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Previewing Bruins & Canadiens with DJ Bean of WEEI.com 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

We discuss Bruins/Habs with DJ Bean live from West End Johnnies by the Garden.

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All right so what's an abbreviated urged the dale -- Sports Radio WE yeah I -- broadcasting live. From West -- Johnny Portland street just down the street from the TD garden. Where tonight 730. But two and half hours from now Boston Bruins the Montreal Canadians tee it up in game one of their best of seven series. Now we brought him one of our hockey guys from WEEI dot com BJP is here Michael Holley is here. Dallas. Well hi -- particularly the later just knock -- -- perhaps our dollar and I'll. Head down the street go to work the other job but that is the longest 21 baseball game in the history of baseball games is that. I'm surprised that it's tied with the -- 600 other two to one baseball game at my baseball has always doing that. The starter for Tampa. Gave up one run. Gave up one hit. Walked six guys. Six gaps so that's why it was one of the longer games in the noted that way even Jacque BP I saw that then that's it. Jake Peavy was the tough luck loser against a look at it that way but. Even at a game where he gives up two runs. In use today you know he pitched well I don't think he. I don't think he pitched that well the body he kept them in the game -- at five walks he walked and they would turn it would turn out to be the winning run. Go back to our conversation yesterday with John Ferrell I figured you guys that you trust and -- -- that you know the he has been pretty consistent. He's been consistent he's been. Just good enough to tick you off at times. It's not at -- today. At a faculty -- got to get you more one run against that guy but I watched three in the first inning guy gives up a run lost it lost out at a critical time. -- but we'll talk -- bit more about hockey the rest of the way considering that there's another baseball game com. Not very long from now word what you guys are here to about 645 I'll be here to bottom of the hour. It over the guard did he get this and Steve and I were talking about this earlier. You get the sense that the hatred the animosity the angst between -- fan bases both teams. It just it just knocked it about six levels higher. I mean I didn't feel any animosity any -- any anything with a for a red wings. You get ready drop the puck with a Canadians and micro. Just bring him on. Right and getting bombarded me personally as someone who was against the whole diving conversation. I'm tired of it -- -- kids because. The series at the start yet and already people are -- -- see it all the pictures of Montreal diving practice it's a picture of a swimming pool because the joke there is what they do was indicted along that as -- sorry if so that hasn't got a hold the polity but. Either way to stick to the ice for the civil diving that this should be great series anyway. The biggest problem with the Bruins supposedly that they can't play well against speed which. That's candidacy could be just be -- a fast team in five games but. And he. -- good speedy fast team it's offensively deep it's better team used beat Detroit. Definitely better -- their top four of the Detroit has better goaltending is a much greater count we -- a lot of talk about is that the Canadians the biggest jolt the Bruins can face. In the Eastern Conference. Before the playoffs started I felt that you know answer them they're -- down before I would've said no. Now say yes like who -- two -- do you fear in the eastern conference for -- Pittsburgh come. No not able now let -- OK but maybe you don't hear Pittsburgh you if you say they're worse that records are -- better in my -- Right at Pittsburgh better than not real they're better -- that they're better offensively that you saw with the Bruins did to that team last year -- -- -- now. Our quick but top to bottom if you look at it from the coaching staff of the -- went to the first line. Fourth line goaltender obviously it was that they don't get a check our -- right. But top to bottom are the Pittsburgh -- what's better about the -- better posture. I think that the Bruins are -- them both teams out at the Canadians have is aside from the whole speed thing. Is that they can say that there in the bruins' head that historically they've got to the Bruins not playoffs not recently. Not the Bruins under -- Jose and the three of the last four playoff series gets a dream. People keep wanting to talk about the regular season like it matters. Like it mattered in the Detroit Red -- series of totally with you are it doesn't matter if that they don't care about what this team out how this team which is why would say -- you do it that either you guys about -- that. If this is what makes it. But this year's group. What do you remember our conversation but what we know exactly. Who you're talking I think about I thought our conversations were cited there. It's so hard look before you start to hurt. I read -- quote what was it that if you look at the date they want the presidents' trophy this year. The narrative with this team is that they're never gonna win the president's true because they don't care what goes on the regular season in the three lefties in the -- they still didn't care in the still one. That shows you that their plate of pretty weak Eastern Conference and it shows you that means that the saint Louis blues is probably fell off -- well but wolf two things they are playing and we Eastern Conference to right. They also had a great record against the Western Conference right outing they had a and and I forget what the finals -- -- -- -- -- like the sharks though -- but it's like nineteen for something they were literally that good against the west right so I. I mean this whole thing well Leo the early play in the east and all the powers in the west while the Bruins. The west acts this is that this is going to be a never ending struggle between me and -- that. I will