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Behind Enemy Lines, Montreal: Canadiens take first game, 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

Mut and Merloni check in with TSN Sports Radio in Montreal and talk to Tony Marinaro about Game 1 between the Bruins and Canadiens. Marinaro claims PK Subban doesn't flop and that Carey Price is a better goalie than Tuukka Rask.

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Butler and ID 37 WEE I'll get back to your phone calls but every day after. These Bruins Canadians gays will go to Montreal connect with Tony marinara on the Montreal forum TS and it is brought to you. Like Clark Clark Chrysler Jeep dodge. Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the through an exit 47 -- 93 great people great experience always. A great deal and Tony -- are from TS in Canada. Joins us hopefully talking in Nazi Mitch melnick warned us he might seeing here today Tony Mott and -- Boston power you. Mitch melnick is just jealous because I can singing he can't I'm good looking and he's not that's just the way it is here in Montreal I don't -- and. I you know what I'll -- and MO little upset about last night's game that's at a ball upset you correct my grammar. To be honest with you don't do you know -- Twitter correct my grammar stood up that we -- in hockey. Due to meet the -- to be with. My word -- -- bother me open I'm not stupid it's called the deflecting attention -- -- misdirection if you watch swordfish and John Travolta. He just got a goal and an attitude to our pretend like it wasn't even watching the game if you follow me on Twitter is like the game was -- even going nominee I tell you something and I tell you something. I'd love to come on this morning to you guys -- this and that whatever. You guys have an unbelievable hockey and that's that's the truth I mean Boston was a better team in the Montreal Canadians last night. They outshot the Canadians they have a chance the Canadians the -- one point look like we were actually overwhelmed and you need a good goal to steal a hockey game and carry -- the game I mean that's that's set -- it is what it is we're gonna dissect. I don't here's my take on this game is around here we'll get a lot of Bruins dominate Bruins dominated and I don't really look at that -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what the hell I was watch and I thought that was a big turn over some guys. Fielded the -- journal that two goal -- channel what he was doing a -- jungle it quite frankly our record as the guy in net last night in the -- his mind was elsewhere in Tuukka -- soak. It was they gave the Bruins identical Burnett thirty really couldn't pull this game out. But I don't think it was their best game and that's why I feel better about the series moved forward even though we lost. Well you see it's quite contrary here we don't know of the Boston Bruins complete better than they -- -- last night yes the goaltending was shaky at which the early on to the rest probably would have liked of one or both back the first two. That BM. The Canadians can definitely play better we don't know -- Boston can -- either way people can all agree we got ourselves a series right. But what would you say that we know they can't presidents' trophy winner played at a popular in this yearlong. We don't know I don't know what -- equipment they they threw 51 shots Carey Price and they just didn't get the goaltending early on but you know you talked about two grass here's the deal. To grass is agree goal. Against every other team in the national hockey he's won nine against the Canadians I mean I'm not invent I don't know what's going on with him at the obviously the day there's something wrong with Tuukka -- against the Canadians at the garden -- nine. But the guardian and the can take advantage you know look if Carey -- -- for the Boston Bruins last night -- easily. So would you if offered up the great care they were off for the trade to comfort Carey Price Tony would you take it would Canadian fans make that trade today the rest of the series. Never -- c'mon c'mon now. -- -- -- Yeah -- unless -- your coach -- your general manager were with team Canada and decided to give Carey Price the rain slick and -- -- I understand that fortunately for him he's not Canadian. What what -- asked what did you ask load Julia and and literature they wouldn't tell you. But if you had a really good relation. Kerry price is better goal and two. But based on every price on the stock based on what. What is to -- better than -- -- based on what has carries that's ever ever had a run -- -- arrest had last year in the post season yet he lost in the Stanley Cup. We talked to -- 946%. One point 882 opposite opposite like a rock -- president had to get -- to now read me your back up stats. Back -- -- judge that good golly yes. Don't know I don't know I don't no no no no no I don't well you tell me. He plays more a team that has crisper and he's preaching. -- -- -- Yup very girls gone Brad marsh. Don't care. -- nominated for the Norris trophies you have one of the best coaches in the National Hockey League you have one of the best systems here. Differential between cool sporting goals against -- Boston most complete team in the league if you take a look the Boston Bruins -- may very well. I am absolutely convinced a 100%. -- approximately 100%. It is a 100% when. Why. Is it. That's -- you hear your latest music correct. We're not. I don't think I'm playing I got we got music we have music cranked up and sounds very. French Canadian music I don't that's all ordinary right now are areas without your got to stop this segment here with your music cranked up and it was in me that's one was. Listen to -- as I understand they got a great system but it's that so you're saying he will never know -- to rest. Good -- general a series Boston no no he's a very good goalie who's playing on a great team and a great system and because of that his stats are great all I'm saying is. If Carey Price losing bowl for the Boston Bruins -- numbers would be just as good as Tuukka Rask. And it when the Stanley Cup and it Carey Price was your goalie last year probably would've won it last year 217 cents. -- -- I'm just fearful that the the Bruins lose a game and where the Canadians were -- around the ice penalties burned out last night you can do you not get help from anyone today -- station or -- -- the that would -- that was a well played game well officiated game I can see anybody. Dive around the I suspect -- Montreal they still won -- game Tony that's my career is -- games coming at some point. Series good for you because I have to tell you Montreal -- that was our biggest you're going -- out of the Canadians prepare for the diving embellishment. I mean what Marcia has been able to