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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

Apr 30, 2014|

We check in with the skip to find out his take on the Sox and little turnaround of late... including but not limited to Xander Bogaerts, the starting staff, Pedroia Bobblehead Night and much much more.

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We are -- happy while the -- The manager of the Boston Red Sox John -- -- in my belly insurance town fair tire. And my son John -- Taylor Twellman Taylor John Ferrell John Howard on -- points. Just once I'd like to see that golf -- your school on two wheels camera and a corner I would think at. -- -- it what it's like baseball. You know what we've seen the forecast that says you -- -- on hold right now so. It's not looking real promising but nothing definitive yet. John I'm a man of the people through and out on Twitter humans manager John for opening deal with the most repeated question ones. What's the hardest part of your game day. Part of game today. You know that I think -- that the most challenging thing that we have inside every game is is managing the bullpen and that's going to be dependent on so many variability is whether who's available what the matchups are. That that's the the one area of the game that's always in the state of -- Andy that the best way to try to handle it is city. Some insight into it is during batting practice I walk through the outfield talked -- reliever how he feels would be available on a given day communicate that with them. In and start to build in the pieces are on and start to maybe play -- -- game ahead knowing what matchup you might envision. And then just so when the forecast is like it is tonight Doug does that throw a wrinkle and of that plan do you plan like GF two game plans and and while none of the scored. The score. At a given moment will will indicate what -- don't so. Whether that you know rain no rain if were playing the scores going to be the the biggest it's. You know deterring or determine. On which path we take -- trust them. I mean I guess you got some guys city every -- on on gut I got no problem that's part of getting to know player because they're never gonna tell you there you. We're all the vast majority will -- will never tell you that you know I don't want the ball they're competitors they but he. They'd love to it's -- and to be the guy. And yet at the same time you've got to kind of read between the lines on some occasions and how they respond to how confidently that the words they're using in and you listen to the type of words -- they're choosing in the get a sense and that's where you go with your gut feel whether. For instance you know let's say we're talking about the dollar he he's pitched an inning affair of the night before he threw fourteen pitches which is -- A lot. Knowing that has available that night would be on very short exposure maybe to maybe get a hitter to an in and out of there so it's not going to be full inning it's just going to be a small dose. But you could use him. Today and that's one small example of I get a feel for that. These are -- managing the bullpen -- thing that makes managing the bullpen a lot easier it's consistency from their starting pitching. I you've -- that for the most part from Lester got him for the most part from Lackey. The other three guys I would say fairly consistent one of the guys going tonight or if they if you play. Felix you -- How do you how do you characterize where he is now he's a little surprising. In terms of his performance based on what he did last. Well it and keep in mind though it was probably late April. 10 and made timeframe where he got a little bit of a role. And he really picked up the workload when -- went down he strung together 151617. Starts -- three runs or less and was a huge. Contributed to that overall rotation I would say Jake Peavy has been very consistent as well in in the time that in the games he's pitched force yourself tonight. -- you know that the thing that I look at is how quickly can Felix get into the flow of the game sometimes it's the first inning -- sometimes it's the third inning. In your hopeful that there's a pitch or two in that first stretch where he's made. To get out of an inning to avoid a multi run. Damage sort of speak on the on the scoreboard so there's no questioning that the abilities there's no questioning the war because this -- has committed to a routine committed to a work ethic. And yet it's sometimes those in game adjustments that that are the difference between getting into the flow of things in that first inning or that third -- Fourth inning I think a lot of people had high expectations and have high expectations. For standard Bogart's based on what they saw -- -- post season based on the standing. In baseball one of the top prospects in baseball. How'd you how do you assess. His his defense and we've seen the struggles defensively. Do you see him getting better in certain areas and if so what areas are. Whoa what with the routine plays been very sound you know last year this -- we got to came to a -- his fielding technique when it was high in the lord's he would bend at the waist. He wouldn't get into his legs as much as we're seeing now the work that he's done with Brian Butterfield you get the very strong comfort level that balls that him they're going to be outs. We know that the first step quickness of the ranged particularly the glove side it is an area that we continue to address here. I will say that's what we're seeing in what you see for first your players is that. They don't have the benefit of getting on that role at the minor league level where they're playing with a tremendous amount conference. Defensively offensively. As they do when they first come -- the big leagues we've seen it with with. Jackie. In spring training get on that -- start the year an enormous challenge