say it would. Total of the Bruins are by far the best team in the Eastern Conference. Dale wants to maintain that it especially in the NHL which defeated. While we're gonna boring being able to. Let's say but did you ever think about what's happening -- argument was. What -- stronger now the other day and said it was 160 stronger because Saint Louis right applicant after what you typically falls to Chicago. I think what this last night's panel today. It's a three zip the odd part but games and now they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- still got San -- out of it up to comfort legitimate. -- -- gathered with the not enough but for for me for a single -- the -- over the -- is the word album Chicago Saint Louis Italy those three teams in the conversation for when you -- to go to government investigate Chile's state. -- a few teams out west that might have some say about that I'd rather tight I didn't consider the sharks to be part of that conversation as the -- through the ducks be part of that conversation. But it was Saint Louis Chicago in LA not really surprised what happened the sharks but he -- surprise zero threes that they lost -- both surprised that what you're up three up that you think you can at least one of the next four but. Belies the better team and I mean -- I know they have difficulty scoring but well let's just make it simple yet which team in the NHL's better than the reports right now today but I'd still think Chicago. Based on what. Based on what you saw them last year than on I don't know I don't care about last year I said right now how are they different right now from last year. I did I don't think they are I think the Bruins off. I think the Bruins are dramatically different than last year so get it gets in that conversation is it are the Bruins better off right now without that -- covered it with third line. Then it. And -- Seidenberg in a power play that they were last year. With Seidenberg with it ferrets and do without much the -- yes they're better now than they were last year. Yes confidently. How much more confidently can I say that what they're gonna yes they're better now than they were last year art and a Heidi have been very in the side of the of the morning. I games five games. 60. Well I knew what it -- and while I. No no wonder I didn't know I don't. Not as good as like boxers -- -- -- I don't -- funny that you guys like. Hey lets them feel welcome again it's a straw I don't really get is how odd how confident do you say you got to put it if I can't really. -- -- -- You've got to win this thing. -- -- Not a huge difference between what you got disabled but before before. I want to tell people what I have a week. Making game one -- opportunity for people what -- what if it's 530. There are all all it happened and I had happened there -- of course there are. Thoughts on -- ago but. But tomorrow but to -- Jeff Whitney to pick it got to the -- without it happening again. Let PJ dean and they'll just gave you ZO what's going to be happening. About. Half hour forty minutes to return. Of the world friends with that Emmy nominated. Committed these. Subject of thirty for thirty bill -- I don't think so what you have here on late rounds yes that like. I'm out or if you if I'm dissent right now you -- lightning round them up. What's that on top of that is the dumbest realized -- Unionist -- -- gotten -- done with that -- if you don't come out the door I don't like Rogers cup obsessed with that the latest favorite thing I don't think that it over the what happened last night -- -- another example. Sitting around this or whatever they got ready for thirty shows that that's yeah that's. The real relative that's that's that piece that just now has a lot of tension there's a lot of drama. An interview from jail interviews. Today. It was the guys don't look like route from Ottawa -- what you have to watch a whole attitude that -- it. You're you you actually walk out the door on me. I'm mark dog or a particular candidate but it sounds so much more about all right it through after all we would do that today -- well that we are gonna do it today. Final drive and then it you guys are gonna have fun with that I just won't be apart final would you let me and -- -- there's a lot of -- -- -- -- -- us. Restoration specialists. Poll monitors read some more upsets at that's. -- set -- -- top that but what -- what do you guys think this this series gonna come out to give I said before a public UT today. All this diving. -- -- acknowledging that's higher but I also think it's tired argument and hope you haven't. Plan to write this open ever witnessed the last couple days. I used -- -- it got here to fight terrorists do it but it can't be this. The Bruins have to maintain their discipline -- can't be so they'd have. -- -- -- gets so. So so it's also true it's contracts in the area. It's contracts in the media that went and other reporters asking questions first story though that you're not going after. The roll your -- they would dump story angle -- needed that guy is. I don't believe that I don't believe the dictator like that I think that there aren't. It it's tough to think of story angle sometimes so whatever your gonna write go get it could accommodate gob bless dude you got do. But the last like three days of my life had been hearing reporters from everywhere so. He's got to be careful after the whistle. Brad -- it's a past like -- like deer caught. It epic about the counter -- yet to be careful after the whistle with what he's got it now. I don't -- under -- LeBron at all I I don't have to be disciplined in Syria I don't look at. Like its sponsor or play if anybody else ever happen to just go out there. I'll hit it but you have to play the structures that. You know a team that has agreed to -- the Canadians. Because they're facing a power play that's clicking at 37 point 5% it's the Canadians who had people there -- is so that's a great point you make it like it makes people asleep on this the happ threw it to the last 36 having bright. On the power play. Beat the 200 