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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Donald Sterling has cancer 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Donald Sterling and his cancer fight.

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All right headlines brought to you by AT&T that cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network by precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do and I'm moxie so distinctly different just like me -- -- like -- moxie. Rate one day. -- -- distinctly different just like me assess really. That's up to distinctly different just like guy out for God's level which. Like that if it's just like me -- Where my -- are some good news you may disagree -- but I think the fact pearl. I don't know it's a decision -- have to make it is human beings as members of the human race we now have -- decision to make your karma guy rate. -- Disgraced racist LA clippers owner Donald Sterling is battling cancer. Surprising those around him sources have told the New York Post they told that late last night at 11 o'clock. They thought he would die two years ago when sources sterling was -- on Tuesday. Another source -- throwing now eighty years old is specifically suffering from prostate cancer. Donald Sterling. We meet I want -- I think it's this thing scary one we have cancer. The world and I would -- two years ago yet the music and lose it's sort of late but a couple years to me that I did. He says he's an inspiration to me you know. At the full list there and get the broad. This -- -- -- about doctor Andy see you lemons you're going to giving -- Meaningful for the yeah. -- thank. The scale as you do in the -- well. And of -- and it says she needs a doctor load I would not choppers would not enter no food and drug yeah. Can't do it one I don't want to. I was probably entered sterling. There's a whole lot of fun so -- just let me ask this -- and as the population. Should response to the news that Donald Sterling as answer be good he deserves it. Or are we supposed to be. Bigger people and -- -- well let me let me before I answer well you know it's a bad -- on some -- cancer many things he's given money to probably see only McLaren -- -- about. Jockeys -- Manny did a lot of charity stuff I would say this about stronger foreign answered it. Strong refused to pay for prostate cancer surgery decade ago for big clippers assistant coach Kim Hughes. I contacted the clippers a medical coverage has said the Sergey wouldn't be covered the senate did it for one person. Nothing new for everybody else for clippers players chipped in the cover the 70000 dollar cost for -- liberals they sell his his health insurance to. And cover so you might might flags go up when I hear stuff like that like he's got was -- prostate that Kim prostate -- black crime. I think he has might answer a lot that could bat could be a reason you really. Kids I think I'm not gonna do that to evict the bitch all I know that publicly Adam silver and the other owners would not say good I'm glad -- cancer but from a financial interest standpoint. I don't know I don't -- I wish and it was you know sewage for right right. A -- feel bad for first for sterling -- do you he's one. If you got quick Google with Betsy in the league eight ton of -- I don't know aren't known as she get the two easiest states -- I think she musket that the in the not divorced while and the more we learn about her the -- we realize she was. A -- 88 the right -- willing participant is Bologna and his client in and she was like. Knock on doors and demanding the rent money some of these moral blind placebo was kind of his muscle. -- What my prediction movie studio which he going to give tax on. And the revenge port offers on the table. Vivid entertainment honcho Steve -- is sent via letter offered her starring role in the sex tape with as he put at the world most well endowed black men in the porn industry oh boy she gonna win that -- advisor yeah -- -- can't let up at the end. It is quite good I didn't quite a good idea. Is that yeah. You know. That I once had the porn star on. -- -- name NG it was eight. It's a Longo was -- as she was famous for being with Michael Jordan. All right and so she made a point based on that and there was a guy who looked like Jordan was a post -- in the movie and he was a basketball players Flickr group B -- -- ball that he was bald. And they hooked up and that the end was this in a while six in between Michael and -- -- I don't know who's crazy yeah. She wasn't really great look and bullets she knows she Gator venture ventures and that it had that's what this this this if this will be like that that be a Magic Johnson looked like a fun kind of a big. Yet where do you go to go likes to go on the locker room clippers