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Pierre McGuirre, NBC Sports, analyzing game 1. 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports talks about the high level of play in Game 1, compares the play of Tuukka Rask and Carey Price, and discusses what to expect from the rest of the series.

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Pierre -- NBC sports portion of that by now. -- brought you by -- full power equipment by UMass online and by Clark Chrysler Jeep and he joins this year. On the ATP hotline -- I'll say it out of upfront for a game one. With both teams having some sort of layoff I was surprised. And how well that game was played overall in the back and forth we saw in that -- did take you back that it was played. At that -- level the first of the weddings to be seven game series. I'm really surprised -- good -- -- although it surprised that the caliber or. That speaks well spent 67 pitchers Salt -- Because the caliber play it was as good as any extremist biopsies and I've been around a lot. And I had just arrived in Pittsburgh tonight might eighteen gain an 181918. Cities -- -- -- acting more like Berkshire play out. How that ball Clinton that he gave marching. They'll be abducted a well talk about Carey Price authority and very good game I think -- plate Tuukka Rask who. But even with death still felt like there was opportunities missed whether it was screwed up on the trigger or -- coach gonna swing and miss in a guys missing the net but price and still you still very good obviously good enough to win. -- we try to build on that game last night -- broadcast blue balls you missed chances true the Boston Bruins in particular the second period that our players want a withdrawal would give them out once -- twice and I'm still convinced the second time where he had the rebound off the first one timer. That'll -- she was trying to beat you fly and would try to pick -- corner he just missed the net. Mentioning it there they would be a long -- Love that one timer when he's on the right hand side the edge of the cross crease -- you think about David preachy in -- all want to know overtime pure torture in the second period and being -- The goal post by Doug Hamilton are bark later on in the game by the reader sent cutbacks there were more than about their chances but I think there's people all along well answers. -- missed chances the that at one point Mac game Carey Price get into the heads the Boston Bruins they tried to gate make every perfect shot. Every perfect passes that is putting it on net the end he said that did you hear. And he the Bruins coaching staff employed their guys not to over think -- just put the puck on the sky. There are kept hearing him -- to shoot departure depart don't be cute cute cute the -- Now there's one thing I think we remember one Dominic Kutcher was really at its Halcyon days in the league. I remember -- gutter ball from before my team went up the requirement as Croatia the one -- teams do a lot when they get a get a good goalie. They try to pick corner or older. Rather than just shoot the clock he should make the guy who worked maybe he's not as good as you think. But a few less than that you know force and make it say if you're over proctor and allow the defense to catch up. It's a good it's a great theory I think it works. And the biggest thing is an example of that is meanwhile Lucic needs such as slick play one point at Torrey crew got to believe in crude had almost a wide open up but he decided. A whole lot of all blah blah blah and just shoot park. And it made for -- safer right so I think. One of the big agendas I think the Bruins scored into game two tomorrow afternoon. It's issued apart from anywhere just kept that. -- one of the keys to go in the series you talked about you know blogs in Montreal's -- that really -- pays dividends when you turn the puck over which is exactly what led to a couple of goals with. Group -- inept passing David Krejci just. And characteristic on -- what are you doing that bullion. A goal itself -- couple costly turnovers. I mean again according speed of the Canadian it is actually generated. Gay people adults -- a whole lot -- understand there's two things about the gains -- -- -- -- price. You'd think people don't know about the gains that are really important ones that are extremely court. Do they have a huge about a character much greater than ever before you saw with bill -- solid brand approach you saw what Travis small in my late. Derrick Caracter like you are. Ocean and so a lot higher than people give them credit for and natural I think this will be a launchers and I know a bridge -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are aware that as a team. A lot to talk about this but a follow up on you mentioned Moline and and some new pieces to this team -- I feel like that the Canadian the last two years. They're general manager has built this team an added pieces. With the Bruins in mind that they had skilled at speed they had to add to that next level like Travis Mon who was a big time part. Of a Stanley Cup back in the day do you believe that -- Montreal went about building. Their team with the Bruins in mind the last 24 months. No question I can tell -- yeah I was in the general managers search I was a runner up for the job -- the one -- -- -- -- -- -- get back doing things to Canadians weigh in you have to be prepared to play against Pittsburgh and bought sure that your doctor to do that. You know our success. He's got to get bigger you gotta get copper ought to build your character within your organization that try to what got you know -- -- would bankrupt and that's -- they went outside brand -- -- freeagent. -- more of the kid becomes sort of freedom sounds like very important player -- -- -- That's why they brought try to -- who yelled back which scored it you'd call for the he's not a great player to break character and he's a guy that's capable -- So beau Marc Byrd and has done a fantastic job there he -- thinking back on track because you realize how great the Boston Bruins are. You realize how good the Pittsburgh Penguins are and needed a -- case of those guys. B I can't remember the last time I saw her took rescued beat five poll would you think his performance last night. I think 2% of dust -- after the jump on the pile on capture people probably are but then again I remember after game one in the Detroit series. Everybody was written of for the bachelor goal which was a thing of beauty any economic question about it. El duque is harder on insult that any shank it ever -- any newspaper reporter can ever be. He knows he needs to be better -- -- you're not last night and I think you'll have a huge bounce back. And I'm not surprised that -- he's a lot of local and that is because he doesn't doubt abilities at all. What do you know about your ability straight to say what you make a mistake you're not on top your game it was not a game last night. The ever wire NBC sports -- put in the spot then we had a conversation with Montreal radio. Last hour and and the conversation led to they would not trade Carey Price straight up to grow Rask and no we saw. To their performances last night Pierre overall who's the better goaltender -- -- carry -- If you can't really answer -- better because they're both different and they and they really are able to have virtually the same pedigree that comes up through winning. Especially at the