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Sox appear to be back on the right track after winning 3 out of 4

Apr 30, 2014|

With the return of Will Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino to the line-up, we discuss the resurgent Sox and whether or not we'll see this pattern of success continue.

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So we did kind of sneak twellman and the bill I have to admit we get -- come over this bill which in this sent troops over here. -- overhear people earlier here. We're little we know there's a job fair -- -- watch it with 500 other people no matter 500 that's it may be more in the windows two smaller in my head in the part of the overall we did actually ask difficult and dealt with that story we ultimately don't worry about it's almost a man much I would. Great good to see you back again. Yeah hopefully like I love limit not a -- -- -- coming -- are having problems should say that that OK I just hit it. You're here yeah and you're here hey -- -- -- we will spend today talking about a lot of different things we'll talk some hockey a little bit later on in the program. -- went to Montreal Canadians we finally now don't know when I'll start that'll be tomorrow night. At TD garden. Probably some aftermath of the Donald Sterling saga. And I don't know that there's a whole lot of new stuff there but perhaps some some stuff that will talk about little bit later on. And baseball obviously Red Sox manager John Ferrell will be here are joining us in our center field studio in just a little bit. How about the game that. You're fired up but I'm pretty good but I'm not talking about the the actual game for -- the conditions. The condition god love god look at our new englanders who think he'll play I don't live here in -- that victim was up my outside their voice again seriously though if they don't plated. -- -- Well -- also is this supposedly the game at Yankee Stadium against Seattle has already off no word from the Yankees is yet but they did. I saw a tweet. Somebody said the PS Seattle Mariners players have already been told to not go to the ballpark. So I mean it if we assume that's headed in this direction. And I looked at the radar coming in. Now. No chance now. So if they played last night and you talk about Lackey. That he's one of the two guys deal he's one of the two guys in the starting rotation. That you don't have to worry about that's -- -- before and I know it looks good for the Red Sox to have. Victory -- back who had a great game last night and have -- Brooks back. And to have a Jackie Bradley junior continued continuing to do is think defensively in center field in any start to hit a little bit too. But it still comes down to. How many guys you trust in that rotation. And and my number right. Now by the way having to go to your clothes are in the ninth inning last night yet -- -- number right now is to. Yeah two out of five Lester Lackey and and I have I've given the bullpen such props up to this point for the most part I think have been great. But again you had to get -- up and you had to bring him in now was a three -- say. But you shouldn't have to bring him in Europe 72 when the ninth inning. Somebody go up and get three outs and get -- back out here. But is that part of the result of the game last night it's freezing call I don't know for -- right -- you don't need to bring him in a game like that. And -- I think it's funny though that we literally are talking about guys we trust in the starting rotation -- and John Lackey is one of them yes. I mean funny ironic whatever word you want answered there this the guy where two years ago we talked about it but since the second half of last season. Arguably now Jon Lester from me is still is a guy. He's been the most consist well maybe you look at it and advocate John Lackey all of last year. All of -- the regular season. Throughout the post season had some -- start and you think about going going to Detroit. The series tied at one because of the Ortiz slammed Ailes yes and we have we have. Justin Verlander to facing Justin Verlander us all about it you talk about on the other side to us. John -- so. Eager to hit so many big starred in the post season so many productive moment throughout the season. So I think if this is this is nothing new menaces that Lackey that they expect to get when he signed. What I appointed Michael because he was that -- officially against Verlander for the angels and end Tommy John surgery is nobody. Is -- -- death sentence words starting pitcher. Not now. It used to be thirty years ago but not now so. The fact he had Tommy John surgery and came back in in in and looks like the same guy that he was doing it better at the same guy wasn't in Anaheim. He he throws the ball harder. -- and that happens a lot now with Tommy Johns Tommy John surgeries I mean it's like you know Steve Austin the Six Million Dollar Man we can make -- bigger and better than he was right. Pitchers they can make stronger with Tommy -- movie rookie of the year it has been little kick -- back. -- You guys have no argument I. Our governor I don't care if they deal got with the 69 dollar mandating that start thinking about that Amal group among Google right now and had just typed in six -- Austin at a million dollars. You don't know six an -- -- now he never really. Hi amber got remarried. Are -- told us that -- -- I'd it's coming up I advise a little slowdown apparently and right so yeah it. It is that is coming out -- the from the 1970s. -- was -- -- that -- so -- -- research -- later first episode January 18 1974. Final episode march 6 1970. -- wasn't born yet you -- remember that list. To me that we were