that they do 279. Penalties this year 140 home what period on the road the whole. Think of the belts that are go out there and what you've played there you give them power play goals. It's not really things right now because the draw at the same amount penalties regardless of where they are. And they don't score once again on the powerfully maybe that can change but. Right now. That's storyline does it doesn't apply to the historically it does you look at all that the diving and things like that you've seen. All the partly built they've scored these teams are different right now we've still slit the Bruins to the team that have the dieters -- the ruins are the team. That the Canadians don't want. Arlo who is that guy started that earlier this week the guy for me and popularity sit right John anything. You know he's not a great player I know. What is the -- -- -- he always finds a way you don't build those power that both -- to -- For me it's Carey Price I think that you didn't go up against very strong opening in the last series even with TV Howard you when they weren't scoring gets Jimmy Howard a lot the first couple games of the series he's been a big rebounds there were opportunities to score like that you get to the front of the net better. I think it with the Canadian QBs get better top four there's no friends that the you can just. Totally take advantage of it there it's Kerry price is a far superior gold in my mind about them -- the papers guy. I think both bill. Okay so we're in agreement I mean I was but it took him but he's -- he's I was gonna stupid to go I mean. -- exceptionally I'll probably both -- and -- they -- -- one of the three best school recently got -- Kerry price. Is what the fiber successfully -- the only difference is I think duke is the best goalie in the I think I argue Gary that writes in the top spot I think that arguments there I think that those that -- Obviously there's always going to be a good argument for what was that he's done for longer but I mean. And I'll begin to not getting too far ahead of ourselves with with. Assessing our witness that's the guys who are used to watch each night but I would agree I have no problem you say that to growth that's going league. When it comes to Carey Price we said before we've seen him run so hot so cold that that means he's a he's been back for a while but he's coming back from that Olympic break it which was banged up he was out for awhile because that feels way back. You also -- take its Olympic gold tending. And use that as an example for how it's applied and got better yet the best brands in the world playing in front of them in Sochi. He's got. He's got he's got to get tougher its defense is not as good as the Bruins defenses which by the way it's not as safe as the fruitless lot of goods yeah. The Bruins are much better team defensively the Canadians are right it top to bop and -- and forwards defenseman goaltending -- -- they're a much better it is all three of their varies a lot more comfortably. They can mix and match more. The Canadian -- Pretty much an all time users receive either mark -- though there you see Georges in Sudan they're getting Georgia's back was huge for them because have been cooler if our defense exactly exact same thing I said last series yeah yeah tell me how that third defense -- gonna do against the bruins' third line it's. How -- we don't talk about much more as you'd like to be up there and we talked about this with with that guy that's work like that Johnson. I don't know if he said it was accurate priceless pieces it's weird guy. -- Montreal up at your pace of. He he he's so dynamic offensive. That at times I think he gets a little too carried away with his offensive game and suddenly -- well -- -- they go right. Yeah look he's got a great shot he moves the puck well. He gets around I think her defense like Ali was very he's I don't think he carries on site map. No no but immediately meets the Gatos company and had Russia's provocative men's. There was one goal of -- of the series earlier today he just -- -- two guys off at me Africa who may have been a lot. Like -- -- behind that that to set up the -- and scored the bull. But -- Use the word dynamic. There are a lot of buzz words that we overuse of hockey we see the -- dynamic too much that applies to -- who have been perfectly. I think that I think that the net and. Again I think the guys that last series the check marks that. Oh yeah you give me give me a single part of the game is one of the Canadian to check mark and in the last series by the way I said coaching was even its body and hazards. It's not know Claude Julian is superior coach well this is superior coach get those superiors yes. Absolutely positively they don't recovered shelves. When I look at it if I do the check marks. I can't come up with -- an area where I give the Canadians an advantage in anything. Any area offense defense special -- power play penalty kill goaltending. Coaching I can't come up with a one I'll tell you this Michael. Michelle Theriot does deserve credit because he got them back on track very quickly after that the awful the year before it locked out when. Them for days of that the rich content worth year. -- -- the whole team was in shambles the end of get like -- top I think that's how they end up getting -- -- -- -- that he was in disarray he traded how Gil you're wondering like. This team as the decision -- -- they are they rebuilding. -- they need to keep going with this veteran group they have. In think they can put in these guys they had Gallagher covered up they had built had it coming in. Carey Price that for the prime of his career you -- the you have now. He brother Terry and they did that he took about two penalties the peak of the season four degrees last year but aside from that -- that team hit its stride -- up winning the division. -- -- beat the Bruins for the division so give him credit there but still the of the -- they clearly know now. It's forbidden to talk to about forty minutes in what -- we have that -- Nobody. Officer. We