player will be down there and do that -- well do you do the whole thing you'll watch this crucial she's part Asian. Bit -- -- -- now but she was at first option excellent black. Yeah you like Mexicans trying. I mean come from up I'm not certain Mexican onto galore don't well I don't but -- it up on occasion I do. You know I wrecked the good guys on this occasion but -- did you ever dated Asian woman I never dated. Will it is part of your proclivity why did you not seek an Asian -- I have Stengel I had. Time with you aggregate all -- yet yet nicely gave created. Why they're going to a teen girl 74 years old but I mean they're a nicely -- -- good morning final sterling story. The owner of the famous bunny ranch brothel in Nevada his band that Donald Sterling from life Dennis Hoff. Took a page from -- -- playbook telling -- not to -- ever visit the Carson City -- house or David brothels in the state again. Here's is -- -- said. The team has been ripped apart he says this. I respect the players the MBA players a lot of who frequent this place he's really we've been destroyed from coming here. In any time two point 13% of the prostitutes you're African American in the smoking hot. Some of them were crying this -- -- doing this for them as well we don't need racists or bigots at the body. They're lying. There upset about it -- -- -- can destroy take all he says he also said in the subsidy once the by the clippers. Yeah -- that's not by your bunny -- that kind of money. He is cocky he's got to admit I don't think aerial images attitude -- -- house and HBO. Yeah he's dead he's he's got some obvious get -- ago. I don't think it's proved he's busy night for real catch. Twenty million dollars -- -- -- She's not -- one million for. -- -- and when they did you Mayweather before this that don't you think. That money's no object that the in the and -- first. The one thing that it's going to be tough to swallow is he's gonna make it on the money right now what they get 700 million it would be a -- problems -- the -- more than anything and these people all pro Ellison. Gift given. And they don't they are -- and carrots like magic in the Guggenheim group yeah Dodgers -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- how to rise in over two billion. Even before I would have not contracted cancer I would have gone quietly said Klein I'm hated them get away from -- someplace else take a moment money. Wouldn't accelerate the process of that it would if you answer you wanna spend. Every waking day and month and year fighting this and to a deposition and -- yourself in an out of court I think -- state and illegal died doing what he laws. Which he -- just fuels him remorse when he's Creighton aperture health now cancer treatment you aren't going to Europe doesn't go to Europe with V -- once he decides. To walk the beach avenue -- he doesn't wanna go to Turks -- go well he wants to court and win was that Kylie Ireland. It was kind of an incredible place probably looks hideous probably you know which is held up over Republicans -- chance to work. -- the big away. You know if there's an older. Other -- that Italian and the cougar. That realm sure ultimately Randy realm yes I haven't really I've got out of that world yet -- there like underground screening at all does everything and anything you want any theory you could find the US tennis. The Pulitzer for. I don't surf. You don't -- a specific thing I mean I'm done viewpoint -- right. Let's go what -- you aren't afraid to go where. Did your did you guys hand were merely trying to stay on the clock -- your iPad and get me by my responsibility. They don't just call the -- and -- -- -- Roland again he got a quick 551. Last quick story -- a -- -- -- every out every had to do -- hundred sexist woman in the world. Now it's number one yesterday no -- Kate Upton -- not. Not so let me ask you for your tires -- patsy. No -- no no no. Jennifer Lawrence on number. She's -- -- -- -- you the best the hottest -- number was British actress Michelle -- Rihanna was number three -- attractive at all of what she -- it -- -- -- -- beyoncé Scarlett Johansson I think would be -- with picking them rounded out the top five Jennifer Lawrence goes from number twenty. Number one while bottles soda mile Kunis who dropped to number so thanks a lot happier single and I was Mary -- That's at last brought -- ATP pursuit of fitness equipment and by moxie starkly different just like me when we come back just. -- back. I'll give it some time to think about we are going to discuss and demonstrate. The worst element of a passionate playoff rival. Like the Bruins and Canadians and also hear from the person -- might be least credentialed. To criticize. Instant replay in Major League Baseball. -- -- -- --

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