person. Okay. Stronger. -- But don't they should have gone to jail with the problem use that's soundtrack now at one of the big station -- -- they should put a number on that would do it. Okay in 19746. Million dollars a -- I don't money. Wow. Six million dollars both guys they come back an argument with something that's up twelve real clothing allowance get ready to go to world exactly. Richard Austin Powers one million now redo it. What this team. In Cuba is. -- because they win tonight they're 500. And that's that April was over they won't play tonight but -- -- -- -- and identity if they weren't playing that they weren't aware and maybe a 500. -- -- output it to you this way Michael they've had six opportunities to get 500 so far this year. They're only six in those opportunities. Six other times that a win would have put them back the 500 mark and they failed all six times. I'm not feeling great about their chances don't. But maybe not tonight but just over. Is there is there anything that you've seen lately whether it's the return of a victory no war. The the surprising. Early hitting ability. Of Jackie Bradley junior is there anything that you've seen. That makes you reconsider. What this team this summary considering the other way as don't ask don't need to see a little bit -- considering the other the other way because beginning of the season I said. Their play up to ninety went. Not so sure it's a little bit more from from Clay Buchholz in the -- what little bit more from. Jake Peavy consistency I told you me and brought. I -- to the beginning of April. I -- in the month let me see where they are at the end of the month well -- today. And if they play and if they win on the give it to -- they're 500 team you want a -- -- what you can expect that -- you what you -- two or three week extension. I I always take it -- that I do think this I think the offense is tons of you better now. Now that they've brought a couple of guys out of cold storage -- mean no pun intended. I'll bring back -- Tito with some forty here there there lineup is thicker now. With with -- middle Brooks and -- Shane Victorino. It's thicker it's it's tougher to pitch to their and and they started to score some runs here. And I think that -- -- that's been an improvement. Pitching isn't quite what I'd like it to be yet and and this guy is pitching tonight as one of the guys that I've been in and I'm more than a little worried about Felix do brought. Doesn't look like he's quite grasped it yet. And a surprising thing is last year he came into spring training he was and match. But he had a very good year for -- number what you consider him for five last year consider him their fifth the starters a fair. Yes art fair port number five starter up very good year for -- -- and had a good post season. No he talked about in the World Series Clay Buchholz and game four not sure you can go. They have on standby just in case -- had a breakdown. Was -- with too broad. And he was able to do the job in consecutive games in the World Series so Goodyear last year this year he came to spring training and very good shape yes. And yet. He doesn't look like. He's ready to pitch -- then activated pitching ones. This year he looks like he's ready to pitch and. Not CC sabathia and I think well. Stop it stop it already gotten on I don't know and on and -- not compare and comparing that he got away from his arms CC sabathia lost how much weight. Let's see that's what those things he that would okay. Because he's posted his post before yes yes he says that that would not intended in that way I guess accordingly artery failures and -- brought you before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah or are you a great and that question you're you're fit Felix to -- not going to do the right. But that's really it's a pretty good for writing and I saw sabathia a city's struggle he's gonna have some problems his entire career he's been -- Now all of a sudden throw huge -- dynamic and that in pitching. Listen you're talking to a guy that has to be my entire career you have to be fit to play soccer game -- -- Pitching the exact opposite. You have to be fit he. I don't know I've I don't know might well but you're going to be back fit where you have to lose over a hundred pounds and are well you know that -- that equipment fit. They're different definition says there have been portly pitchers who've been successfully the past have a lot of but look at that I don't know -- -- I mean there have been some that stand out your mind. And if you want -- -- -- back to Mickey lol it shouldn't do that if you want but I I'm Patrick demand a lot of -- fractures -- strong suit which reflects. Or those things. David Wells. I said there's been some baba Louie Lamar or Rick Russell has a problem. Rich Garces. Out of starting pitcher and think of I understand your point you don't necessarily have to the now. You don't have to look like and embraces the first time you guys have in the show. We said let's give and to the end of April -- April 16 right since then there Eaton. Other than 500 -- got a little bit better so US dale to I want a two week extension yet you all take that to -- to graduate this team. Because of that lineup be in the little would you thicker thicker that's the Tito speaking of the word cracker Jack now yeah. Tito wasn't talking about starting pitchers when he -- them honest that we've talked about it it's I'll take -- may fifteenth right now. It is tough to know and I think the other thing you have to look out for their pitching that's that's the obvious thing. The other thing after the gulf war is. Zander -- in what he does defensively. Nowadays there's no question. It might be rookie