last humans and it came to us he was already on that role. So we'll we'll -- -- the year that he first came up. The challenges for young players to get on that role against quality Major League pitching every single night. And also the speed of the game that there and getting accustomed to. That's what I see -- -- right now it's just that the reading of swings in the game is moving at times a little bit quick form. But that's all part of getting establishing getting comfortable at the Major League level in April as opposed to coming up in August or September when your playing freer mind. And with a lot of confidence. In the book money ball Billy -- talked about luck and how it portrays in baseball and and other somethings you just can't account for and I think about that when I think of run support. Because it just seems like it's so capricious this year this guy has all the run support next year the exact same guy doesn't get any run support and there's not anything you seem to be able to do about. -- -- you try to think of the lineup you try to be aggressive in certain ways knowing that on a given -- differences and you're talking about Jon Lester was cut you know thirteen runs scored I think in his six starts he's made forced. By comparison last year it was 48 runs scored -- on the other dates I may have the numbers a little bit wrong but it's kind of the same neighborhood. Some days you pitch on the wrong day and you know what that's that that's the game that's the baseball gods sort of speak in. You're accepting of that if it doesn't make. Going out and doing your job easier. Or more accepting but you you just understand that this is part of the game and sometimes you you know you -- on the -- day. Second half last year playoffs this year -- like he's been strong what's been the secret. -- would say all of last year he's been strong. You know you go back to one he's not competing against his own body. Evident by coming off the Tommy John. He's competing against the guys sixty feet from him and and not thinking about how -- feels or anything like that. To his credit he had a incredible offseason prior to last year he got himself in great shape. He's been able to control his body and repeat his delivery leading to more consistent strike throwing. And because of that command he stayed out of the middle plate and -- of the competitive nature has always been there the talent has always been there he's healthy he's in great shape his command and a baseball. He's doing the basics of pitching and and putting ourselves in the chest when he -- to walks amount. You basically Panama baseball tonight this is it for April and you move on what's next month what have you seen in in this month that has. Surprise Q what have you seen in this month that has disappointed -- to a degree. The that. The surprise I shouldn't say surprise incursion think hold re categorize it is encouraging -- the encouraging thing is to see Jackie Bradley take over center fielder as he passed defensively. We're seeing much more consistent approach at the plate the last ten days or so so these are all really that is a really those are two really good signs for Jackie. As a young player that's establishing himself. -- Bogart's I think is probably. Met or somewhat exceeded our offensive approach -- cigar with nearly 400 on base right now. Yes we can pick them apart you know and granted that the defense is something that people will see or you'll see it one game to say well he's got issues. While which we don't see it that way we we see a young player that is growing into the position going into the expectations here in Boston. And we feel very strongly about their current and long term future. In the middle of the diamond for us. Surprisingly. You know what would be our our. The opportunities we've created offensively and yet have come up short at times. And then probably the inconsistency in the rotation those are probably the two areas that. Yeah we talked about a with a couple guys say you know Fella coming in the spring training and into the start of the year this was an area of strength for our team. Still believe it is and yet we've got to even out some of those highs and closed within a five day period. When we talked to a week ago we talked about the return of Shane Victorino to your lineup and you talked about what he means defensively for -- in right field and the stability. Fact of the matter is since Victor Reno in middle Brooks have come back in the lineup you're three and one in hitting 294 is a team. They meant maybe even more offensively -- defense well I think what it does it it takes there -- You've got nine guys that have got track records or get two additional guys to add to the nine that track records. Offensively so maybe alleviate some of the pressure of -- guessing you know I've got to do it in my spot when it comes to when I come to the plate rather than letting it go. And passing the baton to the next -- this offense is built in his strongest when it's pass the baton on the next guy who deep counts long at bats. -- take a walk when given pass on that's how we create innings were seen that more and more. The at bats of the -- of the nor consistent. And I think we're we're starting to get not only the full compliment of players. But more than the approach that we saw a year ago some people ask well do you know the identity of this team. The identity is is consistent the players in the personal names available may have changed with that yeah identity is to me is still consistent and that is a relentless approach. One that we will prepared the best of our abilities each and every day. Those are things we can control. How we played out with the people available that that's turning to the positive now. -- set them sit down with your club in Toronto would you characterize it as a team meeting. No we that we have a meeting every every. New series we we met