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Buster Olney, ESPN: Talks Red Sox, 4-30-2014

Apr 30, 2014|

Buster's weekly visit with the boys covers some Red Sox talk, around the majors and what MLB owners did when they had a similar case that the NBA is currently dealing with

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We talked baseball every Wednesday at this time with a friend Basra only BS PN's buster brought to you by noon turf care and by Toyota of national and buster joins us. -- on the AT&T hotline. Boston we saw last night the Red Sox again their lineup back together and again. Start to get to an opposing starting pitcher get -- out of the game pretty early it seems like since that line -- has gotten back together we are seeing shades of the Red Sox that went to one won a World Series a year ago. Yeah I would agree with -- when you look at the in this morning at the leaders. He and drawing walks and Oakland leads right now in the big leagues. But the Red Sox are climbing and they are doing more that and I do think you know I mean it is I think important to temper expectations person and it Bogart's. And for Jackie Bradley junior this year because they're young players in the going to be times when they go up and down. But it is worth noting that early in the year. Get it over to the 378 on base percentage I mean my goodness -- would take that. -- a -- in the middle of their careers let alone someone at the outset of his career and Jackie Bradley junior as an on base percent today at 344. And you know eventually it looks like he'll be able to beat that guy is gonna be the leadoff hitter but I know the Red Sox front office. He is really cannot let him sort eased his way and rather have a deal with a pressure that. -- yet that they're without a doubt I think the Red Sox lineup is coming together with middle Brooks back. With Shane Victorino back and it just -- -- -- -- it. Yes they get nobody's really -- the future of into -- and people an idea how specialist Kiki and be able to look at those two young players. At the big league level lot I'd rather see a guy out there defensively that's getting it done and working on his craft like Jackie Bradley we'll see throughout the year. What are you hearing a typical talking all about Zander Bogart's in -- thought about it today that first step the explosiveness fast twitch muscle right now isn't quite there. -- anybody talking about defensively what they think of standards sure. Rival executive told me that day had some questions about his range going to his left. And any interest in it actually reminds me a little bit. What I've heard about Jeter -- you know even in the middle of this career. Where people say boy you know there's not as much -- some other shortstop in especially with -- going to his left. On but I I still think within its obviously way too early to make a final assessment on on what he's going to be. And I think I mentioned that the couple weeks ago that I had. Just heard from the red such players that they felt like getting comfortable as he is batting in he's relaxed he is batting. -- defense -- -- form and not. Not necessarily because it's not that that's a bad thing but just something that he. Works that and puts a lot of pressure on himself with and I asked Brian Butterfield bit. The third base coach and the guys were to their infielders and he said he's the police -- there's no doubt about it he he wants to get better defensively and so. They'd probably like in some respects -- kind -- been like young hitters going to batting slump that he's trying to do the right thing trying to work on the right things. And defense doesn't come to them quite naturally is getting does. A -- lose what are you hearing question with another one about John Lackey because last year obviously the -- huge back bounce back year for him. I think most people in Boston many people I should say wrote him off. As just a bad contract would play it out -- -- gone good last year out to a really good start this year as the 39 to eight. Strikeout to walk ratio with some top ten the American League I'm curious to rival XX look at last year and say okay he's back or they looking for him to pair up this year. -- last year to really believe okay the Red Sox getting the job Lackey now all they thought they were getting when they signed him a couple winters ago. Yeah I think it was competence among the people that I spoke with a that the team -- he was going to be able to back it up because. He was clear from his conditioning. That he would reinvested in himself. And put himself in a better position to do things and shoot -- and that's start that I I some person when he threw against the Yankees last week I hit. He fought hard. And I think certainly much harder than he was before surgery. But his velocity still kind of surprise you a little bit they can throw in that hard at this stage one of the same questions that came up actually the production meeting. And we were kicking it surrounded. You know -- in fact. You know John -- you guys does contract destruction that he spoke essentially that 500000 dollar. Good deal for next year. He -- you know the number you know the player. How do you feel about looking for that type of salary now I know that that built into the deal. It is going to be an issue in question if he continues to pitch this well you will there be some kind of conversation. About. You know what let let's try to work out some sort of an extension. Let's try to. I read something where you not picky battle all the salaries before. I mean all of your objections pitcher -- these days I totally agree with that -- -- -- that was built into the deal. But you know my colleague -- the owner Rick Sutcliffe were sort of kicking that around. And the question of it and you know real world in 2015. Would -- an agent would a player the okay it would -- Buster I'm not I'm not opposed to actually agree with you I brought this up and -- beginning of the year lucid but way too early even talk about this but. There's a benefit to the Red Sox -- you know benefit the Red Sox would be. We get this guy for two more years and it really reduced rate say eight -- million dollars a year Rocky gets a bump and they get a guy who's pitching very well. We're way below market so I agree with you that at some point. And let's be realistic option for both sides in this. Yeah I totally agree and it was pinching conversation but I I have a one dollar -- -- Aaron -- that -- he said there's no way he's pitching for that wage next year. And I and so I'm on the other side I'm I'm saying that he is gonna want to pitch into that wage and we think part of the reason why it is we are seeing. You know it's probably too strong of afraid to -- an austerity drive like the Yankees did two years ago. But when you read -- John Henry about his belief in long term deal reinvesting -- older players and those type of things in the way that the western and negotiations have gone down. I just wonder you know we're seeing the red -- in a period with a not gonna extend themselves. So when asked about this debate team it's in town right now obviously York Cobb result for awhile. You meant more done for the year with Tommy John and David Price not exactly lighting it up right now. He'll few weeks back -- such talk about this team that went went Kolb went down