jitters. As a shortstop. Some people don't think he's he really has a shortstop and maybe that's the issue and we can talk with John Farrell about that. In the next fifteen minutes. Whatever it is. Zander Bogart's -- elect's mood doesn't look comfortable there at the shortstop position. I felt that's fair so is that gonna change. With -- more time. What do the Red Sox have to do something dramatic I'm not sure what that beam and you have to. And you have to stick with the not a middle Brooks is back. -- Brooks is back any any healthy so he's healthy your third baseman. There's nowhere to put Zander Bogart and not gonna take him out of the lineup. He's not he he's here he hasn't caught fire yet at the plate but he's not -- Wednesday struggling overmatched at the plate either no but but I think that it's fair to say that you've got to live through some growing pains right. I'm wrong. The year what -- the entire -- this I think he's shortstop and I don't know what you couldn't I mean you're not going to be able to move on to a different position now. And if you want it and you were able to move to a different position who's -- play shortstop for the pejorative talking about it. -- not happening. The history of understanding players and tendencies and that because the one thing that's been concerning to me watching Bogart's is his lack of range. He's got a great armed -- surprising to I'm surprised. That all to his right into the hole. Is again he's got no chance trying to circle everything. For me the most surprising thing about Bogart's is his range so does that mean two months three months and always figured out the range. Well but I would ask for -- -- I had -- -- -- -- all that fifteen minutes I -- he's just got a great team is it obvious that you gonna play at all places. But other -- it out. For a long time a very long time but I think that part of range. You know part of looking good in these situations. Anticipating. -- you know that you're not as fast as some guys. You know you don't have the dexterity. Other shortstop so what you do what you -- to do -- anticipate. More than the other guy past you have to do. He's got worn natural. Department and this this mythical shortstop -- it's great mythical shortstop didn't have to do with things. That Pakistan to Bogart that. -- and Hitler it's okay that's what I have to do. I'm having difficulty getting to that well there are some cheat over. In these situations or maybe look at the scouting report and held at seven approximate time this guy's got the ball here in these situations. I'm gonna learn Q. Just think I think a couple of steps ahead. And know when that ball is coming I'll be in better positions. In I think it Pedroia is bringing an advocate of SharePoint quote from Pretoria -- talking about. Talking with Jackie Bradley junior and I think that was before that first game in Toronto they -- on a plane. And Bradley's head Pedroia came up to him anathema that union. He -- inside the jury gave -- tips on how he can anticipate in fact it's what he can do account or maybe that's what. You know maybe that's -- -- it was doing defensively. With what -- theater arts and it's almost -- -- double play combination you need to guide to really be good. Here here the two reasons why I I'm I'm probably not as down on this team as I expected to be given their record right now one the American League east is as good as I thought. And and maybe that's -- just gonna beat up on each other fact of the matter is the second place team in the division is 500 right now that's Baltimore. The first place team in the division the Yankees are fifteen and eleven and they've got some pitching issues right now as well to. Since they put Victor Reno and middle Brooks back into the lineup. There's three and one and they're hitting 294 is a team. Back to that sticker line -- thing that was talking about how it hit it has had a trickle down effect throughout the entire batting mortar. They look like the Red Sox team I thought there were going to be all those member beginning of the month for talk about runners in scoring position they can't knock anybody and runners in scoring position. Since they put their line -- back together they're three and one and hitting 294. I'm not expecting they're gonna get to 94 for the rest of the season but you see signs that it's going to be a little better. And here's another guy we have mentioned. It's funny how how a week will change everything. Especially in this -- We we overreact every day. -- I I have I am guilty as anybody else and that's what I love about -- Boston by the way the the over reaction. -- -- Who we're always intuit. But this time last week. There were some questions John Ferraro wasn't cycle here last week yes. I think one of the questions and a couple of questions were directed at -- we're talking about AJ Pierzynski. If they get presents you the right guy to begin with that pitching staff. -- it defensively unhappy body and now how do you feel about AJ Pierzynski a week later. Just one week. You look at him a little differently in Atlanta. Yes. And it's it it perfectly validates your point just wait a few minutes things will change. And it's that way especially over 162 game baseball season things will change. You'll have high -- that blows I'm not quite ready to give up on him yet. Like to see them on the seventh try to get to the 500 mark succeed. When that that's than I wanted out the jets -- happy tonight upbeat tonight. What what will do with -- will double break in here because we're gonna -- John -- and just a couple of seconds. We still got that these days that has there I was out of that you're about what's -- thought they were knocking heads. Concussion