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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Game 7 Edition - 4-30-14

Apr 30, 2014|

We tackle four topics all relating to the great batch of game 7's tonight, and great game 7's in history.

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And -- Sometimes in these musical and collect -- way over my -- some days I can figure him out. -- days like this and that the NHL I guess they've -- you don't know. Joseph I don't know I know I knew this along he has them let them try to figure out how it ties in with the entire. Well Bora -- -- today. How would you suggest they'll get dictator or three. Game seven -- -- somehow. This ties into. Well what else then it's time to crank it up young man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has this been the best first round of the NBA playoffs in recent memory. ESP -- that guy there are numbers guys today a study of this and our best over. No I don't think it was natives of somebody else anyway he said this is the best first round. Of the NBA playoffs and seventeen years. I assume they're talking about -- competitiveness of the series and closeness of the games and and all that stuff so. Now I wouldn't say yes. And this has got to be mildly controversial because the team that didn't have a competitive first round series at all. The one thing that didn't was the Miami Heat and that seems to favor. -- win at all -- you expect him to be very hard -- even -- even though. They are the favorite to win it I don't believe that this version of the Miami Heat. Is it a super. Super tough matchup it's not a super team. I think that's what makes it great and makes it great it. You're not really sure who's gonna win it at in my short that the Miami Heat are gonna win the NBA championship no not. Western Conference playoffs to me as I watch -- March Madness. They -- today take this eating out of it right. Who would've thought that Oklahoma City Thunder which struggle this mightily. With the Memphis Grizzlies and not just struggling starters not to struggling. As a team but struggling individually yes we have the NDP ability. At a at a very diplomatic triple double last night Westbrook OK you've got my but overall series -- it's that they're what I think. Expected those guys that -- -- but I think if your question yeah I think it's the best record number of a long time maybe. Seventeen years maybe twenty. And that's even with -- that those teams on the sidelines again if I felt -- -- -- -- Like if they care what playoff games at home but they've lost their what they lost the last six home playoffs -- five or six. -- but it's hard to. He's got -- reader analyzed the note Derrick Rose allies figures on how how might -- criticize Tom Thibodeau for what he's doing with that. I budget characters he's got there I never question. Physical issues for players I admire sometimes a guy like Dennis Seidenberg was practicing you know. Four months after having reconstructive knee surgery. I can't remember any injury taking this long to come back from mr. rose. Well -- he came back but then. I just think that the question would Derrick Rose remains. -- ever being this will we ever recover sufficiently to be. Not an MVP again but. If -- one of that one of the ten or fifteen that's players' analyst. Probably not this injured Wednesday when -- -- hit -- Number Grant -- on -- -- it took forever I'd be shocked if their gross comes back fully healthy I got a question for -- guys that after it would it would multiple. The bartender and the -- question going on inaugural game we're not who are already go. Yes we are Michael got to live the tonight the and it just 31 round game -- Philadelphia neighbors New York Minnesota vs Colorado and and -- and Jose. Outside of the Bruins which team has been the most impressive in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Most impressive scale. Well I mean the easy answer. And it's the wrong answer would be Montreal because they swept their first round series with Tampa Bay. Why the wrong answer because technically inept and other guys you know goaltending was the issue there and I'd have to say this. Maybe the LA kings. Down three games to none of the San Jose Sharks that's mine forcing game seven tonight in San Jose do you think the collars get a little tighter around Joseph Thornton's -- tonight. A guy who has never quite given them what they expected I mean terrific player puts up great numbers all that stuff will he ever win a cup. We've got to win tonight I think they're nervous that shark tank in the shark tank that I that for me it's a -- you're down 30. Everyone had them written off. I think they went to that in him as a and maybe maybe what I would say is minutes I would say Minnesota that's hockey guy like field with the department. At you know at Minnesota so defendant like