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Larry Lucchino on the Sox first month 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

Red Sox President Larry Lucchino joined the show to discuss the teams first month of the season.

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Our front office report is brought to you by known her care and Toshiba business solutions joining us on the AT&T -- the president and CEO. Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino good morning Larry morning and my sense is caught the game. Because of rain either early or late or not at all all three of those puts the Red Sox in a no win situation as you can imagine today's theme is eight. I've bought four tickets from my wife and two kids -- last night and we are under available for a day game today. Yeah I understand that -- problem they the rain is this is something we can't. Control. There's never a really good solution. We we simply tried to the schedule as close -- the game as possible so maybe -- people who come from. Longer distance might be able state I'd be able to. The particulates that afternoon but it's 888 say it's an unsatisfied situation and I look at. I'm gonna ask you about why the day -- double -- -- John pearl addressed at the 37 days and 37 games but I am gonna ask you this this sort of been my crusade maybe you can explain it to be because nobody else -- does the schedule maker for Major League Baseball take into account. That it might be better for northern teams when possible. The place southern teams in April and that instead of as an example the rays being here now. The Red Sox would be in Tampa and then at the end of may temple would be here in Boston do they try to do that Larry. These insured answers they say they try. -- my experiences been and insufficient effort. I think that there there was at one time and effort to have that warm weather. And home. Schedule so that teams with warm weather sites or don't facilities. Had every year -- scheduled in the month of April. As it they apparently didn't work out particularly well that year there -- so Ottawa -- -- bad weather in -- And in April what's so bad and we. Seem to apparently that. Scheduled behind that schedule bias behind us. Both probably shouldn't continued. Again but I do think they try to take into consideration. I just think that they should be a a larger presumption in favor of that kind of warm weather is scheduled. I don't know why can't just built a nice ballpark -- the rays have down there and accurate you're. A big that go over big appear -- big of the rays they apparently. Aren't happy with this double header do you check with them at all I -- and you don't have to but the run it by them before you. Yeah yeah -- we have it. A little organization we go to arrange stressed that the brain trust -- during trust and their 45 arrests. Who work conferred which are private weather service to confer with Major League Baseball. Who talked to the -- -- opposing team and yes there was that was so plenty of dialogue presented took place yesterday. But apparently they had a preference for a game in late September. But develop that as we been able over the last. Twelve years to get every. Game and we've been capital play 81 home games. Which is quite remarkably and they. Given the weather we have here was that ever played -- -- games every year. In part because of their their interest in the way we've been able to. Rescheduled games and it worked BA games in the that we had. Waited until late September it. And had that rained again and at that point. It -- Bob much more. Likely probability that we would miss a game or two. And they matter in the standings and and of course there's substantial. Financial ramifications well so our policy of. And I prefer practices to try to get demand. Sooner rather than later. Know Larry we were just the talking about the story in business week about John Henry about you guys as a franchise. And -- -- that read I thought that John might have bought the businessweek's. -- -- -- It's so -- it is I would say it was pretty -- that Diddy while we were -- that he snapped up business week. I now know what has surprised in this story and has been a lot of surprises no one thought you guys. Would still be here going strong the preview it together twelve years in you might -- in particular has gone vacations together. With the wives just like to the Caribbean and hang out should go public it's what you -- I mean the idea. That is pretty amazing that he has made did you think you guys wouldn't soft as you can like curl up together he just got thrown together. -- -- I did and I I knew Tom Warner. Ever doubted that in baseball since 1990. And would probably say -- A partner of ours it's the San Diego Padres he -- the team to. Do our our group and that's. And and stayed on as they have -- minority partner. There's just love for baseball. And -- well I'd I'd worked with Tom and I got no votes John have pretty well since he came in the baseball and right after the 1998 season. In them. We -- at the same -- together and since so many issues with but he was essential baseball. And so I was delighted -- knew each of them and I remember -- reassuring. John when he was considering joining up with our group. About how on how oil well Ian Tom we get along and thinking I underestimated that they are. -- very very. Good friends that eureka. Productive colleagues. -- that -- together we basically have a pretty good pretty structure. But take -- got from this businessweek's store dealers there is no way you guys resigning last year when I when I see Henry talk about how to use the money they look a minor league guys don't spend big money on guys like Ellsbury. It talks was not getting in the bidding wars there is no way you guys are gonna give Jon Lester 140 million dollars. -- -- you -- free of course to infer whatever you want I don't think that was in the story. And while we hoped to sign job we really do put inside Santiago they get. -- it a year deal that's it's fair and reasonable and one that you aren't acceptable. Oh we want to salute one aside and make no mistake about that. Larry 82 part uncomfortable question to end this thing -- I'm sure you watched. With great interest as the entire nation did the NBA's nightmare play