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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Faulty tiles inside City Hall 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed channel 7's coverage of faulty tiles inside City Hall.

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Headlines brought Cuba AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network and by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment and I know -- 6 o'clock last night I've thirty answer metres on dip slippers -- on yeah like sterling. I don't march dollar image on sterling. For so if you're if you're if you're just joining us we made a bet that we would not say. The name of the disgraced. Los Angeles. -- we renamed him apps like pictures label much like gaps at 530 bathrobes nothing else on no -- you're able. Hope now that all the open up only open web area it. What's a little news and once in awhile you get the stories say oh my god if you start tweaking it rocks and into the core. It's ironic he said. -- you where this story of course. I'm the news to a non US yesterday I think it was the third what's next. -- the live shot Brian Williams -- live broadcast for evening and it went live to Obama's press conference and -- -- Malaysia -- comment on right now. -- Tiles on the second floor Boston City Hall buckled on. Hello I'm not buckled. The mayor's office was alerted. I mean -- property management -- on the mezzanine lifted the tiles popped up in -- One crews are working to remove the loose tiles. Wednesday they put plywood down and covered with a rug well then again it all been replaced the old -- -- they do have we will get the money that are still viable a spokesman for the mayor's office said there were no expansion joints. The tiles were they need to -- City Hall was built. Is crippled three other times. So there were no injuries in fact there was nobody on the floor I've got 620 dead. Really does that the divers are still -- ultimately -- it could've been worse you know the world and if ultimate air pockets now survive I wasn't aware of this until at John Dennis WB yeah -- -- -- I took umbrage with the priority of this story. Well there it would be one thing I -- -- four and five had mystery at some point in their newscast as well. -- channel seven recklessly. Led -- not one but two newscast with this. I'm pretty sure there about seventy of stories of more import than titles coming loose on the second floor by the way it was Wednesday. Susan -- I don't have a -- -- -- -- -- -- we're on the second floor Wednesday the second horse goes nobody about the -- trial buckled. Table with this story and they sent a live shot reporter. At 6 o'clock you tell us that not a damn thing happened now this game before the big guys restored later. The latest leg as he and the nickel -- critical of abduction -- with Eddie Royal Bobble -- -- exactly which is art on the you know. The state of television news. Different -- -- -- -- Hugo dollar it was it was an example live for the -- a goal -- doesn't matter -- alive it will make it seem like it's import export god. In both cases leading at 5:30 in the 6 o'clock news. They had -- Pulsating. Robbing. Black and red graphic it did breaking news shot I swear to god I've taken -- most of the people most of the time but the dummies watch on TV yesterday must've known. Right what do they have liquor clog. -- -- a story and yeah bigger story -- is -- somebody replaced the toilet paper in the city hall and went over. Is that a under -- -- -- now if you do that many it was a yet unified if you're fired. That's true speaking of mayors the lawyer for try to mayor rob Ford says Ford will take a leave of absence to seek help for substance abuse. It is more sports lawyer said Wednesday night the Ford acknowledges he is a substance abuse problem and wants to do something about it for told least Robinson columnist he's quote. Ready to take a break after the -- reportedly obtained not a recording and another by the Ford -- it. In Ontario watering hole recording which he Monday night captures for whining about his wife. Expressing his desires of a mayor -- contender -- states. I'd love to blanking. How's the -- is there -- new picture of -- cracked to lighten up a -- -- that's I'd I never saw this coming did you go to rehab he's going to rehab for alcohol -- you know what that means when he gets out yet he can't even have like a beer game which -- loves to do according -- witness -- was seen buying shooters -- trying to fight with patrons in the royal York road bar Monday night was really waste said the witness was acting like absolute. More than enough. I think this is just an attempt to get reelected of the music. And campaigns on the seeking re election in October he's trying to he wants to be elected to the senate to represent Massachusetts. That they yell. We welcome with open arm do you think this -- the mayor Massachusetts during congressman Massachusetts. And lose the really liberal district in the liberal. He would still win you still continue -- office and I've got a nice luxurious questioned the 2014 if you smoking crack. All of our bodies -- scandals. I'm saying in new younger guy today in this body right I was a young guy when he ran a brothel seventeen -- SeaWorld 200410 guys caught smoking crack. -- and election. If he is a Democrat masters -- yes again -- -- yes yes there was another Democrat women how this guy to run of course of cool I mean I question for