what I would do is is if I was looking at an individual I think Colorado against Minnesota okay -- offended because Nate McKinnon is. -- star. Eighteen years old. He had ten points in his first five playoff games this year I I didn't check -- -- going into tonight. But he's as she is just dazzled everybody with the way he's played at the ripe old age you -- No love for the defending champions. -- I think pretty -- there for a series. You're probably you have to go with them because they were down. 02 hole. I mean that. I'd probably get blamed Saint Louis though more than I credit Chicago and I am wrong but I probably the idea -- -- look at me. Should be advancing right now. We're talking about the blow to be over and over I. Waited and he was -- -- all -- I just talked him back over. Time. This city told me to always pick up the negative not a positive that's why we should talk about say as an -- Chicago credit candy. Factory. The Los Angeles Kings entered the playoffs with the six -- but lost the first three games of the series and him battling back to force a game seven. If your team loses the series after being up 30 who should get the majority of the blame the coach. Or the players. The next guy leave town already. Service. Well remember it happened with the Bruins had a three nothing lead over the Philadelphia Flyers had 83 nothing lead in game seven. -- enough often enough. And and who was deployed in Europe it was difficult. Player coach always player with the players and it was a players -- It was a players for different reasons most of time you say. All right this guided performer this guy -- and say eight to grow grass gave up soft goals in game seven when he had a reasonably. But a couple things happen in that series. Seidenberg. Went out -- series. Almost like several like a severed tendon or something. You gotta go a really bad injury it was very serious. David great and crate that was the key and gain with a game three and won game three whoever was clearly flyers broke his stick over crate he's risky -- he was out so Philadelphia so Boston became more injured Philadelphia. It got no idea if you like every game they were bringing -- -- -- and also in that series of I'm not mistaken. Game one. Was won in overtime here and so far have the winning goal with me game one. But Savard. I don't have that that was Saluki weird things you have a hard play should be. What that this thing right scored the winning goal and then you know the rest of that series he was not himself. So I think a lot of things transpired neck and -- collapsed. And they. Yeah. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are widely recognized as being the best policies. MBA playoffs are most similar format to the Stanley Cup Playoffs wired -- Stanley Cup Playoffs so much better in the NBA playoffs. I have an opinion but I may be wrong I don't think I think it physically. Hockey players sell out more. At at the playoffs mean and and you -- I like like Patrice Bergeron last year. Playing in the Stanley Cup final with a broken rib and punctured lung and separated shoulder and and play. And and then go on in the dressing room after the game after you lose the cop facing the media talking to everybody. And okay now we'll take you to -- General. I mean. I'm not saying that NBA players don't play injured I know they do. But at least my sense is there's not the same physical sellout. That I that I sense from hockey players I think scheduling helps them. I want you know at the real good NBA playoffs you get like two days off. It's sometimes more sometimes to -- for some of these. You get into a rhythm with the remote -- HL playoffs every other day but there's hurricane threat we're talking Thursday that it what 730 bill. Yes and then we're probably talking Saturday at 1230 well I haven't called upon tweet about 1220. Twelfth wanna think of that is when things -- and our office. Well you know I think it is what I mentioned earlier NHL playoffs are great. Because even if you have an anointed team. Last year that anointed team was the penguins. They were great -- romantic incredible march -- you know going into the playoffs every team to beat doesn't matter. Whoever they're matched up where it is not gonna bowed down and say well you're the best team until we have no chance every team feels like. They have a chance whether to exceed seventy. Or obviously 123. And that usually doesn't happen in the NBA it's happening this year. You look at Memphis vs Oklahoma City. You look at Indiana. Indiana a couple of times being embarrassed at home by the seat that didn't make the playoffs Atlanta. So I think Dallas whether those rare opportunity Dallas another winter weather this one what is rare opportunities where everybody feels like false hope we can do we can win. There is one final reason that I should have given why the NHL playoffs