this once again a concussion very directly I have Taylor has to be. Get the -- as well it's -- -- and tailored and at Fenway Sports Radio WB. -- And there's this ride he considered the airwaves back I was kidding that's not the thought they. Wall -- runs will score resistant kind of directly but. -- doubled as Jackie Bradley junior. And the Red Sox they paid 51 lady brushed. Such a boy. What are your voice. -- -- -- -- -- Right obstruct these families got he's got a room in the house and when you Jackie Bradley junior -- beaten that from I gotta give you credit man. We're just the beginning of the season. I had not I had no reason to expect him. To hit consistently used it looks like. And looks like he belongs to play. Now it's not like he's. I eight 390 or -- fourteen and on base guy. But he he doesn't let go -- look overmatched there like you remember at the beginning of the season he's sitting there looking at that the. Strike three in the game and John Carroll has not distract. Any any kind of -- about written. And I don't perilous -- India -- and look like that guy anymore do we have to give up props to our our radio coverage here. The Red Sox are our broadcast team not only do you have the great Dave O'Brien -- instantly you know you have that. But you also have some really high quality sound system for the game last night. It is driving around. And I heard very clearly I mean our mikes are unbelievable and her very quickly all of them I understand. But. There are. At the you can hear conversations. Somebody somebody tweeted a picture. From right field corner here. And makes it Tyler Myers came over instead if you're gonna tackle me at least be funny. Until I mean it like. Now. OK here we go. And at some people here do get a Little League -- see the Jimmy Fallon Robinson you know. No all out with relevant today as -- We're relevant to get go didn't you spoofed Yankee fans. In my note it can note it's that we had a picture. Outside in the middle of like I don't know where in Manhattan at a picture of him with -- -- I don't handers at a rate. -- so the cameramen and -- the vote would go up the Yankees be in the day. There's -- thank you know right now he was in here right now what would you say don't hack well. There have them all it's a cop out it's a report out. Of techno pop up from behind it oh yeah with the and you always prepared yankees. Your favorite based its ability to go -- what you Robbie. Robinson -- don't you know but if you're gonna have to all be creative. Agree 100% at a Tyler Myers Goldman right couldn't agree more. We're getting ahead in the -- And. Yeah did you tell Reagan's address again -- -- -- -- It -- Robbie. Welcome back to New York. Both very critical for Teledyne episode. Would have been an update you sort of -- -- without -- though it's not fair how they vote for you. Don't tell -- you most of the time. The bunny ears of the fun part of a second guys you -- like -- because you think of the times. No -- playing you'd -- your -- -- I loved a good development -- it -- -- creative. Big day your mom's Fat Mike -- -- teach creative. You -- it. It's good while I don't I don't mind ethical -- got -- have fixed in the out of one part of it is that you fake. You think they can't picture. That's the fun part there's a dead there's a separation there there on the field. Or in hockey there on the other side of the glass don't worry about it going ahead. Go ahead yet this tackler and say anything you want to give them are gonna come get you know the great you went to -- But part of the fun is being away from insane things that went that you -- perk. With the putter Afghans. Felt like I like that very much like on Friday that there's that there's a tough guy who plays for Anaheim Anaheim Ducks named herself the tough rough. And in coliseum and -- they're rated player game and in this little guy you know smaller and you -- hold up the sciences. And -- I'm gonna kick your act. And he actually cracked up he's -- -- the ice during warm ups -- and what of his teammates and leagues at the -- he just are flat. Like that have to -- but that's whenever. He remembered -- -- what a concussion or not. As Michael. I can know and a very good that I created that I got better because you don't have to wait. Going to be eager to have that the -- you can -- and George -- yeah there are an area of the country. That is more creative than others like all. It. I think the northeast is more creative than all of them. Now the Pacific northwest. You know a lot of patriots fans have seen that. The Seattle Seahawks fans I've seen this founders fans of whatnot with the Portland Timbers. Their creative. There -- that's a hardcore sports and that week. Some sometimes forget in the northeast but the northeast is no doubt he's in my -- let's say that I I think of the Pacific northwest is. Laid back and mellow it's Jacoby Ellsbury hits the lion it's the -- out any games following that would be lost all -- If you think you the lions late. His nickname it's like -- told wired that -- At all. -- picture him via. Heckler in that regard but you know what I'm surprised. I would've thought that part of the country can now at all no doubt that that -- or okay our mother as we said your hometown as the nicest people on the court it's sad look at me. Count I think he knew you left long time ago if I mean people say oh we're so happy you're here. Extra fight fiercely to go back to your question I can't repeat any of it has a lot of creative and as for me and crew includes Fogarty self. No but I would say the northeast for me 100%. Creative. He -- sound like -- guys who expects there is going to be a baseball game here and I will have to prepare the said kind of on hold at the moment but no official word. But EC in the same weather forecast weeks in which is that basically. Starting around 6 o'clock there's a 100%. Chance -- -- -- them. Are saying if there's a chance of yours and each 100% chance of rain that's what the forecast and I was Dan. We trust them -- Whether people's. Trust them. More than I trust soccer players so. Put me. -- honest -- in. The profession where you can be right. 