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Shawn Thornton on the game one loss 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show hours after the game one double overtime loss.

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That is the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan our conversation was -- important. Is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union and by Norfolk our equipment. We always -- -- stand up guy but again that guy wasn't so sure after a double overtime the -- you put your head on the -- what time last night this morning shot. Compared to 230 to meet a beer to to calm down after that don't should. Yeah yeah yeah they I as purely up part of the show. There are twenty possible games remaining for the Bruins if you continue to win every series in seven. I can almost guarantee there won't be one more frustrating than what happened in game one against the Canadians last night agree or disagree. Well let's hope not -- in those. They -- talked about it after the game but pick it -- -- -- we would later. Just wouldn't know it there's. Bought out is that usual across the liner inside oppose. -- Well you know your bracelet unbelievable. We I thought for the most part we played recently in. I'm asking you for the timing on the mindset what you in particular as a -- teammates in general think about this game. My guess would be that while the game is being played you're being you're discouraged by what's happening. But after you have a beer or two where you wake up in the morning you're encouraged by the manner in which. You did play last night although the -- Bob -- Fox didn't go your way. -- is this article that and move on -- it at a Connecticut. Apart that. You pick up all that is I'm sure we'll go to the record it. A video of this but there was stuff we can improve on sale but. I guess you look at the pauses looked at control most of that a lot of people said we couldn't. People put their case a player I think for the most part apparently. We did a really good job. At the last image we saw on television. Show was EU. Shouting at the official. I assume you had a problem with the -- Penske called hole. Right. I think that that stuff happens a lot. -- have opened the ice and I think it and it feel about the part is that. I can't you know Obama that enable this initiated -- a tactic but all the tropical wave over time double overtime. Do you have a problem with officials who who. Call the game differently at different points of the game like that may be in the first period not a penalty and maybe it is. That kind of thing with -- change the way they call the game in overtime or in the final minute. Thought -- kind of old school so apparently -- political weight over time. -- -- You know you want consistency you know. On any given night out you know where where the line is. I thought -- -- -- a result little part of our players but I thought I was. You know it is a little bit. -- -- Up. Said when it's in sudden death when it's in overtime and less you'd be your penalty. Takes away a scoring chance more often than not they're not chemical penalty that about right. And let it it was supposed yeah public. Probably a fair statement. You got a shot a backhander always seem like yeah. A real good scoring chance if that's me I have to admit that Reynolds sleep at all it is would beat me up I'm not good at that -- good good -- Does that tell you the same way. Cult like has it been harder on myself and myself but. I've learned over the last years -- dwelling on it. It it just start snowballing after release of the premier -- You know earlier in the season. We're fighters have been cut off because of the public about the -- reports -- but it is. -- post saying you kind of just trying to pick all the all in all good things happen more often than not so our. You're coming out. Were shot on Saturday not a lot of criticism -- the shoulder. At all. Don't recall Larry you hope you hope that -- very well we got an outline mr. Oracle's chances in the slot. Eat it went flawlessly. Out. Again less used the word dominated and rescues there were as well able city guys dominated the game last night but lost an election happens hockey on the other sports that -- -- a -- -- and we watched that game last night and you part of that game I felt that watching you guys dominated that game. I think I think that we we control it to play it. So that's -- of people that we would it would do so on. I thought we played good enough to win. We didn't felt so we're gonna be better at it. -- in the better team the better team could lose a game well agreed to -- game strange things happened. In the better team the superior team -- ace best of seven series. You know more -- but not. In the but it about. Well. But we don't usually look at the big picture there's -- a more focused. All thirty Saturday now. Let me ask you this is and another way -- And the Bruins play better or is it more likely the Bruins and get luckier and I know you hate lucky but what he's a part of this deal. Blood clot I think we simply better I think they're gonna play better too gullible are we gonna help