WEEI>On Demand>>Jackie MacMullan of ESPN Boston: Shelly Sterling just as racist as Donald. 5-1-14

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN Boston: Shelly Sterling just as racist as Donald. 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN Boston joins the show live from the TD Garden to talk Bruins-Habs and the Donald Sterling controversy.

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-- -- the ball's gonna try to straighten us out she's brought to you by Toyota of national college Toyota national commonwealth mortgage. Empire friend's account very tired and Jackie joins us from ESPN Boston on the AT&T hotline Jackie -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't I let's start with that because you lived there -- some big time rivalries here in this city whether it's been Red Sox yankees lakers Celtics. Bruins Canadians. I feel like this. Is at least right there when it comes to hate with a Red Sox yankees general the lakers Celtics. Ever had quite as much hate where you're ranked Bruins Canadians -- terms of the Boston at. Rivalries the last 2530 years. Okay Mike you're showing your age here don't remember to tell it -- -- -- -- -- in the -- to -- glory when he missed free trial. Free throw line and in the final with a much much. And saw that at the close like the Rambus close final factor that in as well absolutely kick it. That was the basic right it is the hockey equivalent all -- -- And you can tell I can tell you can tell because Claude Julien press conference they get at that lasted. If you can believe it about when you weren't election Bill Belichick usually do while control Belichick mode here. Got his Montreal game face government to he'd acquired by the Montreal Canadian and replaced by the coach. That is now in charge in the so its -- for personal stuff there as well whether it's. There's healthy amount of it like among these two teams these two franchises and that offer. Bring it on. Yeah that's -- that's what's unique I think you know as I mean about the NHL I don't know brother sports. Well the guys he seemed chummy everybody -- friends that work on all offseason -- do this agents whatever is free to jump team to team. In the NHL it it doesn't seem like that all -- looks like it feels like they really just don't like each. Well I think that it's a long history and people involved with both organizations here in a row on I'm a match and it's been excellent. In both organizations -- a long time so that all contribute to our belief and you know it's funny they think. I wouldn't -- cannot project -- virtue few minutes ago and very somber and they're very businesslike if they are not in Montreal lightly it in the flight it's it's not even the possibility. Party looks like it's Ali in the play tonight. And then of course Marshall -- on the -- During the pregame skate in our wondered about that she had nothing at that and all we know and help close the things that can you tell us about. I'm Brad Marchand that if you said on little. A great. Well eight. And you you mentioned it enough merely to talk about this series you talk about the way Montreal plate and it is just something about their style jacket or something about. They're fan base that gets out of the fan base the skin the fan base here Boston that they. They'll call you out of the dive around on the -- they'll call you for taking liberties but there are guys and they do whether it's in butter anybody else. They seem to be OK with an affiliate the fan bases here -- -- -- ratcheted this thing up about -- hot you're supposed to go about playing the game of hockey -- you kinda. It probably a little bit achieved that one of my very best friends in the world name is Arlene. Well it was early in the -- you -- Columbia Quebec and now our lead channel which people can't cannot. We cannot discuss hockey over her husband at such erratic Montreal Canadians and we can't we can't talk about it -- you go on to the dark side and it really is a little -- actually into certain the word that I heard. Today with arrogance. People feel about Montreal of their players here chance that he was -- media and that's that go to Boston people talking output -- -- -- hit it's it's. For many years it was lopsided one way it's like Red Sox yankees but it turned the other way now. It. Yeah no way it has and will seek we'll see hopefully continues to turn and stay that way but -- you've been around that team now is there any one thing that. The coldest talked to bundle. It's out of Bob Beers less thanks I don't know you know possession of the puck note turnovers things like guys are one thing that kind of stood out -- the last couple days the hearing. Well executed. I think is the Bruins continuing that the fact -- because that's -- poultry. That's the whole thing all along that you got to try to -- hockey. And if you don't you're on account perhaps I would say in about that. And even collection PX suppose jogger who tried to do it as he went on. But he expects you to fact check it they should be physical and and the word you hear I heard it over and over again it's malice. You need to be consistent you don't need to be spectacular. You need to be consistent and -- Birds play the kind of consistent. Either they have played all season they have the -- And the talent to win this series. Another word he can't get caught up in the emotion right I laughed. You know that's the -- -- those looking for discipline on all often if you heard that orbital room. Yet quite a bit quite a bit and that is early look at team is all about it's what they hang their hat on. And they they do what they need to at the