are better than the NBA playoffs. We don't have Joey -- You're on YouTube and route now right now did you see what sort of let's things are up last. Your big I wouldn't say -- -- so why I don't know why did you just don't. What they should have done there was doubt it was just a bad it was just a bad decision if you don't -- come up with them my body was your experience. Well what's -- other recent. The dumbest thing I've ever seen. I'll probably uses yet evident yet operator you can don't you get awaited going to have to do it right there and he gave it the guy had the ball he Drupal right up. -- in the middle of the -- and for Hillary's. Other day I got every other than Joey Crawford wanting to be to show he said he had a reason now on the flip side. We're talking about the guy who's going to be in -- He's -- -- free -- him some credit and a free throw shooter he's a great he's a great sure. Joey Crawford I know throws -- rhythm. Maybe you step back from the line Seattle as it does that -- -- I'm pissed off right now I can't believe Joey did that to me and make it better and make anything the games on the -- felt it Kevin Durant you're at the free throw line. Do what you do most of the time 90% of the time that make. Yes but I'm on the other settings. Joey Crawford that's the MVP of the -- What little you I think you need to blow the was Delray I'll leave him alone come down I think. And -- and it got out with the guys that he shouldn't have done it I think it was just bad judgment on his part. We hear about bonus question -- told you this question a boy if you had. An opportunity to get Derrick Rose. And you average on yourself you average on Rondo in the last year of his contract dispute the numbers numbers -- All white you can't take it -- just solid apart haven't thought about your apology and district picked anthology of our case it doesn't have a life out of the well no because technology a lot of times -- conversation that you're trying to do right now I think I'm not to let you do it Saint Louis guy. Art so. Like the Blackhawks -- to me. If you had an opportunity he would take Rajon Rondo in the final your response there. If flip them for Derrick -- We're not sure will be missing players which are doing now. -- Because they have no faith that Derrick Rose going to be Garrick wrote every and you also don't go over John -- has -- it's my time with. I understand is that I only I'd rather have one year of -- pretty positive that I know what I'm gonna get as opposed to a year of I don't know if we can play. I'd rather trade Rondo for something else. I get -- around 100%. With all the with on the draft picks they have the opportunities to rebuild that they've won -- package some of that for real star Derrick Rose is in a real star where he needs. Oh yeah he gets a real star I don't may not notice that they're -- you cannot convince me right now coming off two ACL injuries. That he is a real star on April 30 2014 he can't. You can't. You don't know for certain that he's come and. I know for certain he's gonna come back he -- he won't play again. If Greg Greg Oden is playing against Derrick Rose played it when I'm not sure of is what he's going to be. That's -- -- don't -- so what but the point is you're trading uncertainty for uncertainty. The uncertainty of Rondo. Of what his future is with the -- you don't know. He keeps saying no comment -- what's your future he's the captain of the team about your captain saying no comment no come. What when you ask him about his future I'm giving you denies the courtesy day. Now the -- the Kevin Garnett bleed green. And I love the Celtics that's the only team I know is the only city -- -- what I wanna be here and I hope we can work something out but it Evernote for eight years. Free agency is unpredictable that in giving him that so that uncertainty of his future. -- the uncertainty of Derrick Rose his future in terms of how great you'll be a comeback just a matter what kind of player I would take -- and there's no question yes I do. You're the one because we I mean I think we're in agreement on this when I've I wouldn't go near I just there's too too much and certainly from. 6177797937. With telephone ever. AT&T tax line it's 37937. But its yield. As twellman. The rookie wouldn't do you're your your computers talking. According by the way -- via Tampa Bay times. Just a little note here the B rays players are complaining to the union about it doubleheader tomorrow. So it is still not official that there will be a -- although it has been announced as such by the Red Sox but apparently according to the Tampa Bay times. Com. -- players orchard they wanna do that. We'll try to keep you updated as the afternoon goes on we'll also get back to the call to -- 6177797937. Dale and -- and Taylor Twellman Sports Radio WEEI.

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