WEEI>On Demand>>Mitch Melnick of TSN 690 calls Brad Marchard the most hated player in the league. 5-1-14

Mitch Melnick of TSN 690 calls Brad Marchard the most hated player in the league. 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

Mitch Melnick of TSN 690 in Montreal joins to show to talk about the upcoming Bruins-Habs series, diving and embellishment, and the productivity of Thomas Vanek.

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Mitch melnick a TSN Montreal 690. Has joined us in the past Topper would think Canadians on the event of day one. Hours away we -- game one with Mitch melnick Mitch Mike and -- here in Boston power you. -- I don't guy's been about three years I know it's been awhile. You ready for this thing now you would tell you great to be back or you yup I just arrived I'm watching the Bruins analysts -- rights as we speak in the -- that just got here. Well we have got ourselves ready by we've we've gone to Montreal and read the sports pages listen to radio and on a site called -- eight -- a site called eyes on the prize which is a Canadians. Fan belong -- a beautiful and I'm curious how representative. Is -- is a passionate sports blog like eyes on the prize. There in Montreal all the listeners you talk to about the anger fans haven't Montreal toward the Bruins we get set for the series tonight. The purpose that's a big word anger and -- I try not to get caught up in that you know. It's the guys know what it is it's it's action at its highest level in a virtual -- with a deep history. IE you know I have a lot of respect for the Boston -- First -- I was you know I'm old enough to remember Bobby -- Chris Paul is sort -- so in my life. I'll go to my grave believe that. And I love watching the Bruins in the early seventies which like watching the Canadiens beat. The -- where we're talking about a lot of hatred obviously Boston Montreal we know that from the Montreal side. But what is it is we're talking both Chicago Blackhawks Bruins played them you lost that they respected them. What exactly is advocates and you're skew with the -- is it just a guy like martian. Well I think it's in -- and when the Bruins. -- Mike on cameras. Aren't talking about what we don't do stuff like. We don't -- We don't embellish. We don't do this we don't do that -- don't everybody don't. Everybody doesn't -- important stand up guy he doesn't mean every player dies an intelligent little and the fact of the matter is if you if you all players around the league. You know who's the most disliked guy on the ice and Bart -- Probably -- that all -- -- -- Sean Avery restrict medical and do they respect Brad -- absolutely garlic you know us courts suit and the bigger the moment the more education better watch that spotlight. And those guys are winning hockey players are on the ice and heat of battle they do things -- drug absolutely -- wall. And you wanna strangle. What there's there's a respect back. Lawyers don't crossed a line and you know do stopped and ends -- in in a serious injuries are these are winning our ports and Brad Marchand Pekingese too bad actually -- very similar path. The national market leader were teammates they -- world junior hockey championship together for team Canada. Have a lot more common in people they -- and frankly a lot more common that people from the city's fan base from cities maybe wanna believe. -- that's the thing is when we doubled bread -- only -- -- were critical. You know with the feeling embellished as we get on it feels across the line there's no late for that it is no we we don't accept that. What I wonder is don't wanna watch the case -- -- agree that he's a great talent agency he doesn't need to be electric is when the poster child -- -- -- -- by the Montreal fans look at him and say. A great player. You don't need to go down every single time somebody -- I think so you know get -- so much abuse that they bought about what you soul. Impressive. We can't remember like Brad -- -- early on it to you guys remember -- turn the clock. And he runs in the a perfectly legal open ice hit fall fashion. Well I check -- -- -- you know he is it's always up when it comes down onto that Superman so elusive. Releasing them. -- -- caught like that you're releasing him what he had -- it out immediately he doesn't get a job at any order and only. We don't stick a lot of abuse sexual a lot of abuse or watching on television you don't see the ornate. And -- and the plate just. So that's his way out. That's not try to defend him still work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That he won't do it here for an hour from now let's go across and and he -- he gets so what you lose but -- oil out of gonna put some mustard on it. Talking and it smelled like a PS and a Montreal I I agree with you that -- every team around the league yell -- there's a guy and a team or two guys worry you'll try to get a call. I just feel like watching Montreal played -- it's more about it's more in their DNA it's more their style of play. And they -- or the other teams I've backed out -- teams that I watch on a consistent basis maybe do it. The most do you feel Montreal your bed that he was the most egregious when it comes to trying to get on the power