world junior level to gradually goal in the world juniors backed coup -- six Carey Price stole the show. In all seven -- and street he was unbelievable through the -- to win a gold medal. Then you look at the Olympic shift it's not wrapped him in probably that they get a bronze medal you're talking about apples and oranges in terms -- population based. And McCain's political this year so they're they're they're pedigree or similar when it comes to wedding between different styles so it depends on the kind of -- -- you want our. I like -- style the one thing I think -- does better than Tuukka. You know the -- The one thing I think -- it does better than Kerry. Is he challenges a little bit more carries a bigger guy it's it's a little deeper but I think to become doesn't challenge -- a little bit more to probably a little bit quicker security. -- -- -- you had a rough game. And I think that even in the turnover prone to -- -- didn't turn to global over to America have been very costly. East I think it obamas are also or just that lack of mobility country bad matchup for him maybe against -- team. You know I think again everybody can overreact to one game I understand everybody's -- is a loss I heard the fans and they were -- the building last -- not happy it's it's hard -- it's an emotional loss. It's against the dreaded rival. I wouldn't overreact but the one thing would match. And I think this is something that's always been there for -- winning the last guy back with a -- got to make better decisions I think he knows that the coaches I hear them calm all kind of but he's got to be better got just build -- -- spot in the order you need to put his arms and I wouldn't worry about. His speed or lack there of Andre is a pro he knows how to play these play against the canes are on overtime just because of the days and -- particular. I I spent a couple days out on the air here concerned about manic and what he was gonna bring to this Montreal team. He was invisible last night and it gives you pointed out. He was off the first line in what the fourth line is this guy hurt Pierre was that just a demotion based on getting no shots actually on net during his eighteen minutes in game one. I wouldn't bring him at last night and though he could explode at any time but I think Boston did a good way to think they're good job takeaways -- Leon but I really do. But the one thing is with him it doesn't take a lot he just he's -- to quality chances and he can make a different ministers. So that's something that you have to pay attention to when you're playing against them. The biggest thing to me is racial barriers are gonna -- around he does some guys are capable plank. And that our guys are gonna all the role in the right direction your decision about he's not afraid to do that that's the biggest difference I think would be convenient -- -- may -- Two or three years ago compared to now they have more depth they have more character. The coaches and afraid to take guys down is not gonna play based on -- what your name is or what -- numbers are what you're contract -- are gonna play and what you're good enough or not. You know we look at that game we say -- they lost the game the goaltending wasn't good enough and made -- costly. Mistakes costly turnovers but what I'm glad that we're not talking about is the referees you know -- Down the game was bitching about the calls at that there -- -- and I think that's something that was fearing coming into -- but no discussion of that here which picnic in the way it was called. Oh sure those good I mean people don't like the penalty at the end of the board koehlke. You can -- made the comment. Before the actual penalty I should okay the Bruins had -- and -- one time where they were shorthanded and all the time. It is applied Connolly was justified call you wouldn't wanna see that I mean it was a trip. But face -- if another scoring chance just take it away. They're gonna call that whether to get to Canadians or whether to get some bruised if it to anything else but that I don't think they would call that what I said in the you know that's the biggest thing I think is scoring chance denied now was that a glorious scoring chance and elbow was -- scoring chance tonight and that he wrapped a -- get a bit. Children were interpreted that way I think the restaurant issue are smarter than that. Here we saw a shot where with the it was Eller and martian right and funny you basically a gold back and forth on the NASA got. But the talk about that and also EU -- and pro -- -- was Canadians games. On a scale of one to 101 being you know hugs and handshakes ten being all out. Anger word it last night on the ice back and forth rank on that scale what did you think of L or martian -- funny. Well one was probably the highest award in terms of circulation. A little or would be making a mistake -- that's just not his thing. -- -- -- -- Again dollars in mutual player very good -- face such good penalty killer -- actual speed. In terms of the overall -- and now it probably is seventh in -- policy level. I don't think you aside enough to be honest in terms of animosity. Well if you're a lot more animosity game to the afternoon and -- Fluid that you get that. What would you expect I mean do you expect we do right. Think there I think the Bruins to get mad just like they did against you trade in their second game I think the brutal get -- -- go out not -- which is far and that's where there's also play and I think Montreal try to. Do what Detroit did not respond. And he tried bidding game true if you remember that really helps during the series. -- last one for me what's the one thing you know as a as a guy's been. On the coaching side of it what's the one thing Montreal did it if you're Bruins coach today. Alexei concern is the war but you are focused in on -- say we don't correct that what they did to us there where trouble in the series. Yeah I have to over plans to bet on the power play they tried. But the lodge faceoff on the second goal that you -- was helped you -- get -- always on him all annual outdoor report on him. And there Markoff from the left and shot on the left hand side of the -- at the mall there Markoff to try to -- -- from a bad angle. Or with a that's number one number two Canadian -- the puck in the back check and blocked shots as well as anybody they're just really good at that you have to find -- -- To change your approach. When you're coming up be -- either. Take a quick card flammable or you have to develop a cycle game in -- champ plays diplomat in Iraq and get a lot of parks and from the point in the production one thing. That it -- her -- and their defense and shoot the -- so all these stock groups horrible. -- charged horrible but usually get a lot or shot in the back and especially for the Chara. The air tremendous stuff your eighteenth game in eighteen days tonight Pittsburg and -- the other side. Of the Easter cup which we appreciate the time travel -- this -- and it will talk you next week. While I can afford to get the Boston for more game to look at fortunate -- -- -- start you guys actually have a great weekend everybody enjoy. -- to appear at the -- nineteen games in nineteen days for this guy -- flier miles right madness -- up points. Op areas brought you buyer friends and -- -- power equipment by UMass on line and Mike Clark Chrysler -- 61777979837. The phone.

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