right time that they need to do it. The idea again that -- consistency. And it is that the QB get the first one it's gonna be one of forest in fact particulate gives them the advantage on especially keep -- APEC now about four or. -- McMullen ES PM boston.com is joining us Bruins Canadians game one tonight can't wait fort the story. Of eight of the week and nationally and even here besides the Bruins and Red Sox has been. The Donald Sterling revelations variety and you've spent a career covering the NBA. I gotta get your reaction to what you -- were you surprised by the TMZ audio. Out when it first got leaked over the weekend. I'm not one bit that weren't there in fact that I inherited some different mile -- -- talking about it yesterday vocalist of the year and written about. Donald Sterling. We. You know behind about him on television. This is not cricket that a long time people covered this week. And then people say well why would anything -- ankle Google bill -- how many times -- written about Donald sterling and and his atrocious atrocious. Record when it comes to racial relations. People need to hear for themselves. -- that's why I think it was finally. Something that people could hold onto because it was there on eight. He didn't read any newspaper he didn't read in that deposition that was not a court you heard it with your ears and I think that's why has. The shock expect that it did. What was -- doc river's new economy and Donald stern went before he went to Eric because it's one of the reasons to negotiations or -- -- Because they wanted to get everything in writing they wanted the contract to be viewed by attorneys from the -- not Donald Sterling you know he was scary there we're. To that organization. I do believe to a provision that -- contract that kept in separate. From having to deal with Donald stern during his tenure because you still concerned. So that's not a secret to people that are on the -- intro untouched by the you know let's hope. Let's hope that they act swiftly -- I have no doubt the best record but will go through. Fine fine moment Adam silver member I told you that you can seem nice to look a little goofy didn't -- but he's a very strong man and he proved that. But here's the thing I just where I worry about for the lead it for docking for everybody involved with the clippers. Is can they remove them. They can be an excellent party and that but can they remove government on how easily that done he's gonna count in the court of law he'd look to drag in doubt that two -- How long do you get dragged to the -- before Donald Sterling is immediately. Extricated from the -- -- And I think that's a question we get after -- everything was great you know everything perfectly you know bush. My question would be if if he's banned from the NBA for life and this does drag out technically you know he's. Financially. Who's in charge financially -- in a band for life I -- you know I can't use any in my money is that just how does that work. Well we're gonna find out I mean I did -- the board of governors. Have the right to remove one of their pockets in the -- of the NBA constitution. And I do believe -- it's our economy that's like the NBA hockey that have been there just is illegitimate war than perhaps all people -- lawyers. You gotta believe that -- ironclad but that doesn't mean you can't type something up in court. For a long time because there's always a way to do that Jack got and the everybody's concerned that doesn't happen. I called Doc Rivers the perfect coach for an imperfect situation and what's going on and LA. I you're close to them based on what you just said that he had some provisions built in and he's very wary of this if -- regrets taking the job with the clippers as of right now. And Kerry did a couple of days ago. I don't think so now I think you want to move forward he really lets players that you love it there you really don't -- them totally embraced. The team the culture everything there. -- and again I don't think don't or litigated present in their life. But this with an ugly reminder that hate you kind -- work with someone that like I think he did think twice I think I'm Kent -- -- Now going forward -- -- will be forced to make another tough decision active -- starts to drag on I don't know the answer that I'm hoping doctors either. I don't think you regret that I don't think that would be right because he Chris Paul and the hundred Jordan Blake Griffin. There that it's just a big love fest over there and they're really trying to build something together and really think about that I think about it. Because you want to bring Garnett there in it would cost and Dion Jordan but somehow he did he -- you're used the center of the corporate world. That's what that's what -- I think you're right the owners will be able vote about global real quick -- should the sterling fairly be able to keep that team or should new owners be appointed. They actually should not be able to in and the one mistake got made and I wish I had. Talk to him before he did it was allowing chilly -- going to go to that game because in his mind she is nothing wrong quote not take much. Go back and look at it this -- that the depositions. From all those lawsuits regarding their housing scandal -- -- her fingerprints are over it is bigger racist that he would. -- great stuff enjoy game one at the garden tonight Campbell -- you next week -- -- at a different Jack McMullen. ESPN Boston joining us here on the eighteenth the -- talk and Bruins and about Donald -- she covered the NBA covered the NBA for a long time.

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