34% at times that -- optional. First baseman. But. You're like. On I'd use that talk shows right I mean it's obvious and that. 800 number remember -- in the aftermath of the NCAA basketball tournament Shabazz Napier said you know the night. Right. Apparently James Winston goes on to from time time now or -- that it apparently does not go all go home -- -- that he just got -- -- he get caught. Shoplifting. Crap like Whitman Whitman -- channel my inner Michael Ali. -- rapidly next. Shop left a local bread and some Bologna instant -- Shoplift it crab legs from public's on how. How did they catch there was also Peter work all the -- Crawfish in Dijon mustard these goals well -- hear what -- its fuel plane. Crap like like I -- Mac like if you're a dull. At least -- something to do it like I don't like your backpack not your backpack or. You have you go to the store -- sure it does -- environmentally. Friendly bag Baird you lockyer and and you say oh. I have this in my bag. I didn't even realize it. And and honest mistakes are. Know that it's funny too because the story out of Florida state of the police officers said the facts are not in dispute. But he left public's without paying for the crab legs now here's what impressed me okay. They're gonna find him in Florida State's gonna suspend him from the baseball team. Telling when you suspended from the football team and we got a story okay. A historic I have a Chirac coach Fisher -- -- Fisher is all upset about this that he's not going to be able to play baseball anymore and I don't I don't know. That's gonna have to focus on football and defending their national championship. Who was the flip and lose two football players is Peter work -- over these calls right. What Florida State when they went and stole like the clothes right post Oilers right -- They do have a memory. How things to -- where was the crab -- do you think where did they find the crap like. Like you know a guy like like to now he's the victim dollar to know would -- that good enough to think about it. If you're gonna take it crab leg and some mustard -- brings us we're gonna put that -- excuse me visuals are not crab legs. You're not gonna touch -- -- alone serve it's fine here nothing that's. On its first food offense either you apparently went through -- -- stole companies -- that was sort repeatedly. Don't know. We all he went into burger maybe -- I thought I thought it would -- he was talking about B I. Went and a Burger King. With three men but did not order fruits and asking for a couple water which he repeatedly filled -- sold over employees objections. And it's got a tricky kept drinking soda. This guy really. Want to store -- bizarre story. But I just said knowing what once what and a Burger King but you're gonna go all -- Humpty dance on me for a second and gradually -- there. Humpty dance at an all cash he once got busy over treatment for and America don't you may have done that it. Here's the deal he goes to the deli at public supermarket in Tallahassee he orders the food. And then he leaves the store and pay for the so the public employees called deputies they go to with department he's not exactly unknown in Tallahassee right now. So they say it and that's what's that was just in -- -- much from the left so they go to was department and they -- Janice. To to pay for the vote now I forgot. That's his that's his story any stick until he forgot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The let's but it it's it's reasonable. But it is not know what it says that model is not feasible for him. It's feasible with somebody can go to a story have you ever gone to a store and forgotten papers you don't know you're never -- know -- mobile hold on what you got. Each item under my -- and ninety got. If not forgive him every hole yeah Delhi without -- -- And it's not feasible for him it's feasible or a person maybe not experts in. Given its history of you know going in the parking and it was I think it can take advantage of the Diet Pepsi right I'm just saying if you go to a grocery store. If you've got media lack of details. You aren't under the carpet data. And sometimes believe me take it from a former cashier. Cast your -- my game was nice but. Sometimes you forget you hit on average one that -- Not everyone. You really look at them to progress report on this computer don't you really. Really happening now lacked awareness. Islam fine woman walking through the grocery store and got a little red -- and -- Part at all all. Let us that one's seventeen code 21. All of that the time. Now it is time the third game does he get a game is only. All all of the player listen up I think if it's possible for might get something clear he clearly didn't and yet to understand. Height and trophy winner national champion. If you have Democrat lags. Troy Brown do it yourself and thank. -- all -- Gretzky or thirty market just insert the the Heisman trap went horribly. 6177797937. -- telephone number. We're talking Bruins in Canadians 'cause they're finally got to start tomorrow night at the TD garden that's our focus broadcast live from Fenway where they may or may not be playing baseball. Dale and -- and Taylor Twellman Sports Radio WEEI.

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