itself out on national but international stage of last a week or so. Part one. Is there are a mechanism in place for Major League Baseball you faced similar thing happened. And the second thing is do you think Daniel Snyder should be forced to change the name of this football team in Washington. Politics one time there I haven't stayed the yen MLB constitution. On this particular point but we all signed up plenty for the constitution this is a private. Organization and we sign China to -- students rules and bylaws it's that are. My understanding is that there is there are. Several. Opportunities for the forced -- club or the ouster. Of an owner that hasn't happened. That I as far as I know of but the most every private organizations. That I know BA he would be at -- Arabia professional sports organization or whatever. As some mechanisms or enforcing standards for a. Analyzing misbehavior. And those those go as far as disqualification. So yes and with respect to the -- certainly -- remember that does the sale that is being forced. Is not a confiscation of assets amid -- that team is sold. He world. Benefit from the from the proceeds from the -- Did you ever meet a deal them. I did have some conversation. Which then once many many years ago I got San Diego he had San Diego roots. And at one point he he -- to see -- we had an interest in. Selling the the Padres to him and and we ask -- -- it's an interest and so and the clippers so. You do it didn't get hurt or Daniel Snyder should be forced to sell ourselves to change the name of the Redskins. Well that's that's that's city far more difficult questions in this deplorable comments that your firm to firm. -- -- -- That is a the had a history -- there it's excessive with the Redskins. And I know how proud. That history and heritage is and that's franchise it goes back to. Nineteen 37. And but I do think on balance that the issue has sustained itself for. Thirty or forty years this is not from. Some politically incorrect. Minority out there talking about about just this an issue that sustains itself over thirty or forty. Forty years now and there's a real -- Disdain for the name on the part of native Americans -- and so I understand and so -- By my personal view and not speak for your insights but a personal view is because the issue is sustain itself for so long very time and -- I was deeply personal system itself that I would favor is that anybody asks me for my AM my my preference I would suggest that he had. A name change to -- A more acceptable. Variation on that. You go collectible Washington cherry blossoms on the like that for the -- As they get there some way to maintain the the American Indian. Heritage and which -- -- the name that is so more acceptable. That would be a good start. To Larry 90% of the of the native Americans polled. Don't care don't find that offensive now maybe you think 10% is too large of a number but it is overwhelmingly OK with native Americans. I've not heard it. That's the first time I've heard that number I have I have I have read it and and I heard more. Strident comments about the name. Questions they -- but -- more forceful comments about the object the objective. The acceptable nature and it. Does -- bother you at all that Tom -- still wandered in some special with yawkey way and stuff like that given his history. Struggle. No it doesn't -- be given the. The positive contributions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Were racial history. Associated with the winter it's actually rightly or wrongly. But I do think that he the Iraqi -- constitution and continuing -- that is that the -- Fedor Dana Farber. And India -- keep building it GH. -- I think they get positive social throughout the contributions they made. Are worthy of some some sort of recognition. What is your private weather forecasts say about 110 this afternoon at Fenway. It's experiences. And this is so effective that we consider just days -- there supposed to be everything that I -- morning drive time. That is supposed to dry out didn't get considerably warmer it is considering -- report point five degrees warmer and the city it can't sort of summed. Isolated showers somewhere let's open not isolated over Fenway but we're optimistic we'll get to -- -- much warmer weather today. What to do with the bubble heads. They will be distributed at as one of five games last night's game looked at one of five of those tickets of the today. And the -- virtual got a lot of down a door and shot him. -- gonna it's gonna rely -- people who can't though it's really got to make the people can't get in near this morning and let tickets last night even after learn about. Nothing -- I don't. Find a way to get symbolic those people who can't make it. All right -- look -- -- the conversational talk did on the road. Larry looking a presidency over Boston Red Sox the profit report has brought you by noon turf care and Toshiba business solutions to Larry Lucchino called. Apps yet. Who is the embattled owner of the -- -- of the LA clippers. And I asked him if you want to sell the team to all of that was a long time ago and oh yeah look at that oh yeah mystery about history -- changed. Larry Lucchino would have been the owner of that would have his -- down. Add up with kids that strange Larry Lucchino would have been sitting courtside -- -- with girls. And Larry Lucchino would have been depositions giving her. We've got a read from a deposition that Larry is a connection he's got that is the league thing that six degrees around and yet he knows everyone in every sport from every city in its. It's pretty amazed we will and that part of a conversation with this -- -- from the 413 I worked on an Indian reservation for five years. And the most popular team of the tribal members. Was the Redskins by far redskins' gear all over the plates place hats coats and license plates as well for the final hour Dennis and Callahan I assume nest and is already -- if you haven't. We invite to join us on the FM -- 93 point seven. Apps AKA. Los Angeles Clippers. In the disgraced owner. Just can't keep -- -- even please under oath. Now and peace not ashamed and all that kind of degenerating here because he's he's in where he's got a problem yet witty here this.

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