you -- for not having you know we can't just say up well -- When majority games and in there opposite. They're gonna know what they can be able to better literature that is that is so we're gonna have to step up another well another level. Based on your pal Hugo was pissed off at the end and march grumble that the dressing rooms lemon some doors do more than that he was very hard on himself. Now is -- said I -- is that I played like poop you musical and is that Tuukka BM Tuukka or is that took a -- a good teammate. Policies that -- he's. He's a competitor he. And he's seen -- and shoot a -- lecture. It all up and -- nobody put an eight Labonte and the Lockerbie residents mapping very is that nick and nobody. He just built a competitor and he he really -- a lot about and consult every single night. I admit that he gave me we got a fair chances. Make it easier for and couple cool he's from Seattle picked it looked like that is look bad so. But -- -- -- -- expect about double -- That's what makes him in a one of the best political world. And in the middle of his anger was actually kind of funny -- you heard this but a reporter said can you be better tomorrow. It's all the stop a bunch of shots and practiced our call it a a it's early yeah. -- bond is a great player very talented guy obviously keep key player last night. As -- old you're old school guy you have your standards does he annoys you. I think I think. Call -- team that -- it under a lot of people in the paper are this time a year that it. Laughed out of finish your checks and determined. Indy can't really let the education be there. You know. You'd use it we have -- -- about agitators and art institute. I don't agree that you buy out. It it did seem watching it last night though didn't seem that there was much extreme from that on either did -- didn't seem like there's much embellishing her flopping -- agitating it seemed like it was just hockey. Yeah I think. Maybe the news that the work that there but the reputations I think you know -- we didn't have an extra arms and we're very early age. Certain that we becoming out of -- extras but is it written and I think. They've probably the -- but let down copy of culture is very cultural I don't know why that is about it on those meetings with. The supervisors. -- tell us. I think that the group we decided that we had here that we'll -- in the promote our outlook. Sean at the planets and stars aligned and -- -- did not sign a contract extends to Montreal and someway somehow and that -- in Boston. Wouldn't -- be embraced by the fan base and would he be embraced by his Bruins teammates. -- -- I can't see that happening it's all hypothetical. We. Respect guys have been guru. See -- and it broke worked so -- one here played the -- You know it. That's the game and Brothers provinces WPP. The bad that I can't speak for the I don't know. We're buddy buddy is a good hockey players are correct in his act earlier but he's good. Now he's he's as talented and into on the one and are all right Clay Aiken is he's a very also -- is. Sort this sort operator of Google a good shot at ski. It is a good player. He's about north. What is the early start mean -- you guys I know of Tyler -- we're still around people would wonder if it. It at a bad time but if you have as a group are you mourning people. Yes we're good at practices these little left and I cannot -- that you know we got an extra hour apple I want. Personally picked. It up I don't sleep -- -- at a resort Victor I know it's true it's just difficult. About which building is louder. -- senator or the TD garden. But last night lot leopard heater I think you're more. I hit. Montreal has the luxury of -- -- or 5000 -- amateur well. You know. Up to compare them not lately I did like -- we all have all the ban -- -- led the national asks that the I would love that. You'd better look what they're going to begin I love these guys. Defense and we get a lot. Did you did you grow up paving the Canadians. Yeah I'd kind of like. And up from throttle so. Probably I try to be -- -- camp of -- -- -- -- Early well but that you know that. There rivalry with Toronto Montreal. What a pretty big back and. And others argue the person who doesn't like all fencing the National Anthem with exceptional the Boston strong opening is -- -- he wants a stage himself tomorrow -- -- there. I I heard right fit -- Our conversation you with here during the game you mentioned Kenny Albert last thing that your talking to you conversation distracted him drag laughter laughter in the broadcast. -- -- He's right there but it like it was also noted several block it happened but look up on the screen and sort of Rick said the actual. But the like that not not brought that about half a cup -- -- More. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What time is practice the day. Probably going to be at what. Elaborate archer -- on the right getting up early in talking as we appreciated I was up all right good luck tomorrow. Jumper with Tennessee Callahan it's brought -- you by the city of Boston credit union -- perfect I'll equipment.

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