haven't been -- that I don't think he's been that great for the well yeah is that he has been a great form but it is -- your guy that. Based on its history if what you don't different situation is that streak to -- always plays well as the guy that appeared that you have. Help the a respect for fear I don't know what the word is but -- the day overuse wildcard guy. Spears certainly easily he's playing on a first line with a 39 goals scored matched maturity so mean -- after. Did that line's going to be a handful for a matter who plays against them we -- -- fortunately you know who's gonna play against the reason we're -- that's can be Patrice Bergeron. So I don't worry about Thomas that it is much. I yeah I don't worry about -- -- is much weight -- you notice what that series shifts from Montreal and Terry it has the last day he gets to get those guys away from Bergeron. It's going to be scratchy against. It's QB Kurt she gets that they -- they -- which you know what the and an -- you're right usually think last change means a lot. I use the stat the last series and it jumped I could get yet they could not get that -- who are giants Datsyuk. 94% of that's its ships here in Boston right Zdeno Chara was on the ice they go to Detroit -- it's -- last change for the red wings now. 93% of that's how shifts talked to Dana Chara was on the ice or in -- How that the Bruins pull that off as it -- that god. The guru Mike Babcock history. I think -- I was up balls. Load is really good at this and said Doug Houda. Who runs the defense if this team is really really good. And and their -- the other thing here is they're so confident we got Bergeron on the -- we don't really care jars out there right now. But then when we get an opportunity to change we can flip that no heartbeat because we know our forwards are gonna do a decent job. In the short term OK now we make the move we guitar out there now they're really go to. He covers about half the ice -- -- two strikes read -- to say it's also a heat it's also you're talking about a guy who plays ninety minutes a game whether whether you're talking to forwards. -- guy plays like. 2526. Minutes a game which the fruits of their credit actually were kind of able to keep -- minutes relatively low which means. Well and and it's the thing. Again I'm going back the little things but you looked at the minute for -- in the last series is that when they beat the red wings in five games right up -- must play thirty minutes a game no. And and this whole idea about the Bruins defense what -- not -- -- about Seidenberg and there probably aren't -- -- really good. Yet again and you look at the minutes they're perfectly confident in cutting. Zdeno Chara is minutes back because they've got other guys who can do the job the interesting thing is that Hamilton's being hailed. As if he's coming out party right but the -- a -- that ever gonna say -- -- well. Are -- we see guys in this series. Even though I can't believe I asked this question based on the injury that I saw like you saw outside -- -- day. Are we haven't seen that inside -- in this theory. How long they'll witness series -- -- -- you know in the series know about how long have I've been telling you though that rally ended there if they had this like this yes your prediction. It would flattening of the plate and that's perhaps well. The only thing he has -- to do is -- contact but she's practically have to refutes it that's that's a huge thing but you know what your first watch speed weeks ago. We've taken -- it's gonna be awhile before you do anything suddenly up. It was a real sharp -- he just took. He's taken a puck moving laterally across the Blue Line crossing over like all diesel mental checklist items that you have for. Things that he needs to do for you to think that this these get a hold up he's doing he was doing all those things relatively quote who quickly want to get on the -- so now -- -- I can't see full practices he's doing everything with the -- there except her -- he drills involve contact even starting to do some little battle -- -- I attacked you know right you know fighting for position fighting for pox. You know it it it is the next step -- leading up to you know it. He he's he's making every use your phrase and I think it's exactly right. Every check mark has been right right and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. He's playing. At some point you you might make. I don't want to speculate. What I think he'll start the contact but I don't think he's too far off just based on the fact that he is though they're doing everything else but. What's that happens then from there you talk what may -- your week week and a half after that maybe -- -- two games. We'll take quick break we'll open up outlines hurtful what you guys hop on board 6177797937. -- telephone number. Yeah AT&T text minus 37937. What's that and it. Thank you I appreciate it we'll get to to your calls now as a matter of fact it's 6177797937. Are rough. Let's kick it off with that Dave on the cell phone data Europe first on sports radio's dale and Holley. Yeah like a period. Winning here at the -- games ago. I said five DJ sets six Michael has made it picked well I'll make my pick during the world -- -- round in which we would take an equity call. Then we will clear the board if you will -- you'll note I hear happened early. With your prediction -- let everybody out there as we get closer. To the drop of the puck. Up with a puck that we talk about a CD dropping out of -- to see -- up many more days or so well done but the puck dropped the thing we get closer to puck drop everybody out. It's gonna tell us who wins this series. And how they went we'll put -- this -- also went to how they do. John I want yeah I was telling him this morning at a very good point that we talk about how you go -- the match -- forward defense special teams coaching. It's goaltending also up. If it's unequivocally Bruins for everything. You say but. That everybody is the Bruins to a seven games if the Bruins have yet to every single area the -- that's why did