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Dougie Hamilton joins Mut and Merloni, 4-30-2014

Apr 30, 2014|

Dougie talks w/ the boys about the upcoming series against the Habs as well as his number 1 groupie, Pierre McGuire

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On the AT&T hotline fresh off practice defenseman Doug Hamilton -- Mott and -- welcome back to the show are you they paid delegates -- a lot Lou how are you. Senator we're good thank you for taking a few minutes here it. You like this nice stretch off for five days off between the end of the series. And game want to run inning as the Canadians. Yeah I think it's been good just a very special little Lyndon. Think it's able to refocus and I think -- -- -- and -- her Montreal tomorrow I think we're kind of expecting it to be Friday or Saturday but. Nicer -- it's it's very tomorrow so it's. And his role -- -- to get going now. -- we talked a lot about that last series against Detroit new particular. A lot of it the way your style of play it seemed like -- a little ornery. A little bit go into that series a little upset at times. Did that -- into your skin is just a playoff hockey emotions run -- I don't know I think. And just -- elevate my game and then raised the yield curve for the playoffs and I think I'm gonna have to try to do the same thing for the traffic coming up but I think it will be. A little bit of a different game. I think have to just. I guess they'll whine and complain and split. I'm definitely looking forward to to tomorrow and then getting to her purse Montreal. There were two offensive plays people still talking about -- at the humane one resulting in a gold the other and assist where he brought the puck from your own and in the Detroit -- and in the conversation with the same -- times boy. They don't pay attention -- -- he's got the puck there -- surprised those two opportunities to add to make the rush. Into the Detroit and you add that much space it seemed like that there were parting -- warrior on the ice in those two situations. Yeah I think she I don't know already that I -- from the start of the series. There are kind of taken away. -- and also then kind of leaving me so. I think is coming up to me it's. Make a good plan and figure out how to beat and -- not skating was the best idea and I guess got I don't know lucky on those two players but. Think just. There are really similar in Canada holds the first and through the lord and then making a decision after that and lecture the serious. The penalty kill will be different and I kinda have to go back to how wasn't feasible. You know we were talking about the series against Montreal a four games it seemed like that third game time against he has won 41 kind of made a state annual -- complete game and that fourth game is different that the statements sort of like this is the regular season at the post season just electric you ask a little bit. If is that part of it now now that your post season it's okay how -- we remain disciplined they're not gonna fall and that again. Yeah I think so I think. I think we have to play our game that knock Russell I don't think. Obviously when when you're playing a team in this series I think you can Wear them down and when we're effective I think virtual instruction in port checking hard and making their. I think that really helps us so. I think we're definitely gonna have to do that and and keep hitting them and kind of try to Wear them down -- Hopefully not want them or not. Make someone have the puck and so. Obviously not cross the line -- I think is. I guess different mindset in the playoffs but we're definitely in -- try to be physical again and then and and hopefully I guess get on the. The Canadians have a reputation Doug im sure you know I'm curious do you think that they take liberties do you think that they more than other teams you play against. Looked to get a call try to sell called dive around to make sure they try to get calls from officials. -- Save my opinion but. Losing -- it a lot of thought about it but added that yes it. Did you could but. I think obviously we'll see you tomorrow and I'm sure there are shareware and. -- -- asked the question then let me re asked the question is it frustrating when you play eight team I'm not saying Montreal dog -- any team. Where they try to sell and get calls -- that's the right way to play the game. Yeah I think so obviously I think. That's that's what makes it tougher on you when you're trying to -- -- and the the third -- turning me to get penalties so. Again I don't really know if that they're gonna do that tomorrow -- This will be investors have to be ready Ford and the let's keep things similar. It took arrest you know last year's squash go in the post season every day guy that is anymore questions about is probably gonna win of this bears no should win the business. Was like for you be in defensemen knowing you get a guy back there that you can pick you up or there is a goal just that steadiness that he has. I think he's. The only about former team where come over and visit the -- of confidence in front of them and you -- have to worry about I guess timlin and about gore. I guess if you make a mistake he you know he's going to be there for you and and be able to make this is so. That's a lot easier for new and when you know that and you know he's behind you wouldn't. I think have to say -- in front of goal is where. You know and have full confidence in them in -- kind of changes the way you have to play is so. I think her whole -- it'll play. Like -- so with more confidence in front of him and it's pretty pretty special to be able to do that in front of him -- how good he is and that's fun to be able to watch. Though we always hear goaltenders little that little bit off center. And you look at different you know the kind of often their own thing at this took a fallback category don't -- not listening at all you can talk trash -- yeah. I don't know I don't. I really feel I think he's pretty laid back and sometimes is seemingly nothing really bothers -- -- sometimes so obviously has that tempered -- Says she I don't think he's really one of those guys. This kind of locked away in his head and because as soon. Superstitions on game day were you Kerry talked to him or anything like that so. It's like -- so authority it's been plunged to play in front of him and and then have him back there for us. Go watch the YouTube Doug you can throw in milk crates of Providence a couple years Turkey and a dad it's a it's a great video -- You've been on the ice last couple days with Dennis Seidenberg who law according to reports -- back practicing with your team which well we all fine. Pretty surprising and amazing and miraculous turnaround for him what have you seen. From your fellow defensive made these last couple days of practice. Yeah Felix really give it -- I keep telling them to good lyrics and he looks and sharpen his passing in the hands and everything -- -- -- sort of -- -- he. Absolutely the wrong time word. From back from -- seven and that knee injuries so. He's still working on the on this seat and everything after practice and things without he looks really good and deuce basis. Yeah it was piercing your situation last year is limited time in the post season. This year a lot a lot more responsibility what are some of the things it. You have learned now early on in your career that have helped you a little bit prepare for this post season run. They I think just -- go through last year kind of in a different position that. They will play some games as well and Tennessee's -- potentially can play some. I think it was -- Hungry after after Halladay in the last year to get better and and be able to play this year in the playoffs and contribute and things like that so. Tried to improve my game so because then right now and just -- to keep proven that they can play and and contribute so it's it's. I guess this -- going to be another challenge and another his responsibility planning and their top line and gonna have to adjust and then. I just learned quickly and me and you'll have to do our best to shut them down again. We'll get -- on this we have on a weekly basis I think your biggest fan in the NHL Pierre McGuire. NBC sports network it is said all year and especially the playoffs. How -- EU EU he is what are your biggest fans -- tell you that when he CMO of these because he comes on our shell and just talks about Doug Hamilton now good of a player you're. I think talked a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- Very closely nation that I have them. Supporter of mine and like two years. I guess people want to know is -- -- you know from what she talks about me and nice things to say so because so. Obviously nice to have. And I'll speak from experience either with us 33 game sevens tonight and -- game one tomorrow will you watch. -- the elimination games tonight -- The well my -- -- and cultures found as a hockey fan and it's been a lot of fun so. Should be fun I guess again today with those in. Obviously those. Those games are pretty. Special awards so that'll be front two village during the. Bruins and Montreal game one tomorrow at the guard Doug Hamilton doing his Doug thank you so much -- best the lockyer and his round against Montreal. Thanks for having me appreciate it Doug -- joining us on the eighteenth the outline I. Which vote that is duck is a -- Joey type of dog is he -- -- by dog or Douglas are still ducky applicant eighty Doug. Right it's still dodgy it's -- -- It someplace and you'll be cynical buggy when yes thirty yes. It's the -- tell you what is thirty during a we still I can't -- we call you let's get a break -- treading here top of the hour John Eagles Jonas -- out now your phones. It till 2 o'clock at 61777979837. AT&T text line. 379 -- 37 -- and -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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