnson got the closer role but. You -- what you're gonna get directly in the east history credit. There are eighteen they are for at first -- -- a way to match up well they're like just like. That race and and they just they don't -- you'll offensively what you know what. -- -- pitch to somebody goes -- You know it's not or sort catcher or else up and it's that it's not Redick -- somebody out of Munich April -- in right field corner and a long time but. They finally get counseling that should surprise -- we don't wanna give him credit because they don't have that 45 million dollar a year player that's on every commercial. They'll want to ask these last that is go play at the plate PD was called out they reviewed it. Okay conclusive evidence and I looked at again and I still even at three Barry you know -- national played or not but. We're one month after instant replay that they've corrected 85 -- -- five over about a 190 calls -- so. Do you like it doesn't need to be tweaked where are we after a month. Last I was right called much you know that Pedroia -- -- -- -- you -- -- conclusive evidence and no issue touched the plate we can assume. It's -- to overturn -- call the call was correct. -- called out. But are still lost it seem to play you understand that he'd probably be to -- probably -- -- we can all probably we get we get bureaucracy so that play was correct. Beat they finally got through. And no one played on that what you and our retirement. I'm talking about it okay. Which is what what sort of multiple. If it's also that one they made the adjustment okay. That other stuff. That week and it will learn it and it's it's secure -- but they are all right -- receipt and stop it all right having like a part called -- really really good. You know trying to -- bat or no more like active are gonna get embarrassed so. I -- that we are just we got that would be like or not I think it's it's great speed to adapt into the. -- Kevin because people that get enough around here of the eight year anniversary. Of the 2004 Red Sox to back that took place couple Summers ago. The ten year anniversary will take place is a lot has changed the last couple years you're gonna be back in town according to the Red Sox on May 28. What they a cast of your members in 2004. I -- Cesar Crespo. Who has agreed he will be there Lenny DiNardo will be there Adam -- -- Will be there. Who the guys you're looking forward to seeing of your 2004 team back here at the end of may for ten -- celebration. Or brokered -- get. Here ever you're right but -- a lot that changing you're gonna be another and -- -- out on. With a Bucky eager -- so that's to that's for you can't -- -- hopefully you know slugger perhaps. -- reports -- -- -- mistakes he didn't last year. You know but it looked like time to really get their keyboard you got to get -- -- I -- the -- -- -- and they come up some more Marino or they can't do it before I'd like Baghdad looks. A little reduced. He knew about her power out you know and but -- haven't you love but it's a while but -- pokey Reese. You can Bradley Manning shortstop by seeing a while -- know these guys are going out well. A look at Porter it's always fun and I know that. Seemed like you got to get sick habit but it kind of basic and. All were born born busting your balls on this they're the Red Sox there and eight years with kind of I -- there ten years or right one but of the year was so bad 2012 the Bobby V thing was go crazy that they just figured OK we got to change up. Rollout you'll avoid an awesome year reunion. The daughter of an odd odd -- here and aren't. What we celebrate. I thought I'd hear a couple guys if they if these guys say their name they were on your team phils libel. Is going to be there. Jason shields is gonna be there. Mike Myers who you know but obviously trying to give somebody else I Abe Alvarez who is up for a cup of coffee worth hat kind of weird you'll be up there as well so those guys were I got a calf. I just don't like it way to get a contract they'll hit it I can't feel better enjoy the week able documents week.

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