you credit bill because five is that he. Predicting a sweep is. This is balls and Yahoo! wrote about what it's either palsy or you're just call the you're the biggest Yahoo! with the world you write that -- that's that's of benefit I have one series -- a five game series prediction is falls more in line with. The idea that the Bruins are better at every single area in the Canadians of -- are you gonna call -- -- Or raising if you call for -- you have to be able to back it up that's why I -- who wins -- how'd they do it it's not gonna cut down to. All we hate the Canadians their divers there won't be able to dodge shall. That's how the -- went. You have to have a good reason work for how they went for example if you were to say who brought to witness that it fixed games because more opposite. Not four times the got to find a way that they. Carey Price looked like a good goaltender not right what OK I think that that's -- for me. But we just say hey they win it for what -- -- -- rock. Africa as spies split. But a little more. Roger and Revere you're next on Sports Radio -- on how -- -- a long -- o'clock. Am I doing. I gotta kinda -- at some point two years I agree with your best. And Rick have you backed by the way thank you I appreciate -- You're you're credible I'm first of all. Corporate and it could be the route your your show off and they should automatically forfeit. And Montreal and -- -- -- sixth circuit and you -- important atmospheric CO app you pick them up five guys and bad and the Canadian ambassador -- on every station and -- call -- all of your -- It is such -- -- it's unbelievable week gauntlet well every talking -- so that's number one. -- -- -- -- These are every stage of the desert idea that -- thought that's what classic I am awfully concerned the other station that I don't want to television station. I get screamed after what a hole where I AM. -- -- anyway yeah thanks justice does they do you do you -- First of all I wonder Brad marsh on since an arson and play -- The growing winter series in five days are all fundamentally sound this year. Dale put agree with you war they are far better cute Canadian from the Fed itself in every aspect of -- -- be prepping. But because Canadians are not. The better team the Bruins got a better team and Bruins are gonna show -- Magruder dominate in every category -- -- that it would Detroit. And all the wrong happens do -- at some point in there and someone will be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To play everything else -- -- -- -- hockey player that you played the last three games we don't need and any worry that. He didn't do when he nonsense the last three games aren't as dedicated and it's not that there's any chance for for a legitimate threat is Roger a global what was even -- -- that's. And that was that was lucky points are so hurt after settlement but what does what does it over a market and it's a martial arts I am I -- tell oddly that I never thought her. -- stopped worrying about this stuff DJ got a lot of fly but then -- -- did did any of our congress' so the argument the only argument that we had was it's not like I said they're not investing in the NHL. It you know in order to get to suffice. It to -- -- -- don't have that they're not the bashing curiosity that's come back to relax. 61777979378. TT -- minus 37937. It's dale and Holley in DJB live it. West and -- on Portland street just down the street from the garden. -- Sports Radio W media that the game is on NBC's Lawrence beginning at 730 I can promise you that their pregame show does not know the Bruins as well as Billy Jaffe. Any strictly Jack Edwards Jamie heard all Jamison coil and yours truly 630 NASA and plus. We've got a full sixty minute pregame show we've got a full sixty minute post game show all on -- plus we a few -- and join us this war. -- I know I don't know at all he's a lover he's got about thirty what if he gave everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't ever go line 30 we haven't got like three before -- -- mics on the cellphone you talk to them because I can't listen to this go ahead might. What's up -- Playboy. I got a -- I'd really appreciate what you guys not are now. And -- to -- -- call. Who was caught out DJ. They're terrific advocate. And I did not appreciate -- he I was that they'll. Michael PGA of what you got in and you know that your demeanor society. Earlier dispute. As -- not -- Martial -- You know it is martian but I appreciate you would it would solve by the car that this is like I hope it's a great car -- and I hope out of the best. In the world that this love -- I don't know I appreciate you. But that they're you guys are fired up as you -- these guys are fired up about it a technique had time jumping off like crazy 37 by the present. Four or 6177757. Back threes that he gave me thinks he disagrees with -- But you guys really don't disagree. Like maybe we disagreed over -- It's really it's it's but it was -- -- you know they'll say the Bruins -- the best hockey. You say you're saying the Bruins retro lords that top three or right or yes. Right it's up three left now that -- -- it what is your what are your cup contenders got a limited. Right the first round out -- -- Lewis yup -- did it give it to cup contenders. In the Western Conference there's one cup contender. If he's so you think your top three TV fixer -- 11. And I mean I I think -- that -- but the kings right now the Bruins to beat them might think that if the Bruins but the Blackhawks right now. It would be a long series maybe the Bruins are better position this year against the -- -- -- back and then they were last year but. Again we're talking a boat -- greens of UV is are they the testing they'd still -- the second or third best team in the NHL. I think the it's more importantly the best team in the series and I think it quite clearly they are the only re the only way that they could lose it. He's if they eight were to get hurt or be grateful part well. Those that I gotta say -- particularly the first of coverage of the text line and there's a