play that -- take penalties. Because of audience -- conspiracy to insert or game that's a transition game their shots. They have -- the transition game -- any team in the league. They use their speed effectively and when you speed yet teams are gonna think that'll and and just got a guy goes down now and doesn't facilities and fellowship. That believed I realized as I try to be a good -- it was possible. There's a lot of coaches get a lot of penalties a lot of power -- is because they create a lot of power play situations with their speed but they're. Calvin were times penalty could be called on it where it's not call simply because you know or freeze. It'll tire put their hands in the -- Targets of the Canadians win this series -- oil. What what's going to be the key for them. I don't think they're winning this series. You know the -- circuit if it was -- here and -- also. I'd be so I expect him and what are the receptive due to -- -- to go -- plays against them in this series we play against him in his career Korean fourteen. That there again Kerry price is one and seven. It's incomprehensible the -- -- played against everybody ultimately plays against experience. Just not at that level so if he continues to play at least -- it. And Carey Price can raise the level and even -- -- out of this and -- -- you know he's not a finally sort of doesn't at all the caliber season. But can it have to score on their PowerPoint because they're gonna get opportunities. As they kill penalties extremely well they haven't seen Sharon brought that they'll as a weapon on a consistent basis. Those are the factors might predict -- prize went to goalie battle with the rest Canadians a power play which -- not been good down the stretch. Get better. And the penalty killing unit stays about the same as it's been over the last three years on the best. Only Mitch we spent a lot of time but otherwise -- -- what do we spent a lot of the trade deadline accrediting Montreal forgetting manic and criticize each rally Friday is Eros and in Corey potter. Vanic looks like about a point per game guy since he got there. What would it be seen from his impact has it been war less about you thought he would not impact that Montreal power in -- office. Well actually he's he's there what's surprising is that he has a repeat help on the power without much. And a power play became too predictable. He's really -- -- on -- if they're not been a good fight on fight in which panic in the lineup that Hispanic heritage are ready and tremendous -- under fire. Beck is a lot better than a lot of us thought he was we knew we could put the puck in the net we didn't realize. How life is hockey IQ is. Is one of those guys if you look at him -- of course are here it looks like you might be floating is not what he's thinking the game is slowing the game out he makes plays in traffic. That a lot of players just can't make I -- actually an area completely change the game as a result of a point with him he's constantly talking. And again -- was like that but what distraction. And he he's -- killer so that's another factor that -- -- -- goals -- to get lost so. If you put a couple of on the power play early. It elected but could be an indicator that the -- Of -- -- but the schedule. The year I think about what you go over some Bruins. Coach Julie took -- -- talk about how this is scheduled got to give a quick on them. And I expect this to benefit the bruins' only be you know four days supposed to be -- off week and probably even -- but. Any complaints with Montreal as far as how the schedule was announced. No I think I think they thought it was gonna start Friday as well but nobody's nobody's competitor deteriorated. Authorities as you mentioned a minute. They've been read article after five days I mean they've got some guys we're banged up like everybody. They have -- they haven't played her mini 1230 start that'll be interesting like I a lot of us expect them to be a little sluggish tonight because of a long way off. I think this first game but such a key especially for a last tablet just all strategy here and put some of those haven't even -- I -- Get short series because you know I just I don't I'm not looking for them to do anything on Saturday after -- took a bite to eat. So they check you have the up Bruins beat the Canadians are we need some advice on something totally different we're going to be talking with. Tony Maher tomorrow on the days after games -- talked with -- big show on your station in Montreal for five for ten minutes after every game any advice -- Talking a -- beginning tomorrow morning. -- on militants saying all right Tony fancies himself as like the Montreal Iran Iraq War and he cannot carry it soon. He EEP c actually things aren't sure he's in a good mood so he comes on here -- the singing of bad news for you guys. That's who you probably after Montreal wins this habit of balancing -- that went. Out of that while the sing arrow it's the bruins' lead but. A mix enjoy the city into the first couple games here Boston and will talk you down the road. Are bigger thanks -- that is it's now look at the S and Montreal 690 joining us on the eighteenth the outline.

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