yesterday prior to the Tampa series. It provides us the setting not only took over the opponent. Give you what they're. How they're playing it in ways that we might look to attack or exploit certain things but it's also an opportunity to to revisit some things that are recently take place. You know. To call a team meeting. That bad that all of a sudden you know you you can run the risk of having too many meetings our meetings our purpose. Driven and that's to prepare for the upcoming opponent when we add to that. Then you know what he you've got all ears and and people -- Paying attention rather than. You know with the the red flag that might go up to say that you know what we're getting a riot act read through this and you know this is a panic move. That we played an ugly game that night. Here from the ship last homestand against New York we don't know what guys guys mark. The those were physical players they want medal. And yet we had them move on as quickly as we couldn't wanted to trumpeting his years as a source that tends to play defensively yes. I didn't has been on the and everywhere I wouldn't know what -- you see that game and and you go home and think what that. What what was your thought after that game. We can't at least we can't get worse than what they can happen now and I wouldn't say came to worse obviously it's humbling and you're you can't afford to take any short cuts along the way there was there's always work to be done. Were in conditions that aren't the greatest we recognize it yet not making an excuse. You know you see some plays that guys get caught backhanded. Play in the outfield a ball that's a tailor made double play -- -- gets dropped. The these are things that again -- physical or not you know. Some. Decision making inside the game where you congress that we know what happened there one that makes you walk away scratching your head so. Confident in every guy's ability. And what we need to do is. Bring guys together in those moments rather than pick things apart that that's where you start to splitter. And starting all over the place so that's where we're able to do in Toronto and its continued final question from me we spoke to a week ago today. And the game that night you had a -- to and I asked the umpire to check the pitcher. And you looked like you didn't wanna do. Is that fair and accurate to say that you really didn't want lautner yeah I mean that's a pretty fair characterization of that I'm. You know you realize that -- when you're asking -- -- and don't get the opponents that you checked. You know that you're opening yourself up for more that. 44 year old pitchers to be checked if if there's something that's you know potential. Foreign substance. But in this case. You know there there was a defining moment for going out and talk -- it was a home plate that if I don't go say something I'm going to be critter you know crucified. Because it was so obvious and to me that was not so much being -- it was just the -- weakness of the pine tar on his neck it was like you know what -- let this slide. You know there's -- I guess and ethics within the game and unwritten rule that you know there's going to be some. Additive to get a better grip with that was above and beyond what what's punt army responded. Jamaican dance know that doesn't do anything to me to the flight of the baseball allows you to have firmer grip -- So does that allow you to create tighter spin on a breaking ball possibly. It doesn't do you view. It doesn't allow for balls to get away from me and I think that's where haters will say you know what I'd rather have a -- have supplements fingers. And know where the ball's going in a ball mid ninety's I can get up. Underneath my gender or my eight year old so what will will deal with that as long as it's maybe a little more discreet. You play with Phil Niekro at some point didn't briefly -- now and I think he'll do it but Joseph you know instant I didn't vote Joseph I don't know Joseph Anderson is. You know pull out -- and file her not at all kind of -- -- but you get into something that is completely different pitch -- right. It is not on an -- -- with people argue last week. That pine tar. Is not gonna make is not gonna turn a good pitcher to a great pitcher. Now maybe manipulating the baseball and making you do make it and move in a funny way that's I think that's different conversation and I. Amaro told -- totally different conversation you know that you're not changing the surface and the baseball in other words you're not -- it but let's face it a scuff. Will make the ball sink or dive much more. Dramatically or drastically and the addition of something tacky on your fingers. It's more about feel and when it's cold out of a baseball that has rubbed up with mud that's got a film on it now. You're looking for some way exits of alleviate that that filming a sort of feeling of it if people at home won't pick up the cue ball off their pool table that's what it feels like when your fingers are cold and the ball has no seems. It's like so you're looking for some -- to create that orchestrates the -- Just change the rule and say -- you can and I you can put some pine tar on the baseball it's fine I just hit well -- but definitely not I think we're talking about -- people are suggesting that ruled needs to be changed because someone was so blatant and obvious. It's self governing and if you let it be the game will take care of itself I don't think it was that obvious answer. Pena at that you'll find that you weren't watching movies where you weren't here on my agency Pedroia Bobble that the given way to nine. What a shock the uniforms dirty on the Bobble I should have bobbled it but it walks in the public. A job thanks very much I hope you get the game and tonight -- like we do as well thanks guys they John -- joining us Sports Radio WE yeah.

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