text here. A while ago brought up who -- -- good point it would keep talking about the you know -- and -- it started. You text while still appears to defend itself. But Texas did all right you can talk about the -- And the Bruins would -- much is at the same thing. All right go coaching -- close over that show the use them right he goes you go to -- next round do you Oprah Show two and day. All while it's great let. Goaltending scoring defense all the check marks go to the Bruins for the Texas. How to check marks did you give to the pro last year against Pittsburgh. Exactly and we don't run before I'd I'd I'd. Have to go back and look it's just I actually got to beat the Bruins are what does that it would be it's all it's all matchup so that if if they give you tell me if you tell me that. The Bruins are just a bad match up. For the Canadians. And they have all the check marks up by. But if you look at it if it never comes down to you well whether Bennett who think they're they're gonna win because they have better coaching and got better players better and it worked like. Boy it's gonna come down our lives that matchup or the Canadians are bad for the Canadians look at the -- what to -- we just don't match up well. They can both be -- bad bad matchup for. The other one to be the Canadians see where a that the Bruins don't wanna play us because we're fast the Bruins get sick they'd still wanna play us. But for physical we have our forwards come back deeper into our zones that we can handle all those fast teams -- to the redwoods. Each team can say to their strength. Is stronger than the other team's strength I think that ultimately the Bruins -- have more strength than the Canadians do. If you're above the black background where -- -- If people here are fired up as the Bergeron the house with -- or. I don't see. Any Canadians anywhere to be it is their they're no Canadians in the oval where the Bergeron -- -- at some flyers colors as well because -- was -- -- going but. People are are there you're thinking about the game is talking about the game. Here is blown the rule book of birders. It's it's it's it's basically the top of my Perot it's about to be on and since we have that going on we gotta talk to a guy. -- more fired up. Anybody else for its New Hampshire was a threat. And if you didn't say it playoff with a relative to Michael prepping 65 degrees. Playoff. I'm quite get my point I'm not the Bruins. I'd like to talk to -- about Joseph Thornton. Yeah. You know I -- -- crucified in the station when I -- that was said that it was a good trade is -- all I have to do -- what people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'd think I'm since she can they want to re not that. And we shall -- he -- he. He had -- platform giving -- -- point he would not mind. Last night -- one. Shot on net when they needed one gaming -- show you -- one game so you know what you don't know now is certain -- be very. They didn't -- the same deal. Put up with another treatment he had to get Calgary in October and all I expect great goals or what happened in the player. In -- -- it it is -- they like today. You're right I can not to fragile point example lets you Bruins went approaches out of -- -- -- he'll put up a little more we get there reported. To throw this out you cannot throw -- -- the BJP that you tell me if -- great. Joe -- is 35 years old right but to cut out for 35 that was a veteran who was but I volatile as it -- that's of course still of their portrait. Well I would say even. -- don't show an even though my nose and over okay as far as getting a cup. Joseph Thornton could come here this is what this is always -- we pick -- -- Peabody loser. He did you not be your best play the joke port as your -- give me your best player. You're not gonna win but it Joseph Torre gave the Bruins next year all it was your third line you're paying on you -- in good shape I salute my right. -- a 1000% right and I think that it's unfair that mean that that's that -- and take -- -- it's the same thing would say get he'll never went maybe that's true. When you draft a guy eight in the top two top three picks -- was first overall -- in the second overall. What do you want to be the Bruins fans they want it to -- to be Ken Griffey junior on the -- right now I want it to be this dazzling player who. You gotta go to proved -- you gotta watch Sagan. Before he done anything all you saw our -- jerseys. In Boston's when a court order but that I teachers act for him. He's an elite goal -- got great speed he's got a great game like what they can right now. Right now he's not a winner right now he's not a guy that can lead you anywhere he's one of the leaders on that on that Dell's team. What they do in game six against the ducks they collapse for the president you don't have to do you you. In addition to being elite player there shouldn't beat expectation. That you are. Like it to roll with -- what type that you are Patrice Bergeron type those types of skills and attributes are good -- or you just don't have them. It it don't happen correct. It literally no thought about Arafat -- -- -- doesn't I don't Freddie wanna keep you probably keep you focused for the what you could quickly get your Bruins we're getting a lot of capital went to -- point is so ridiculous Clinton -- -- got to think about. This whole series will come down to price people play in price that does anybody remember Ottawa last year trying -- contain the -- the last two games you can get in the. This man's head is he is fragile. Prices can play good and then getting -- whose head he becomes ordinary. Ordinary and that's what the -- I hope today that the Bruins fans and the dad getting into his head because he will collapse and trust me. They've got it looked OPEC at Ottawa series -- how they respond to be. Need to take over but it wouldn't think it -- sit on the bench and -- was due to the bullpen to take it he's been that would only. The government -- and or. Aren't ready but don't let nobody nobody's more fired up by his or fired up about this game tonight. -- that