and word came out on more. I signal is thick -- self. They will they be in a position where they need to maximize David Price at the all star break this year I mean this is just the reality of the Tampa Bay Rays. Do you see that being a possibility not waiting till next year or the offseason actually do it this year. I absolutely believe that they'll consider it to the one thing about. Excuse me Andrew Friedman in the way. But he does his job and he considers. All possibility that the Tampa Bay Rays general manager. He will play out the various scenarios. He'll have conversations. Which seemed like the Dodgers for example. We talked to last year about David he'll talk to use the Seattle Mariners and assuming. Even though price's agent command said lucky -- and an occasional long term deal. I agree with your premise that -- struggle in the -- the rays decide you know what. We decided to keep price for 2014. Because we thought we had a chance to win the division but without Matt Moore. Maybe we don't necessarily have the same shot. You know should we trade him. I won't play at night I've spoken a number of executives of the teams about this. I think there -- -- In 2014. Will have a much much more difficult time trying to get that type overturn that were accustomed to that and say they would have 45 years ago because. You know when guys did that close to free agency that teams are -- out so much. And they're not willing to give a lot of thing. If you don't price going to be a free agent at 2015. How many teams don't give up that type of prospect -- at the -- -- are there is going to want. I don't think the Yankees could actually be involved they have cure the Red Sox won't. Either the Dodgers. Perhaps. Mariners baker ruled out by what the agent said. You can go around baseball it's hard to come up -- is very many teams it would actually you're engaged in upright uptight straight conversation. The other part of that guys. And I you know bigger price and I'm really curious to watch you start going head -- you are hearing the talk amongst some of the scout that. -- his velocity down and it's a little scary 9192. Point one miles per hour average fastball the last -- built for this year. Down about three and a half miles per hour from the years ago so he's going to be watched closely by opposing scouts here as we go to the trade deadline. Busted the division in general -- talking about Tampa only for a half game separates top to bottom. I think it's the either tied for or the second. Off fewest -- a games that separate the the first and last place teams in the division but the Yankees are on top I'm curious 30. Games in. What are you most surprised about in this A released the division that we watch every day -- your -- Well one for sure I think absolutely and underestimated the impact of Jacoby Ellsbury leading the Red Sox I don't think there's any doubt. That you know I didn't see that Irsay. I I know the fact that the Blue Jays managed to hang -- that I'd I'd appreciate that they were going to be left in the dust at some point. I will say that among all the teams. I think potentially the highest -- At this point and you know I picked it back to win the division victories than second. But we've met more down I think potentially high ceiling in his division want the Baltimore Orioles to get. Back their best player today and made that shot -- They've got a terrific young pitching coming up through the minor leagues that could manifest itself during the year. They've got such a deep lineup especially when Chris Davidson then there. I tell you what that's it seemed to me if you read that and that you be looking at saint. That's the most dangerous group I think the Yankees infield. That that whole problem that that's technical way that's gonna be stuck the whole year they have to get a great rotation work. And watching CC last night and he's going to be up and down and opted to actually the real deal. But detonated depth for the foreseeable future so we don't really know what to -- it out of the rotation. What those teams coming in here this week the Oakland days that I tell ya know I know Oakland is is a nice place to pitch if your pitcher Billy Beane is nice job bringing guys in and out. But the fact that they are where they are right now as a staff two point 85 in. It and look at your notes -- Sonny gray Scott Kazmir Jesse Chavez -- team. The lost Jarrett park and -- group from before the year started just doesn't seem to matter to them. -- And I think part of it is -- that you know and in my conversation that Billy being talked about how. No -- no restrictions they're not gonna have a twenty million dollar player. So what they try to do is look we want to have the best 25 man. Roster as is we can't we want our players nineteenth through 25. To be really good players so when you look at the structure of it. Very interesting to -- Every guy in there. On their roster does something really well you know they might match left handed pitching they might be an acute defensive player. That I -- think they have a tremendous bullpen I think now that in Jim Johnson sort of sorting things doubt it looks like he's going to be restored the closer role. They should have a great back and the whole question going to be their rotation Sonny gray is that I've known him since he was an undergraduate I went in it was that -- college did. He's about five foot ten and he remind you absolutely -- Tim Hudson. Physically. And how we compete. And how he -- he's got the other night didn't start against the Raiders he threw 37 corps ball he threw 29 for strikes. More than 75%. That's impossible. Don't throw that many good -- right off the bat he's going to be in the Cy Young conversation. I'll sketch on this bus to the story of the week obviously has been what happened in LA with the Clippers you talked to ownership talk to players. A Major League Baseball different sport but I was curious what people are saying it. In baseball ball what is going on right now in the NBA in a lifetime ban the -- -- yesterday from Adam silver. Well the people in baseball I spoke with a target and I talked about how basically they heard the statement there like they have to get him out it's a business decision. Because. You know they're going to be viewed through the prism of their company. And this and that is exactly the decision good baseball made -- Marge Schott. When he she made a comment about. Hitler an -- and about the not seats and baseball bat boy -- it. You know it was gonna be business partner with some of these sponsors. And let alone that the whole question of morality. And whether or not what she did was right or wrong they simply could not exist is -- business. We need a partner like that and that's why they did what they did and so. It was actually last week when those comments first came out it was a real world conversation with some of the team president and and that a couple of owners who -- sand. Look you just can't have someone being part of your group who says things like that -- in 2014. Buster great stuff is always appreciate the time and I -- the week we'll talk to next Wednesday -- want that is lost early we'll try and ESP NE joins us every Wednesday at noon. On the AT&T hotline -- brought you by new turf here and bite where you would of --

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