deal over the past couple years to -- you saw the game against the trade redwoods that such. You know I almost I almost feel like this is like Yankee fan's blowing and no protecting more money on the edited it to hit hypocrisy right now. The Bruins here's the difference Tony is that there. Bruins fans when Marchand does it which Robert does it would -- and it does that we call amount we don't appreciate it for you -- you guys embrace it. You guys think -- hockey that's the biggest difference. You at the dealers -- -- -- -- pretty good guys to me. Is different much different it again but anyway here's the deal. You guys feed this year the Swedish you feed this garbage that the Montreal Canadians dying even do this. And you know what they eat it all up in the game they'll get all up in the -- it's unbelievable you guys. Do for making people believe that do -- you don't think that the Canadians more so that teams in the league try to get those calls get on the power play Tony. OK so -- diving calls the Canadians this. And well I've watched -- every single game. And I'll be just means that all -- -- do was -- a case of our nightly basis and I guarantee if -- -- don't. If you -- in to grass was watching him to the puck went in a couple of times mr. due respect Pete Pace that was -- 100% as as a player as a as a player I do I think he's a great player. I don't think he needs to play the way he does that guy gets touched. Enact -- key is the poster child Tony this guy goes down so he is so soft there's no need for. So what was last things on our modern barbecue time probably this year I saw the brewers player. The guys expect them -- -- in the corner is an example. But it could be an exemplary and -- enough. And I would imagine if you open up your lines to your listeners right now that when you -- listen here's the deal right I would take prisoners my team any day of the week placements and and Lucic on my team is like he's not that you -- players balls I take a bunch of players on my eighteen from the Boston Bruins. The UTP keys to -- team all I actually bought -- Arpey -- Arpey noted. Why -- throwing a water bottle at what's what's the settled. Not with him with groups are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I'm saying is actually the reality -- mean to prime minister spoke of this Chara hit it went down parliament floor you actually. You actually had an eight month investigation. Already checked you know hockey -- and how do we know. I don't know whether. How do we know was in the Boston Bruins fan that actually wanted to take a shot at the Montreal contains -- -- of the -- I'm sure -- thousand faculty crumbled after about -- -- second to think about this for a second. Zdeno Chara hits Max catcher and he accidentally by the way because he didn't even know the country was on the ice obviously -- -- just happened questionable -- -- -- Questionable -- about it. And done and -- couple people jumped on the phone call 911 bright -- couple of hundred right couple hundred people that don't in the fifties. The Boston Bruins organization should. Called the cops to arrest Morris the -- to restart the teen did have -- the how bad is that and how I don't look at that thing when the -- up and out embarrassed about good for you you guys -- in recent. Now that's just why what you're why would this have been -- that we that we call leave it to Boston Police actually. Run the investigation. What you guys did for eight months did I did the president United States have to address. You know what I was in I was -- -- -- back in 1955 I don't know I just a passion and where did great tonight DPP five on the show -- marketing -- you on this and you carry rays Jersey autographed it. Electorate want to beat -- about -- has been so good for a good stretch him out you'll have done more to seeing is rather playing with the Boston Bruins and the rivalries and and more which is actually even. Crazy that vote. I I can't imagine this point you'll you'll see it on your Twitter feed weakest weeded out the video -- case to bond. In game seven at 2011 that's your example of us who -- Campbell got behind them. Eddie dole backers like -- diving it is something. Oh my god -- summertime barbecue Tony as an example of PK embellish and just the little bit. All the guys the Montreal -- -- -- -- tell me how bad the keys to build an embellished. Examples of three years ago we just one example. It's only asked for Tony sorry I got to break the rules I'm excited that your little narrative of this year that's one example there are plenty out there the you'll get sent. To your Twitter account at marinara trust me. Cherish and marsh on bills twice within the span of two minutes just last week this is that I have fully agreed Boeing agreed -- -- -- want to the balls should have been suspended for that Marcia and which are falling down. But at least have a sense of ball Bruins fans I don't think like that Montreal Canadians -- like their team's identity Tony that's the difference I think. You know you run ups in -- story. And what is it available who. Exactly. Legend. Alleged probable response it's just he's been there since I was epic yet I -- out to spend a lot of forty years now explain that -- -- about this about the game what was the world. Disappearing act that has got the brutality and fourth line. Which hopefully will fight for game two would be cool if he can actually wake up. They still want they still want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That can -- -- John -- What do you think I'm originally right I don't know Mitch melnick right again the song the guys is this. I. I good -- -- that's good. Montreal leads the series one nothing you did it without that dive and last night Tony great job -- we'll talk to you on Monday correct ticket won without Carey Price being the first -- your building -- by Google -- that -- that's why I -- -- though it does the guys across the street where we are awesome -- home for the Bruins homers for the Bruins who Brad -- and second start last night is an embarrassment over Kerry price price -- -- the stars. And the -- You guys like guys that. I totally will -- my amendment advocate Eric there's -- ago that's done. -- car and borrow from Montreal we did not. We did not pick the three starts of that game last night you go to your box scored Youkilis who picked the three start that game and pick Brad marsh and with -- two assists over -- for the second star for Carey Price holy crap. 61777979837. The phone number eight TT -- -- looking forward that I your reaction. To our little conversation with Tony very narrow on the eighteenth -- text like 3793 set it on Twitter. At boomer Loney at -- and UT. WEEI right back to your calls next Sports Radio W week.

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