perhaps everybody's feeling apparently ability -- tired. Would we start off talking about how well Pryor got hurt Nazi concluded bristles at last two games that we set up how -- we. The the barricade. This group -- attempt to stay disciplined. The Canadians are divers. I guarantee we'll be talking about something completely. Yeah tomorrow it -- not the discipline we do -- my prediction is before -- prediction for the series. The discipline lack of discipline Gaza that would not doctorate I agree. Tonight. And the whole diving thing will not even be a point. I don't even -- I think that the lack of discipline thing is overstated because. If if Brad marsh ends up there say they say the second lines matched up against the second line Bret Parsons though there you lose his cool he does something dumb. Britney Gallagher is on the ice -- -- goodness of the dove right back to a lake. They have support players I think that it once I'd lose their cool the other one does -- we've seen over the years old line brawls between these teams all the dumb things that they've done. They're usually do -- -- together usually isn't one -- solid fuel Lucic gets on the ice he's like all right where is somebody I've I've got a growing to target. It's usually things going back and forth it's not just going to be one team loses their mind. I was at the border call six months -- was about seven under through seven Texas we CH TT -- like 37937. Was -- I don't Kyle's name I was brought knock out. They were going on guys Howard at calorie. All right well like this there are few things that personal -- you know anything else I mean besides the NHL like -- -- -- -- -- -- DJ personable knows -- INS AD GA OK an innocent stuff. I think I don't know why would we don't miss a common beta period because you've got -- -- Oh. Brawl we'll see other companies have become a village -- -- TJ -- our guys do it right there that's what this is in Iowa we got to work but that's. -- overcapacity you know told you -- I don't know why I've really in my I think I'll not that belt. They -- he's so sensitive we got to work he's a very sensitive guy so fragile I agree very defensive. Exactly like you're -- Your audience size it was they had these days your fantastic but since -- -- tell that you could declare your love the first five to ten seconds. He's got -- he he jumped Dudley I don't know we're gonna like this I don't know what happened. And got to look at -- -- -- other -- their love for -- revered -- coming -- that their love for these JRJ whatever is that those levels that would go through a couple of. -- but I'm sorry my second point is not attack -- game now I'm not DJ. Good good good good no good I got to look at season. -- You said earlier that the Bruins weren't -- the NHL I'm gonna preface this with my NHL knowledge we're limited. Are more baseball -- myself. But anyway in each of the Blackhawks may be better than the brewers be like yeah let's say they are. Call it it sort of seemed like we'll look. I mean I'm just not so quick to say that definitively they're the best team in the NHL. That two it to borrow a phrase from from my friend Roger to appear that they shouldn't even show up and play the games because. That. Because the Bruins are so much better than everybody else. I just don't think that's the way it is I think the Bruins should run away with the Eastern Conference expected to do that -- to beat the Canadians beat whoever they play in the next round is that probably played the Blackhawks in the for a long series that's just my expectation. I was well I just my what my what expectations by expectation was. I thought that was going to be a fight at the end attorney -- paper you flights yeah -- you've been -- it you know situation before we look forward to it. -- in the fight it's coming on that -- -- -- held -- for detailed report doesn't work right in size them up the -- round. Third round -- and why the hill. That I stay up that never -- but come June if it ever start that not all day. It's going to be 10 o'clock 930 whatever did you go watch a little time to -- -- as three mediocre fights and you finally get the main event. At midnight. And by 1206 total separate. -- regretting the whole Michael Michael Michael that's what that you Michael Michael Michael -- what god that was the Ohio what the hold that you expect to happen of course it's gonna be amicable gentlemanly that's -- -- if the game tonight game one of rewards have 6177797037. -- take -- calls we're talking reward -- all the way up that you'll. Red Sox baseball 652. Game -- -- date night doubleheader against Tampa we got a lot of things on the table plus we will be giving away. So Red Sox Jersey plus we have the world famous if they dominated. -- Looks at one point that. That he hates you he hates my -- on that that there's a lot of there's a lot of stuff the comes out of a Boston. Really disliking your team and I don't sense the same. Sort of feelings. Out of your group towards them do you feel that. As any sort of mental and then when you know that a team openly dislikes Q is there any we can take advantage in the -- we're focusing on us. And that's my only comment. For me. It's not a vote. The -- it's a -- The Mormon preparing yourself today to perusing. -- second round tomorrow. Thought you know I don't want Michelle to shut up a lot of -- found its brand. Couple of themselves get a good answer to give a good answer today someone asked you keep the underdog. And he said -- played against the best team in the NHL. There there at best team Italy. Anybody that's played against them -- it. But we are confidence with his exact words of defeating the factory but it was deliberately restaurant business with a better -- English. And that's exactly which. The good I could do it -- -- -- what Claude can do both -- engine can. Yeah but -- -- it it you can do I can't do that comes of them think regardless of language like that that was a really good quote that you stated like. Just that the Bruins Canadians doesn't mean that we have any sort of -- up on these guys that this is the best team PH knows what the president trophy. Every team they're gonna play is it for. Some trouble. I would tell you got majestic in the Red -- calling 82 best to borrow Red Sox Jersey today. I hear -- of the -- caller right now 617 -- when you're 93617. Accurately or seven. It would have majestic Red Sox Jersey with Boston strong on the back where for Jersey today. In Boston to -- -- -- night -- that number again with the numbers 617931. 