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Boston fans hate Montreal

May 1, 2014|

What do we think of the Canadiens? Dino, Gerry and Kirk provide a caricature...

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Okay you -- whack jobs this is our last opportunity before we get off the air and they dropped the puck for game one -- it right to him reporting week off the yet to drop the puck under eight feet. -- -- And there's two ways in two days that aid in rats given what he's gonna do with Dick you're at. He anywhere where a company that used to bottom I thought Greg Davis as the greatest -- history and I saw sue. And the Canadians follow the air. Oh hole and they -- and yeah I can be of assistance from day. Clinton accountable fly 82. EDT this is their last opportunity to tell us something. Innovative fresh to look for tonight in game number one as this thing sets the tone. Or four or five or six or seven right now some bonds going. With Amylin -- -- -- Where witnessed the team sports that supply -- dynamic field and facts don't right over -- car. An -- on the ball and banana on the hill plant where the Bruins would have been -- Snuck. Is when she beat but we hate you I hope soon but as aids. It. It's. Tuxedo. Should do an entire four hours on why we hate the Canadian -- that could -- -- -- -- Good idea in my caddie dean. -- absent right I. -- Let's call grew grew and because they've lived in Montreal -- from different places ran low but they've they've been -- Rio -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With a puck in the net Mort you. Adults how dumb act. The fox bought and I've been out. And the -- lol I think we broke the nose low was regional at the very price molest children and -- -- name every. -- okay with that stand point penalty kill. He's a classic we have the -- -- theater is put back. That's how we go away -- reflected topped the. Well -- we do it puts a bit. -- Our. It manned. Was gonna play get on the new. All we have some new I'd have thought I had short shorts I can get mechanism it before holes under the under the heading a puck possession hello neutral zone -- -- -- -- out on goaltending standing on a threat of not enough now. This falls under the guide or the category should take the easier said than done and -- has been saying all the right things because -- -- that relative to there and Wendy's. -- the sickens from Montreal try to get under your skin. You can have to continue to play your game and not take to the penalty and it in the -- like stupid penalties blystone favorite Austin at Jonathan's. I mean I don't want. And so have put the case. A guy that people. One of the two principles we think in this passion -- say that opens tonight. Would be Brad marsh and -- -- and -- band is referred to by martian as marsh and promises he's going to be on his best behavior and not do -- things. Because the officials are looking for marsh and and -- I was tough but it's repetition -- -- myself and and I got to play through that and and a you know I think the BC news service walkway from things that I don't part of I think is gonna scale way employee elects the command afterwards. As the guys that it could be things and steer away from it. Let's move puts them -- and so you know you can't play in Wednesday's gonna. That's Italy and hopefully. In office. You know but he's just clarity you battles and the source for -- when -- Are always gates' way but after -- into the ribs yet and he's jab and this is Jeff Gordon College here at. Now this is now known and -- is is is named Arnold's name only. -- are now. -- -- What's new avatar -- a name is that. I hate to you know a -- the gallery -- him but they always chance to right. We turn now we better act now is our noses and -- there is -- -- Those names Purnell now. Fans need to do what the golfing fans at Phoenix do when it's creating a hole either research thing I -- -- dog's name is what's wrong with the rovers dead. They can't find I was name it's the sharks name is not his dogs on his ex wife it's. Are now sweet tea political sleepy. They should find and his ex wife's name and -- like putting your vehicle -- I can't Garnett did against these are ex -- smells see in the picture. Last word. He the big key that nobody ever talks about is the -- scoring. -- dominate plate -- wild and they don't put the puck in the net maybe they -- in the streets too much because there. Emotionally. Involved the -- But. You know it seems like they can can match the quickness and skating and played a physical game and failed to put the puck in the and I haven't heard even in -- has talked about that. Really and he -- -- from it is all said they have to put the puck in the for sure a -- and he said put pucks on net. May be beaten better I'd -- I think. I respect the Montreal Canadians in the Stanley Cup championships that they've won. You know I don't have to ultimately let's let that go to hate them. -- got to give them the nod as the I believe him when he poured an academic up at four store -- when he Fordham and they must be better right yeah. 170 times. You say emotions IC passion my Jack 170. We really need 467 yes yes they do that buzzer beaters next while this is gonna be an epic series.

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