you. Yeah would you rather have. -- the mayor Boston Marty Walsh the mayor ball. For entertainment purposes -- -- -- I hope he gets reelected. There off casinos never -- and yet. And every time we look at and say why couldn't Crisco and still be alive to do you. -- award on wouldn't stay up on -- an idea you know if you know how to -- if you open was going to be Farley as for every night. Practically Chris Farley just -- -- Chris -- were alive today beyond some bad sick right. You've done gone to the movies you've been done against -- and -- -- and -- Belushi were alive today would he be like Driving Miss Daisy and like the good accurate but what apple is wilder acting was totally wild he'd be the dad like reform dad on us. That's is that says that's why will what is choice what -- this choice if you Republicans. Maintain some credibility as a as a man he Bill Murray I mean Murray is managed to have this -- atmosphere not completely change. His distract you would be. He would be one of the evil people on the blacklist to be serious actor. But that's -- TV shows -- Like Bill Murray wouldn't do that mean. Was a good career moving away mentally I always try to get serious. Escalation Elvis on our audiences edge Sharon at some -- comes on -- now gotten older -- transition can sort of played art. Couple years ago -- do it. I haven't had sex with a woman he was still we've thrown himself or it's passion in the things and dude man people need to be doing that right. -- 72 year old Ohio woman called 91 report that his teenage grandson was a lie about refused to household chores and spent the day playing on the computer. Accord to a police report ever Freel. Police sheriff's Kelley's office of the atrocity to seventeen year old grandson Justin -- said was lazy and doing nothing around the house that police were summoned on. Saturday morning team keeping the play in the computer. Suffered a cut the Internet cable courts as -- is not listening to them and and the police left. Not sure why while with a preview we show up. Maybe they heard tiles that come loose you know that he was being held hostage yourself and -- the Q was threatening him. They make -- can do -- and economic induced short or I mean that there in the conserve our thing we give a seventeen year old chores would categorize it doesn't know better than me I tried it's it's difficult and what is the kids to stop listening. And screaming into the stock for the kids listen now I'm in and the number -- still seven through what aides to the starting role this guy. But twelfth eventual -- well they start get a couple -- rolls the currency it is in full -- rule -- -- -- say the sky is blue and get this. -- of a different oh well I don't know not a thing. Some parents. Should rightly. You didn't -- it. Let's take your hat off yourself there -- -- or not when the maid asked you to stop you know exposing yourself. This in on the floor yeah did you listen lashing -- hope that the -- once -- -- and we never attractive we may -- We had our hands. -- Bentley companion with Japan at them and there's a line somewhere Miami Indian canyons. In the in this Bill Simmons were released a report the shortstop Bill Simmons story. They talked about. The guy writes the stories likes him and he writes about just the problems while at the office and the story says that Simmons used in any inappropriate. What term would remember the whole thing that came out of Vanderbilt thing that the partner. An epic anniversary program ended right woman and that Simmons of the term sexual preference in this column. In the wrong song writers said that as an offensive term but you know auspices term sexual preference. Right not the while that. It was a -- album this year the big game he had because you have a preference not a preference your preference it's not because you're born that averaged a prefer it it's not a choice okay cards can you all. Undermine I'm try to belittle a lot -- -- -- that's -- that says this this takes -- to what we're gonna get into -- this -- -- argument brought to you by AT&T. -- and pandering and saying something only because it's sounds good and seems like it's the right and fair and safe thing to say. Between now and when we come back -- what you think of the people that you can think of off the top of their head your head. That tried too hard and would be the all stars on the team of -- and pandering people give us an example like. Mom and in no one -- use everyday tries too hard Kenny made any made any payment right -- -- -- -- -- doesn't pander. -- -- The that's true no he doesn't. The racist owner of the Internet as -- the SLA clippers I think Joseph Maddon tries too hard yet to be the cerebral guy. But I don't think either one of them pander and say things just because they think -- others their nest. But we have an all star -- and we do have a couple of stories. That should have seen the light of day along time ago lot of steps once about a couple about a -- but then others about Jonny Gomes and Jacoby Ellsbury -- propels our show yesterday. But look at the bottom of it and I wonder. Why didn't we hear about this a long time -- the story is. Eight console -- resisting this and hear about Babe Ruth running through the coach Carr naked chase and a woman. Back in the day right right but this is a good story and it makes me I have a whole new respect -- I liked him before Jonny Gomes but now -- like them even more.

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