0937. For your chance to win now. We usually do the final drive right here. But reported -- 645. Day war right up to Red Sox baseball six point five. All the Bruins conversation. Up until 645 today bottle drives them to do that. But the problem driver sponsored by terrorists restoration specialist. Just because the weather's changing doesn't mean property facility managers but -- disaster plan in place. -- of floods happen year round he prepared it heiress or -- problems and embassy there. -- that it is only our CNN our utility that easy one is -- org this is that you don't. Don't know the managed to find out I'm feeding it to Kyle's theory that I don't know anything aside from hockey -- out -- the medicine whereas you know hockey you know during the game. -- he didn't know use it. Yeah it is a must that must give up right at you maybe I'm making -- X and idiotic city. -- side to let Lehigh street lake lake street dietary diet may your god in your Olindo -- out what. What we're working on OK so you know that -- didn't know. Music hockey -- you know originals -- That's been the senate -- -- Outfit I wore a Montreal talk show based on what I heard today on our station. On The Today Show they've played a bit. I guess -- call it that okay Montreal radio and told me about this and we don't hear a lot about dieting in the call the Boston diving club aptly while Brad marsh and it's just I have the diving near but if anybody -- between these duties it has -- yes so far where Montreal talk show host I would say. Montreal. Need to know about -- -- belts and they -- rest because they. -- definite disaster game plan OK okay but I provocative seductive yet asked for your book that. I have a book that we are gonna -- the bottle drives they will be after six. I would go to the world that this lightning -- -- but throw this out you guys just think about this is your contribution to lightning round today simple question. Who wins the series. How'd they witness here. Who went. On that they went. That -- for the COLT gets you ready for the me we want elaborate answers you want to elaborate a quick as quick round gonna quit we don't want Canadians come it's been neglected up we want like something you'd see happens. Think outside the box. They think outside the bar I wanted to go inside the box is about I wanna hear like Bruins triple overtime in game seven. It for the rest of their lives people of Montreal will shutter. When they hear that it just floored. He didn't like that they like that they've faster yeah that is that he's about quick look at. If you're if you're and we're -- -- 617797. Under through some of the pocket he's. He does that -- was that he. Hey -- it ordered to bring back you know absolutely you know. All. That's a good call -- the fact is -- that's a good at all. Okay. If that didn't are getting a the only thing. But. Look at the -- -- Completed an important but it popped. -- that -- with even -- -- all these things we -- for the -- up against that. This don't you his versatility that would want for regular. After. You give your best actor who know. -- now he's still. -- -- We're gonna we're -- -- you very much -- because of our favorite clip the we'll welcome welcome. Don't you think -- -- told about that's not what you're you're you're silly. Do you with -- the company will tackle which by the way that is the posts. That that is probably the most predictable -- that dale and I can get into. Like dale dale we talked about it people accuse they'll be -- homer he says anything -- about the Bruins. And people just -- everything I say so we're having a very positive conversation. And that's. Outlook we ask because as you guys there isn't it you you have media types and you're like this. The mayor of the night wore at the guard will lose the media types are. -- I'm -- I didn't understand the whole per -- it was your homework. If you think twice about it. Here right supposedly. Do you give more respect. For being the homer that -- -- -- think -- the -- -- war. You give props for it's not always -- like it is -- they've -- given on how we did this but if you're able all the right. Hussein has his team this has -- exit all the time for me is that part but that's respectable on the if that person or respected. Her so it's still a big is -- you are that yes. The green yeah you see all the time you always pick up the -- always. So here's thing if you're covering the best team in -- conference. By far a front group the best team in the Eastern Conference if you're covering that team. Indeed you're really really looking for reasons as to why. They are good or the other teams are better I can't knock the hustle your tried hard to -- because all do it as watching the game to -- the -- thing. -- as he's done the -- about it. And if it makes me so Michael -- whatever I would rather. The correct which he picked the route the Bruins who have all the series were usually right so. Yeah like. Fans of whatever so for Sophia and readers that they wanna see that you're wrong about it what -- -- so. And both of them. It's journals and other political partner right. Anyway you're looking at the clock you sent letters to talk what was the topic because we're working overtime tonight we are -- -- Johnny. We're right when that shadow. While the guard. Game one tonight reward pads will be here till 645. We'll break it down into the world famous -- around. You're gonna contribute to political six point 77757537. To tell us why the group -- went or why the Canadians went. And how it happens -- going where Sports Radio that you yeah.

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